27 August 2007

KingCast watches as Alberto Gonzales resigns, and asks if NH AG Kelly Ayotte will be next for her lies and cover up in the Franconia shooting tragedy.

Okay, we know that NH AGs have a hard time keeping office lately, with Jaffery Chief Dunn's buddy Peter Heed taking a header for copping a feel during a sexual harrassment seminar. But that's really nothing compared to the orchestrated and intentional cover up of the relevant background and current facts regarding the tragedy of Franconia 5/11.

I've got to get back to my RSA 91-A Motion for Declaratory Jugdment after a long weekend of learning here in Franconia, but the reason I've never posted about Attorney Gonzalez and his lies and deception is because I wanted to wait to see him finish his fall from grace (CNN video) before I compared it to Kelly's which may well happen yet. Here is Attorney Alia Malek's warning about Attorney Gonzales, written 14 Jan 2005.

Now review my warning about Attorney Ayotte as you take a look at Friday's open letter from KingCast to the NH Senators and the Judiciary Committee House Reps and see that there is plenty of disgrace for Kelly too. I sent it to U.S. Senator Pat Leahy as noted in this post because I know that he subpoenaed the Gonzales emails in the unlawful firings of the 8 U.S. AAGs because he means business. As a former State AAG I am appalled at Gonzales.

Anyway, back to NH, we cannot forget the general lack of respect that Attorney Ayotte has shown the Franconia/Bethlehem area going on back to the asbestos Casella waste debacle.

I'll tell you what Kelly: If your position were elected and if it were up to the people out near Franconia you could start packing your bags yesterday.

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Christopher King said...

Someone wrote in to to ask about the Littleton Courier story on McKay's records. I have it, just picked it up yesterday and I'm going to scan it when I go back to Nashua Tuesday or Wednesday.

There's a letter to the editor from one Kendalyn Stone in which she writes:

"Also regarding the famous ex-marine that stuck his nose in, the dash cam also proved that he DID NOT yell at Kenney to put his gun down. [KingCast says the dash cam doesn't ultimately prove that but everything else does, including Floyd's own admission and Caleb noting Floyd was laughing and saying "yeah I shot him real good and stuff."]

"He just saw an opportunity to kill, then went ahead and did so. You talk about someone with a dangerous mental disorder -- it's him.

If he's the crack shot that he claims to be, why didn't he just wound Kenney and then he could have stood trial?"


Precisely my dear, and that dovetails nicely with the section I was adding to the Motion for Declaratory Judgment because Floyd says in the full investigative files that he avoided "the pump" (the heart) because he could have put two right there.

Oh, so instead you just shot him in the neck and head?

And what else I know about Shooter Floyd I am only authorized to say under Seal to the Court, but I can't wait to see His or Her Honor's face when we discuss that matter in chambers because it is NASTY.