27 August 2007

KingCast watches and Franconia selectmen ignore Jeffery Jesseman and violate RSA 91-A Right-to-Know in Franconia shooting tragedy.

Remember in the bookends post how I shared with you the KingCast letter to Governor Lynch from 2 months ago and Mr. Jesseman's letter to the Franconia Selectmen 2 weeks ago?

What do these letters have in common?

1. They are both professionally-written and ask for government response.
2. They have both been ignored.

Read Mr. Jesseman's new letter in the comments section, with an excellent use of Edgar Allen Poe's Tell-Tale heart. Writes Jesseman:
The soul of Franconia has been killed. It was taken and quickly buried by Attorney General Kelly Ayotte in her rush to judgment while ignoring our concerns.
Just as surely as KingCast wrote the NH Legislators on Friday:
On a related note, lifelong Franconia resident Jeffery Jesseman (a/k/a Lifer on my blawg) wrote this compelling letter published in the Littleton Courier and his first letter to the editor seeking emotional help for the area was right on point as well... [but also ignored by NH Government, with Governor Lynch and the AG's office ignoring our requests to come out to Franconia to conduct some real fact-finding to make the area better].

All of this intransigence will be noted in the lawsuit Friday.

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Christopher King said...

As of this writing, it’s been 10 business days without a response since I sent my open letter to the Select Board of Franconia. While I expected them to take a careful and measured approach to the concerns raised, by law they are required to respond within 5 business days. New Hampshire’s Right-To-Know law (RSA-91-A) explicitly states a response is required even if the response is only to acknowledge the receipt of the request and a statement of the time reasonably necessary to determine whether the request shall be granted. The promise of accountability and communication ring hollow in Franconia.

The letter was also printed in the August 15, 2007 edition of The Courier. The feedback I received from the community has been overwhelmingly positive indicating I am not alone in my concerns. One person told me that I “put in writing what many of us wanted to say.” So I ask the Select Board, “What is preventing you from addressing the concerns of many citizens?" Pretending it doesn't exist only magnifies the situation and lends toward citizens believing you do not care. It is time to pull your heads out of the sand. Please follow through by responding to my request and adhering to the Right-To-Know laws.

I am reminded of a short Story by Edgar Allen Poe called the “Tell-Tale Heart”. It is a story about human kind’s conscience and sense of right and wrong. The story depicts a man who through unfounded fear takes the soul of another man by killing him. He then buries the body under the floor of his house, thinking he has perpetrated the perfect crime. When the authorities come to question him, the beating of the dead man’s heart in his head becomes louder and louder until he is overcome and confesses.

The soul of Franconia has been killed. It was taken and quickly buried by Attorney General Kelly Ayotte in her rush to judgment while ignoring our concerns. The town and state continues to ignore them. The collective heartbeat of the citizens wanting answers continues to get louder and louder. I wonder how well the Police Chief, the Select Board, and the Attorney General sleep at night?