31 August 2007

KingCast warns NH AAG Strelzin about his trash-talk in the Maura Murray case and the Franconia shooting tragedy.

Ok first I will note that this is the same public servant who tried to tell me not to video and audio record him in a public area consonant with press coverage. We should have gone ahead and done it anyway but in our naivte we were actually trying to be polite and work with him; ask him to come out to Franconia for a fact-finding tour. Yeah, right. As if Kelly and Jeffery actually care about facts. That's a Good One.

Didja' know Strelzin and Ayotte actually trash-tawked my veracity in emails to Attorney X and to Helena Murray about Maura Murray? Wow. And this after he ignored an apparently bloody knife that was presented by Mr. Murray as a possible murder weapon that was given to him by a concerned citizen who thought his brother was involved in his daughter's dissappearance. You know Liko and one of his friends helped Fred Murray look for her one day on a chance encounter. Yepper. It's okay I've since set her straight, but shame on him. The nerve of this guy after the blatant contradictions and lies set forth in the fairy-tale, apparently unsigned official report as noted in Motion 3.0.

I think I've been wrong about the following:

1. Caleb may not have been maced a second time but he was not taken to the hospital and was in police custody for many hours; his GSR test was 9:29 and I think he signs off at 11:35pm., some 6 hours after the tragedy.

2. I was wrong about the "19-point" turn McKay did out on 116, but then so too was the Union Leader. I believe in the end it was a "10-point turn" that McKay did before he brought that 5,500lb Tahoe down across Liko Kenney's little Toyota in the manner of a crazed maniac in need of the psychological counseling. Such counseling was recommended years ago by "TERRORIZED" knife victim "Ms. B," which kind of goes right on into negligent retention and supervision -- not to mention the negligent hire issues that are out there as well. And believe me, they are out there.

3. I may have been wrong about where Floyd continued to discharge bullets (my source said Caleb indicated he thought it was around his body) but even if that is not the case we DO know that the Official Report says at pp. 26-27 that there were two bullets in different McKenzie buildings in totally different directions (i.e. across the damn street from each other) and that these bullets were shot by Gregory Floyd.

So it's of no major moment if Caleb isn't exactly sure where Floyd was getting his rocks off, only that Floyd was getting his rocks off. That's the point.

Well, that plus the fact that State Rep. Martha McLeod believes Floyd is a hero who should be coddled and receive advance notice of the report, while the Kenney family wasn't even told where Liko's body was in a timely fashion.

And remember, McLeod requested the evidentiary materials so she has actual notice of some of the other things Floyd was involved in including criminal menacing and she likely knows what else he did that is going under seal.

That makes her a monster.

Mark Sisti is going to hit many of these clowns right upside the noggin' for their malfeasance and cover-up and I will raise a fist in solidarity with that brother even though we're not working together we are fighting a similar fight.

I think I'll land the first punch with the Right-to-Know lawsuit this coming week though, as he raises a fist in solidarity with me. So I'm burning evidence discs today and tending to the tedious process of copying and laying out exhibits, etc. etc.

Comments should open again by Tuesday along with the short film "Franconia 5/11: Injustice on Stilts."



Anonymous said...

The eyes of the world are not only on Franconia 5-11,
but also Haverhill 2-9.

Christopher King said...

Indeed they are.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for citing Maura Murray's disappearance, Chris. Given the geographic frame of reference is close to Franconia, and the state police jurisdiction is Troop F, it is interesting that the disappearance and/or crime remains unsolved.
To my understanding, Liko assisted Fred Murray in searching the Kenney-Miller Easton property with others. Can you tell us more?

I hope your fight for right-to-know for Liko will also benefit Maura's parents. In both tragic circumstanes, the state has behaved in a cruel and outrageous manner.

Anonymous said...


I could not agree more. The state has left me deeply ashamed at their antics in SOOOO many cases in the last ten years. it is time for us all to open our eyes and start to see what is really around us. Crime is in the very system we hope to protect us. It is from the AG down and it needs to topple that is for certain.

Christopher King said...

Easton Police Chief Every:

Gregory Floyd moved into Easton around the first of this year but first came to my attention in mid to late April when the New Hampshire State Police came to my house and asked what I knew of him.

His son was attending Lafayette Elementary School and there was a problem in which Mr. Floyd became irrationally abusive -- to the point the administration was concerned he might return and do something. Because of the administration's concern they contacted the State Police.

The Townsend police chief [where Floyd once lived] did indicate Mr. Floyd was capable of irrational behavior and to be careful on making any approach.....

Anonymous said...

Interesting how a number of these blog entries/posts have been changed a number of times since they were posted.

It is a good thing that some people have the time dated copies of the original posts.