23 August 2007

KingCast victories: Under threat of lawsuit, NH AG Kelly Ayotte releases more RSA 91-A4 materials in Franconia shooting tragedy.

Okay. They have now agreed to provide copies of all emails bearing the names Liko Kenney and Bruce McKay on them. That does not mean that I am going to withdraw that as part of RSA 91-A Right-to-Know Motion for Declaratory Judgment because I want the law settled and their response presented a level of ambiguity with which I am not comfortable, i.e. "to determine whether your request will be granted" as opposed to "sure, hold on a few days, Mr. King." (Thank you Sidney we're coming, and we'll be having information for dinner tonight). Look how unsettled the law in New Hampshire is on that matter in this post with the practice pointers.

Okay. They have finally agreed to share the full correspondence file between their office and former AAG Attorney X. There was a tortured history in that process however that I will link later here it is and that threat of imminent lawsuit clearly had some juice to it. I have not decided whether I will remove that issue from the Motion. Note that they claim to have provided the full correspondence file with John P, however they.... did not, as linked here.

Okay. They have agreed to produce the correspondence between their office and any and all PAST elected officials regarding the events of 5/11 but I clearly asked for "and and all past or presently-elected officials," so that is still ripe for adjudication unless that was a typographical error. I will inquire on that, and the response will likely dictate the KingCast course of action on that matter.

Lastly, I should note that they did in fact issue a response on the question of the ongoing investigation, and it admits that they received a whole lot of documents AFTER I requested the video and therefore AFTER they made their determination clearing Shooter Floyd in one business day. This is a double-edged sword for them though because now that begs the question of why they didn't reopen the investigation, particularly in light of what's coming down the pike as noted in this morning's post with a new RSA 91-A request Under Seal.

I will scan their responsive letter dated 21 August 2007 later today but note that they did not provide me the option of coming in to review the documents, instead noting that the cost would be $105.50 for the 422 pages. But I'm not going to want all of those pages because probably a quarter of them are mine anyway. And they have to provide me that option as they did with John P, because that's the law:
Each public body or agency shall, upon request for any public record reasonably described, make available for inspection and copying any such public record within its files when such records are immediately available for such release....

All in all, a Good Day for the KingCaster, but more importantly a Good Day for Liko Kenney and JUSTICE.

Except of course that Kelly's answer totally violated her own Rule of Law by not providing me that option. I'll be seeking a Declaratory Judgment on that as well. My parents might have raised a rebel but they ain't raised no dummies. Kelly is fighting my family, my ancestry and everything in which I believe. That's a battle I'll never let her win.

Related post: The last threat of an ethics complaint coughed up 3 new witness statements, one of which is no bueno for the State because Sam Stephenson describes fantasy-man Floyd telling him how he did three (3) tourse of Vietnam. All of this coughing up stuff, maybe they're eating too much pork.


Anonymous said...

Mr. King,

The letter you posted from the Attorney General is dated July 18th? That means it's over a month old? Just wondering. Thanks.

Christopher King said...

That is the original letter on which I base the KingCast complaint.

The response letter is dated 21 August 2007, or exactly one week after I told them we would be in court before their requested, unreasonable time in which to respond would expire.

I would have scanned it tonight but Oliver and I were busy rappin' and in the end the People are now in control of this bus.

They have to wait for us and to answer to us.