21 August 2007

KingCast v. Huckster, Meddle vs. Dark Side.

So Huckster, who has yet to actually pick up a phone to discuss his issues with me, likes to post up some quotes from Dark Side of the Moon in an attempt to bash me. Too bad he uses some material from Dark Side when we all know the REAL Pink Floyd comes from Meddle. So to him I advise a quick listen to "Fearless" and wish him a Good Day.

He likes the new BMW's but I like the old ones. The Real Ones.

Dark Side. Spare me. That's pure poseur Pink Floyd except for "Great Gig in the Sky," which of course is followed by "Money," which is key because Clare Torry had to sue the band for her excellent unbelievable vocals in Great Gig. You want to go there I'll take you back to Syd Barrett, as I did a year ago. Now here's "Fearless," from fall, 1971 -- the first year for the incredible U.S. BMW 2002tii.
You say the hill's too steep to climb (da-da-da-da-da-dum)
You say yould like to see me try

You pick the place and I'll choose the time
And I'll climb
The hill in my own way.
Just wait a while for the right day.
And as I rise above the tree-line and the clouds
I look down, hearing the sound of the things you've said today.

Thanks for coming out, dude. The door prizes are on the left. Meanwhile, I have to ship a copy of Ms. B's affidavit off to her for review, and she is undoubtedly the strongest, most important witness in the Right-to-Know litigation and in cleaning up Franconia, period.


Christopher King said...

So huckster you wanna' put the Ohio suspension in or should I do it for you?

Let's even assume that all of that was true (which almost none of it is except my failure to pay the inordinate court costs because they require you to pay it ALL AT ONE TIME and I tried making payments that were returned).

What in the hell would that have to do with my knowledge or ability to influence people on First Amendment and Right-to-Know issues twelve (12) years after the alleged offense (tape recording the landlord who called my client a nigger-lover) that triggered jurisdiction for the court to monitor me for the next 4 years, kind of like McKay did to Liko?



Christopher King said...

And for you newbies, here is the Nashua Telegraph editorial about that.

Christopher King said...

A word about the 2002.

"The 2002 is still fondly remembered by people who consider it -- especially the tii -- to be the best BMW ever made when performance, handling, economy, practicality and price are all factored."

David E. Davis said it was "the best way to get somewhere sitting down."

And it still is.

So you can take your plastic-fantastic 335xi and do whatever you want to do with it because just as you miss the boat with BMWs you miss the boat on Pink Floyd and keeping things real, and the spirit of a true Civil Rights movement.

You wanna actually talk about this you have my number. If not, I'll just await your vitriolic banter.

Christopher King said...

Now then, back to business:

I reduced the 13 page complaint to 2 concise pages and will share it when Ms. B finishes her review.

In it, she will request a response from Chief Montminy to her original complaint filed ten (10) whopping years ago.

She will also request a copy of the Troy Watts complaint that indicated that McKay lied in Open Court.

She wiil also request a copy of the Police Crusier cam from McKay's arrest of Attorney Watt's client, as I have -- and which has not been produced and which will be part of the RSA 91-A litigiation.

Updates to follow.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you mentioned teh word money. Watching the news last night, I saw this piece on vermont trying to lure more movie contracts to the state. There was this interview of a director of an independent film that is getting high praises from critics. The total bill for his film was $1400.00. If he can make an award winning independent film on the budget of $1400.00 why can't you make a short film on a budget of less. Which further asks the question how much money are you pocketing?

Anonymous said...

and the court date in September, right?

I don't know if that's either a good, or a fair explanation for why several idiviuals Judges and full panel of Supreme Court Justices would each and all deserve to be painted with the broad brush of peronal corruption by you, Mr. King.

Not even one of these justices or judges was not in some evil personal conspiracy?

Not even one of them studied the evidence with personal ingegrity and long experience, dealt with you personally and made a considered decision of conciousnese and reflection?
Not even one.

Though they seemed to protectively give you prescribed mentorship to return to the fold and accept their lawful and overpowering cululative decisions on a wide number or your 'cases'.

Though you never complied.
Even when you did't repeal a decision in question.
Hmmmm. So stay on promised shcedule with the AYotte beat down this September and the release of all the withheld materials. This is your stated purpose, much taunted law showdown that would yield you the release of all contested documents in a very timely manner.

You would never lie and use Liko's name in that lie so we are trusting you and behind you in this, 100%. Well be there. Stay specific. No delays. That was your call.

Your not backing off any of this or changing the subject as regard to this at all, are you? I can't believe that. You have your word, your attack apparatus and your stated heart on the line. Your love and affinity and service to Liko Kenney on the line.

So you changed the tread mid stream to another presentation which I similarly wish you well with; but these things are known by Sisti and the community as well, an dhave been; but any exclusive appearance of the materials here via your personal inverviews and care of this wintess, other than the statements that have been completely expressed and from which you select tidbits, would be wonderfully appreciated as more admissable evidence in actual suit for the release of materials that the local papers and most of the town are calling for.

Hey call her for a witness in your presentation to the Judge and AG office in September in
Grafton Court, regarding your 32 page RSA-1 filing. This should be wonderful, Chris. Many of us will be there in great support, and it will be pressworthy;

Do you think it will be Ayotte herself or her assitant attorneys? tho I suspect you could handle and and all at once if needbe.

Will Mullen's presence be required so Montminny's guadianship of Mckay's fines and other areas of interest will come forth as to RSA-1.

Finally, some on your feet kickass action. Finally we are upon it; the idle talk and policting on all sides end, and you get the face off you have been working so desperately and endlessly for. Right about now...This will be a GREAT harvest season thank to you.

Not one step backward for a tiger on the attack.

Christopher King said...


Provide me some information about this individual. He probably shoots his own video and thus that time is not part of the "cost."

I don't shoot my own film, I hire a professional who has covered an unsolved murder and done several feature-length (yes, award-winning) profile pieces.

He was a director of a public access TV station.

I haven't pocketed a damn thing; I'm going broke from spending my time writing the 32 page Motion that I don't hear you mentioning when you try to crack on me.


If the FBI can cover up a cover up of something for 40 years (my entire lifetime) and the State of New Hampshire can cover up an investigation into a double homicide what makes it so hard for you to believe that a conservative Supreme Court wouldn't bat an eyelash in tossing an irritant like me out of the system.

You gotta' remember my biggest mistake in Ohio was writing complaints about Judges when they violated evidentiary rules to keep the old boy network in place. Gotta learn like other lawyers to just suck it up.

Has it once occurred to you that the complaints DID NOT come from my clients? That because most of them spoke on speaker phone with some of my mentors and knew that the laws and rules of evidence were not being applied fairly to me.

I was run out of Columbus, totally.


I am aware that Sisti and the community are aware of Ms. B. However I am also aware that nobody else is using her information to change the law, and that is what I am doing after receiving her contact information on the DL just what, 4 days ago.

If you've read the Motion you know there is a lot of substance to it, and that substance was being honed the whole time I was writing this and that post right here. Much of the Motion I just plucked straight from the blawg so what I did was give the World a running account of what it's like to draft a lawsuit like this. You don't just sit down and write it, and there is SO MUCH information in it that I would NOT have been able to get without the blawg, being an outsider still to NH (5 years) and not living in Franconia.

And Lifer and I are busy working to get more information out now as well.

And as to Liko, you don't know how many tears I've cried over that brother (whom I should have met 2 years ago, BTW) or who emails me on the DL with support that I can't discuss.

I am requesting Oral Argument and will file next week, just waiting to see if new material comes in that Lifer is working on; he and I and some other active people drafted a letter to the community just yesterday for more info.

I don't know who will argue the cases. I bet Dan Mullen will argue for Franconia but not certain if it will be Kelly or Jeffery or both. Whomever it is, I will be ready.


Anonymous said...

Chris @5:35

Keep right on....
Peace to You

Christopher King said...

Finally, some on your feet kickass action. Finally we are upon it; the idle talk and policting on all sides end, and you get the face off you have been working so desperately and endlessly for. Right about now...

......Heck, if it were up to me I would have filed a long time ago, but there were still a lot of evidentiary issues to be addressed. I think the size of the correspondence file between Mullen, Ayotte, Strelzin and me would blow your mind, not to mention the other exhibits I have to martial up largely all by myself.

This will be a GREAT harvest season thank to you.

......No, thanks to ALL of us who have come together, even those who came in here in mean spirit because that only made the rest of us stronger.

......Harvest Moon is one of my favorite Neil Young songs. That Boy is just BAD. Can't believe I've never actually seen him in concert; must change that this year when he get out and about.


Christopher King said...




Anonymous said...

oh you're going to file NEXT week. Well, with your two week window for predicted response that should still have you fighint it out with Ayotte live in the flesh in September Grafton County Court.
Yes we know you claim that your Warner Bros. film crew is top professional; why don't you just scan the itemeized expense report with specifics and have done with the idle speculation. Huh? Why?

Well you're delaying the filing (again) but that should still put you in Grafton Court litigating on your feel 3rd week of September so soon will have everything. Unless some other new (old)thing comes to mind. After 8 weeks of careful waiting and work I'm sure this will be a triumpant September boy.

Oh I wouldn't summarily discount every single judge; maybe one, maybe two, maybe three, maybe four, but all those Judges in all those states including a Supreme Court panel, well I'd say it's a stretch to just use 'they're all out to get me because i'm so right and they're so evil'
nobody's buying that; not after judge after judge after judge gave you chance after chance after chance.
They could have really laid into you if they hated you, not tried to help you get back in, which you were incapalable of for some reason.

Anonymous said...

Impostors abound, King. But demonize me if it makes you happy.

Anonymous said...

6:26: Just FYI, get close to king at your peril. He is now attributing all kinds of stuff written here to me! LOL.

Next thing, I'll be a wife beating Nazi illegal tree cutter aligned with Floyd.

My crime was disassociating myself from this Huckster after I donated money and other efforts to his cause.

I don't want any association with him, but now he hounds me. LOL.

Eye smell a scheister!

Anonymous said...

1400bux huh? have you seen it this award winnning film? Really? whats it called? Where can I see it? how much has Ayotte collected? How much did blair witch cost? that was the cheapest film I can think of. Y'all wanna see what he's got, but y'all want it for free... buy a ticket! Lets be realistic about cost and reference the west coast, not vermont. or better yet make your own film. you can't buy shit for the sum your suggesting, maybe we should all go to vermont to watch movies! The Rutland Film festival! what a hoot!

Christopher King said...

While Huckster is busy denying I sent him the emails on bcc or that I discussed things with him that I clearly discussed with Attorney X and a whole lot of other people, Lifer and I and others are working on supplemental information, including a complaint that was NOT included in the mix of things sent to Annemarie Timmins.

That complaint will be in the next post.

Meanwhile note that I asked for information on the $1,400 film after explaining what I think happened there but note the lack of response from Huckster. I should just leave it alone because it is an energy drain and just let him post his vitriol and left it. Whatever, I actually have case summaries of all of these old cases that I will post soon for those who have serious concerns they can fact check everything I say in those summaries.

And here is a comment from someone VERY close to the situation who shall remain nameless that just appeared in my email tip jar:

"Chris , RIGHT ON BROTHER go for it SUE THE LIVIN SHIT OUT OF THIS SELECTBOARD, now you know what they have done to people in our town for years POLITICAL CONTROL AND MANIPULATION


Christopher King said...


Some time ago I predicted 27 August for filing.

It still looks possible but if not it will indeed be next week.

Sorry, got brand new information coming in 24/7 and once again, you cannot rush a lawsuit and you want to file it and not be supplementing anything any more than you have to.


Christopher King said...


Sorry I cannot divulge the contents of the new complaint.

But it will be filed under seal and other reporters have been made aware of it, AND THE FACT THAT IT WAS NOT INCLUDED in the other complaints released.

So it goes.

Meanwhile I just got an email from someone who has been following this who is about to help spread the word EXPONENTIALLY.


Anonymous said...

I'm not LS, ESAH, ESAS, but here is the director, Jayson Argento and the film, Finding Providence and the link to the site, http://www.wcax.com/Global/story.asp?S=6957777

I was incorrect with the original quote of $1400.00 it was actually $1300.00.

Anonymous said...

The reason you can't leave it alone, you are immature. Can't let anybody get the last word.

Anonymous said...

Its the money:

The lady doth protest too much, methinks.
William Shakespeare (1564 - 1616), "Hamlet", Act 3 scene 2

Anonymous said...

If it was a sealed how did you hear about it, somebody is talking who shouldn't be.

Anonymous said...


"will be sealed" future tense. It also means the King does actually keep info in confidence when asked.

That would lead one to believe new information is on the horizon.

How does this happen if its all about the money?

Christopher King said...

Thanks for the link which I will highlight now so that everyone can see that Mr. Argento is indeed the film maker himself, and that he did not have to include his own time:

"Movie-makers like Jayson Argento. The Colchester native will debut his first feature movie, a thriller called Finding Providence September first at the Essex Cinemas. Argento made it in his free time for just $1300.

Presumedly he was not busy filing a 32-page Motion for Declaratory Judgment or having to pay his film maker because he IS the film maker, duh.

Actually I would love to meet him and I'm sure he would laugh at anyone who says $1,000 is in any way absurd for two days of out of town production and still cutting and an entire evening spent enhancing sound on a busted audio CD, not to mention that there is going to be a short trailer coming soon.

Anyway, I've been busy documenting more things the State has hidden.

Peace to all, even the Huckster.

And the invitation to talk, face to face and man to man is still open, as it is with ANYBODY out there.

Christopher King said...


Exactly. The information just came in and I am reading it in my email tip-jar.

Furthermore to those concerned about protection of identity note that the person whose story is by far the most compelling and I have interviewed now twice for about a combined total of close to 90 minutes and she totally trusts me.

As well she should. I will do whatever I am instructed to do with new information.

Now let's put this bus back in high gear and get our team down the highway to that courthouse.

That would be great to round up a school bus of peopole for change for oral argument, wouldn't it?


Christopher King said...


Exactly. The information just came in and I am reading it in my email tip-jar.

Furthermore to those concerned about protection of identity note that the person whose story is by far the most compelling and I have interviewed now twice for about a combined total of close to 90 minutes and she totally trusts me.

As well she should. I will do whatever I am instructed to do with new information.

Now let's put this bus back in high gear and get our team down the highway to that courthouse.

That would be great to round up a school bus of people for change for oral argument, wouldn't it?


Christopher King said...

BTW I forgot to mention:

KingCast was started during the American Tower/Jaffrey/NAACP crisis with a $2K long term loan.

I paid it back.

I sure as hell cannot and will not tell you to whom I paid it back, but it was all legal and above board and this individual is a HIGHLY respected person about town.

Just someone whose identity will never be known.


Christopher King said...

Date: Tue, 21 Aug 2007 21:10:57 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Christopher King" kingjurisdoctor@yahoo.com
Subject: Good day, Sir.
To: D*****f@FMR.COM
CC: kingjurisdoctor@yahoo.com

To the extent that you have jeopardized getting help for the area of Franconia and beyond by your rants about old Ohio cases that were quite unjust -- and have no bearing on my proven capabilities to address Civil Rights issues right here in NH, you should be ashamed.

And while I hadn't thought about it, the individual
who started KingCast put up $2,000.00 and I paid him back.

You never even mentioned that you had a problem, just started talking sh*t on my blawg one day.

Then I asked you to come and talk to me face to face and you kept on with the vitriol.

Hope you enjoyed yourself; I just had a beer with the guy who invested three times what you did and he's happy about what I'm doing in Franconia.