15 August 2007

KingCast sees McKay described as a terrorist, and sees people in Franconia learning their First Amendment Rights and using them.

As someone noted in yesterday's post about the new Men's Journal story, Annemarie Timmins has again showed her ability to think beyond the box by noting in this 15 August 2007 news story
....the fact tht McKay was considered by many to be too aggressive, and that a woman said McKay terrorized her when he pulled out a knife to cut a seat belt off her as she sat handcuffed in his cruiser. In 1999, the Lisbon police chief demanded that McKay stop patrolling his town for minor motor vehicle infractions. And in 2005, another police officer investigating a McKay stop told McKay to work on his confrontational demeanor. And then there is this:

Without explaining what he was doing, McKay then used a knife to cut the cruiser's seat belt off, near the woman's abdomen. "I was TERRORIZED," the woman wrote in her complaint to Montminy.

And Timmins probably doesn't yet know what some of us know about the events of 5/11, but that will all be told soon.

As noted in this post, the Truth about McKay is starting to come out despite the best efforts to the contrary by our Government to keep it on The Low.

Meanwhile, the Littleton Selectmen have changed public input and opened things up in similar fashion to what Alderman Teeboom and I did here in Nashua, as noted by this Nashua Telegraph editorial earlier this year. That story appears in the comments section to this post. The Courier also ran Jeffery Jesseman's open letter to Selectmen first published here. Read what Mr. Jesseman told me in the comments section as well.

I am so glad that people are waking up to smell the coffee (yes Davey and Michele that pun's for you) about the fact that McKay was a dangerous instrumentality who preyed upon someone with an established mental health history who even TOLD him on YouTube video linked at #3 of this post:

"I am a mental health patient."

It's just flat out unbelievable what a jek McKay could be to people, as noted by Franconia P.D.'s ex girly Robin in this post when I interviewed her and others. That was when another person said
"I always figured they would find him dead on the side of the road, and if it wasn't Liko it would have been someone else."

The next thing I hope the mainstream media addresses is that first bullet hole in Liko's windshield and all of the issues countenanced in the Right-to-Know litigation which will be on us in short order. I know this because it is 4:37 a.m. and I'm working on it. Was Liko Kenney a Perfect Man? Nope. But then again nobody is. The Bigger Point is that he was indeed a victim and that aspect of this case is what the government is trying to hide. The government will ultimately lose that battle, just as surely as two men lost their lives on 5/11.

Oh, and to the hater who comes in here to blast me, implying I am a Johnny-come lately or whatever, I produce Amy Nixon's Calendonian-Record news feature that quoted my letter to Governor Lynch.

Thanks for keeping me on my toes because I forgot about that. Goes right in the Public Policy section of the Motion.



Christopher King said...

From yesterday's Men's Journal post.

I recall a conversation I just had with Mr. Jesseman who was telling me that he didn't know the full range of his Civil Rights until he started reading this blawg.

So if I have helped ONE PERSON make a difference in this World, I'm happy. In reality, we are doing much more than that up in here, and soon in Court -- despite what some nimrods say.

For the nimrods, read below.

Art McGrath - Littleton Courier

LITTLETON— After considerable commentary by citizens during last week's Board of Selectmen meeting, the board decided to again allow citizen input during meetings at any time.

After a four-hour board meeting last month, the selectmen decided to implement a policy limiting citizen input to only the first 30 minutes of a meeting. The board has come under increasing criticism during meetings for the decision.

Don Craigie, a former selectman, brought up the topic. He said he had no problem with the 30 minute period for citizen input at the beginning of a meeting and understood it is more efficient, but said citizens should be able to speak at other times. In previous years, citizens rarely needed that amount of time to speak.

"Whoever said democracy is like making sausages had it right — it can be messy," Craigie said.

Craigie noted that when Selectman Eddy Moore runs the Zoning Board of Adjustment (ZBA) meetings, he allows whoever wants to speak enough time and lets that continue throughout the meeting.

"When I was a selectman, I appreciated input from the public," Craigie said. He noted Moore was always a fixture at board meetings and was always allowed to speak.

"Well, after our four-hour meeting, we figured we had to do something," Moore said.

Craigie said the four-hour meeting was a scheduling issue, allowing too many things on the agenda at one time. He said having public input doesn't mean the chairman can't limit how much someone can speak.

"Well, I'm willing to relax the rule on public participation as long as it's respectful," Moore said.

"We let you talk even when you called us crooks," chair Burt Ingerson said to Moore, referring to when Moore attended meetings calling the board to account for its actions surrounding the closing of the Opera House in 2005.

Selectman Brien Ward also said he had no problem with public input, as long as people raised their hands and were respectful.

"That four hour meeting was a totally inappropriate forum for anyone to present their views, I don't care what your agenda is," said Ward.

The vote to change back to the old format was unanimous."

Bijoy said...

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Christopher King said...

Hey nice to have you in.

I don't do much blogrolling anymore (too busy) but will set yours in and look forward to reading more on your site.

Nice use of the Swastika, BTW. Another beautiful symbol corrupted by Western society.


Anonymous said...

The same poster who posted all those 3 stories today, 4 if you're including the Courier editorial last week, is the one you call a 'nimrod' but you jump on the bandwagon to make it the kingcast private company show. you are slime.

There are people that make this happen. And people who report it. And people like you who steal the thunder and make it about yourself, while doing everything an information pimp does to keep information coming slowly at a pace you can control with your boastful irrelevance. Busted baby.
You are a crypt raper.

Christopher King said...

"You are taking credit for Jeff Jesseman's work."

Too bad Jeff doesn't agree and uses information he got from this blawg in his letter. I talk to Jeff all the time, idiot.


And I will repeat what I just told you:

Christopher King said...

I ain't mad atcha'.

It's just that you are wrong as hell.

I'm not mad at Men's Journal. Read the first comment that I wrote to them when they emailed me:

You guys are doing the Right Thing by covering this, believe me.



It's just that I made it clear that I am glad they covered the piece but upset that there are glaring errors:

My point remains that the full truth be told, and they left a lot of it out that they could have obtained right here.

Overall, again, a positive but you cannot ignore the connotative and denotative meaning attached to the use of the M-word as applied to Liko's shooting of McKay, when the FACTS in this case show otherwise and in fact point toward a Murder by Shooter Floyd of Liko.

That's my point.


It's just that:

Jeffery Jessemen disagrees atcha'

Davey and Michele disagree atcha'

Liko's friends disagree atcha'

And people from halfway around the World disagree, as noted in the new post.

hi there, i stumbled across your blog while randomly searching the blogosphere, nice one you have here, i also find the design to my liking. do keep up the good work.

warm regards from the other side of planet earth. i'll be back for more.

Deep Regards


The lawsuit will be filed in Due Course and will make changes in Liko's memory and echo through the White Mountains forever.

Thanks for the attempted character assassination though. I hope you feel better.

2:40 AM

Christopher King said...
Oh, and of course you can thank all of those other media sources and the parade that is "passing me by" for the access to the files that you could only get where?

Ummm... here.

Come to the oral argument, shake my hand and trash talk me there, Man.

2:43 AM

Christopher King said...
How funny.

Someone comes in here and attempts to blast me for being a Johnny-come-lately when I've already done what Littleton Selectmen did, and the rest of the media is catching up to what I -- and the community of others on this blawg -- have been reporting now for MONTHS.

This person probably has NO CLUE how extensive this Right-to-Know lawsuit is, and they have offered ABSOLUTELY NO COMMENT on the content of the RSA 91-A Motion for Declaratory Judgment, much of which has been posted for pubic scrutiny.

Spare me, dude.

Christopher King said...

"Write a letter. Do something. For someone who drops every name in show business and politics, sometimes complete with fan pics, you are immensely ignored across the cultural spectrum."

..... The letters I have written to Governor Lynch will be part of the lawsuit, dude.

The Caledonian Record ran most of it, in fact.

So you're wrong again, Bubba.

Christopher King said...

Oh yeah:

John P. -- who has been VERY helpful -- is still around, just emailed me yesterday:

I have been so busy lately that I have only been able to pass through your site every few days to take a peek but should soon be done with a project I am on. I saw you mentioning the emails I had sent and wanted to make sure you had all. So, I forwarded a few I saw in my inbox.

Keep up the fight!

Talk to you soon,

John P.

Christopher King said...

Anonymous said...
Yes you are taking credit for Jeffery's work; you slime. you are impossible.

did you miss this?

The Franconia Collective -- of which I am a member -- helped Jeff edit that letter.

Try again.

Christopher King said...

And that bit with the seatbelt and the knife.... was McKay punished for that?

This is PRECISELY the ammo I need to go after his complete personnel file.

The operative term is Negligent Retention.

Christopher King said...

And here's some important information, including a candid comment from Jeffery Jesseman, a/k/a Lifer, whose identity I assiduously protected until HE chose to make it public.

Christopher King said...
And that bit with the seatbelt and the knife.... was McKay punished for that?

This is PRECISELY the ammo I need to go after his complete personnel file.

The operative term is Negligent Retention.

4:14 AM

Lifer said...
I want to clarify that my initial post was directed at no one individual. Also I don't always agree with everything Chris says nor do I always agree with his methods. I do understand his approach to be the product of his personality and his training as a lawyer and a journalist and I filter it as such. I have spoken directly to Chris on more than one occasion and have looked him in the eye and told him that people in Franconia will never forgive him if he does not follow through on his "boasts" in good faith and with earnestness. To date he has been true to course albiet with an occasional sidebar here and there. But it is his blog and noone need stay. I also understand the criticisms of him, many done in good faith, and in a helpful spirit. I hope Chris factors these criticisms in as constructive.

Regarding the letter to the Selectmen, it is I that wrote it. Since I asked the town to peel back the veil of secrecy, so shall I. No one here prompted me to write it, it was something that I alone was moved to do. As a matter of fact, Carl Belz, was the motivation for it, as I did indeed speak to him and he broached the subject. It is true that I sent a draft to a handful of people for comment and suggestions. The feedback I got, including Mr. King's was incorporated in the final draft that appeared here. I have nothing to hide and if my distribution list had been bigger, more people, even those less favorable to Chris's methods would have had the chance to comment.

So what happens next? I really don't know. I have a "gut" feeling that an information floodgate is about to open as evidenced by the Concord Montitor's article. It didn't have to happen however. May 11 could have been a sad blip on Franconia's historical radar. I believe without the efforts of the "Collective" here it may have been so. This includes EVERYBODY, not just Chris, though he provided the forum for it.

I will measure Chris's importance in this going forward on not what he says, but what he does. To date, it is my opinion that for one individual he had done A LOT. My hope is that once the story goes mainstream, Chris will embrace that and continue his good work in conjunction with others. That is the yardstick I will use.

5:11 AM

Christopher King said...
Indeed my Brother.

I do take criticisms to heart and have now given an EXACT date for filing that Motion, the legal decisions from which is what will last long after any one particular news story is recalled.

You cannot rush a lawsuit.

I have that perspective as a lawyer and a journalist.

As to the grandstanding, most of that is tongue-in-cheek. As one Daily Kos poster wrote in the "Voice of this Blawg" entry, either you get it or you don't. Some like it and some don't.

Whatever the case, most people know that I can work with just about anybody, and that's a fact.

I *DO* mention Alderman Teeboom and the Nashua School District First Amendment policy matters because that is directly on point in this case: The Right to Petition the Government for redress, which people in Franconia have not enjoyed, especially as it pertained to Bruce McKay.

I *DO NOT* for example delve into who I had assembled for the panel of the non-profit from which I had to resign because of Kelly's bogus case against me.

Chris and I were ALL SET to do some good work for at-risk youth, and had a sparkling Board of Directors he and I carefully assembled.

Anyway, lest someone accuse me of digression, on with the lawsuit, and my door is ALWAYS open :)


5:27 AM

Anonymous said...

Nice use of the Swastika, BTW. Another beautiful symbol corrupted by Western society.

Chris, I hate to inform you of this, but Nazis are hardly emblamatic of "Western society."

In fact, there was this little war in the 30's and 40's, waged BY the Western Capitalist society you detest, to defeat the Nazis.

I though you should know, as you obviously strive for complete accuracy, and avoid hear-say, rumour, and speculation.


Anonymous said...

Another critic (known to King as a "hater"), correctly said:

Or did you expect the world to come to a blog and wade through endless tripe and self promotion and political game playing while you admired yourself publically each day? Or made drunken speeches in print about pissing on a cop's grave.

Exactly. He has jumped the story, and tried to inject himself into it as an integral part.

Disgusting behaviour, to manipulate peoples' legitimate grief and concerns about the rogue behaviour of McKay.

King thinks everything is all about him, and his constant repetition of unrelated dramas, and his rehashing of what everyone who followed the story knew 3 months ago, would be tiresome if not for the sheer entertainment value.

Timmons is a real journalist, and everything that happens in this case will have occurred without King.

Christopher King said...


Too bad that poster has contacted me and asked that I remove that post.

Also, the fact remains that KingCast was the first to start airing this dirty laundry, and what will you have to say after 27 August when I file the Motion for Declaratory Judgment?

That Timmins is responsible for THAT as well?

She STILL has inaccuracies in her story.

Thanks for stopping by, though :)

Christopher King said...



YOU need to learn the history of the swastika, which is OLDER than the Ankh.

Catch a clue.

Christopher King said...

And the reason the poster wanted me to remove the post is because it was his frustration level in general that led him to go off on me.


Anonymous said...

Get off King's Back! We've got his. We are proud of him. If you want to talk about info pimps talk about Ayotte, your criminal AG. Haters is the right term -- y'all have hate in your heart. Nobody ever stood up for Liko. Liko never got the protection from McKay he needed. Liko never got Justice. King provides Liko a way to win in a land that planned his death. Keep on Rocking Chris.

Anonymous said...

I also plan on pissing on McKay's Grave.

Anonymous said...

Using those methods, you will have King's support, no doubt.

Focus King: on the swaztika stuff, it was YOU who stated that it was destroyed by Western Civilization. I never commented on its historic origin. I simply said that Nazi-ism is not indicative of Western Culture.

Anonymous said...

the Nazi reference is apt. McKay never honored the US Constitution; infact he dishonored and disgraced it while brutalizing young people. Whatever law he was enforcing, he did it by breaking the law. He was a criminal behind the badge. A criminal who got a half million dollar funural at the tax payers expense. Honor McKay at your own risk, he was as American as Floyd.

Anonymous said...

Can the Franconia PD produce Bruce McKay's backround check? Someone mentioned the mental evaluation is required for LEOs. When was this done and by whom?

Anonymous said...

I have slightly more contempt for McKay than I do for King.

Slimeballs exist.

Anonymous said...

No that's not true Chris. The reason I asked for that post to be removed was because you wrote me and wanted to talk; and you seemed very open to the heart of the suggestions made in that post; ie issues of self promotion, info pimping; suggestions we discussed as i mentioned long ago about having a 'for the press' link so that we can be a secure and mature place for writers to do their research to avoid the MJ type misinformtion aspects we could have avoided; having a hard uncorruptable updatable link for that, and also for bio stuff so that endless personaliztion and personality driven promtion would mitigate and we would have a voice truly of a collective and not a leader driven sometimes ego ridden silly dance here instead of substantive issues, and not having endless teases and boasting repeats and repeats about filings and information and video promotion. points made in earnest about the accomplishments and credibility given to people who did NOT engage in such things, and the lack of same given to those who did etc...
i offered to mitigate things in good faith and took him at his word.


That is in direct conflict with him reaching out to me, me responding and our discussion.
I'll hold my tongue now and see if we can evolve, but that last post directly refering to me was an absolute cherry pick job ignoring the meat and potatoes of the discussion he requested and received.

I also asked him to read very carefully the post (still in the collective files) devoid of the pissing contests back and forth to the very heart of the intent and content. He gave me much assurance that he did understand and would do that.
so, that's what happened.
this, from him above:

Christopher King said...
And the reason the poster wanted me to remove the post is because it was his frustration level in general that led him to go off on me.


6:54 AM

is a dorect misrepresentation of the sincere 'heart to heart' that it was my direct impression that was being offered by both of us.

We'll see wassup. There were many a specific and documented concern expressed directly to him when i responded to his email requesting a talk.

Christopher King said...


So are you telling me the Nazis were not considered Western or what?


You need to get your hatred in check. That's why I removed the pissing on McKay's grave reference, although once you know what I know, I think you'll understand why I wrote that.

The more important thing I write will be that damn RSA 91-A Motion.

So feel free to feel as much contempt toward me as you like, but in the end it only makes you a bitter -- not better -- person.


Anonymous said...

Didn't Boomer Teeboom make some ethnically charged comments about "the Fatherland" to a person of obvious German decent?

The Boomer rules. Let it all hang out.

Christopher King said...

Oh, and to address the Huckster once and for all:

I told him what the $500 was for; here's the email.

I am almost POSITIVE I forwarded this to him after I sent it to Attorney X. I didn't misrepresent anything to Attorney X so why would I do so with Attorney X?

Answer: I didn't.