21 August 2007

KingCast says ha-ha to Ohio Gov. hopeful Ken Blackwell and his son who can't pass the bar exam; cheats on it and gets caught with reefer. Niiice.....

Hey I got suspended but Ken's kid can't even pass and he's in Big Trouble Now. I passed mine first time, never a hesitation. No writing in the books after the bell, none of that. Drug arrests, unpaid tuition that daddy bailed him out of, Hells Angels busted on him, whatever. Funny the Hells Angels actually used to PROTECT my black arse when I was a kid because I was friends with Don Shury, Jr. (RIP) and we rode dirt bikes and stuff together. But remember, I told you he was scum in 1989, Lara Johnson and I told you in a Workforce Reduction brief that Ken and Diebold were scum back in '91/92. Then I consulted with Susan, the website designer for Blacks Against Blackwell late last year. Mission accomplished, George. Your boy lost Big.

It's All Good. They'll make their money and do their thing, whatever. Still derelicts and liars. I was writing stories about Ken Blackwell being a jerk when his son, now 33, could barely pee straight. Read the comments for the story quote:


Christopher King said...

This 19 Oct. 1989 story's jump page featured commentary from Associate Professor of Political Science/Graduates Studies Director Marshall Goodman in response to Blackwell as follows:

"I'm fearful that this notion of privatization is one method of decentralizing that opens more doors to corruption.... Civil Liberties are going to go right out the window.... Instead of trying to work with these people to get them jobs they're blaming the victim and not addressing those concerns.

The Job Training Partnership Act needs more."

Christopher King said...

Total hypocrites, blasting people in the "War on Drugs" and all-the-while smokin' weed out.


Anonymous said...

stop picking on the kids, he obviously has problems. Remember, it was McKay who picked on the kid with problems, too.

Christopher King said...

He's 33.

That ain't no kid.

And I've heard how Liko could be difficult but never that he would do something like INTENTIONALLY cheat on a test.

I've got a friend who has taken the bar 5 times and I both chide and encourage him on it, but he's never tried to cheat.

You want me to sing a different tune?

Sympathy for the Devil comes to mind.

Christopher King said...

And I KNOW you're not gonna' ask me to show any respect for his dirtbag, voter-fraud father.

The rookie said...

For the group to consider: Chris is doing a lot of work on this case, in which he, through Kingcast, is the the plaintiff. This makes sense as he can not practice law in NH, nor anywhere, given his suspension. He can not accept cash for such services, but he has wisely decided to solicit cash to put into the film making kitty, a completely different venture, with no connection to his services provided in filing this complaint. So let that be said. But so what.

The tenor of the discussion here is, rightly so, that Chris is the lead counsel on this case, though not in an official capacity. Initially, Chris had no standing in this matter. He could not, as a matter of law, make a complaint for a wrong done to him, nor represent those who may have been wronged. Initially that is.

But Chris is clever and well-seasoned in juris prudence. In order for him to bring the core facts of this long sad case to the light of day, he did request publication of the facts as pertain to all the actors in the matter, not only facts surrounding the sad occurrence of 5/11, but the tragic history leading up to it, and a large amount of documentation surrounding players. Given the volume requested, its no surprise the state could not get it in a timely manner from the file cabinets and closets it occupied, undisturbed. They failed. And in the course of doing so uttered some convenient half truths.

Now Chris has standing to sue. And if successful, there will be an award of 1/2 the reparations to the tennis camp, and 1/2 to him.

Chris has put in a lot of work on this matter, and inspired the town to get the shades lifted. I hope the tennis camp gets their tennis rackets, and that Chris gets his piece of the pie. The town will see the back of his head, but will long remember his face.

Clever. Gain standing, sue, and practice law representing yourself. A year ago, no one in Franconia would have dreamed a black dude from Ohio would come into town and wash out the gutters. Chris, your resourcefulness is admirable.

Christopher King said...


You get it, and so too do many people of Franconia.

Here's a history lesson you might find interesting from the post above this one, "I'm new to your site...."

Notice on the jump page I am correctly quoted after an exasperating school board sesssion as stating "I'm gonna work with these people and see what happens."

Well I worked with them and they worked with me, a lawsuit was avoided and the policy was changed.

I should probably put some of those school board clips up so folks can gauge my professionalism but getting the Franconia short up is more important.

Here is what Attorney Dennis Hogan said, on camera:

""Those are mighty big words for someone who's not on the policy committee.....I've reviewed the matter and I think that Mr. King ends up being right.... I would not rush out to test Mr. Cleamons just yet.""

Here is what School Board President Kim Shaw said, on camera.

""I wish to commend Alderman Teeboom and Mr. King for their civility and professionalism in addressing this difficult issue.... when the public sees this type and level of discourse it really helps everyone."

Here is what the Ohio Board of Grievances said, in writing:

"Mr. King is a philosophical orator."

Okay, I can deal with that. Thanks, in fact. John Quincy Adams was a lawyer (who won the Amistad case IIRC) and a philosophical orator and so too was Mahatma Ghandi, so I can dig it.

They screwed John, too -- put him out for pasture for a Jackass named Jackson, Mr. Gunboat diplomat himself; the "Man of the people" as long as you weren't one of his slaves.

And of course they screwed Ghandi as well, you know, kind of assassinated him.

Now as far as Ghandi and nonviolence vs. Liko Kenney shooting Bruce McKay, I'll refer you to Malcolm X, who ironically was murdered because he went to Mecca and became an open person, which did not please certain people in The Nation of Islam.

Check it out.

"In 1964, Malcolm X went on his pilgrimage to Mecca, which is obligatory for orthodox Muslims, and there he began to consider changing his views towards integration. In Mecca, he saw that it was possible for black and white people to live in brotherhood, of which he was deeply touched. After the pilgrimage he adopted the name El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz.

I hope you've enjoyed today's history lesson that they probably didn't teach you in school.