31 August 2007

KingCast says ABC News 20/20's Juju Chang spotted in Franconia at Agway supply store.

Oh, yeah. I can come back to Nashua and still stay current on the haps in Franconia, which include Ms. Chang's appearance where Liko used to work. Here she is with former Clevelander Al Roker at the ballet with some unidentified reveler over her shoulder. They don't have ballet in Franconia Juju, but they've got some of the nicest tennis courts the World has ever seen, made by Netco.

Anyway, I told you two days ago about 20/20 being there and have previously hinted at 20/20 coming the first time Andrew Paparella contacted me. This is what I wrote, in pertinent part, to that post.
It will be interesting to see how they cover this case. They can't go where I go and they can't know what I know so they can't get the Real. And locals are very leery of media because of their historic misrepresentations about the area. Folks may be a bit country up in here but they sure ain't stupid. One thing they could have a good time with for a local flair piece, however, is looking into the Littleton Gunstore robberies a few years back and all persons related or indirectly related thereto.

I can't wait for my film maker to let loose with our movie trailer, "Franconia 5/11: Injustice on Stilts," coming any day now.


Christopher King said...

It would appear that they have obtained all of the background information they needed from me, including the publicly-hosted documents that KingCast put on line and so now they are off to the races:

Date: Fri, 10 Aug 2007 08:32:32 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Christopher King" kingjurisdoctor@yahoo.com Subject: Franconia and KingCast/Franconia lawyer/NH AG lawyer correspondence.
To: Andrew.Paparella@abc.com, Kingjurisdoctor@yahoo.com

Hi Andrew,

In case you've been busy I have all kinds of
information up on the blawg now.

Here are some links.

150 Reconciliation responses are overdue and a link to
Wednesday's correspondence files at "excitement."


Gregory W. Floyd statements and link to AG
Investigative files:


Give a holler,



--- Christopher King kingjurisdoctor@yahoo.com

Check it out.



Give a holler.



"Paparella, Andrew" Andrew.Paparella@abc.com

Lets talk. Give a call.

Andrew Paparella
ABC News
147 Columbus Ave.
New York, NY 10023
800-221-7386 (Press 1, then 5968 then #)

Christopher King said...

Also I will say this:

I am not trying to impugn the motives or integrity of ABC. I just find it odd that they would holler at me, I give them valuable information and we are supposed to talk and the next time I hear from them I am coming back from the local beach (which I'm sure they have no clue about) with one of Liko's friends who is now one of my friends.

At any rate, if my email box is any indication, everyone who covers this story should be very careful to bring all salient facts to light and not just those that reflect poorly on Liko.

This means you press for the full extent of what was wrong about the McKay tenure and not the low-hanging fruit. A poor choice of words considering his demise, but you get the picture.

You never know who's watching, and I sure ain't tellin' until the time is Right.

Anonymous said...

That's right Chris,

People like to think life comes in neat little packages but it is most often far more complicated than we hope for.

I can tell you that I was pretty disappointed when abc news kept deleting my forum posts when I knew I was within the full range of regulations. I could not even get an explanation from them after asking very politely two times.

The mainstream media is sadly skewed by who owns them. It is a known fact and not one based in bias but in personal experience and awareness.

Is Boston Magazine owned by the same corporation as Rolling Stones?

Like Liko's bumper sticker, "Legalize Freedom". Everyone seems to be owned by someone.

Anonymous said...

Is there any tension between giving them all that you can regarding information about the case, and holding on to certain things for your own video?

Christopher King said...

Hey I've been more than willing to help 20/20 and Oliver and I would have been more than happy to help them get the real from the locals.

They apparently do not want that help. Nothing I can do about that.

Meanwhile, take a look at what the mentality is from State Rep. Martha McLeod (whose hubby is a Franconia Selectman who refused to provide me ANY of Bruce McKay's personnel file BTW) in this new post.


Christopher King said...


I really want to assume the best.

All of this is a trip, considering that ABC News Anchor extraordinaire (Emmy Award-winning) Carole Simpson is in my extended family. Wash Post/ESPN PTI's Mike Wilbon is my first cousin and she is his cousin. I've met her a few times and one time finished a joke she was starting at the wedding because it was so damn funny and both of us were just laughing so hard it was brilliant.

We shall see.


Christopher King said...

Easton Police Chief Every:

Gregory Floyd moved into Easton around the first of this year but first came to my attention in mid to late April when the New Hampshire State Police came to my house and asked what I knew of him.

His son was attending Lafayette Elementary School and there was a problem in which Mr. Floyd became irrationally abusive -- to the point the administration was concerned he might return and do something. Because of the administration's concern they contacted the State Police.

The Townsend police chief [where Floyd once lived] did indicate Mr. Floyd was capable of irrational behavior and to be careful on making any approach.....