23 August 2007

KingCast RSA 91-A request to NH AG's Ayotte and Strelzin: I want your resumes on my desk by Monday for your lame news release and public statements.

Kelly wrote in her 12 May News Release: "Examiner is expected to conduct autopsies on the bodies of Cpl. McKay and Kenney [Kelly does Liko have a first name other than "dirtbag" according to Sgt. Wentworth see pdf p. 353/para. 4 here] later on today." As a former AAG myself, I asked right away, "who in the hell draws a conclusion before the autopsies are completed?" No self-respecting attorney would do such a thing.

But Kelly Ayotte did. But regard the confusion on her face, as well as Strelzin's. Blow up that picture and look closely to see that they are lost pups, 100%.

And not only do I want their resumes, I want every document, audio or video recording they have that memorializes each and every public statement either of them have made regarding the tragic events of Franconia 5/11. For a bunch of professionals they sure look mighty ragged in this picture, just a ball of confusion. And lies.

People ask me are you scared Chris. Well in a word, yeah. But like Liko, I'm not going out with my hands on my head. My hands are on the trigger of my gun however, and my gun is one Big Bad Black Macbook. Lock'n'load.


Christopher King said...

Voice of this blawg.

"What first drew me to King was his sense of humor, and that really unlocked his whole style of writing for me. I am just very glad his case was dismissed. To this day, one of my greatest nightmares is being in court and having Christopher King on the other side."

Christopher King said...

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Nashua , New Hampshire 03064


Re: RSA 91-A request for the resumes and public statements of NH AG Kelly Ayotte and Jeffery Strelzin

Dear Attorneys Ayotte and Strelzin:

1. Please provide me a copy of your current curriculum vitae as it exists today and as it existed when you commenced your careers as public servants at the office of the State Attorney General.

2. Please have the documents that you agreed to produce in your 21 August 2007 letter to me available for me to review as required by law because each public body or agency shall, upon request for any public record reasonably described, make available for inspection and copying any such public record within its files when such records are immediately available for such release....

As I complete my review of the documents I will identify the ones that I need. That is the law, and that is what you offered John P. in the (incomplete) correspondence file between you and his office that you forwarded to me.

3. Please address the concerns manifest in this link,


...........In which I note, inter alia, that I had requested the “correspondence between your office and any all past or presently-elected officials regarding the events of 5/11" but you only agreed to provide information on any and all PAST elected officials. Please advise if you are refusing this request or whether that is a typographic error.

4. Please provide a copy of any and all written or oral public statements either of you have issued regarding this case in any form of media.

Very truly yours,

Christopher King, J.D.
On behalf of KingCast.net