14 August 2007

KingCast reviews Men's Journal story "Bode Miller's Hometown Tragedy" two (2) months after they requested license for Shooter Floyd photo.

I straight up told you on 18 June that Men's Journal had contacted me about the September feature story that I am now about to read as I simultaneously rifle through the RSA 91-A responses from NH AG Kelly Ayotte that just arrived in the mail. Answer: They are still hiding and lying.

I do not believe it is on line yet, but I will scan it soon and link it here. Oh, to hell with that. I'm busy. Gotta' put rear brakes on the SAAB tonight and work on the RS 91-A Motion for Declaratory Judgment. I would appreciate it if someone else scan it and email it to me at kingjurisdoctor@yahoo.com.

Anyway, they did not use my impromptu photo of Hummingbird Lane but instead used the crime scene photos (that I published before anyone else) of Shooter Floyd. NH AAG Homicide Section Chief Jeffery Strelzin at one point told me that they were not releasing the names of the media who requested copies of the file with those photos, but to hell with that because I'll issue a public records request.

It will be interesting to see if Men's Journal boosted the image from this blawg. I'm not an information pimp -- I WANT more people to see what really happened and the FULL background, just saying it would be kind of neat to know if they got the pics from KingCast or not. In full honesty I don't think they did because they use other photos (one of Liko's gun) so I actually APPLAUD them for publishing some of this material. Gosh knows nobody in New Hampshire is so doing.


As to the story, I did not speak with the writer as I did with Boston Magazine's John Sedgwick. I spoke with the photography folks.

At the outset I will note some inaccuracies and other issues:

1. They claim McKay pulled Liko for speeding and registration. Wrong. McKay pulled Liko for registration although he sure as hell didn't tell Liko or Caleb that.

2. They use the word, "murder" without qualification. The headline reads "Murder in Franconia" and actually calls Liko a "Murderer" despite the FACt that Caleb Macaulay said "I've never seen someone so scared in all of my life." Watch him say that in this news video. That's MANSLAUGHTER, dammit, at worst. Correct me if I am wrong, but EVERY TIME I used that word I believe I put, "in my opinion" because there has been absolutely no adjudication of such fact, either against Liko or Shooter Floyd. While the story in many ways appears balanced, as a professional journalist you CANNOT toss the M-word around lightly.

3. I doubt they delve into the findings of Judge Peter Cyr regarding the underlying Unconsitutional Fox Hill Park arrests of 2002/2003, but I will let you know if they do. Those are CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATIONS, folks. Every day. [Note: There is no mention of this].

4. They show an incredibly nice fuzzy picture of Bruce McKay playing guitar and quote Franconia officer Chris Fowler, whose ex-girlfriend with whom I am seen hanging out on prior occasion elsewhere on this blawg. She is not down with LE on what happened on 5/11. I'm sure Fowler didn't dig her living with Liko for a while, but if they knew this they don't write about it. They also don't mention that Sgt. Wentworth -- who McKay requested on 5/11 -- called Liko a "dirt bag." Anyway, it's a small World.

5. They quote a certain person at the Franconia Village Store, but I bet they don't have her on video, tellin' what she told us -- which is a lot more than reported in the story. We have that certain person on video. And as time unfolds we will share that interview and some other key interviews with the general public.

6. They thankfully DO mention the FACT that Liko was diagnosed hyperactive and with dyslexia. Remember, Liko told McKay "I am a mental health patient," in his Unconstitutional arrest at Fox Hill Park. Click #3 to watch YouTube video. In response, McKay did nothing to help identify the mental health condition on that night and CONTINUED to torment Liko and his family, driving his cruiser with high-beams on deep onto their property, which is a 1/4 mile into the woods and NOT in McKay's jurisdiction.

....."none other than McKay asked the Court to show Kenney leniency," reads the story. Well he had no choice. The arrests of kids visibly smoking weed were what? THROWN OUT by Judge Cyr, for Pete's sake. Read a Court ENTRY right here. Then all you had was an unlawful beat-down of Liko with a Constitutional violation.

7. It DOES mention McKay's bankruptcy, which in part substantiates the claims reported from the law school trustee landlord made to a KingCast affiliate about the dead beat rent in this post.

8. It mentions Matt Chernicki as saying that if you went on hike with Liko you never knew if you were going to come back," and that Liko was a "sociopath," but does NOT mention that the words pyschopath and sociopath were spoon-fed by investigating police and that Matt said he was turning into a sociopath BECAUSE OF BRUCE McKAY. As to "not coming back," that was a playful reference to the fact that going into the woods with Liko was one helluva' experience, not unlike hanging out with the undersigned back in the day. Not because your life was threatened by Liko, but because you just never knew where the adventure would take you. I know Matt, and I know this to be true.

9. The whole "story" of how Liko allegedly ran McKay over BEFORE Floyd shot at the car is repeated, without any citation to the younger Floyd's (and Caleb's) direct statements to the contrary as noted here with DIRECT citations to the record on NUMEROUS occasion. And of course it cites all of the dialogue that allegedly occured and that Floyd allegedly shot through an open window and held Caleb back before he shot and killed Liko. But the broken glass shards Caleb is picking out of his head in his interview and even the official report noting that his window was "fully up but the glass was in fragments" TOTALLY contradicts this. Caleb said Floyd never said a word and if he had not ducked "I would not be here today."

10. It substantiates everything KingCast reported about Floyd cutting down trees at the condo association and adds further that he almost felled a tree on a unit, which is exactly what Liko did on the family joint property involving his Uncle Bill's house after Bill blocked his 4-wheeler with a tree. It DOES NOT mention the fact that Floyd had two (and thus one illegal) registration for his truck, one handicap and one not. "Floyd thought being disabled meant he could do whatever he wanted to do," said Cal Robbins, a condo trustee. "Floyd drank from a 12-pack of beer all day, plopped in front of a television," reads the article.

11. They have Floyd's number of kills wrong, claiming that he boasted he had killed 29. We know through KingCast posts that the number was 43, and we also know through the first link that the AG's office has no records supporting or rebuking that claim. The conducted no real investiation of this freak because he killed someone they viewed as a "cop killer," or as Sgt. Wentworth called him at p. 355 IIRC, a "dirtbag."

12. They talk about marijuana smoking at Liko's funeral but Oliver says he was there and there was nobody smoking marijuna at that funeral.

13. They mention Franconia Village Store owner Steven Heath, whom I met while interviewing his employee pictured at the top of this post. Heath thought that Floyd's actions warranted further scrutiny because "I would not have done what Floyd did. I was on the rescue squad in town for 20 years....." Based on information and belief, Heath is on the Franconia Recovery and Reconciliation Committee that submitted 150+ responses to its questionnaire that town Attorney Daniel Mullen today told me he STILL has not received from the town, in spite of the fact that they are WELL out of Rule on the KingCast RSA 91-A Right-to-Know request on that. We'll see if I get them before I file suit, but either way I get a Declaratory Judgment that they violated the Act.

14. And while overall the story is a plus for exposing certain aspects of thecase, again the "Murder" rap does not fit on Liko and it would have been nice if they had spent some time with Liko's friends as I have to get a more complete picture. And while it may not be their rold to file for Declaratory Judgment on any Right-to-Know issues either, that's really what this struggle is all about: Government accountability, as noted in the new post that shares some important informaion about Bruce McKay and the complaints filed against him. The government is trying to make Liko into the sole cause of Everything Bad that happened on 5/11 but our movie, "Franconia 5/11" will show you how and why that notion is pure poppycock.

15. Lastly, it DOES quote Jo Miller, Bode's mother.
"She implied that Liko was gone 'because we all sat around on our duffs' and didn't run McKay out of town."

Now then, on to a night of reading and writing. Liko's friend Oliver and I mean business, and so too does Franconia local Jeffery Jesseman, who gave KingCast expression permission to print his open letter to Franconia Selectmen -- before he gave it to Men's Journal. In fact, he never gave it to Men's Journal, but as with the crime scene photos, they are free to use it (with attribution of course) at this point because it is public domain. So here's Oliver and me, and some other folks we interviewed for "Francona 5/11"


Christopher King said...

See, you come into KingCast.net or Chris King's 1st Amendment Page and there is no bullshit, no bullshit, no bullshit.

We just report what happens as it happens:

Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2007 17:26:42 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Christopher King" kingjurisdoctor@yahoo.com
Subject: Re: [Chris King's 1st Amendment Page] New comment on KingCast asks, how exactly did Shooter Floyd acqui....
To: k[blank]@mensjournal.com
CC: kingjurisdoctor@yahoo.com

You guys are doing the Right Thing by covering this, believe me.



--- Christopher King christopherkingesq@yahoo.com


Give a holler.

603.438.8017m and my real email is

There is another publication working a story as
well; I will note that in tonight's blawg entry about
Men's Journal.

In my blawg you will find more than any other single blawg or blog more thoughts, ideas and information than anywhere else. Why do I do this and what is my connection with the Kenneys?



PS: Sorry the pic is just from a disposable but you know, by any means necessary. I don't have my journalist girlfriend with the D50 anymore :(

Besides you can clean it up good and what grain remains is kind of cool, spooky. Just like this case


Men's noreply-comment@blogger.com wrote:

Men's has left a new comment on your post
"KingCast asks, how exactly did Shooter Floyd acqui...":

Hi Chris, I'm a photo editor for a magazine in NY. We are working on a story about this case and may be interested in printing your photo of Floyd's gate. Can you please contact me if you will give permission for usage? Thank you,[blank] @mensjournal.com

Posted by Men's to Chris King's 1st Amendment Page at 3:29 PM

Anonymous said...

Scooped again King.
Want some cheese with that whine.

Christopher King said...


I'm not "scooped" in ANY WAY.

The story contains inaccuracies that will be set straight in a COURT OF LAW.

If you've got something -- ANYTHING -- intelligent to say, I suggest you start.

Franconia 5/11 will "scoop" everyone else.


Christopher King said...

Oh, and did I mention the fact that we will do it with a lot less money?


But then by "scoop" I guess you think that Union (Mis)leader publisher Joe McQuaid "scooped" everyone about me 2 years ago, and we see exactly where that went.

Right in the crapper.

Just the facts.

Just the law.

Christopher King said...

Hah, "scoop" that's a Good One.

I wonder where all of the other media were when a life-long resident, Jeffery Jesseman was ready to have his letter to the Franconia Selectmen published.

He emailed KingCast first, Bubba.

What you're talking about is a pooper-scooper, dude.


Anonymous said...

please everyone........what is important here is that the truth be told, not WHO told it first. these are not things to bicker over in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Men's Journal, that's great exposure for the story, congratulations.

Christopher King said...


True that.

And that's why I'm not upset if they boosted the images.

My point remains that the full truth be told, and they left a lot of it out that they could have obtained right here.

Overall, again, a positive but you cannot ignore the connotative and denotative meaning attached to the use of the M-word as applied to Liko's shooting of McKay, when the FACTS in this case show otherwise and in fact point toward a Murder by Shooter Floyd of Liko.

That's my point.



Christopher King said...

Oh, Lordy, and let's not for one minute forget the new RSA 91-A information from NH AG Kelly Ayotte that I just finished reviewing while reading the Men's Journal piece.

Here you go:

Chris King's 1st Amendment Page
14 August 2007

KingCast takes a quick look-see on the outstanding RSA 91-A requests in Franconia shooting tragedy.

The early (non)returns are in, and I appear to be lacking any response to the three (3) new requests at the bottom of the letter sent on 7 August as set forth in the comments section.

As to items 1-4 at the top, remember they haven't given me the correspondence between Kelly and H.B., or "Attorney X."

And remember, they left out a particularly angry email from John P. on his RSA 91-A request as noted in "Motion Practice #6."

More updates when I get home and check today's mail, however.

Okay, I read the mail and:

1. They claim to have fully responded to the KingCast request for ALL emails between John P. and the AG's office, but they have not, because they failed to produce the 7 July 2007 email.

2. They say it will take 30-45 days to decide if they will provide the correspondence file between Attorney X and the AG's office. We will be in Court well before that.

3. They say it will take 30-45 days to decide if they will provide the correspondence between any elected officials and the AG's office regarding this tragedy. We will be in Court well before that.

4. They admit that they have no responsive documents that address any inquiry into the 43 kills that Shooter Floyd claims to have had.

Given Floyd's documented background of charges and convictions, including outrageous threats, PCP sales and attempted assault of a Police Officer, that is just flat ridiculous actually. But par for the Course.

posted by Christopher King at 12:47 PM

Charles Duffy said...

People , Do you think that Mackay would have acted the Same way if He was employed by the Newark New Jersey Police Department?

If he was, then Liko Kenney would have been a nigger. Right?

Enough said I'm pissed.

I bet Mackay didn't know how to play tennis a s well as Liko ever could.

So the ball bounced out of court and Liko hit it back.

But still the Government believes the rules of their game are called
the way they see it.

This was a doubles match against a single person.

And the media makes it look like tag team wrestling.

It's not my government. Your government sucks.

Can't wait for the next running of Paul Revere and if you can believe that too. I'll tell you why Washington crossed the Delaware.

Christopher King said...

Just got off the phone with a Jamaican cat, wise beyond his years and a prolific artist:

"My brother is a cop.... and he said no way do you run a car into someone and spray someone like that there and just walk away.... you do that to me and I'll shoot you again and again....."

Anonymous said...

6. They thankfully DO mention the FACT that Liko was diagnosed hyperactive and with dyslexia.

* * * * * * * * * * *
not a loser

and not untypical of kids who don't complete high school or higher education

Christopher King said...


And most of them, unlike Liko, don't know their Fourth Amendment Rights.

Liko did, and it pissed McKay off to no end.

Anonymous said...

I have finally recognized King for who he actually is, We have quite teh celebrity amongst us. He is the actor that plays a lawyer defending the broom in the Swifter commercial. All bow to the mighty king.

Anonymous said...

A legend in his own mind.

Anonymous said...

hey hey!!!

(also check out the Courier piece on how the PEOPLE demanded AND ACHIEVED public input at any and every point of Littleton selectboard meetings, to the chagrin of certain officials!!)

K, here's Timmins!!!
Annmarie staying on the job in context now? Well, alright!

Quick read it before King finds out and takes endless credit for it.

Complaints: Officer was aggressive
McKay was killed in traffic confrontation
Monitor staff
August 15. 2007 12:20AM

In 10 complaints filed against him in 10 years, Franconia police Cpl. Bruce McKay was repeatedly described as hostile, arrogant and over-aggressive. All echo the grievances Liko Kenney voiced against McKay before he and McKay died in a violent police stop in May.

In one 1997 complaint, a woman said McKay terrorized her when he pulled out a knife to cut a seat belt off her as she sat handcuffed in his cruiser. In 1999, the Lisbon police chief demanded that McKay stop patrolling his town for minor motor vehicle infractions. And in 2005, another police officer investigating a McKay stop told McKay to work on his confrontational demeanor.

Franconia officials released copies of the complaints late yesterday in response to a Monitor right-to-know request. The town also released copies of McKay's police academy records (with grades redacted) and nearly 30 commendations and letters of thanks that McKay received in his 11 years with the Franconia police.

Most of those were glowing, thanking McKay for above-average service. But when one letter writer complained that McKay hadn't been celebrated enough for one high-profile police stop, the Franconia chief and another officer angrily suggested that if McKay wanted more medals he should try out for the Olympics.

Together, the complaints and the kind words leave a mixed impression.


McKay, 48, died on duty in May while trying to stop Kenney, 24 of neighboring Eason, for an expired registration. Kenney and McKay knew one another from a 2003 arrest during which both hit the other, and Kenney insisted that McKay call backup in on the registration stop.
When McKay refused, Kenney drove off. McKay followed, forced Kenney off the road and pepper-sprayed him. As McKay turned to walk away, Kenney shot him four times and ran over McKay, killing him. A passer-by then shot Kenney.

Since their deaths, there has been intense speculation among locals about the complaints in McKay's personnel file. Until yesterday, the town had been willing only to list the number of complaints against McKay.

Seven of the 10 complaints were filed in 1997. All were provided with the letter writers' names blacked out.

In one, filed in September 1997, a teacher with a degree in criminal justice wrote a lengthy letter to Franconia Chief Mark Montminy complaining that McKay had been rude and terrorized her during a intoxication stop.

The woman, who was ultimately acquitted of drunk driving, according to her letter, said McKay was impatient and rude to her during a field sobriety test. Tired of her questions about the test, McKay handcuffed the woman and put her in the cruiser, with her hands behind her.

Without explaining what he was doing, McKay then used a knife to cut the cruiser's seat belt off, near the woman's abdomen. "I was TERRORIZED," the woman wrote in her complaint to Montminy.

At the station, McKay told the woman she had waited too long to take a blood-alcohol test and therefore would automatically lose her license, her complaint said. So even after she beat the drunk driving charge, she couldn't drive.

And McKay kept tabs on her.

A few months after the first stop, McKay saw the woman's car leaving a Franconia grocery store and followed it, eventually pulling it over. The woman's 17-year-old daughter was behind the wheel, driving them for groceries. McKay approached the car and told them he needed to make sure the woman wasn't driving.

"Bruce McKay has serious power and control issues," the woman wrote.

In another 1997 complaint to the police department, a letter writer complained that McKay stopped him for going 56 mph in a 40 mph zone. But the stop was in Bethlehem, not Franconia.

The person pulled over and waited several minutes for McKay to approach his vehicle. When McKay didn't show, the person began to approach the cruiser but was told "in a very abrupt and intimidating manner to get back in my car," the complaint reads.

Nearly 20 minutes later, while refusing to give a reason for the stop, McKay gave the person a summons for speeding. The person asked Montminy that the charges be dropped and suggested McKay improve his attitude.

"If you wonder why you have such a difficult time getting your budget approved by the townspeople, then impress upon your employees the importance of treating the people who pay your salary with a lot more respect," the person wrote.

One woman complained twice in 1997.

The first time, she was upset that McKay approached her young daughter outside a downtown business and demanded identification. When the girl asked why, McKay reportedly said, "Because I asked for one." He later explained that he was looking for two local runaways who were 13 and 14.

The woman visited the police station to speak to McKay and was told that her daughter had been rude, her letter said. The woman found McKay rude and said in her letter that his attitude "did not help the relationship between the police and teens."

Several days later, McKay and the state police came to the woman's house for an accidental 911 call her children had placed. McKay told the children the call could carry a misdemeanor charge. "Are we being harassed by an annoyed policeman who I complained about two weeks ago?" the woman wrote in her second complaint.

That same year, another letter writer complained that McKay harassed him at a local store for going 32 mph in a 30 mph zone. McKay hadn't activated his lights or pulled the man over, but he became angry when the man went into the store for coffee, his complaint said.

When the man began arguing with McKay, McKay said he was having the car towed for lack of inspection. At one point during the stop, McKay aimed his pepper spray at the man but didn't fire it, the complaint said.

The later complaints raise similar concerns.

In 1999, the Lisbon police chief wrote to Montminy to demand that McKay stop speeding through their town and stopping people for minor motor vehicle infractions during his off-duty hours. McKay made the stops, the chief said, in his personal vehicle.

In 2003, a woman complained that McKay had interfered in a custody dispute on behalf of her ex-husband because the two were friends. According to the woman's complaint, McKay had run a criminal background check on the woman's new boyfriend and shared it with the ex-husband so he could use it in court to win custody.

The most recent complaint is dated July 2005. In that, McKay was accused of being rude while stopping someone for going the wrong way on a one-way street. McKay said he was not going to discuss the stop because it was raining and he didn't want to stand in the rain.

An officer investigating the complaint confirmed the facts and let the citation stand. But he also found that McKay could have handled the stop better had his demeanor been less confrontational.

The officer "cautioned Cpl. McKay about this demeanor as it has caused him problems in the past," the officer wrote in his report.

During his 11 years in Franconia, McKay received many more letters of thanks and commendation.

Two writers thanked McKay for escorting them when they were lost or needed help getting to the hospital. He helped someone else who had run out of gas and another with a flat tire. One person sent McKay $20 in 1998 for getting him into his car after he'd locked the keys inside.

In 2002, a woman sent a letter after McKay helped find her husband at a hiking hut. "Please convey our heartfelt thanks," she wrote. "He's a real credit to your department."

He helped one couple decipher a moving contract when they ran into trouble with a moving company. "Franconia should be proud to have Bruce McKay in the police department," they wrote in 2000.

------ End of article


Monitor staff

This article is: 0 days old.

Anonymous said...

She gets the usual stuff wrong about 'being forced off the road' and some other crap BUT a real start, a real good start to consensus opinion, including Lisbon PD who warned him outta there, on just what kind of a ripe prick this rogue was.

Anonymous said...

"...ALL ECHO THE GRIEVANCES LIKO KENNEY VOICED AGAINST McKAY before he and McKay died in a violent police stop in May..."

Annmarie Timmins
Concord Monitor


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

FILE UNDER "PEOPLE HAVE THE POWER" (Littleton, New Hampshire)


"Board lifts restrictions on public input

Art McGrath - Littleton Courier

LITTLETON— After considerable commentary by citizens during last week's Board of Selectmen meeting, the board decided to again allow citizen input during meetings at any time.

After a four-hour board meeting last month, the selectmen decided to implement a policy limiting citizen input to only the first 30 minutes of a meeting. The board has come under increasing criticism during meetings for the decision.

Don Craigie, a former selectman, brought up the topic. He said he had no problem with the 30 minute period for citizen input at the beginning of a meeting and understood it is more efficient, but said citizens should be able to speak at other times. In previous years, citizens rarely needed that amount of time to speak.

"Whoever said democracy is like making sausages had it right — it can be messy," Craigie said.

Craigie noted that when Selectman Eddy Moore runs the Zoning Board of Adjustment (ZBA) meetings, he allows whoever wants to speak enough time and lets that continue throughout the meeting.

"When I was a selectman, I appreciated input from the public," Craigie said. He noted Moore was always a fixture at board meetings and was always allowed to speak.

"Well, after our four-hour meeting, we figured we had to do something," Moore said.

Craigie said the four-hour meeting was a scheduling issue, allowing too many things on the agenda at one time. He said having public input doesn't mean the chairman can't limit how much someone can speak.

"Well, I'm willing to relax the rule on public participation as long as it's respectful," Moore said.

"We let you talk even when you called us crooks," chair Burt Ingerson said to Moore, referring to when Moore attended meetings calling the board to account for its actions surrounding the closing of the Opera House in 2005.

Selectman Brien Ward also said he had no problem with public input, as long as people raised their hands and were respectful.

"That four hour meeting was a totally inappropriate forum for anyone to present their views, I don't care what your agenda is," said Ward.

The vote to change back to the old format was unanimous."

Christopher King said...

To the posters on the Timmons and Littleton Courier pieces, thank you. They go in the next entry.

I recall a conversation I just had with Mr. Jesseman who was telling me that he didn't know the full range of his Civil Rights until he started reading this blawg.

So if I have helped ONE PERSON make a difference in this World, I'm happy. In reality, we are doing much more than that up in here, and soon in Court -- despite what some nimrods say.

For the nimrods, read below.


Anonymous said...
I have finally recognized King for who he actually is, We have quite teh celebrity amongst us. He is the actor that plays a lawyer defending the broom in the Swifter commercial. All bow to the mighty king.

8:55 PM

.............Nah, not a practicing lawyer, just a guy who helps people out when they get in a jam

Anonymous said...
A legend in his own mind.

10:30 PM

.......Nah, just a U.S. Citizen, born with Certain Inalienable Rights, and the first to post the full "evidentiary" files online and the guy who is going to help establish Right-to-Know Law on issues that the NH Legislature can't seem to successfully address.

.......Thanks for stopping in :)

Anonymous said...

Hats off to Don Craigie, former Littleton Selectman, who, like many citizens of conscience up heeyah is right on the ball!

(A gentleman who is neither a verbose showboat queen nor an information pimp working his own angle, amidst endless tease and crass promotion for 'the litigation that never was' or pimping the video that is two months too late to matter or make a relevant impact)

Justa today:
Men's Journal, Littleton Courier (with Jeffery's piece!! AND the above selectboard article, plus add The Concord Monitor piece posted above.
A good day!

Anonymous said...


Thank you so much for posting this article!!! YES!!! I am so excited about it and again kudos to Anne Marie Timmins, who has had a heart to find the truth from day one.

"...ALL ECHO THE GRIEVANCES LIKO KENNEY VOICED AGAINST McKAY before he and McKay died in a violent police stop in May..."

I am thrilled that these files were released!!!!!

Anonymous said...

chris king said...

It mentions Matt Chernicki as saying that if you went on hike with Liko you never knew if you were going to come back," and that Liko was a "sociopath," but does NOT mention that the words pyschopath and sociopath were spoon-fed by investigating police and that Matt said he was turning into a sociopath BECAUSE OF BRUCE McKAY. As to "not coming back," that was a playful reference to the fact that going into the woods with Liko was one helluva' experience, not unlike hanging out with the undersigned back in the day. Not because your life was threatened by Liko, but because you just never knew where the adventure would take you. I know Matt, and I know this to be true.

I wanted to highlight this because I was shocked when I first read about these original comments and it has meant alot to me to know that Matt's statement was taken out of context when reported.,

Anonymous said...

Cheesuz kingcast private company, you are so full of shite. Substantial but still Partial evidence was put up two months after the report was released, after you were being hounded continually to do so and complaining bitterly, and dishonestly about it, and then jobbed it out for someone else to do anyway.

"Waaahhh, youtube is broken, Waaaah, I can't figure it out."
(tho there are a zillion really awful bad promo vids featuring you know who all over this place.

You didn't have the idea, and you didn't do the work, but your mouth is always open like a hungry bird for more notoriety you didn't earn.
Thanks for the link telling everybody what a great and inmportant guy you are, what a surprise!!
There's a "u" in humility, not a "YOU,"
self serving biyutch.

Christopher King said...

Anonymous at 1:25

You are a nimrod, as contenanced in this comment:

I recall a conversation I just had with Mr. Jesseman who was telling me that he didn't know the full range of his Civil Rights until he started reading this blawg.

So if I have helped ONE PERSON make a difference in this World, I'm happy. In reality, we are doing much more than that up in here, and soon in Court -- despite what some nimrods say.

For the nimrods, read below.

And when our video hits you better believe it will make an impact.

And when the lawsuit is filed it too will have an impact going forward for YEARS.

You just don't like me, and that's obvious.

But I make things happen, bubba, because I've already done what your boy Don Craigle did, earlier this year in Nashua, as noted in the new post.


Debby: You still up? Give me a shout. Yeah, I know the misinformation police wanted Matt to sound scared of Liko. It won't work. I might even get an affidavit from him next time I see him. I carry that notary seal everywhere I go for just such an occasion and it has been useful to keep haters and government liarheads at bay.

Love you, Sister. We keep on keepin' on.


Christopher King said...


You can take the same advice I gave to 1:25 and wait for things to unfold, because the fact of the matter is, I get sh*t done, Bubba.

Oh, and there's no broken YouTube. Everything is fine and the Motion is coming along JUST FINE, and will likely be filed next week. If not, it will be the Monday after that, as sometimes that last weekend helps to polish, and I am still awaiting a few more government responses so that the litigation is clean.

BTW Attorney Mullen today told me that the Selectmen have STILL not provided him the 150+ responses.

Have a nice day.

Christopher King said...


I ain't mad atcha'.

It's just that you are wrong as hell.

I'm not mad at Men's Journal. Read the first comment that I wrote to them when they emailed me:

You guys are doing the Right Thing by covering this, believe me.



It's just that I made it clear that I am glad they covered the piece but upset that there are glaring errors:

My point remains that the full truth be told, and they left a lot of it out that they could have obtained right here.

Overall, again, a positive but you cannot ignore the connotative and denotative meaning attached to the use of the M-word as applied to Liko's shooting of McKay, when the FACTS in this case show otherwise and in fact point toward a Murder by Shooter Floyd of Liko.

That's my point.


It's just that:

Jeffery Jessemen disagrees atcha'

Davey and Michele disagree atcha'

Liko's friends disagree atcha'

And people from halfway around the World disagree, as noted in the new post.

hi there, i stumbled across your blog while randomly searching the blogosphere, nice one you have here, i also find the design to my liking. do keep up the good work.

warm regards from the other side of planet earth. i'll be back for more.

Deep Regards


The lawsuit will be filed in Due Course and will make changes in Liko's memory and echo through the White Mountains forever.

Thanks for the attempted character assassination though. I hope you feel better.

Christopher King said...

Oh, and of course you can thank all of those other media sources and the parade that is "passing me by" for the access to the files that you could only get where?

Ummm... here.

Come to the oral argument, shake my hand and trash talk me there, Man.

Christopher King said...

How funny.

Someone comes in here and attempts to blast me for being a Johnny-come-lately when I've already done what Littleton Selectmen did, and the rest of the media is catching up to what I -- and the community of others on this blawg -- have been reporting now for MONTHS.

This person probably has NO CLUE how extensive this Right-to-Know lawsuit is, and they have offered ABSOLUTELY NO COMMENT on the content of the RSA 91-A Motion for Declaratory Judgment, much of which has been posted for pubic scrutiny.

Spare me, dude.

Christopher King said...

Ahhh, but wait, here comes the hater again in the new post:

"Write a letter. Do something. For someone who drops every name in show business and politics, sometimes complete with fan pics, you are immensely ignored across the cultural spectrum."

..... The letters I have written to Governor Lynch will be part of the lawsuit, dude.

The Caledonian Record ran most of it, in fact.

So you're wrong again, Bubba.

Christopher King said...

Oh yeah:

John P. -- who has been VERY helpful -- is still around, just emailed me yesterday:

I have been so busy lately that I have only been able to pass through your site every few days to take a peek but should soon be done with a project I am on. I saw you mentioning the emails I had sent and wanted to make sure you had all. So, I forwarded a few I saw in my inbox.

Keep up the fight!

Talk to you soon,

John P.

Christopher King said...

Here's another Good One, from the new post:

Anonymous said...
Yes you are taking credit for Jeffery's work; you slime. you are impossible.

did you miss this?

The Franconia Collective -- of which I am a member -- helped Jeff edit that letter.

Try again.

Christopher King said...

And here's some important information, including a candid comment from Jeffery Jesseman, a/k/a Lifer, whose identity I assiduously protected until HE chose to make it public.

Christopher King said...
And that bit with the seatbelt and the knife.... was McKay punished for that?

This is PRECISELY the ammo I need to go after his complete personnel file.

The operative term is Negligent Retention.

4:14 AM

Lifer said...
I want to clarify that my initial post was directed at no one individual. Also I don't always agree with everything Chris says nor do I always agree with his methods. I do understand his approach to be the product of his personality and his training as a lawyer and a journalist and I filter it as such. I have spoken directly to Chris on more than one occasion and have looked him in the eye and told him that people in Franconia will never forgive him if he does not follow through on his "boasts" in good faith and with earnestness. To date he has been true to course albiet with an occasional sidebar here and there. But it is his blog and noone need stay. I also understand the criticisms of him, many done in good faith, and in a helpful spirit. I hope Chris factors these criticisms in as constructive.

Regarding the letter to the Selectmen, it is I that wrote it. Since I asked the town to peel back the veil of secrecy, so shall I. No one here prompted me to write it, it was something that I alone was moved to do. As a matter of fact, Carl Belz, was the motivation for it, as I did indeed speak to him and he broached the subject. It is true that I sent a draft to a handful of people for comment and suggestions. The feedback I got, including Mr. King's was incorporated in the final draft that appeared here. I have nothing to hide and if my distribution list had been bigger, more people, even those less favorable to Chris's methods would have had the chance to comment.

So what happens next? I really don't know. I have a "gut" feeling that an information floodgate is about to open as evidenced by the Concord Montitor's article. It didn't have to happen however. May 11 could have been a sad blip on Franconia's historical radar. I believe without the efforts of the "Collective" here it may have been so. This includes EVERYBODY, not just Chris, though he provided the forum for it.

I will measure Chris's importance in this going forward on not what he says, but what he does. To date, it is my opinion that for one individual he had done A LOT. My hope is that once the story goes mainstream, Chris will embrace that and continue his good work in conjunction with others. That is the yardstick I will use.

5:11 AM

Christopher King said...
Indeed my Brother.

I do take criticisms to heart and have now given an EXACT date for filing that Motion, the legal decisions from which is what will last long after any one particular news story is recalled.

You cannot rush a lawsuit.

I have that perspective as a lawyer and a journalist.

As to the grandstanding, most of that is tongue-in-cheek. As one Daily Kos poster wrote in the "Voice of this Blawg" entry, either you get it or you don't. Some like it and some don't.

Whatever the case, most people know that I can work with just about anybody, and that's a fact.

I *DO* mention Alderman Teeboom and the Nashua School District First Amendment policy matters because that is directly on point in this case: The Right to Petition the Government for redress, which people in Franconia have not enjoyed, especially as it pertained to Bruce McKay.

I *DO NOT* for example delve into who I had assembled for the panel of the non-profit from which I had to resign because of Kelly's bogus case against me.

Chris and I were ALL SET to do some good work for at-risk youth, and had a sparkling Board of Directors he and I carefully assembled.

Anyway, lest someone accuse me of digression, on with the lawsuit, and my door is ALWAYS open :)


5:27 AM

Anonymous said...

how much do you beg your friends (and strangers) for $$ for an editing suite you already own?

Yes, yes yes!!! He is probably still raising money for the film.


Christopher King said...


I'm all set with you.

Wait for the lawsuit on 27 August or shut your yapper and build your own website.

Also, I pulled a comment from someone today AT THEIR REQUEST.


Anonymous said...

So then, there will be no accounting for the money you claim to have raised for your film, despite your earlier promise?

Shocking, for a man of your reputation and integrity....

Anonymous said...

Yes the post was pulled at my request; but we had a civil personal discussion about the nature of the self promotion and the 'hater' 'lover' tactics and the constant self-referential personalization remarks out of step with news, and how to make links that satisfy interesting personal aspects and hard news aspects that will be upatable but uncorruptable and unconfusing with the rest of the news as it comes and goes. and also other variables brought up that Mr. King has a sincere desire to mitigate and get more with the actionable litigation and more on point reportage and a bit less the aspects which really aren't necessary and denote insecurity that tends to hurt rather than help the credibility of this evolving blog as indeed a place where much of this news was first published out of work done here by many posters... So i offered good faith and took him on his.

We are concentrating on not fighting but getting the job done in a useful way, especially as was predicted here by many here months ago, as a critical mass begins to arrive and activate among the good and fair and truth seeking majority of citizens in the communities here. That is happening.
And we are discussing openly ways to be useful to the media and citenry without the flash and tumble. I'd rather go the way of learning together and seeing if we can continue to serve a useful purpose sans self referential stuff etc.
The good work, and there is plenty of it, speaks for itself.

Lifer said...


Thank you

Anonymous said...

ty lifer:
also for anyone interested, Chris did NOT ask me if he could remove the post; he NEVER mentioned such a thing or suggested it directly or indirectly;

It was my initiative, my offer and my decision, and I insisted on making the request formal in an email to him as well, just to avoid any confusion about my decision or Chris' behavior during our talk, which was open and clean.

Christopher King said...

To all:

Open and clean, there is a method to this madness.

Please review this response to another recent post:


Christopher King said...

You must remember that I scarcely have time to respond directly to everything you say at every point in time, but I feel certain that I did indicate today on the blawg that a Universal Post would be coming.

I favor what you say and the Motion Practice #5 post is part of that.

Amuss and I talked about it earlier today and the thing that you and everyone must remember is that we are in LawyerTime right now. Things do NOT happen overnight.

I've fought these battles and there is no need to rush. You have a Date Certain for the Motion, and I was planning a New blawg that I will link in every post in the future that has a copy of the lawsuit and its direct factual allegations.

I'm NOT blowing you off, I am AGREEING with you.

You just need to chill your wheels because I'm still in the process of evaluating the final stance of the Government on this, and if I make ONE MISTAKE they will have my ass.

Please understand.

Everything in Due Course, and that Course is NOW.


And while you are reading this, think about the real connection of my prior legal cases to this one. Each time, I helped EXPAND the rights of little people, including that flag burner Cheryl Lessin back in '93 when I clerked for Terry Gilbert who has worked on Huge Cases. Cases like this Won.

By being kind of a prick on this blawg at times I am doing the same thing now, extending the boundaries of what we ordinary people are allowed to say.

It is a MEASURED thing.

Now that I have done the prick role, it is time for PURE LEGAL MOTION.

Peace, Namaste, Love, Aloha.


Christopher King said...

And now we know that McKay stuck a knife in a young lady's crotch in a threatening manner, oh yeah he did:

Here's a comment from that post, in which I reflect on a 53 minute interview with that victim's friend.

The victim has a first initial "B."


Keep on believing that and feel free to come to oral argument, shake my hand and talk that talk. I look forward to seeing you there.

I'm on to more substantive issues:


Hey thanks for that Wang update.

For you newbies, some of us have a serious problem with reporter Wang, and I have personally emailed her about many of the falsities contained in her stories about this situation.

I am extremely happy that some of these things are coming to light, even if they are a bit candy-coated -- i.e. "abdomen" vs. privates which is a MAJOR distinction, in my opinion.

More troubling is the notion that these issues are emerging now.

"Taken together, they support the conflicting impressions of McKay that have emerged since his death...."

Heck, I've been telling her about it admittedly since his death, but everyone knew about it well BEFORE his death, as her own quoted information indicates.

And therein lies the essence of this case. Is Franconia responsible for negligent retention or negligent supervision?

Doe v. City of Signal Hill is an interesting case, no?

And given the nature of the heinous allegations against Bruce McKay, how can they continue to deny access to this COMPLETE personnel file, including any disciplinary history and responses to the complaints, mental health information, etc. etc.

The KingCast position is that they CANNOT deny access to these materials, hence the lawsuit which I now believe I can finish by the end of next week.

I may even have a draft done today to fax to reviewing counsel. But then you know I'm going to scrub that puppy up and down, back and forth until my eyeballs bleed :)

And to Mark Taylor:

You keep on keepin' on. I have heard largely positive things about you and you have a LOT on your shoulders.

Best of luck to you my brother.


Christopher King said...

Well as promised, here is that interview with Ms. B.

I have to get back to the Motion, but here are key quotes of my 28:03 interview that started at 8:44pm. with Ms. "B," the victim of Kelly Ayotte hero Bruce McKays creative use of a

"penis-shaped knife."

She has already agreed to an affidavit under seal, but may go public.

Keep checking throughout the evening, but I will start with this:

"He said my lights weren't on but they were.... I was just trying to get to a lighted area but he was still upset with me, yelling at me because I didn't stop right away but it was snowing and cold and dark out."
"The knife was shaped like a penis, the top was like a spade on a card."
""What are you doing... I asked him 3 times."
"He did NOT even try to unbuckle the seatbelt."
"If he had ever stopped me again (after my complaint) I would call 911 and take my chances on getting to Littleton Police Department."
[EXACTLY WHAT LIKO TRIED TO DO but only going 800 feet to Tamarack]
"It was obvious Judge Cyr was annoyed with Bruce McKay when he dismissed my DUI case and he told McKay "It's a quantum leap from probable cause to DUI."
"I filed a 13 page report with Chief Montminy and I have a copy of it for you... but I never got a response from that."
"McKay saw my daughter was driving because he saw us get in the car."
"I told my daughter 'don't roll down your window this guy is nuts....' and 'Bruce you know I wasn't driving you saw us get in the car...."


"I want my charges annulled from my record because Bruce lied in court. I wrote 'time limit..20 minutes' on the arrest paperwork but Bruce told the ALS hearing officer that HE wrote it and the officer believed Bruce because he was a cop."

Sound familiar?

It is, because Attorney Troy Watts said McKay did the same thing, as I told everyone waaay back on 24 June 2007.

Anonymous said...

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