29 August 2007

KingCast review of NH AG Kelly Ayotte emails shows pro-cop bias and an odd comment from Union Leader's Kathy Marchocki in Franconia shooting tragedy.

This comment was sent in May from someone very well established in the community whose name I will not mention at this time but it is not Jeffery Jesseman. No Sir, it is someone else, and in a position of substantial authority.
The AG's office has continued to act in a manner that is just plain UNBELIEVABLE in its INCOMPETENCE and I think puts this local community at risk. It becomes increasingly clear that the man who was so quickly cleared in shooting [Liko] is not only a SOCIOPATH, but a LIAR as well.

The contradictions in his audio statement are so blatant, that if he had not been declared a hero at that time, and the investigators had truly done their jobs at the scene, he would have been arrrested immediately.

See the comments for some more gems but as you do, note that in a 24 June email Kelly says it's a "good idea" to distribute the official report early to Shooter Floyd as it would be "prudent for his safety."

Prudent for HIS safety? In addition to what you already know I wish I could tell you the full but that will go in Court under Seal.

In another one Kelly says in her factually questionable response to an email from Attorney X on 15 May "You can tell I was miffed," but Jeffery Strelzin told her "Great reply Kelly."

They will both eat those words in Court and in the public eye.

Last but not least in this one we see the Union Leader hop in the game for reasons not apparently clear:
Kathy Marchocki from the UL called and told me that Mark Sisti told here that he is doing his own investigation on behalf of the Kenney family and has everything we have and more.....

To which Strelzin writes "Thanks -- "I'm sure we will be hearing more of this kind of stuff."

To which KingCast says "Thanks -- You are absolutely correct for a change. Here's your lawsuit and have a nice day."


Christopher King said...

Oh I may scan some of them tonight but one shows on 19 June that no one has a clue why Floyd's meter reader charges were nol-prossed, two/others show that Franconia Selectmen and State Rep. McLeod requested the investigative files in June, and one shows that State Senator Deborah Reynolds sought the information on 26 July.

In another one State Rep. McLeod accuses me of "exploiting the situation," and asks if Strelzin would like to continue the conversation over the phone: You know you've got to get rid of the possibility of tracking those kind of emails when you're playing dirty.

It makes me wonder what she thinks of area resident Jeffery Jesseman, with whose family I am quite close and we have nothing but mutual respect for each other; even help edit each other's work.

In another one that the paralegal and I just had a laugh about, on 12 June she informs Strelzin that consumer protection had come after me for Unauthorized Practice of Law and that "it was.... difficult." Damn right I told her today it was difficult for me too, as it drained my time, energy, money and all matter of other resources while I whupped them so good it never got to trial. I took no plea or costs.

In another one from 1 June Strelzin and Charles West concur that the 54mph speed locked on McKay's radar was Liko Kenney's. I bet it wasn't.

Christopher King said...

Oh, here is the unanswered 10 July letter I wrote State Rep. McLeod so y'all can check my "agenda."

If she believes I have a negative agenda or that my letter did not merit a response she should have the chutzpah to put finger to keypad and say so.

And while she's at it she can find some suitable criticism for Mr. Jesseman, too I bet.

Christopher King said...

If Representative McLeod wants to malign me or to impugn the Civil Rights agenda that I'm pushing then I'll give her five minutes of microphone for the full movie to explain herself.

It's too late for the one coming this weekend, but we'll find a way to work her in next round.

Lifer said...

Nice, real nice. Here's a tip for ya. Want to get rid of the Collective? Stop playing hide and go seek with the truth.

Anonymous said...

Stop delaying and file the thing if you're going to file it.

Christopher King said...

Lifer, dig the email I referenced about Floyd and his safety, which is ludicrous considering that everyone is (rightly) terrified of HIM:

It proves that Martha McLeod was in bed with Law Enforcement the entire time.


Christopher King said...


Take a chill.

I just got back from 4 days of fact-finding in Franconia and a visit to the AG's office where I found this email I referenced about Floyd and his safety, which is ludicrous considering that everyone is (rightly) terrified of HIM:

It proves that Martha McLeod was in bed with Law Enforcement the entire time.

And this is relevant because we know that she doesn't want to look into McKay's personnel file and her husband is a selectman who is about to face the brunt of that 40 page lawsuit that will be sent to court for return of service no later than Monday.

Hopefully Friday.

You want to come by and help with the exhibits? I had some help in Franconia burning the Evidentiary CDs from concerned citizens you don't even hear about on this blawg, you bet.



Anonymous said...

Just for the record, Monday's a holiday.

Christopher King said...

Indeed it is. And it still counts against Kelly and Jeffery for the pending RSA 91-A Right to Know requests =^.)

Didja' know Strelzin trash-tawked my veracity in an email to Maura Murray's mother. Yepper.

Shame on him. He sure has some nerve after the blatant contradictions and lies set forth in the fairy-tale, apparently unsigned official report.

I think I've been wrong about the following:

1. Caleb may not have been maced a second time but he was not taken to the hospital and was in police custody for many hours; his GSR was 9:29 and I think he signs off at 11:35pm., some 6 hours after the tragedy.

2. I was wrong about the "19-point" turn McKay did out on 116, but then so too was the Union Leader. I believe in the end Ms. Bell-Thompson said it was a "10-point turn" that McKay did before he brought that 5,500lb Tahoe down across Liko Kenney's little Toyota like some kind of a crazed maniac in need of the psychological counseling actually recommended years ago by "TERRORIZED" knife victim "Ms. B"

3. I may have been wrong about where Floyd continued to discharge bullets (my source said Caleb indicated he thought it was around his body) but even if that is not the case we DO know that the Official Report says at pp. 26-27 that there were two bullets in different McKenzie buildings in totally different directions (i.e. across the damn street from each other) and that these bullets were shot by Gregory Floyd.

So it's of no major moment if Caleb isn't exactly sure where Floyd was getting his rocks off, only that Floyd was getting his rocks off. That's the point.

Well, that plus the fact that State Rep. Martha McLeod believes Floyd is a hero who should be coddled and receive advance notice of the report, while the Kenney family wasn't even told where Liko's body was in a timely fashion.

And remember, McLeod requested the evidentiary materials so she has actual notice of some of the other things Floyd was involved in including criminal menacing and she likely knows what else he did that is going under seal.

That makes her a monster.

Mark Sisti is going to hit many of these clowns right upside the noggin' for their malfeasance and cover up and I will raise a fist in solidarity with that brother.

I think I'll beat him to it with the Right-to-Know lawsuit this week though, as he raises a fist in solidarity with me. So I'm burning evidence discs today and the tedious process of copying and laying out exhibits, etc. etc.

Comments should open again by Tuesday along with the short film "Franconia 5/11: Injustice on Stilts."


Anonymous said...

Sisti is a boob! Anyone with a sense of the law in NH knows this.

Christopher King said...


Whatever Sisti is, at least he's not a documented liar, like Kelly Ayotte.