29 August 2007

KingCast raps with major media at Tamarack Tennis Camp.

Interestingly, a major media producer with whom I have had telephone and email contact appeared yesterday with their cameras trained on Tamarack as Oliver and I were on the way back from the beach. They want to talk to Caleb, but I'd be willing to wager that any attempt to do so may be met with a copy of the Franconia Collective Press Release.

It will be interesting to see how they cover this case. They can't go where I go and they can't know what I know so they can't get the Real. And locals are very leery of media because of their historic misrepresentations about the area. Folks may be a bit country up in here but they sure ain't stupid. One thing they could have a good time with for a local flair piece, however, is looking into the Littleton Gunstore robberies a few years back and all persons related or indirectly related thereto.

I also offered to hook them up with Jeffery Jesseman if they wanted to talk with someone local who is respected in the community and actively seeking to make a change. I am very concerned that the full story be told here, because I know for FACT that certain key issues were presented to the Men's Journal that never made it to print. See the KingCast review of the Men's Journal piece. The Journal also neglected to mention that the old police chief publicly discussed getting rid of McKay openly and in front of other people early on in McKay's Franconia "career." If they didn't know that, it is unfortunate. If they did know that and failed to publish it, that's a criminal offense in the World of Journalism. I know that, so I share it.

I'm off to Nashua now, with many beautiful memories of a nice 4-day working vacation.

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Christopher King said...

Oh, goodness one of those memories would have been the light show on Sunday night.

It came just after several of us were discussing how that Kinsman mountain range belonged to Liko, and he belonged to it.

Next thing you know up comes a 2 hour lightning show the likes of which even the locals said they've never quite seen.

That's fitting because the local politicians have never before seen an RSA 91-A Motion for Declaratory Judgment like this one before, either.