14 August 2007

KingCast presents: Today's meaningful exchange at work with Kafka and Kipling.

Oh, my boss and I (not at the law firm but at the restaurant) mix it up pretty good, I'll tell you that. It's kind of like Liko and McKay except we actually have a modicum of respect for each other although we are vastly different men. So today he asks me to read Kipling's "If," and I asked him to read Kafka's "The problem of our Laws," linked at the end of the first paragraph.

In the end we both learn something new, gain some new perspective and it's ALL GOOD.



Charles Duffy said...

Interesting post.

What makes New Hampshire even more interesting is very simple.

You don't need a license to buy a gun.

Most people think because Liko Had a gun He was criminal.

Liko bought a gun because he felt that he needed it.

The Gun shop and the laws said he could have it.

I think in some hardware stores in NH you can buy Shotgun shells and woodchuck bombs.

Those pesky critters much like your government need a good lesson when they go a snoopin around the cabbage patch.

Christopher King said...

True but you do need a permit to carry it.

So to that extent Liko was afoul of the law.

Now as to McKay violating rule, policies and procedures, and the UNCONSTITUTIONAL arrests in Fox Hill Park, I guess that don't matter.

So says Kelly, until the lawsuits hit.