31 August 2007

KingCast presents: RSA 91-A Right-to-Know Motion for Liko Attachments 10 and 11.

Coming along with the CD burning and the labelling and the -- gasp -- printing and collating. This is one Massive complaint, one of those Federal Court complex litigation deals you need a crane to hoist it off the table. Anyway, here are Attachments 10 a, b, c and d, as well as 11. As you view Attachment 10c, be aware that is the distance on the second push from McKay and not the entire distance he rammed Liko and Caleb. Read the comments to see what one local bloke said to me about McKay on my first (non-ski) trip up there.

BTW Liko did ask for a lawyer in 2003 but I don't know if he ever got one. This brief is taking a bit longer than I had hoped but only by a few days. But as noted in the second paragraph of this Union Leader news story, Lady Justice takes her own sweet time.


Christopher King said...

Also from the Motion:

"I hate to say it, but McKay walked around here like he was King Shit of the neighborhood.... [effin'] with people he didn't like...... and Liko showed him he wasn't."


"I always figured he would find [Officer McKay] dead by the side of the road... and if it wasn’t Liko it would have been someone else."

Anonymous said...

You can always look in the Littleton District Court file, which is public record, to see if there is an appearance or an order appointing the public defender's office.

Christopher King said...

Been there done that with one of Liko's friends and got the Jamie Brooks Motion to Suppress, which is brilliant. Run a word search to find it.

The question is when was he appointed or when did Liko get that representation.

Will ask Jamie the NEXT time I speak with him.

Anonymous said...

WOW! Those tire marks are only from the second ram? not the "smash-boom" slam? unreal!? @#$%@&*@#$%%

McKay was like no other.........

Anonymous said...

Probably after arraignment but before trial.

Christopher King said...


Oh, yeahhhh.....

That is just ridiculous. Now put yourself in Liko's position with this hater who just did that to you when all you were doing was following your old probation COURT ORDER to avoid direct contact and asking for witnesses and you get tagged like that and OC sprayed like that and without command or directive, then McKay walks away and for all we know puts his hand on his gun. Remember Floyd and Caleb said that Floyd got McKay's gun from his hand. It is ENTIRELY possible that Bruce was reaching for his heat when Liko shot him.

And frankly, given what McKay had just done to him, and what Liko knew McKay had done to a number of other citizens, and given McKay's threat to Liko that he was gonna' get him, if he did reach for his gun I don't blame Liko ONE BIT.

I may not have access to a scanner until Tuesday but wait until you see the internal AG emails that show blatant disrespect to the Public Defender's office from Strelzin on 8 July:

"Karen is right. They are absurd"

Karen Huntress wrote: "It was an absurd response by [Randy Hawkes] but I think it might reflect the group thought over there about the Franconia incident."


Strelzin wrote on 26 June:

"Thanks -- I'm sure we will be hearing more of this kind of stuff."

See, Union Leader's Kathy Marchocki had called Charles West Cwest@safety.state.nh.us (for what reason I have no idea because Marchocki NEVER wants to talk to me about this case; I've called her twice and spoke with her and she ran me off the phone when I started getting into blatant contradictions) and he told Strelzin:

"[Kenney family Attorney Mark] Sisti also made statements critical of Cpl. McKay's behavior in pushing Kenney's car and using OC Spray, etc."

I've got news for you Attorney Strelzin: McKay DID IN FACT violate the Franconia Use of Deadly Force and OC Spray policies as noted in my RSA 91-A Motion for Declaratory Judgment and as Attorney Sisti will prove in due course as well. So yeah, you will indeed be hearing "More of this stuff."

Strelzin is a bought-and-sold tool.


Strelzin wrote:

Representative: "I called you back on your cell phone and left a message." [KingCast can only surmise what THAT message was]

Bought-and-sold in bed with LEand Shooter Floyd State Rep Martha McLeod wrote on 11 July:

"Jeff, what can you tell me about this guy? He mentions your name. I have not responded to his emails so he is getting more persistent"

[KingCast says you're damn skippy Martha. And if you really wanted to know what I am trying to do you could have just picked up the godd*mn phone and used it to call me instead of Strelzin. You have shown your stripes and made your bed. The voters will see if you get to keep it when the dust settles.]

"I seriously doubt he is interested in doing my little community any good but perhaps is interested in exploiting our situation fo rhis own purposes, whatever those may be."

[KingCast says I want to make a film that has input from everybody, including you Martha, and hope it makes it big enough to help build a youth recreation center, buy some tennis lessons or ski lessons, whatever. Lifetime community member Jeffery Jesseman has agree to spearhead that effort locally. Would that help your community or not honey?]

"I can be reached at 444-4461 if you would rather talk by phone."

[Yeah, better get rid of those pesky emails, huh. Well KingCast encourages folks to read this extremely professional and unanswered letter to Martha and then everyone who believes State Rep. McLeod to be derelict in her duties to give her a call as well. She is a public servant, you know.


Yes of course and that could be a Constitutional violation in and of itself depending on what they asked him after that point but alas we don't know that because McKay ummmm..... shut off the camera.