20 August 2007

KingCast presents: Miscellany about Gregory Floyd and other RSA 91-A matters.

Here's the catch-all round. We'll start with the Ayotte/Floyd Love-Fest post and move on to the Alice-in-Wonderland post with his three (3) tours of Vietnam and the "Floyd as hero" narrative post first.

Now recognize that Gregory Floyd told an 8-10 year old boy to retrieve a loaded handgun in 1997: At page 246/274

"Go inside and get the pouch." His son returns and says, "Mom is awake, I could not get the gun."

As far as I know Floyd's oldest son Gregory P. Floyd is what, 18 now? Whoa. And just how and why the criminal menacing charges against the meter reader were dropped we have no idea even though Floyd said "If that pussy comes back or if I see him again I'll kill him..... I know you wear vests so I would have put it right between your eyes. I was sitting right on my ruger..... (then to his son) look at the fucking pigs, aren't they big men?"


Also, it appears that Sheldon Belanger's review of Liko's phone records is fraudulent at 497/591

In a review allegedly conducted on 15 May 2007 at 13:20 hours there is an entry:
Missed calls: 5/19/07 20:38 hours.

Obviously a wrong number or someone who didn't know Liko was dead or what have you, but the point is that Officer Belanger couldn't be so prescient on the 15th, could he? Just another falsity that militates of full disclosure online.


P. 494/588: Further inspection of the door area discovered that the window was all the way up when it had been broken.

Yep. That's what Caleb said, and that's what I have said consistently on this blawg. The New Hampshire public has a right-to-know and see this information that contradicts the Official Report.


P. 607/701 must insert Caleb "...and then he's like give me the gun andhe kept saying like hand me the gun and I, I kept saying. I'm not gonna touch that gun cause you're gonna shoot me....." and "he had both guns and he was aiming em at me and that's the, pretty much the end and then uh EMTs came.....

And let's not forget that there are unexplained bullet holes from McKay's gun and shot by Floyd in the McKenzie window and toolbox, as noted at pp. 26-27 of the Official Report. Was Floyd shooting around like a kid in a candy store, or what? The public has a right to view these materials in the full context.


P. 99 Officer Ball report of 2003 arrest: McKay ordered them to cut sirens, Liko was standing 8 feet away from McKay and said "Good! Police officers. I need police assistance."


Christopher King said...

Well Mr. King, how exactly did you get involved?

Date: Tue, 29 May 2007 18:58:38 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Oliver Ruff" o*******@yahoo.com Subject: Whazzzabbi from above the notch
To: kingjurisdoctor@yahoo.com

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I'll be there at the CMV at 11:30 I get out of work at 11 or so. anyway my name is Oliver Ruff we should talk about Liko and what has happened. There are many you should talk to. I look forward to meeting you, and thank you again for your efforts. my cell is *** ***-****

Anonymous said...

How can Floyd have two guns in his hand and then tell Caleb to pick a gun?. Are there 3 guns?.

Christopher King said...


He told Caleb to pick up Liko's gun from his dead hands and Caleb wisely refused or he would not be here with us today.

Later on, after Caleb exited the vehicle, and probably while Floyd was discharging those two (2) bullets into the McKenzie property noted at pp. 26 & 27 of the Official Report, that's when he was holding the two guns.

Caleb by that point was sitting Indian style by the side of the road, clearly unarmed and clearly not a threat.