27 August 2007

KingCast presents Cat & Mouse #3: What REALLY happened with McKay and Bode and why he fought the ticket.

The major media has informed us that Bode fought his 83 in a 40 I think it was speeding ticket to antagonize McKay. Which does a disservice to Bode and underreports the evil of McKay, who came to the house in the first instance to give Bode a ticket in another car. Bode told him hell no, you can't just give me a ticket because somebody told you I was speeding. This commences McKay's hatred of all things Kenney/Miller, which you can hear when he looks at Liko's license and which continued as Liko read him the Fourth Amendment riot act from the back seat of the car.

So then McKay causes all of the Tamarack Tennis vans to be searched because there was a report of a stolen van somewhere in the tri-state area. Of course none of the vans were stolen so there was another waste of time and taxpayer money.

So then McKay pulls Bode over again one day and he stopped, ironically very near the spot that Liko first stopped at Coppermine road, near the Robert Frost house. He balled the ticket up and threw it at Bode and tried to get him for evading arrest and all matter of nonsense, and gave Bode the maximum fine and then the case settled after McKay dropped the evading charges.

On a related note, in Bode's book 'Go fast be good have fun' he describes two journalists he can't stand: Those who crack on Franconia without ever coming here, and those who come here and still don't get it right. I am proud to say that no one out here has accused me of not getting it right. Now back to the lawsuit.

Just the facts.

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Christopher King said...

I believe this is the first time that I have mentioned Bode Miller's name on this blawg and there is a calculated reason for that:

Much of the major media has continually sought a hook for their stories that reference Bode, and Liko's name has almost become "Bode Miller's cousin."

As a former AAG I knew this tragic story has its roots in basic Civil Rights violations (some of which are duly noted by Judge Cyr) regardless of the identity of the persons involved or their family members.

Plus, I know for FACT that certain CRUCIAL items and issues were given to Pete Wilkinson for the Men's Journal piece that were not addressed.

I know this because I have read an email to him from a local person very close to this situation.

More I need not and will not say.


Christopher King said...

This comment would not post from Yahoo mail:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "KingCast presents Cat & Mouse #3: What REALLY happ...":

so glad you addressed this issue, as a wise individual who posts here once asserted, and you reaffirm today, that Liko Kenney died, not Bode Miller's cousin.

It is a very important distinction for both men, whom i trust were very close.

It is also important to finally have some of the details of Mckay's interaction with Bode, and to reasonably connect the seedling that Officer Mckay planted and grew....Bode to Liko.

There is always more to a story than we are allowed to know from mass media, and the devil is certainly in the details.

Christopher King said...

Yes the Devil is in the details and there are a LOT more to come.

We at KingCast may not have the financial resources that other media have but we have the biggest resource of all of them in the end:

The trust of the people of Franconia who are actively trying to make a difference.