15 August 2007

KingCast presents: Book ends to a tragic novel -- Open Letters from Jeff Jesseman and KingCast to Franconia Selectmen and Governor Lynch, respectively

Well folks here they are, mine from 8 June and his from 13 August. They are both professionally-written and well-intentioned, and they will both be a part of the pubic policy section of the RSA 91-A Right-to-Know Motion for Declaratory Judgment.

This is the Caledonian-Record account of the KingCast letter to Governor Lynch, which received no substantive response, despite the fact that in addition to the letter, people shelled out their hard-earned cash for us to document our attempts to address Governor Lynch on video. As this movie still shows, we have nothing to show them except, well..... NOTHING.

Just our Government ignoring a four-year AAG and a current lobbyist because of ideological concerns, and shirking duty.

A former selectman publicly stated:
"As a former selectman who has interviewed about 25 applicants for police jobs, hired and fired police as well, I think I can say with some small amount of authority that this "investigation" and the reporting on it stinks."

I believe that you can rectify that situation regardless of what the video and other evidentiary materials show by increasing your presence as agents of growth and change, which is sorely needed. We all know growth and change are indeed, required.

"The final concerns are with the Franconia Police department and its filing inefficiencies and personnel discrepancies. Since the police force is empowered with the public trust, the Select Board directly oversees the department, and the public elects the Select Board, it is appropriate that the following concerns be addressed in the spirit of communication and accountability. Please note that an editorial in this week’s Littleton Courier (August 8, 2007) makes the same pertinent point.

Let’s make Franconia what we all profess it to be, a safe and idyllic community for all. Let’s begin today.

To this end please respond to these genuine concerns openly and honestly and in a format that can be reproduced for all to see. We have the right to know, you have the obligation to respond."

Indeed they do, Mr. Jesseman. Indeed they do.



Christopher King said...

Fine. The people want unassailable, then that's what I will give them.

I look forward to providing the Motion for public inspection.

Peace, Love, Aloha, Namaste.

Christopher King said...

Parts of this comment were in an email sent with this blawg post to certain individuals, but I really have no problem sharing it.

And as I do, note that what makes Mr. Jesseman unique is that he is not only a few years my senior, but has the Full Load to handle, as we have discussed on several occasions. The mortgage, the wife, the kids, the pets.... all of the things keep most people from speaking up and that's how the powers-that-be want things in America.

But if we all start thinking more critically and stepping forward in our own little yet not-so-little ways, it becomes a much stronger and larger movement.

Anyway, on to the email:


One thing that some folks can't quite understand is that they would be hard-pressed to control their anger and rage at the sh*t that I've been through, and if you think I discuss it ad nauseum, there's more to it than I even let on in this blawg.

My point is that it IS relevant to what is happening in this Country yet somehow it all becomes "it's all about you."

The point is that I am an exceptional witness to it and share what I have seen.

At any rate, please enjoy the New Post.


It will be there for quite a while as I prepare the Motion.



Charles Duffy said...


Maybe our own government will someday see the values of people. Instead of trying to find out what these values are.

Charles Duffy said...

Ok so the CIA never used the SaintJames Society in South America to find out what was going on in 1958 down there.

Something so alike to franconia.

Ive got the tapes from 1958-1964 on what was going on in South America.

Such a small distance away in a town of franconia we are kept in the dark ny the media.

So we are talking to Bolivia in 1962 Via Ham radio recorded tape which I have. My Uncle the so called priest said he was packing a 45.

Christopher King said...

Yes Charles, it is interesting this case and everything about it.

There is a Spirit that some folks find less-than-plausible, yet the connection between people like you and me (and your DOCUMENTED HISTORY) on this blawg -- of exposing NH AG Kelly Ayotte's favored friend Martin Dunn is all a part of that not-so-random Spirit.

I won't link to it but those who wish to discover can run your name and Marty's name as a search term.

I am not so certain I understand the Society of which you note in your post, but I have checked it briefly.

I AM sure of this, a comment I posted to another link:

And while you are reading this, think about the real connection of my prior legal cases to this one. Each time, I helped EXPAND the rights of little people, including that flag burner Cheryl Lessin back in '93 when I clerked for Terry Gilbert who has worked on Huge Cases. Cases like this Won.

By being kind of a pr*ck on this blawg at times I am doing the same thing now, extending the boundaries of what we ordinary people are allowed to say.

It is a MEASURED thing.

Now that I have done the pr*ck role, it is time for PURE LEGAL MOTION.

Peace, Namaste, Love, Aloha.


Anonymous said...

Mr Swifter,

You loyal fans are leaving you like rats leaving a sinking ship. A huge donation and then you piss off the donor. I have only read what you are going to do and what you are going put in the motion, about how you are going to make a movie. Somebody made a good point about some very good youtube videos that are made ona limited dime. Here is a theory for you you are in bed with the movie maker and splitting the dough. When will you move on when you have fleeced all the money from this tredegy. It won't be when justice is served, if that was the case you would have left by now. I here an ambulance calling your name, Mr. Swifter, Mr. Swifter, Mr. Swifter

Christopher King said...

You know nothing of what you ramble.

Shut up or I'll put a knife to your privates, Bruce McKay style.

Read part of the results from tonight's 53 minute interview with someone who has intimate knowledge of what REALLY happened in the Bruce McKay knife incident, fool.

The rest will come later.

I'm sure you'll be lurkig, and waiting to talk some more BS.

Go right ahead.

Anonymous said...

Criminal Threatening does not become you Mr Swifter Man. It's is a shame I cannot articulate my deep fear of having serious bodily injury done to me by you. Hey, you could chase that ambulance. It will be the start of many criminal charges filed against you. Theft by deception, to accept money for services rendered when the person had no intentions of honoring promise. Sounds like your boasting promise of a movie, almost 3 months and not even a preview. Taking money, sounds like it was over $$1000.00, I think that would classify it as a felony. You better get started on that film or you might not get any more sushi, but you will be getting plenty of tossed salad. You look good in stripes.

I hear an ambulance

Anonymous said...

That money was donated with tremendous good faith, and i salute whoever donated but 11:06, that's not enough money to do a 3 minute video in a studio where everything is already set up in terms of lighting, cameras and story-boards etc...
this is a field team shooting the places of importance to the case in the area, and shooting multiple interviews. That much was done and accomplished and is in the can. Would I like to see at least some of it if it could be used as a promotional tool to get the point of Mckay's abuses and the real feel of who he was and what he did directly from the residents? Yep.
Could be useful and helpful and help in this growing critical mass; each element is important and we should keep injecting things in the culture to accompany and further illustrate the now cumulative growing press. Yes. But this issue isn't going away. There are more stalls and delays in store from the officials who hire teams of experts to do nothing but stall and delay. It's a sick game of chess. King wants to approach this in a 'measured' way, and he has other obligations and is working all the time on this blog, and now into actual litigation. I'm not speaking for him, he obviously can argue his own case, or you wouldn't have the knife in your balz thing to further taunt him with...also there are a few fasinating things in the near future that should be documented. Maybe you could help crew.

... and I don't know the bigger picture on his schedulings; how much of it is under supreme control and going at the proper measured rate of speed according to developments in process, or how much of this should be out in an impactful shortie or teaser...could be helped by priortizing time management issues etc...I dunno frankly.

but i do know that's the tiniest of budgets and there are smarter easier less labor intensive and emotionally stressing ways of coming by a grand and a half than devising a ruse where he actually shows up with a camera guy, shoots for two days, travels back and forth up here several times for interviews and stills etc...I haven't seen the break down budget but believe me, that's not a video or movie budget, it's not even a commercial budget, and he's going to put together something dynamic and important anyway. The technology and equipment is available but editing with a tech is still editing with a tech. He could have amazing stuff in the can. Maybe some of it should have surfaced by now, maybe not. but there's no crime, no theft and I fully believe the tech guy gave him a break, and i don't know how much is left, if anything, nor do i know exactly what they're putting together as far as editing and presentation vision etc...
...but seriously 11:06, that's on to cruel and not even close to fair or informed criticism. I favor a more simple guerilla style flavor and immediacy myself, at least a snippet, but no one's going to be happy with a rush job either; He should actually hire an editor as well come to think of it.
Maybe it's time management problems, maybe it's measured for impact on the situation we're dealing with.
No disrepct intended but these are not the kind of projects that are going to make serious bucks or get serious traditional distribution, though it could very well be widely seen, released in pieces or in whole on a vid service, and/or available on DVD , whatever...
that's a project in itself once there's product in hand, but maybe not a lengthy or difficult one as things move on...

...Transferring to film is prohibitively expensive, but you can get a great 'look' out of digi vid, and the more guerilla and grass roots and direct the interview footage the better, still it takes time and vision. If that visual element should take priority in your opinion, and sometimes i think it should, a piece of it couldn't hurt the whole if presented caringly, but if you think it should take priority, make that point.
To accuse him of outright theft when NO ONE, including the currently angry and impatient donator, who was present for the shoots!! can deny that work has been started and i don't know how many cumulative minutes shot, over how many dozens of hours of travel, interviews and location shots...nor how many of those minutes are usable in a good edit; in any case, it's not theft, it's not a misdeneamor, it's not a felony, it's not a scam. I don't think it's been two months since the franconia footage was shot and some of that maybe could come out preliminarily, but there is more to the story, & without making it an epic nor raising out of bare bone$ guerilla film making (which can look especially GREAT)... there is still more to the story to be told. and shot.
Different scearios or approaches or timelines can be suggested of course if that's your concern but it's rough and silly stuff making accusations like that.
I wish you would take it that to court. It would cost you a pretty penny once the Judge got a hold of you for a frivolus suit in small claims court on top of court charges and counter suit for making him show up with raw footage on a portable drive or a cassette of some kind, depending on what it was shot on, right in his pocket.
Foolish, presumptious and intentionally cruel?
Certainly without legal merit and kind of mean-spirited. I've a short fuse myself sometimes, but good golly, those are really b.s. charges and so easily refuted as to be ridiculous. and kinda mean.

Christopher King said...


Indeed. I challenge ANYONE to go find a film maker as good as mine who will do what he did for what was paid unless he just totally is in it for charity.

He did do a lot of charity work for me when we met and he was helping with the ridiculous Jaffrey situation but that time has gone and he is nonetheless willing to help now at a GREATLY reduced rate.

Now then, back to the reality of the situation -- which was ignored by 11:06 -- is last night's interview and the pending litigation, as noted in this comment analysing Beverly Wang's coverage of these matters:


Hey thanks for that Wang update.

For you newbies, some of us have a serious problem with reporter Wang, and I have personally emailed her about many of the falsities contained in her stories about this situation.

I am extremely happy that some of these things are coming to light, even if they are a bit candy-coated -- i.e. "abdomen" vs. privates which is a MAJOR distinction, in my opinion.

More troubling is the notion that these issues are emerging now.

"Taken together, they support the conflicting impressions of McKay that have emerged since his death...."

Heck, I've been telling her about it admittedly since his death, but everyone knew about it well BEFORE his death, as her own quoted information indicates.

And therein lies the essence of this case. Is Franconia responsible for negligent retention or negligent supervision?

Doe v. City of Signal Hill is an interesting case, no?

And given the nature of the heinous allegations against Bruce McKay, how can they continue to deny access to this COMPLETE personnel file, including any disciplinary history and responses to the complaints, mental health information, etc. etc.

The KingCast position is that they CANNOT deny access to these materials, hence the lawsuit which I now believe I can finish by the end of next week.

I may even have a draft done today to fax to reviewing counsel. But then you know I'm going to scrub that puppy up and down, back and forth until my eyeballs bleed :)

And to Mark Taylor:

You keep on keepin' on. I have heard largely positive things about you and you have a LOT on your shoulders.

Best of luck to you my brother.


Christopher King said...


I note you have no SUBSTANTIVE comment on the letter to the Governor.

Why am I not surprised.

Anonymous said...

All that you touch
All that you see
All that you taste
All you feel
All that you love
All that you hate
All you distrust
All you save
All that you give
All that you deal
All that you buy
beg, borrow or steal
All you create
All you destroy
All that you do
All that you say
All that you eat
everyone you meet
All that you slight
everyone you fight
All that is now
All that is gone
All that's to come
and everything under the sun is in tune
but the sun is eclipsed by the moon.

Anonymous said...

Eye smell a huckster said...

1:24 ESAH

Anonymous said...

You're correct 8:39 PM.
Total con game.

His supporters make excuses out of desperation and misguided loyalty; He does run a good con.

He has no credibility in the courts, in the press, in the North Country communities. Quite the opposite.

He had no credibility among those several Supreme Court Judges that considered all the many cases against him and decided to keep him suspended from practicing law and continually ripping off other people. His many explanations don't quite cover it. Though they are filled with self righteous dramatization.

That's an awful lot of Judges looking at his history and coming to the same conclusion; that he is basically a serial liar and thief, and not fit to practice law or protect any clients.

He's been talking of a full length feature film since this blog started in '05, way before Liko's death.
Starlit dreams are nice. All waiters have them.

A sure way to be ignored by any and all official press or government or public offices or auspices, is a connection with this known con man.

Anyone can go on the offensive in the cocoon of their own free blog; make any kind of charge or claim and substantiate it or explain it any way they want because it's essentially a conversation King is having with himself.

This is not a safe place, nor is it an honest one.

Christopher King said...

Good, well then you allow me to have this conversation with myself while I help change law in New Hampshire, you jackass.

Because actually it is also a conversation I am having with a major network producer.

Anyway read the lawsuit and talk that nonsense why don't you.

And it's not my fault that State Rep. McLeod didn't say anything back to me in response to this rather eloquent letter now, is it?

Besides ESAH, you can go to hell because I know I bcc'd you on some of these emails and had discussions about the fact that your money was being used for PRODUCTION and some video stills, and you are totally aware that in addition to that my film maker also worked an entire evening on bringing up the sound of Caleb Macaulay's interview.

And you know that because it didn't work in your BMW.

I gave you an olive branch and you refused to take it and that's on you. You can so clearly see how the State is full of crap in Liko's case but can't possibly see how it could be full of crap in my case 10 years ago.

I might be a waiter (and a law clerk) today, but you'll be a butthead forever.

Meanwhile, I have to finish the affidavit of that certain back-seat knife victim of Bruce McKay.

Goodnight, ESAH with our Highest Nature In Course.

Christopher King said...


Who said that.

Where and when.

I remember Chief Dunn saying that, along with Kelly Ayotte and ummmm..... what exactly happened with their ummm.... cases?

They got flushed just like the rat feces that you are. Flushed before trial, even.

And if I do good work as a law clerk then you call it "ambulance chasing." Too bad it wasn't you up under that truck and too bad it wasn't moving a tad faster because it might have jarred your brain toward some path of enlightenment.

"Talking about a feature length film since 2005"

Okay, and it is now what, 2007. These things can take years and years to make man, and even in this story there are things developing as noted by 1:24:

"in any case, it's not theft, it's not a misdeneamor, it's not a felony, it's not a scam. I don't think it's been two months since the franconia footage was shot and some of that maybe could come out preliminarily, but there is more to the story, & without making it an epic nor raising out of bare bone$ guerilla film making (which can look especially GREAT)... there is still more to the story to be told. and shot."

But you don't have any problem with a book that is coming out in 2009 about this tragedy, even though that author is much older and well established.

Peanut brain?

That would be you.

And BTW it was NOT my clients who had problems with me. It was the government.