21 August 2007

KingCast presents: Boilerplate affidavit language for RSA 91-A Motion for Declaratory Judgment for today's Freedom Riders.

Now we get the community coming together; this is what I envisioned from the start, despite a few setbacks. The bus rolls forward because no matter our differences we ARE the new freedom riders. They had their differences as well, but in their hearts they were all coming from the right place. Now it might get hot on the bus. There's no air conditioning and we are driving it through a hostile area. But together with everyone contributing we will get to the promised land of truthful and open government.

Affidavit and RSA 91-A request of [Blankety-Blank] under Seal of Court

Relative to Interactions with Bruce McKay and Franconia Police Chief Mark Montminy

I, the undersigned, being first duly sworn and under threat of perjury, hereby solemn aver:

1. The purpose of this affidavit is for use by Christopher King, J.D. in KingCast v. NH AG Kelly Ayotte et al. in an RSA 91-A Right-to-Know lawsuit and I support that.

2. I have maintained a residence in the Franconia area for.......

3. Your comments of what you personally observed go here.


Name Address


My Commission Expires:________________


Christopher King said...

As I said in the post that hosts the current (but about to be revised) Motion:

"Mother Ann would have it no other way. And Liko Kenney would have it no other way, and he died in part because the letter and spirit of RSA 91-A had been effectively killed years ago in Franconia, right about the time that Bruce McKay rode in on his high horse.

Liko, I've got your back, Man. I would have had you on the front 2 years ago but I was busy dancing with Kelly and her friends instead of playing tennis at Tamarack. I've spent a lot of lonely nights crying for you and endured the wrath of a lot of people since I started this project but it was all worth it. The people of Franconia -- and many from well beyond Franconia --and I are going to change public policy and we will make certain that you did not die in vain."

Anonymous said...

Winston Churchill would have been envious.

Christopher King said...

Now we come to the soft underbelly of Franconia.

Christopher King said...

Here's a response to a comment that just came in:

Hey dude, Good Thing I don't have a proven history of fighting for First Amendment and Right-to-Know issues, right here in New Hampshire.

I sue for the Constitution and some folks dig it.

If you don't get your own blawg and start moderating comments.




Oh, BTW the very first post in this blawg involved First Amendment/Right-to-Know/Patriot Act.

And Tennis.

Two years ago.

And there are many, many more coincidences involving people that prove to Lifer and other of those of us who understand that all of this is no coincidence.

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