12 August 2007

KingCast celebrates a 50th birthday and meets more of Liko's friends and finds a nasty editorial from dirtbag journalist Joe McQuaid.

Hey Joe I'm gonna shoot you down right now and give you a third eye like your hero Shooter Floyd over this editorial you wrote -- and subsequently pulled when I smoked your LE buddies -- entitled,

"Shaking down: Learning form the master,"

In which you -- with your WMUR major interest self -- racially and ideologically profile Jesse Jackson and me and imply that I am going to prison when all along everything I did in the Willie Toney case was protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, yah. I may not agree with everything Jesse Jackson says or does even though I worked for him 23 years ago.

However you lack the journalistic integrity to stand by what you wrote, because you pulled the editorial and that sucks. Your paper sucks, too. It just smacks of right-wing hegemony and is best used for kitty box liner. Maybe Bruce McKay could have used it in his apartment were he left those cats go hungry, as reported to a KingCast affiliate by one well-sorted attorney landlord who was afraid to complain about McKay for fear he would get his ass beat. You know who it is and he's a trustee at an area Law School.



You removed it from your site after I smoked all of your LE buddies, includng NH AG Kelly Ayotte, fired Jaffrey Chief Martin Dunn and resigned-under ethics investigation Cheshire County Prosecutor Bill Albrecht. See para. 2.

I've got the actual document in my hands, with a pistol grip on my MacBook, violent as hell as the "Dangerous Black Man" that former American Tower Corp VeePee Jody Mitchell called me. Watch American Lawyer II and III over at KingCast.net, fool.

And I've got some other tasty treats for you coming soon.

As a journalist you lack any sort of integrity because you were wrong about the persecution against me when I was Southern NH NAACP Legal Chair and you were wrong about Liko and Bruce McKay now. And as you had all the evidence that I have, I must conclude that you are a bought-and-sold shill for LE and a corporate dupe, just like your buddy Kelly.


Yesterday I met two young ladies and one of their fathers on the way down to a Bob Weir concert. I shared with them my Bob Weir/Rusted Root concert experience near Pittsburgh in 2001 after a day of Mountainbiking and they shared the fact that Liko taught Chelsea how to swim, and he's a great guy. Sadly, Chelsea also told me that NH AG Kelly Ayotte gave a sorry-assed commencement speech at her high school recently and that my efforts to raise Civil Rights issues meant much more to her.

And then there's M.M., a fiftyish well-established professional who has been following this blawg for years who explained how McKay used to beat them and other families right out of the campgrounds for no reason. He calls me "Sir-Links-alot" with a smile. And he knows links and points of reference, having been a multiple winner on a Big game show that tests knowledge of topical events.

"And I read those links, Chris. Sometimes all day."

On McKay:
"He was such a ridiculous hard-ass for no reason. 'Your light's too bright', or whatever he had a hair across his ass about, they gave him carte blanche up there."

"Wow," I said.

"And one time I saw him get 22 people kicked out for no reason, just a family there with young kids, no Harleys or nothing. I hate to say he should have been killed, but........"

Just the facts.


Christopher King said...

Oh, and when it comes down to the integrity of the media as vigorous proponents of the Fourth Estate, I'm hardly the first Negro from Cleveland to carp about this issue.

Some other dude, I think his name was Carl Stokes or something, I dunno, I mention him in this post about some old Cleveland mentors including Bill Gunlocke, Eric Broder, Roldo Bartimole and John Ettore.

I think he was like, Mayor or something -- said this:

"Let me quote the late Mayor Carl Stokes at a press conference...

“There is hardly a place in this community where two or more persons join that their disgust in the newspapers is not expressed. Rich people, poor people, black and white people. There is a serious erosion of confidence in the truthfulness, the integrity and the sincerity of the newspapers. Yet, what recourse do the people have as a source of news? None really.”

He was speaking, of course, of the Cleveland Press and Plain Dealer."

Christopher King said...


Goes right in the public policy section of the pending RSA 91-A Motion for Declaratory Judgment.

Namaste, and thanks, Carl.

Anonymous said...

I would like to say the Union Leader is the worst paper in the United States. It is an insult that the educated people of NH have to read that rag. My cat thanks the editor for the daily tp.

Christopher King said...

Yes it is unbelievably bad and if you run a word search for murder and briggs you will see that they have already determined that Stix Addison is guilty of murder.


He may BE guilty of murder but he isn't YET.


Anonymous said...

Famous story about the Union Leader: on the day MLK was shot, there had been a drug bust at Franconia College, the small liberal arts school that used to be in Franconia and that folded back in the 70s. The Union Leader ran the huge headline HIPPIE DRUG BUST CATCHES 279. Then down in the corner in tiny little letters: Black Activist Leader Shot.

Anonymous said...


That explains a lot of confusion about Fox Hill being a "supicious place". You see, Franconia College was based in a hotel that used to be known as Forest Hills, and the property in the area is still known as that today. Fox Hill, Forest Hill, seemingly simple mistake. It's an F-Hill of some kind. Seems as if its Forest Hills that is a "suspicious" place.

Christopher King said...

7:26 and 7:40

Wow. That speaks volumes, huh?

Fox Hill, Forrest Hill, whatever it don't make any difference.

No-Knock search warrant for 15 Beasom or 15 Beacon.... which is it.... no matter, just bust on in there and start cappin'......

Dig this background on the WMUR/Union Leader connection from Wiki:

"From Wiki:

Meanwhile, new competition emerged in Manchester with the return of Bernard J. "B.J." McQuaid, a former Manchester Union reporter under the tenure of Colonel Knox, from military service in Europe. McQuaid founded a rival paper, The New Hampshire Sunday News, with his brother, Elias. Loeb quickly wooed Bernard McQuaid over to the Union Leader, and bought the Sunday News outright in 1948. With no other statewide media (radio signals being blocked by mountains, and other papers only local to their towns), Loeb essentially gained a media monopoly in the state for himself. He later bought a controlling interest in the television station WMUR.[1]

William Loeb died in 1981 and left control of the Union Leader to his wife, Nackey. She suffered partial paralysis in a 1977 automobile accident, but continued to publish the paper until her death in 2000, when control fell to Bernard McQuaid's son, Joseph McQuaid. The Union Leader now operates several weekly community papers under the Neighborhood News, Inc. name in southern New Hampshire, the New Hampshire Mirror, a biweekly women's magazine, and the NewHampshire.Com website. "

Anonymous said...

aha! 'splains alot.

Christopher King said...

Amazing what you find out about media when you start peeling back the layers, kind of like an onion and the deeper you go the more it makes you cry.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know who owns the Coos County Democrat?

Anonymous said...

salmon press...they also own the courier and a number of other newspapers in the state.

Anonymous said...

So nine million Americans are gonna lose their homes so the federal government gives the lenders 62 billion federal tax dollars, and the nine millon Americans are still gonna lose their homes. The Federal Government makes the Browns look principaled. Who authorized the Feds to make a run on the treasury? Did Congress vote on the release of funds?

Anonymous said...

I may have confused the Federal reserve with the Federal Government.... Whats the diference? If the Federal reserve is a private organization, why is federal in the name? Is Ben Bernanke a gov't employee or not?

Anonymous said...


So true. This country has been purchased by the Federal Reserve and that is who owns the ass of 99% of all corporations.

Our country is run by a bunch of private bankers.

Anonymous said...

Man, you guys gotta get your 9th grade civic books out or get off this site.

Anonymous said...

enlighten us, what does the 9th grade text say? How many bailouts will be too many?

3:01 I'm glad your bailing out Bear Stearns, now did you vote for that by proxy?

Anonymous said...

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