06 August 2007

KingCast asks everyone to reflect on how they would feel if Bruce McKay did what he did to Liko and other youth... to them.

Honestly that is part of the crux of this case, and the reason why the State is trying to hide evidence. Here is what I just wrote in another post. No way was NH AG Kelly Ayotte correct to find in one business day that Liko committed murder. No. Way.
Now as far as shooting McKay you CANNOT imagine the fear Liko felt. I had a nasty cop single me out in traffic today HALF THE WAY to work today (10 minutes on the freeway he did) while everyone white he let slide and they were flashing past me. Focus on that brown brother in the Mercedes, huh. Or focus on those youth in their sporty cars like the VW GTi noted in this post, where the Littleton Courier said they've had a enough of the cover up as well.

I was terrified of that alone, now imagine how Liko felt, dammit, knowing McKay was an abuser who had already violated his Civil Rights and other folks Civil Rights at Fox Hill Park.

And let's not forget the front-loader that was there when it all went down, as McKay pushed Liko towards it. Honestly with McKay's profile it's not hard to imagine him planning all of this out, but even if he didn't just think about how Liko (or you) would have felt for Christ's sake.

Watch Caleb describe it right here.

Remember, I slammed some bad cops for about $60 large for that crap in the Ohio Michael Isreal Case when no one thought we would get a dime, and thought no way would his position be vindicated because the Po-Lease had arrested him and charged with with DUI, right.... even though I knew he didn't drink. Ever. He blew a .002 IIRC. We got him adjudicated to be a victim of crime at the hands of the police.

In Ohio you have the unfettered right to most of a cop's personnel file, as noted in para. 2 of this post so you can keep an eye on the folks with guns whose salary you pay with your hard-earned tax dollars.

As to how New Hampshire does it instead, watch how Franconia Attorney Dan Mullen won't even tell KingCast which section of RSA 91-A(5) he's invoking to deny production of McKay's personnel file. Also, run a word search for Judge "Peter Cyr."

Meanwhile, here is the definitive word about Bruce McKay.


Christopher King said...

Damn that's a wicked post if I do say so myself.

But I have to thank all of the dissidents for that 'cos see they help me express things without profanity and shit.

As if I didn't already do that in 99% of the Franconia posts.

Anyway, LOL because I know Liko and Mother Ann are totally digging this. When The Man throws you lemons, make lemonade.

But not Cool-Aid, 'cos that's what Kelly and her friends are drinkin'.

Namaste, Peace, Love, Aloha.

Anonymous said...

not AT ALL difficult to imagine the fear that liko felt upon meeting up with mckay again. ask caleb.

since mckay thoroughly enjoyed "contact" sports, liko finally reacted to mckay's threat and challenge.

i'll ram you and mace you....and what are you going to do about it? hell, i'm armed and dangerous - i've got my mother tahoe, a fine supply of mace, a gun and a stick ....i'm the abuser with the cruiser! whaddya' goin' to do about that, huh?

well, mckay pushed it too far, too often.

point is, liko would not have initiated, provoked and knowingly escalted mckay...liko already knew mckay was a mean-spirited, heartless bully, and would do all those things in reverse. oh yeaahh

can you just imagine?

Christopher King said...


And that's why Federal Judge Smith agrees that the personnel files need to come out as noted in the Motion Practice 601 #2 post.

In Ohio, my Constitutional nemesis and former Prosecutor Judge Smith agreed, so he's making up good with me too because as you read the Kallstrom case be aware that there is no privacy interest in a police officer's public performance:

"U.S. District Judge George C. Smith held that denying inspection of public records hindered the First Amendment interests of the media because it prevented them from acting as watchdogs over government activity.

"The full disclosure of these personnel files is necessary to enable the press to do its job," Smith wrote."