31 August 2007

KingCast presents: RSA 91-A Right-to-Know Motion for Liko Attachments 10 and 11.

Coming along with the CD burning and the labelling and the -- gasp -- printing and collating. This is one Massive complaint, one of those Federal Court complex litigation deals you need a crane to hoist it off the table. Anyway, here are Attachments 10 a, b, c and d, as well as 11. As you view Attachment 10c, be aware that is the distance on the second push from McKay and not the entire distance he rammed Liko and Caleb. Read the comments to see what one local bloke said to me about McKay on my first (non-ski) trip up there.

BTW Liko did ask for a lawyer in 2003 but I don't know if he ever got one. This brief is taking a bit longer than I had hoped but only by a few days. But as noted in the second paragraph of this Union Leader news story, Lady Justice takes her own sweet time.

KingCast says ABC News 20/20's Juju Chang spotted in Franconia at Agway supply store.

Oh, yeah. I can come back to Nashua and still stay current on the haps in Franconia, which include Ms. Chang's appearance where Liko used to work. Here she is with former Clevelander Al Roker at the ballet with some unidentified reveler over her shoulder. They don't have ballet in Franconia Juju, but they've got some of the nicest tennis courts the World has ever seen, made by Netco.

Anyway, I told you two days ago about 20/20 being there and have previously hinted at 20/20 coming the first time Andrew Paparella contacted me. This is what I wrote, in pertinent part, to that post.
It will be interesting to see how they cover this case. They can't go where I go and they can't know what I know so they can't get the Real. And locals are very leery of media because of their historic misrepresentations about the area. Folks may be a bit country up in here but they sure ain't stupid. One thing they could have a good time with for a local flair piece, however, is looking into the Littleton Gunstore robberies a few years back and all persons related or indirectly related thereto.

I can't wait for my film maker to let loose with our movie trailer, "Franconia 5/11: Injustice on Stilts," coming any day now.

KingCast warns NH AAG Strelzin about his trash-talk in the Maura Murray case and the Franconia shooting tragedy.

Ok first I will note that this is the same public servant who tried to tell me not to video and audio record him in a public area consonant with press coverage. We should have gone ahead and done it anyway but in our naivte we were actually trying to be polite and work with him; ask him to come out to Franconia for a fact-finding tour. Yeah, right. As if Kelly and Jeffery actually care about facts. That's a Good One.

Didja' know Strelzin and Ayotte actually trash-tawked my veracity in emails to Attorney X and to Helena Murray about Maura Murray? Wow. And this after he ignored an apparently bloody knife that was presented by Mr. Murray as a possible murder weapon that was given to him by a concerned citizen who thought his brother was involved in his daughter's dissappearance. You know Liko and one of his friends helped Fred Murray look for her one day on a chance encounter. Yepper. It's okay I've since set her straight, but shame on him. The nerve of this guy after the blatant contradictions and lies set forth in the fairy-tale, apparently unsigned official report as noted in Motion 3.0.

I think I've been wrong about the following:

1. Caleb may not have been maced a second time but he was not taken to the hospital and was in police custody for many hours; his GSR test was 9:29 and I think he signs off at 11:35pm., some 6 hours after the tragedy.

2. I was wrong about the "19-point" turn McKay did out on 116, but then so too was the Union Leader. I believe in the end it was a "10-point turn" that McKay did before he brought that 5,500lb Tahoe down across Liko Kenney's little Toyota in the manner of a crazed maniac in need of the psychological counseling. Such counseling was recommended years ago by "TERRORIZED" knife victim "Ms. B," which kind of goes right on into negligent retention and supervision -- not to mention the negligent hire issues that are out there as well. And believe me, they are out there.

3. I may have been wrong about where Floyd continued to discharge bullets (my source said Caleb indicated he thought it was around his body) but even if that is not the case we DO know that the Official Report says at pp. 26-27 that there were two bullets in different McKenzie buildings in totally different directions (i.e. across the damn street from each other) and that these bullets were shot by Gregory Floyd.

So it's of no major moment if Caleb isn't exactly sure where Floyd was getting his rocks off, only that Floyd was getting his rocks off. That's the point.

Well, that plus the fact that State Rep. Martha McLeod believes Floyd is a hero who should be coddled and receive advance notice of the report, while the Kenney family wasn't even told where Liko's body was in a timely fashion.

And remember, McLeod requested the evidentiary materials so she has actual notice of some of the other things Floyd was involved in including criminal menacing and she likely knows what else he did that is going under seal.

That makes her a monster.

Mark Sisti is going to hit many of these clowns right upside the noggin' for their malfeasance and cover-up and I will raise a fist in solidarity with that brother even though we're not working together we are fighting a similar fight.

I think I'll land the first punch with the Right-to-Know lawsuit this coming week though, as he raises a fist in solidarity with me. So I'm burning evidence discs today and tending to the tedious process of copying and laying out exhibits, etc. etc.

Comments should open again by Tuesday along with the short film "Franconia 5/11: Injustice on Stilts."


30 August 2007

KingCast says you hear the most interesting things down at the Franconia Village Store about Bruce McKay and his would-be termination.

A lil' birdy (and not the woman in this picture, BTW) told me that many years ago, when McKay had been in Franconia for a year or two under Chief Montminy, that the former Chief was overheard at the store discussing with several people about how it may be possible to get rid of McKay and that the town SHOULD have dumped him way back in the day.

But as usual, the system failed him just as surely as it failed Liko, and now both of them have left our physical midst.

From The Motion: In Union Leader v. City of Nashua the Court held: “To advance the purposes of the Right-to-Know Law, we construe provisions favoring disclosure broadly and exemptions narrowly. See, e.g., Fenniman, 136 N.H. at 626, 620 A.2d at 1040; Herron v. Northwood, 111 N.H. 324, 326, 282 A.2d 661, 663 (1971). The balancing test in this case between the public’s Right-to-Know and the nature of the requested document or material and its relationship to the basic purpose of the Right-to-Know Law:
In this case the purpose of the Right-to-Know law is to determine whether a man paid with taxpayer monies who carriers a gun and who wears a badge was a dangerous instrumentality, and if so, whether the town of Franconia knew about it and what steps they took or failed to take to address it.


29 August 2007

KingCast RSA 91-A email request shows NH AG Ayotte clueless as to why Gregory Floyd's criminal menacing charges disappeared.

Tuesday June 19 email from Joanne Robbins to Jeffery Strelzin:

"I called the Grafton County Attorney's office this afternoon about the 98 Floyd Nol Pros charges. Ruth will get back to me about that."

Here is the RSA 91-A request for documents on that. For you newbies, this is what Floyd said in part:
"If that pussy comes back or if I see him again I'll kill him..... I know you wear vests so I would have put it right between your eyes. I was sitting right on my ruger..... (then to his son) look at the fucking pigs, aren't they big men?"

Now that sounds like a man who really needs protection from the likes of State Rep. Martha McLeod, so she gave it to him.

Oh yeah: He sent his 8 or 10 year old son in after a loaded gun.

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KingCast interview in Texas on TX 35038: American Tower violated trespass and Texas Property Code 91.005 on Consent to sublease.

This is the site in question. Even though I won the second Employee of the Week award I'm not ashamed to say that American Tower is still doing its dirt in this post as I sent in from Franconia this weekend. Dee Schauer called me tonight to explain that ATC settled a first trespass on her property when they were digging holes but then returned with another guy and a lawyer named Stephen Wren doing local work for Baker Hostetler, who BTW has an ugly website. This second guy refused to give his name and she eventually filed a criminal complaint after a rookie cop initially took his word over the property owner.

Nobody EVER accused any telecommunications company for whom I worked for trespass, much less settled, but then again a company that would renege on a promise with Teresian monks will do anything for profit.

American Tower Corporation again violated Texas Law 91.005 (that's an American Bar Association comment from those of you who accuse me of being unethical) because their lease did not include the consent requirement that I have warned about on prior occasion. They put up Sprint, AT&T and others without a single notice or consent letter. Attorney Crnilovic-Phillips and I told them it was unethical behavior when we worked there and I will file an ethics complaint on them sooner than they can say WTF??

The complaining party asked me about my association with these Corporate, back-dating thugs and I said:
"They don't want to mess with me. We'll make another movie out of them and it's going to be bad news for them."

That means much worse than American Lawyer Two and Three because this time it's not about me. It's about a person who never even knew me, but who does know corporate abuse from 1,800 miles away.

To compound (that's industry talk, a play on words) matters ATC lied and said that there were emergencies that prompted the second trespass. Unbelievable but true; read the comments for the email chain. And Attorney Wren tried to keep her from having any guns on her property (this is Texas, mind you). He said "I'll tread on your Constitutional Rights anytime I want to."

She has witnesses ready to write an affidavit on that.

Dear ATC: I recommend you settle with Dee on the new complaint at a reasonable sum or I will do my level best to make your life the living hell that you made mine after I correctly requested overtime pay for my trainees.

Related post: Look what their scumbag area attorney and former Mass Bar Association President Richard C. Van Nostrand tried to do to keep their name off of this blawg. After the Blogger attorneys reviewed his lies on behalf of his client, I spanked him good and the content was restored.

KingCast and Liko Kenney both admire Civil Rights, Freedom and the old BMW.

Interesting, n'est-ce pas? Same car, the E28-body BMW 5 series. The bumper of Liko's reads: "Legalize Freedom," whereas mine similarly read "CIVL RTS."

Two concepts rapidly disappearing from the American Landscape, particularly in Franconia where folks have to deal with a bought-and-sold politician like State Rep. Martha McLeod, in bed with law enforcement and Shooter Floyd from the get-go.

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KingCast RSA 91-A Right-to-Know email request finds AGs Ayotte, Strelzin and State Rep McLeod, the McKay family and Shooter Floyd all in bed together.

It's not snakes on a plane, folks. It's snakes in a bed: Tough getting a response out of State Rep. Martha McLeod if you question the offical State Party Line on the Franconia shooting tragedy? She ignored my 10 July 2007 letter and also accused me of some sort of nebulous impropriety. After today's visit with Kelly's office I see why: She's in bed with law enforcement all the way, irrespective of anything else; she's been rappin' with Kelly all along!

Related document: This RSA 91-A request for Shooter Floyd's dismissed criminal threats charges.
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KingCast review of NH AG Kelly Ayotte emails shows pro-cop bias and an odd comment from Union Leader's Kathy Marchocki in Franconia shooting tragedy.

This comment was sent in May from someone very well established in the community whose name I will not mention at this time but it is not Jeffery Jesseman. No Sir, it is someone else, and in a position of substantial authority.
The AG's office has continued to act in a manner that is just plain UNBELIEVABLE in its INCOMPETENCE and I think puts this local community at risk. It becomes increasingly clear that the man who was so quickly cleared in shooting [Liko] is not only a SOCIOPATH, but a LIAR as well.

The contradictions in his audio statement are so blatant, that if he had not been declared a hero at that time, and the investigators had truly done their jobs at the scene, he would have been arrrested immediately.

See the comments for some more gems but as you do, note that in a 24 June email Kelly says it's a "good idea" to distribute the official report early to Shooter Floyd as it would be "prudent for his safety."

Prudent for HIS safety? In addition to what you already know I wish I could tell you the full but that will go in Court under Seal.

In another one Kelly says in her factually questionable response to an email from Attorney X on 15 May "You can tell I was miffed," but Jeffery Strelzin told her "Great reply Kelly."

They will both eat those words in Court and in the public eye.

Last but not least in this one we see the Union Leader hop in the game for reasons not apparently clear:
Kathy Marchocki from the UL called and told me that Mark Sisti told here that he is doing his own investigation on behalf of the Kenney family and has everything we have and more.....

To which Strelzin writes "Thanks -- "I'm sure we will be hearing more of this kind of stuff."

To which KingCast says "Thanks -- You are absolutely correct for a change. Here's your lawsuit and have a nice day."

KingCast presents: RSA 91-A Declaratory Judgment Motion 3.0 for Liko Kenney in Franconia shooting tragedy.

Here it is. After some fine tuning it will go out Friday or Monday. Quote:

"Turning to State v. Theodosopoulos [citation], we find New Hampshire Courts moving toward greater, rather than less, disclosure. While the issue is not directly on point some of the movement in this case may inform the Court’s judgment. In Theodosopoulos the Court was addressing the availability of a police officer’s file in a case where the officer is a material witness. The Defendant in that case had been involved in an automobile collision with an officer and sought “all information, documentation or disciplinary memoranda which would serve as exculpatory evidence either where the information relates to (Officer) Defina’s credibility or his use of police vehicles.”

The Attorney General’s office lost a Supreme Court challenge over a Hooksett Court ruling that compelled production of a police officer’s personnel file. The Supreme Court held that the lower Court did not err in providing substantial portions of the file instead of using an in-camera inspection because the Defendant is entitled to ALL exculpatory evidence, and that’s what was requested.

In this case, Plaintiff is analogously moving for exculpatory evidence for Liko Kenney, who repeatedly voiced his concerns that he was scared of Bruce McKay as were many other people in the community. The public has a Right-to-Know anything and everything that is in McKay’s file that in any way implicates lack of fitness. In essence, the exculpatory file in this case goes beyond the set of things that concern operation of a motor vehicle and actually extends to the set of things that govern the operation of his badge.

KingCast raps with major media at Tamarack Tennis Camp.

Interestingly, a major media producer with whom I have had telephone and email contact appeared yesterday with their cameras trained on Tamarack as Oliver and I were on the way back from the beach. They want to talk to Caleb, but I'd be willing to wager that any attempt to do so may be met with a copy of the Franconia Collective Press Release.

It will be interesting to see how they cover this case. They can't go where I go and they can't know what I know so they can't get the Real. And locals are very leery of media because of their historic misrepresentations about the area. Folks may be a bit country up in here but they sure ain't stupid. One thing they could have a good time with for a local flair piece, however, is looking into the Littleton Gunstore robberies a few years back and all persons related or indirectly related thereto.

I also offered to hook them up with Jeffery Jesseman if they wanted to talk with someone local who is respected in the community and actively seeking to make a change. I am very concerned that the full story be told here, because I know for FACT that certain key issues were presented to the Men's Journal that never made it to print. See the KingCast review of the Men's Journal piece. The Journal also neglected to mention that the old police chief publicly discussed getting rid of McKay openly and in front of other people early on in McKay's Franconia "career." If they didn't know that, it is unfortunate. If they did know that and failed to publish it, that's a criminal offense in the World of Journalism. I know that, so I share it.

I'm off to Nashua now, with many beautiful memories of a nice 4-day working vacation.

28 August 2007

KingCast presents: American Tower Corp still dirty in Dallas.

I told you how American Tower Corp made me complicitous in violating landowner rights in Texas over statute 91.005. Well they're still at it: Dee has left a new comment on your post "American Tower Corporation's HR VP Aileen Torrance...":

I'd like to know what I can do to help. I'm a small landowner being prosecuted and persecuted by ATC in a small county in Texas for locking the gate TEN MONTHS after they breached the lease by trespass. They used a lawyer who used to be law partner with judge and who has a current partner I had already discussed this case with months ago - clear and reportable breach of ethics. I want to know ALL who have had problems with ATC and I'd like to see a coalition. Anyone welcome to email me spinner1@flash.net.

Read the comments for more, and I will be putting this individual in touch with counsel for the Teresian Monks who have sued American Tower for breach of contract as well. Meanwhile, here's a bit more about American Tower's sneaky options schemes that have them facing derivative shareholder actions.

27 August 2007

KingCast RSA 91-A resume request broadens to include that of Bruce McKay, along with his psychological profile information.

Dear Attorneys Ayotte, Strelzin and Mullen:

I would like to address some rather nasty rumors about your American Hero Bruce McKay so that you may readily dispel it and maintain the image of integrity about him that has reportedly led to a road being named in his honor. I have not had time to substantiate that claim, but perhaps you can help me out there as well:

Please provide a copy of any and all documents you have reviewed that reference any arrest of Bruce McKay since he graduated from his officer's training course, specifically noting but not limited to, say.... Connecticut.

Please provide a copy of the results of any and all psychological testing or evaluations of Bruce McKay.

Please provide a copy of Bruce McKay's application for employment with any and all resumes or attachments as provided to the Town of Franconia at the initial point of contact and any attachments circulated since that time.

Please provide a copy of any documents that reflect any road or other public area or land being dedicated to, or in the memory of, Bruce McKay, along with any estimated cost of such project.

Thank you for your prompt response to these concerns.

KingCast presents Cat & Mouse #3: What REALLY happened with McKay and Bode and why he fought the ticket.

The major media has informed us that Bode fought his 83 in a 40 I think it was speeding ticket to antagonize McKay. Which does a disservice to Bode and underreports the evil of McKay, who came to the house in the first instance to give Bode a ticket in another car. Bode told him hell no, you can't just give me a ticket because somebody told you I was speeding. This commences McKay's hatred of all things Kenney/Miller, which you can hear when he looks at Liko's license and which continued as Liko read him the Fourth Amendment riot act from the back seat of the car.

So then McKay causes all of the Tamarack Tennis vans to be searched because there was a report of a stolen van somewhere in the tri-state area. Of course none of the vans were stolen so there was another waste of time and taxpayer money.

So then McKay pulls Bode over again one day and he stopped, ironically very near the spot that Liko first stopped at Coppermine road, near the Robert Frost house. He balled the ticket up and threw it at Bode and tried to get him for evading arrest and all matter of nonsense, and gave Bode the maximum fine and then the case settled after McKay dropped the evading charges.

On a related note, in Bode's book 'Go fast be good have fun' he describes two journalists he can't stand: Those who crack on Franconia without ever coming here, and those who come here and still don't get it right. I am proud to say that no one out here has accused me of not getting it right. Now back to the lawsuit.

Just the facts.

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KingCast watches and Franconia selectmen ignore Jeffery Jesseman and violate RSA 91-A Right-to-Know in Franconia shooting tragedy.

Remember in the bookends post how I shared with you the KingCast letter to Governor Lynch from 2 months ago and Mr. Jesseman's letter to the Franconia Selectmen 2 weeks ago?

What do these letters have in common?

1. They are both professionally-written and ask for government response.
2. They have both been ignored.

Read Mr. Jesseman's new letter in the comments section, with an excellent use of Edgar Allen Poe's Tell-Tale heart. Writes Jesseman:
The soul of Franconia has been killed. It was taken and quickly buried by Attorney General Kelly Ayotte in her rush to judgment while ignoring our concerns.
Just as surely as KingCast wrote the NH Legislators on Friday:
On a related note, lifelong Franconia resident Jeffery Jesseman (a/k/a Lifer on my blawg) wrote this compelling letter published in the Littleton Courier and his first letter to the editor seeking emotional help for the area was right on point as well... [but also ignored by NH Government, with Governor Lynch and the AG's office ignoring our requests to come out to Franconia to conduct some real fact-finding to make the area better].

All of this intransigence will be noted in the lawsuit Friday.

KingCast watches as Alberto Gonzales resigns, and asks if NH AG Kelly Ayotte will be next for her lies and cover up in the Franconia shooting tragedy.

Okay, we know that NH AGs have a hard time keeping office lately, with Jaffery Chief Dunn's buddy Peter Heed taking a header for copping a feel during a sexual harrassment seminar. But that's really nothing compared to the orchestrated and intentional cover up of the relevant background and current facts regarding the tragedy of Franconia 5/11.

I've got to get back to my RSA 91-A Motion for Declaratory Jugdment after a long weekend of learning here in Franconia, but the reason I've never posted about Attorney Gonzalez and his lies and deception is because I wanted to wait to see him finish his fall from grace (CNN video) before I compared it to Kelly's which may well happen yet. Here is Attorney Alia Malek's warning about Attorney Gonzales, written 14 Jan 2005.

Now review my warning about Attorney Ayotte as you take a look at Friday's open letter from KingCast to the NH Senators and the Judiciary Committee House Reps and see that there is plenty of disgrace for Kelly too. I sent it to U.S. Senator Pat Leahy as noted in this post because I know that he subpoenaed the Gonzales emails in the unlawful firings of the 8 U.S. AAGs because he means business. As a former State AAG I am appalled at Gonzales.

Anyway, back to NH, we cannot forget the general lack of respect that Attorney Ayotte has shown the Franconia/Bethlehem area going on back to the asbestos Casella waste debacle.

I'll tell you what Kelly: If your position were elected and if it were up to the people out near Franconia you could start packing your bags yesterday.

24 August 2007

KingCast compares Liko Kenney's tyre tracks with those of Bruce McKay in the Franconia shooting tragedy.

Okay. The Official (but apparently unsigned) report reads:

19:12:47 Kenney’s car pulls out and leaves, with tires leaving marks in the dirt in the process.

KingCast says: Ohhh.... Weeeee..... "marks in the dirt," huh?

Them ain't no "marks in the dirt." I'll show you some McKay/Ayotte/Floyd MARKS IN THE DIRT BABY:

"I said I am not writing to retaliate and said this should serve as an instrument to warn Franconia of a dangerous situation."

KingCast open letter to U.S. Senator Pat Leahy and NH Legislatives on RSA 91-A:4 and email production stemming from the Franconia shooting tragedy.

At KingCast, we change laws and report about it. Yesterday I received notice that NH AG Kelly Ayotte had finally agreed to provide a copy of any and all emails bearing the names Liko Kenney or Bruce McKay. This is a tremendous development in the area of somewhat uncharted waters as noted in this post, which is a clearinghouse for relevant law on this issue.

Here then, is the open letter to New Hampshire Senators and State Representatives and Senator Leahy from Vermont, who is a fan of open government.

The draft lawsuit is here.

And the proposed stipulation between KingCast and NH AG Kelly Ayotte is here and it reads simply:
All emails and instant messages held by a public body are open and available for inspection in the absence of a current criminal investigation.

Simple, right? We shall see.

PS: In her salty (and factually incorrect) email to Attorney X, a well-respected former AAG, Attorney Ayotte told him if he didn't like her decision to "Feel free to contact your Senator." Then he forwarded that email to me. Now we are doing EXACTLY what Kelly told us to do, to each and every Senator I can find.

23 August 2007

NH AG Kelly Ayotte and KingCast to sign joint stipulation on new RSA 91-A email production law in Franconia shooting tragedy.

Parody for now, but why not?

She agreed to provide all emails to and from her office bearing the names of Liko Kenney and Bruce McKay. Well it would seem to me that if the AG's have a closed investigation and coughed up the emails, then Kelly should want to agree with me before trial that basically all emails to and from public agencies are a matter of public record unless there is some sort of actual pending criminal investigation. Then she could just sign it into Law later, saving NH taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars in legislative fees and all of that. Because right now the law is potentially unclear. Here is a repository of email Right-to-Know law in NH.

Tomorrow I send her a draft Joint Stip with a request for immediate comment and you will see what happens as it occurs. All public record, you know.

Yes as a kid I was one massive PITA. Apparently it was appropriate training for addressing the government.

KingCast RSA 91-A request to NH AG's Ayotte and Strelzin: I want your resumes on my desk by Monday for your lame news release and public statements.

Kelly wrote in her 12 May News Release: "Examiner is expected to conduct autopsies on the bodies of Cpl. McKay and Kenney [Kelly does Liko have a first name other than "dirtbag" according to Sgt. Wentworth see pdf p. 353/para. 4 here] later on today." As a former AAG myself, I asked right away, "who in the hell draws a conclusion before the autopsies are completed?" No self-respecting attorney would do such a thing.

But Kelly Ayotte did. But regard the confusion on her face, as well as Strelzin's. Blow up that picture and look closely to see that they are lost pups, 100%.

And not only do I want their resumes, I want every document, audio or video recording they have that memorializes each and every public statement either of them have made regarding the tragic events of Franconia 5/11. For a bunch of professionals they sure look mighty ragged in this picture, just a ball of confusion. And lies.

People ask me are you scared Chris. Well in a word, yeah. But like Liko, I'm not going out with my hands on my head. My hands are on the trigger of my gun however, and my gun is one Big Bad Black Macbook. Lock'n'load.

KingCast presents: A happy hour break with Oliver, in the Franconia shooting tragedy.

My film maker and I really dig this still of Ollie in Governor Lynch's office facing the Old Man and interposed with various former Heads of State. He's busy cutting and editing and all that stuff he does, and after about 8 straight hours in this chair I'm meeting Ollie for a cold one, talk about the documents the AG's office finally coughed up, and maybe have a sushi boat, on him. Liko's friends and I are good like that, despite some baseless ruminations from misguided individuals.

I know a lot of goverment people want this case to disappear but we're not having any of that. Eventually we will construct a website like the one I've seen for Progressions Lounge, but instead of retro graphics and funk music it will be more Jerry and Reggae, with archived documents. Best jam on the Progressions jukebox: Reggae track Baby Cham's "Ghetto Story." So tight, so tight. Stay Irie.


KingCast victories: Under threat of lawsuit, NH AG Kelly Ayotte releases more RSA 91-A4 materials in Franconia shooting tragedy.

Okay. They have now agreed to provide copies of all emails bearing the names Liko Kenney and Bruce McKay on them. That does not mean that I am going to withdraw that as part of RSA 91-A Right-to-Know Motion for Declaratory Judgment because I want the law settled and their response presented a level of ambiguity with which I am not comfortable, i.e. "to determine whether your request will be granted" as opposed to "sure, hold on a few days, Mr. King." (Thank you Sidney we're coming, and we'll be having information for dinner tonight). Look how unsettled the law in New Hampshire is on that matter in this post with the practice pointers.

Okay. They have finally agreed to share the full correspondence file between their office and former AAG Attorney X. There was a tortured history in that process however that I will link later here it is and that threat of imminent lawsuit clearly had some juice to it. I have not decided whether I will remove that issue from the Motion. Note that they claim to have provided the full correspondence file with John P, however they.... did not, as linked here.

Okay. They have agreed to produce the correspondence between their office and any and all PAST elected officials regarding the events of 5/11 but I clearly asked for "and and all past or presently-elected officials," so that is still ripe for adjudication unless that was a typographical error. I will inquire on that, and the response will likely dictate the KingCast course of action on that matter.

Lastly, I should note that they did in fact issue a response on the question of the ongoing investigation, and it admits that they received a whole lot of documents AFTER I requested the video and therefore AFTER they made their determination clearing Shooter Floyd in one business day. This is a double-edged sword for them though because now that begs the question of why they didn't reopen the investigation, particularly in light of what's coming down the pike as noted in this morning's post with a new RSA 91-A request Under Seal.

I will scan their responsive letter dated 21 August 2007 later today but note that they did not provide me the option of coming in to review the documents, instead noting that the cost would be $105.50 for the 422 pages. But I'm not going to want all of those pages because probably a quarter of them are mine anyway. And they have to provide me that option as they did with John P, because that's the law:
Each public body or agency shall, upon request for any public record reasonably described, make available for inspection and copying any such public record within its files when such records are immediately available for such release....

All in all, a Good Day for the KingCaster, but more importantly a Good Day for Liko Kenney and JUSTICE.

Except of course that Kelly's answer totally violated her own Rule of Law by not providing me that option. I'll be seeking a Declaratory Judgment on that as well. My parents might have raised a rebel but they ain't raised no dummies. Kelly is fighting my family, my ancestry and everything in which I believe. That's a battle I'll never let her win.

Related post: The last threat of an ethics complaint coughed up 3 new witness statements, one of which is no bueno for the State because Sam Stephenson describes fantasy-man Floyd telling him how he did three (3) tourse of Vietnam. All of this coughing up stuff, maybe they're eating too much pork.

KingCast says on Bobby Cutts and Bruce McKay, sometimes cops do bad things with knives, and it sours relationships & destroys trust in the community.

If the murder allegations against Bobby Cutts are true from near my hometown, it will really be a shame. But the fact of the matter is, police like Bruce McKay use chemical weapons like pepper spray and knives and Chevy Tahoes with reckless abandon and still get a hero's funeral by NH AG Kelly Ayotte in New Hampshire.

That's why you have to address these situations before they escalate, as Ms. B says, in the preceding link:

"I recommended he be sent to a certified psychologist for cognitive testing for communication and control issues... this could cause serious problems for officer McKay or Franconia."

"I said I am not writing to retaliate and said this should serve as an instrument to warn Franconia of a dangerous situation."

I said that consideration of assessment information as well as citizen reports should determine his ability to perform the duties of a law enforcement officer."

KingCast presents: A massive RSA 91-A request & Courtesy copy of Motion for Declaratory Judgment.

Dear Attorneys Ayotte, Fitch, Strelzin and Mullen:

Behold the most sensitive and troubling of requests for information from your clients. You all are letting a dangerous instrumentality run amok out there just as your clients allowed a dangerous instrumentality named Bruce McKay run around out there after a respected member of the community and a criminal Justice degree-holding person recommended psychological help and counseling and citizen review for him.

And look what you have before you now.

A word copy is attached hereto and will be faxed to Attorney Mullen as he has requested.

I will anticipate a prompt and earnest reply.

Meanwhile, I have provided a link to the forthcoming RSA 91-A lawsuit in its second draft so that everyone will be up to speed so that we can agree to have the Court place this on a rocket docket:


22 August 2007

KingCast presents: Priceless. Well, not really....

$175.00 -- Motion, 3 Def. (Draft #2)
18.00 -- Service to AG
68.25 -- Service to Franconia
50.00 -- Copy costs estimated 7 copies x 70pp
35.00 -- El cheapo but respectable-enough binding if required
25.00 -- Postage returns from court and postage to Sheriff for service
????? -- I'm sure I'm leaving something out. You always do.

Structuring conference typically held 2-3 mos. after filing next week but I will request expedited docket on basis of compelling governmental interest and the fact that information will indicate that Gregory Floyd is still a potentially very dangerous man.

Oral argument to be scheduled at Structuring conference; again I will request expedited hearing; we all know the issues and have known them for some time.

And as we know through other KingCast projects, fixed cameras are allowed in court and I will of course let you know if any of the Defendants requests an extension of time. The shouldn't, because I've kept them abreast of what's coming down the pike from Day One.

KingCast deals with a misguided individual in the Franconia shooting tragedy.

Those of us who are trying to do something constructive here are really tiring of certain people who have shown up telling lies in my blawg comments section, so that is why we agreed to go to closed comments until the RSA 91-A Right-to-Know lawsuit (Draft #2) is finished and filed, and our first short film cut, all of which will happen before the end of next week.

Take a look in the comments section to read some of that point-blank lies that this person, or persons have theatened to distribute in the White Mountains, where I have skied ever since I moved here, BTW.

And as noted, when it comes to Right-to-Know and First Amendment issues, I have indeed changed public policy this year in New Hampshire. My reputation is fine, and the time has come to try it again.

Here is Draft Motion 2.0

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KingCast forgot to mention American Tower CEO Jim Taiclet exercised some more (i.e. 40,000) options.

Someone mentioned Taiclet's 10b5-1 deal to me the other day because ATC is still on the hot seat for backdating options and all matter of questionable activities. Their executives have already paid back millions for that, and lead counsel for a shareholders' derivative action and I have spoken about ATC's questionable practices, many of which are documented in a CNN Money piece right here.

They are a dirty company you bet, and the things we discuss in American Lawyer II and III are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. I know a bit about the company, having trained leasing personnel and having won an employee of the week award and stuff. In Boston, my office was on the curved portion of 116 Huntingon building in the picture you see, 10th floor. Cozy, clean and chic, but filthy at the same time.

KingCast welcomes John Ettore and the Cleveland Posse to the Franconia shooting tragedy.

Remember how I told you about my reputation in the Nashua Community?

Remember how I told you about my media background in Cleveland with Bill Gunlocke -- whose family makes the U.S. Supreme Court chairs -- Roldo Bartimole, John Ettore and one of the best truly alternative newspapers in the Country, Cleveland Edition?

Well John and company are in the fold and we're packing much heat.



Very glad to learn about your new blog via your comment on mine. Congratulations. I'll be reading closely.
By John Ettorre, at 4:34 PM

And John sure isn't the only media outside of New Hampshire following this, but then nobody needs to be privy to my email in box except me, until the dookie hits the propeller.

Others new to the fold understand as well, as noted in the comments section.

KingCast to document the full range of Gregory W. Floyd's background in RSA 91-A Right-to-Know Motion for Declaratory Judgment.

NH AG Kelly Ayotte is a sitting duck for the Under Seal Affidavit involving Gregory W. Floyd and his dangerous, threatening propensities. It kills me to no end that I cannot tell you what it is, but I must abide by the terms of the agreement I have promised with the Declarant or else others will fear coming forward. For background read this post and that post.

Dear Attorney Ayotte: You can avoid being a sitting duck by admitting what you know about Mr. Floyd now as opposed to later when the Court hears about it. And you KNOW it is "OH-MY-GOD" material. It still won't look good for you, but just imagine how it is going to look later. And my lawsuit will be ready next week, along with the short film trailer.

Best regards,

Christopher King, J.D.

Dear Mr. King: I am new to your site and want to push for Justice in the Franconia shooting tragedy. What is your reputation in your community?

Actually it's not too bad, if we count the opinion of the Mayor as well as Christine Hagen, the former HR Director of Nashua Schools. Let me see if there is anyone else of note....... well, of course we already know what the Nashua Telegraph had to say.


An email from the Mayor:

Keep up the good work Chris!


And yes he has said that on more than one occasion.

21 August 2007

KingCast RSA 91-A Motion for Declaratory Judgment update explains why I believe Floyd murdered Liko Kenney.

The edit of the day continues at subsection c and into in the comments section, but for now you better recognize that we are privy to information about Gregory Floyd that has not been disclosed by the State that paints him as a cold-blooded murderer, and it is something he directly did and said. More I definitely cannot say, but it will at a minimum be filed Under Seal.

c) It gets worse, however. Here is p. 42 of the Official Report:

"Floyd was unarmed at the time he witnessed Liko Kenney shoot Cpl. McKay and then strike Cpl. McKay with his vehicle."

No he wasn't.

What Defendant Ayotte said is entirely inconsistent with the contents of her own investigative files. Plaintiff explains, using Caleb at p. 682-687 and Gregory W. Floyd's own son at 91-A pdf page 745 as quoted on p. ___ of this Motion.......

KingCast says ha-ha to Ohio Gov. hopeful Ken Blackwell and his son who can't pass the bar exam; cheats on it and gets caught with reefer. Niiice.....

Hey I got suspended but Ken's kid can't even pass and he's in Big Trouble Now. I passed mine first time, never a hesitation. No writing in the books after the bell, none of that. Drug arrests, unpaid tuition that daddy bailed him out of, Hells Angels busted on him, whatever. Funny the Hells Angels actually used to PROTECT my black arse when I was a kid because I was friends with Don Shury, Jr. (RIP) and we rode dirt bikes and stuff together. But remember, I told you he was scum in 1989, Lara Johnson and I told you in a Workforce Reduction brief that Ken and Diebold were scum back in '91/92. Then I consulted with Susan, the website designer for Blacks Against Blackwell late last year. Mission accomplished, George. Your boy lost Big.

It's All Good. They'll make their money and do their thing, whatever. Still derelicts and liars. I was writing stories about Ken Blackwell being a jerk when his son, now 33, could barely pee straight. Read the comments for the story quote:

KingCast asks: Remember my question about Bruce McKay molesting suspects?

Oh, yeah.....
Been waiting to pull this one back out after almost two months on the virtual shelf. Notice how in the comments section I just let it ride after one comment?

That's because I was always waiting for the knife-near-labia story to come to light. Heard about it, heard about others, and now here it is.

And to those of you who have concerns about sensationalism I will say this: My persona has never been anything less than dynamic, love it, hate it or in between. However, my promises on your exposure will be maintained and I ask that you please think about the ways that major media sensationalizes everything you read and hear. They do it so well you don't even know it, but I have family who has worked NYC Madison Avenue marketing/advertising and studied a lot about media in my own life so I know exactly how they do it. If I try too hard to make up for that IN MY OWN PERSONAL BLAWG SPACE that will soon be augmented by another more restrained space, I apologize to those who legitimately care but don't understand.

KingCast does the reggae on Franconia shooting tragedy. Again.

Hmmmpfh.... Let's think about this, you can search "reggae" on the blawg for more detail if you like but I don't have to put links up to prove my connection with reggae to the haters. Those who are interested will take the tour.

See, Franconia Corporal Bruce McKay disrespected women (search: "knife" or "crotch") and that's why some of them are coming forward today.

This is kinda' what I think about women, from Warrior King's "Virtuous Woman."

I don't agree with everything in it word for word -- but most of it, heck yeah. This part I definitely agree on:

Women I love and honour, for they are the life carrier Hail Empress Omega, the mother of Rastafari's culture

Give Ises to the King and his Empress Menen
Who showed us the right and the true way of living
Woman could never cause sin, so listen as I sing
For the woman of the earth let my joy bell ring ring ring

Equality inna Zion by nature's law that's the way it should go

For every man I know there is a woman
You'll meet divinely that's all I know.....

See, so positive, so strong.

And the beats most closely approximate that of the human heart.

There's a reason for that, and you haters who have nowhere to vent their vitriol for now (and chill newbies) should take, ummmm... note :)

Related post: NH AAG Jeffery Strelzin ignores Maura Murray's family and a potentially bloody knife. Just more establishment haters not respecting women.

KingCast says comments are moderated.

Enough of the inane posts coming in here that I have to refute and I have refuted them. Right now I am interviewing a new Worker's Comp client who put a hole in her finger and trying to finish this Motion and the energy drain from trolls will no longer be tolerated.

The comments will open again when I finish the Motion.


The Management.