08 July 2007

Will Governor Lynch kick NH AG Kelly Ayotte to the curb?

No one can say for now, but if his actions after the Parental Consent case of Ayotte v. Planned Parenthood 546 U.S. 320 (2006) are any indication, he may jettison Kelly when the political heat comes down on the Franconia shooting tragedy cover up.

Oh, and thanks to Bob at NHPolitics.com and NHInsider.com for showing his true colours: I'll bet he was just as indignant when WMUR boosted my copyrighted material for its slanted story on me, or when the Union Leader totally lied and said that my 1998 image was a "Union Leader file photo" when in fact it too, is copyrighted by KingCast.net. Those matters are addressed in KingCast short video "Day in Nashua," in which I won yet ANOTHER First Amendment battle regarding the free flow of information in a case involving police abuse.

And if Attorney Ayotte is so damn good, how come she can't beat a kook with a kooky blog and the State got all of its cases shredded like McKay's personnel file before they even got to trial?

BTW the State's response to my RSA 91-A inquiry for costs of those cases, linked in the above paragraph is now overdue.

Just the facts, Bob.


Anonymous said...

Hey Chris. How do we get all over this? It's exactly what's needed in Franconia and I believe Franconia can be used as a case study for this proposal:






AN ACT requiring municipalities to establish volunteer civilian police review boards.

SPONSORS: Rep. T. Robertson, Ches 3

COMMITTEE: Municipal and County Government


This bill requires municipalities to establish volunteer civilian police review boards.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Explanation: Matter added to current law appears in bold italics.

Matter removed from current law appears [in brackets and struckthrough.]

Matter which is either (a) all new or (b) repealed and reenacted appears in regular type.




In the Year of Our Lord Two Thousand Seven

AN ACT requiring municipalities to establish volunteer civilian police review boards.

Be it Enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Court convened:

1 New Section; Volunteer Civilian Police Review Boards. Amend RSA 105 by inserting after section 13-b the following new section:

105:13-c Volunteer Civilian Police Review Boards.

I. The governing body of each municipality shall establish a volunteer civilian police review board. The board shall hold meetings, at such times and places and according to such procedures as the board deems necessary, for the purpose of hearing complaints regarding law enforcement officers or law enforcement activities within the municipality. The board may make advisory recommendations regarding law enforcement officers or law enforcement activities to the police chief of the municipality or governing body of the municipality or both.

II. The governing body shall appoint at least 3 members to the board. No law enforcement officer or employee may serve as a member of the board. Of the initial members, at least one member shall serve a one-year term, at least one member shall serve a 2-year term, and the remaining members shall serve 3-year terms. Members shall be eligible for reappointment. After the initial terms expire, each member shall serve a 2-year term. Members shall serve without compensation.

2 Effective Date. This act shall take effect 60 days after its passage.

Actual link here:


Anonymous said...

What a great idea. If Franconia selectmen and the police chief had something like that in effect, the Mckay case would have ended a lot differently. Much better than the 'healing' committee that is supposed to have started in Franconia and sounds like a recipe for a whitewash. A civilian review board would also quiet down all the law and order yahoos who seem to post here sometimes.

Anonymous said...

You rock, Lifer! This is exactly what we need in Franconia. Thanks for finding this. The entire State needs this to happen.....and beyond.


Anonymous said...

If anybody wants to contact this rep or rep, their emails are listed here:


T. Roberson's email is: timr@webryders.net

I see the bill is listed as "inexpedient to legislate" which means the committee did recommend it. Perhaps enough groud swell of support can revive it?

Anonymous said...

Interesting read about the town of Brattleboro VT. They now have a review board and look at the circusmstances precipitating it.


Anonymous said...

Here is a link to the Brattleboro town web site and a page specific to the Citizen Review Board.


Anonymous said...


This is a good article. I prefer the citizen review board over police review board. How about you?

Anonymous said...


Our founding fathers were all about checks and balances. On that argument alone a Citizen's Review Board is a good thing. Sadly, I suspect some people will see it otherwise, especially those who abuse the authority they've been entrusted with.

Anonymous said...

Well then, time for we the people to open our mouths. Yes?

I think we should go for what is absolutely best and not settle for second best. People always regret that in the end.


Anonymous said...

great find, lifer...

the vt. article was long, but interesting...and applicable to managing small, new england towns and villages. the right mix of civilian review board members and the right police chief is essential.

our chief is/was native to town, stayed 35+ years, and recently retired. too bad, because he seemed to love the town, and was immensely skilled in creating harmony between individuals and groups of individuals. he interpreted the law intelligently, and used common sense, while having the sophistication, polish and communication skills to best the guy who would pound a gucci loafer on the desk, threatening and demanding exceptions; and then, handle the bully kid who'd rough up his 10 y/o classmate. he's got heart. and brains. but, unfortunately, he's been replaced....
a few candidates being considered were from NH - choke! gag! (sorry, guys...)
so it's a delicate balance....but lifer's reference to House Bill 58 s/b a great step toward reunification.


Anonymous said...

Lifer - this is BIG! Keep it going.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately according to Rep Robertson, the bill was killed in committee. However, he said it could be reintroduced in the fall session. Wouldn't it be nice if all the dirt in Franconia came to light before then to provide real impetus to this worthwhile bill?

If enacted it could be called Liko's Law.

Christopher King said...

Not to worry.

We will reintroduce the matter with Rep. Robertson's help, and meanwhile I've got a lawsuit coming for McKay's personnel file and Tim Stepenson's arrest record.



Anonymous said...

You are not authorized to use my photo on your site of Kelly Ayotte and the Governor. Take it down at once!


Anonymous said...


I thought your image swap was pretty funny using "great" and "amazing" to describe Ayotte.

Then I realized you are serious.

Wow, NH is truely in trouble and he calls us kooks. LOL

Christopher King said...


You are not authorized to enter my site at any point in time.

Next time, ASK. You put the photo in the public domain and the origin of it is clearly noted.

And if you honestly believe Kelly Ayotte is a great Attorney General, you've got another thing coming.

Unless of course you think it's Good Practice to hide previous complaints filed against McKay deep in the bowels of the public record response.


Bowels. I bet you're used to seeing plenty of them with your brown nose up behind Kelly and crew.

I'll let you know the court date for the hearing on Bruce McKay's personnel file and Tim Stephenson's arrest file so you can see how a kooky website owner handles the business of true Civil Rights.

See you then.

Anonymous said...

This is not your photo. It is not in the public domain. You are pirating this photo. You may not use it on your site. Stop it.

Make your own photos. Mine have a copy right on them. You have been warned. You cannot display this photo like it is part of your web site. Remove the link.

I am not associated with NHInsider.com, but I do publish it on their responsible site.

I find your site so bizarre that it diminishes my photo's value and should you persist I will expect to be compensated for the damage you have done to it's value.

Make your own photos, smart guy. What's the matter. Don't you know how to run a camera?

Christopher King said...

I've got something for you:


And I don't need your stinking photo, I've been a photographer since I was blasting a Nikon 4004s back in the 80's fool.

Now I'm typically IN FRONT of the camera, in case you haven't noticed, at KingCast.net, where we show pinheads like you how to exercise your Civil Liberties and slam bogus government beat-down cases.


What's bizarre is all the cases NH AG Kelly Ayotte and her cronies brought on me for no reason.


Many others don't think so:

Why don't you take time to read what Attorney Strelzin is busy reading and responding to at 8:52 in the evening?


Take care. Stay tuned for the Court hearing on Bruce McKay's personnel file and Tim Stephenson's arrest record.

You can tell me how bizarre I am when I finish my oral argument and we'll both have a Good Chuckle; I'll buy you some sushi.

Or wait: Let's make a gentlemen's bet:

If I win, you buy the sushi.

See you then.

Anonymous said...

Please mitigate the injury you are causing me by publishing my copy righted photo, without authorization, on your site by removing the link to it immediately.

I am exploring all civil and criminal remedies available to me regarding your illegal and improper use.

This is my final warning.


Anonymous said...

Bob, are you drinking to much Ayotte-aid? I don't see any copyright on the current image nor do I see it anywhere on your site?

Please sit for a time out, then come back when you can play nice.

Anonymous said...

7:05, US copyright law no longer requires the use of a copyright notice.


Anonymous said...

...though use for news, comment educational purposes does fall under the fair-use clause, so Bob, you might be out of luck.