01 July 2007

NH AG Kelly Ayotte produces three (3) more audiotapes in Franconia shooting tragedy after KingCast files ethics complaint.

Well sports fans, after I filed an ethics complaint they write to inform that three (3) more audio CDs are available. They are for Sam Stephenson, Charles Herbert and Stanley Sherburn. The letter, which I will scan tomorrow, notes cryptically that

"We did not have those CDs at the time, but we have them now and are making copies available to the public [since I busted their heineys]."

Query, why didn't they mention at the time that there was additional audio even if not in CD form? Remember, the only reason given to me from Strelzin was that there were more interviews done without recording and that was the alleged reason why, but then I was like, "Dude you're telling me you didn't audio record these guys and they were the first ones there?" As I noted, talking to Sam the other day in Franconia was a Real Experience I'll tell you that. I won't get into exactly what he said about how it took more than one attempt to get Liko's car off of McKay, nor will I delve into other things he told me about McKay's history at this juncture, but I will say this: He is one stand up fella and a great conversationalist.

Also for reasons unbeknownst to me, the investigative file hard copy and CD now reflect a total of 902 pages rather than the 1,000 noted before. I guess you win some, lose some, right? I'm not dismissing my ethics complaint and I want to see what the Supreme Court says about this for the record.

I say post hoc, ergo propter hoc is not always a fallacy.


Christopher King said...

Date: Sun, 1 Jul 2007 12:24:54 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Christopher King" kingjurisdoctor@yahoo.com Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert
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Subject: RE: 91A request for Bruce McKay's personnel file.
To: "Ayotte, Kelly" Kelly.Ayotte@doj.nh.gov, "Strelzin, Jeffery" Jeffery.Strelzin@doj.nh.gov
CC: "dmullen@ranspell.com" dmullen@ranspell.com, kingjurisdoctor@yahoo.com
Dear Attorney Strelzin:

I notice you have dropped your customary salutation to me in your emails and by that I would infer that you are becoming upset. Take it easy: We're going to get to know each other Very Well in the next several months and years.

With that in mind, I'm not so certain you have answered my question on the personnel file:

Are you telling me that the State did NOT run a copy of it during its evaluation of this case? I would appreciate hearing back from you but if not, your silence will be taken as an admission that the State did NOT run a copy of it during its evaluation of this case.

If not, why not?

Because if you did, then I am entitled to a copy of it.

Thank you for production of the three (3) "new" CD's. Why didn't you inform the media last week that these CD's, which contain statements from people first on the scene, might be available at some point, or even that these individuals had been recorded?

Thank you in advance for your prompt attention to this matter. Meanwhile, I am not withdrawing my ethics complaint. I want the Supreme Court to issue a formal ruling so that we can establish what the law is.

Happy Independence Day and best regards,

Christopher King, J.D.

"Strelzin, Jeffery" Jeffery.Strelzin@doj.nh.gov wrote:
Your 91-A request question regarding the Franconia town documents has been answered.

Likewise, Ms. Robbins sent you an e-mail on Friday advising you on the availability of 3 more audio CDs.

-----Original Message-----
From: "Christopher King" kingjurisdoctor@yahoo.com
To: "Ayotte, Kelly" Kelly.Ayotte@doj.nh.gov; "Strelzin, Jeffery" Jeffery.Strelzin@doj.nh.gov
Cc: "dmullen@ranspell.com" dmullen@ranspell.com; "kingjurisdoctor@yahoo.com" kingjurisdoctor@yahoo.com
Sent: 7/1/07 8:37 AM
Subject: RE: 91A request for Bruce McKay's personnel file.

Dear Attorney Strelzin,

Several items of interest:

1. You honestly expect me to believe that you don't
you have a copy of Bruce McKay's personnel file? Your
office should have made a copy as you reviewed it
during your investigation of the 5/11 shooting tragedy
in which two men lost their lives.

2. Your five (5) days are almost up regarding my
demand for the digitally-recorded audiofiles that you
lied to me about:


I'm sorry, perhaps I shouldn't accuse you of lying;
perhaps you just somehow didn't know about them
despite spending 6 weeks prior to issuing the final
report. Please advise.

3. I think Attorney Ayotte and you should be disbarred
for lying about the taped witness statements. And I'll
tell you what else, I'm going to make life rather
difficult for the both of you come election time when
all of the media come to New Hampshire; that's my
right as a public citizen in the Live Free or Die
State. And don't you dare think about having me
arrested like Rudy did to that one bloke because I'll
have you up on wrongful arrest charges before I even
get out of jail.

4. Bruce McKay bullied a lot of people in Franconia
and he pushed Liko Kenney over the edge, not even
letting him get to Tamarack Tennis camp 900 feet down
the road so he could have witnesses to whatever McKay
was going to do to him THIS TIME. Your boss and that
idiot cop Chief Dunn kept me from Tamarack 2 years ago
so now that I have finally made it there, I know that
it is my time and my destiny -- our time and our
destiny -- to work this case together in a most public
manner. I'm certain that Liko would concur in full, no

5. See, Liko felt backed into a corner because nobody
in Franconia would listen to complaints about Bruce
McKay as noted in the ABC News story linked to this
post on State v. Brendlin, authored by NH Native David
Souter, I might add:


"These women, and others around town, described McKay
as an overzealous cop who treated even minor
infractions as major crimes. They said people
complained about McKay to the local Selectmen and to
the police department, but no one took any action."

.....So he shot McKay. If you guys didn't have me
hemmed up with the bogus Indictment charges it's quite
likely I would have met Liko and advised him of
different legal options to address bullies like McKay.
Now both men are dead. And I do mean he was a bully,
wait until you see the town matriarch tell it to
KingCast cameras and wait until I tell what else I
know about Bruce McKay and his history in Franconia.

6. I look forward to watching the litigation as well;
I don't know anything about the one lawyer, but I DO
know Attorney Sisti is one sharp fella' and I wish him
and the Kenney family All the Best.

Very truly yours,

Christopher King, J.D.

--- "Strelzin, Jeffery" Jeffery.Strelzin@doj.nh.gov

The documents you have requested from the Town of Franconia, including Franconia Police Corporal Bruce McKay's personnel file, are not in our possession.

You will have to attempt to secure them somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what else they "forgot" to mentione they had or that wasn't ready.

They should also provide a list of material that they are not providing as I also know there is at least one search warrant that was sealed and autopsy reports and such.

Anonymous said...

great work chris...let's get military record on killer floyd possible??
all records of complaints about mckay...maybe minutes of franconia select board meetings that might at least acknowledge publically that they had been approached???

so proud of you and everyone here...this is the sloppiest and most corrupt faux 'investigation' in the history of the state...
ayotte was told right here, directly after the shootings, that she would be going to jail if she screwed with the evidence...

i get the feeling the true day of 'independence' for ayotte will be when she tears the goebbels sticker off of her vibrtator...
kelly, you are transparent, evil and caught...damage control and attack is all you're left with, neither of which will work...
...apologize and get real is your only hope...but you won't...you should be disbarred and jailed...
blessing and light to Liko, blessing and light to our native son, so horribly tortured at the hands of a criminal with a badge...while francoina police department and select board and the community of officers at large did nothing...

i feel badly for so many young officers with the best of spirits and the best of intentions to have an important career and presence in our communities...one bad apple does spoil the whole bunch...and finds many enablers along the way...

kelly, this is just the beginning...you are at least minimally intelligent to know that...
your facade has been published less than a week and you are so found out...
so corrupt...the cops on the scene who were investigating so absolutley dunderheaded and unprofessional...we expect more of the people we employ...i am mad as hell and i'm not gonng take it anymore...remember that movie???

and the whore press has been exposed...this has been better than a graduate course in civics and journalism for these especially intelligent and sensitive and spiritually wonderful kids up here...
the press is a whore, the ag is a whore...the investigation brass officers on scene are whores...and there is not even ONE Person that dosen't know it up here...and soon the world...

mckay, that cruel bastard absolutely enabled, and therefore encouraged by pd brass and franconia select board...this is just the beginning...

Charles Duffy said...

The policing of laws have gone completely astray. It's beyond hope and understanding of the meek.

Now it has become a tax collection industry and how many people the system can convict to support a prison complex.

We now have a group politicians and lawyers who don't give a dam rats ass about your fist amendment. The only thing they give a rats ass about is there paycheck and retirement.

Just remember, your so called Government is the Last in the book to figure it out.

Example: real estate reassment at the end of the real esate wave. One must Understand that the tide will be going out jsut a fast and most lilely way past low tide at the bay of Fundy.

It's called a bubble burst screwing after the fact.

Hopefully, some day, the true meaning of a public defender will be the towns people showing up with pitchforks and shotguns at the local courthouse..

Anonymous said...

From Final Report

The following is a transcript of audio from the video. However, I have yet to see where they have released this truly enhanced audio.

19:15:57 Cpl. McKay approaches the driver’s side of Kenney’s car. A male voice is heard saying, “What are you doing? What are you doing?” Cpl. McKay begins spraying the OC (pepper spray) into Kenney’s car with his right hand. Cpl. McKay’s gun is not drawn.

Anonymous said...

Cpl. Bruce McKay was completely obsessed with Liko Kenney.

He made it his mission to go after this kid. It is really creepy.

Seriously, he was like a stalker. He went to Liko's court hearing when it had nothing to do with him. Why?

McKay was so obsessed that he was paying attention to how this boy parked his car in his driveway. He thought this was important enough to report this to F Troop. Please, this is ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Here is a link to a video that inclides other pictures from the scent not shown in crusier video.


Anonymous said...

I am going to break this link up so it can be viewed


Charles Duffy said...

"He made it his mission to go after this kid".


The Policing of local communities is all about people and community. As if the Kenney's where never part of a local community?

This cop was not part of the community of franconia. I can bet on it.

People may say, "he's a cop doing his Job".

This sad event is about small town America. Is this event Coming to a town near you?

Don't forget to remind your local police to slam into your car and pull you over for an expired tax certificate the next time you get pulled over.

This Hitler type of Law enforcement needs to end.

We can go on and on about the technicalities of injustice. Again, the bottom line is just another example of New Hampshire Police abuse. Coming to a community near you!

Make your next vote really count and confront your elected public servant directly. These are your taxes that subsidize Hitlers finest.

Anonymous said...

john p jp ~

can't access either link....

Anonymous said...

Good link John,

I still can't believe that they let Floyd and his son remain together prior to questioning.

Did you see my earlier question to you about the time factor with the Floyd's in regards to being behind Liko? Is it possible that it narrowed the gap due to the initial stop?

This is an interesting link about abuse of authority in an airport. It is happening all over. The man was treated very disrespectfully. They beat the crap out of him for saying something to them about it. The response of superiors, "He didn't comply". WTF. We really need to make changes in this country and I wish we didn't let it get this far to begin with.

Anonymous said...


I previously posted that Liko was getting getting an unjustified halo here; you pointed me in the direction of a post showing that McKay was a bully, and others.

I said in my own post that I knew McKay wasn't proper "good cop" material. From what I've seen and read, he likely had no business being a cop, he was possibly one of those that needs/gets off on the power trip too much. I've been at the wrong end of a cop myself.

Also, I pointed out that I supported your efforts to get out all the info, and that AG Ayotte could end up resigning over her misconduct in this case so far. I believe this even more strongly seeing how she has withheld evidence after a formal request for it (can they do that?).

My problem is, by making Liko out to be a saint, you are needlessly giving critics a chance to ignore the bigger issues here; a rushed investigation, and then an apparent cover-up to hide the rushed investigation.

Your actions and efforts are critical to pointing out the sloppy manner the AG's office thought they could use to dispose of a proper investigation of this shooting. Your work so far has been incredibly necessary and illuminating. My point was that Liko apparently had some issues himself, and that he handled stops by possibly "bad" cops very badly; he also seems to have developed the nasty habit of shooting people. Let's ask questions all around:

1) Did he (or his friend) have a cell phone that they could have used to notify the family up the road that he had been pulled over by McKay? Better to use a cell phone to insure safety than a .45 and death, yes?
2) Is it reasonable to assume that his acknowledgement that he had a witness watching his possible arrest would have let to his thinking he was safer than if no one was watching (not knowing that the man might kill him later).
3) Did Liko's family get involved monitoring any possible mental health issues he had (his own friend quoted him as being friendly/psychopathic?), and did they think it was a good idea he was keeping a cannon tucked in his car, concealed? Was there a feeling that tragedy with Liko was inevitable?

Like I said in my earlier post, this was possibly a collision of wrong people at the wrong time. BUT, that doesn't mean that I think we give Floyd the "Kill someone, get out of jail free" card. And the AG's office, forget it, they've shown themselves to be untrustworthy and underhanded and possibly unworthy of their position in state law enforcement. You'll never know how thankful I am that you're pursuing this case.

But don't build the monument to Liko and his supporters yet; all the dead involved deserve a "hearing" before we pretend we know everything about them, even McKay Chris. Let's let more facts get out before we start scripting the reality we would like to see, because that will lock us into believing we know what happened before we do. Isn't that what we decry in the AG's actions around the report? Do we want to become like the enemies of truth?

Just dig for the facts like you have been, and let the truth come out; but don't write the ending to the story when you're only on page 62, we're better than that...

Anonymous said...


Below is some highlights of the police interviews that can be found at…


The page numbers listed on these pages (images) are likely the page they appear in the full report that I have not seen.

This is a very large page full of imges and will take a while to open. If you don’t have enough memory, you may need to download the images manually as you get toward the end of the page.

Here are some of the issues I found interesting within this section of the repot…

Page 908 – Officer states that Mckay asked for Sgt. David Wentworth of the Sugar Hill PD to come be his back-up. (I cannot find this in any radio transmission – Interesting too because Wentworth is who arrives first and tells Floyd to put down guns but never hand cuffs him)


Page 913 … Here Another office says he heard Mckay specifically ask for Wentworth on the radio as back-up for his traffic stop and how Wentworth responded that he knew the person he was stopping.

Interesting too in this interview is that he got a call from his dispatcher about a dog problem and he asked while on the phone what Mckay had going and his dispatcher responded “Who Knows?”

I think this is interesting because it sounds like the response from a dispatcher who is used to having to deal with somebody’s BS that is either not the norm or not what it ever really is.


Page 916 … There should be a report dated 5-20-07 from a Tropper Brian Doyle. This report contains the information about the bullet Floyd found in his pants while preparing them for wash.



Note that Mackay calls in saying he is approaching an intersection and “will” be out of his car and the subject is Liko. (He has not yet pulled him over) … Also not that Mckay actually calling in a pursuit never shows up here, just the initial stop where he asks for back-up.


Page 926 & 927 – Shows a female caller (it is blacked out but still legible) calling into 9-1-1 stating that Floyd (Bald Guy) is the shooter of the cop and still there with guns in his hands. (This call was from Chester Thomas and a female)

** Interesting to note that even though the cops came up on Floyd w/weapons standing over a dead cop and that he didn’t immediately drop the guns and made threatening statements to police … the cops had him help them lift the car off Mckay if you are to believe Floyd’s interview with the police.


Page 929 … Floyd JR. lies to police and says they fired at his dad.


Page 953 – On 5-23-07 they found a bullet and bullet hole in the barn on the west side of the road in a toolbox. The tool pictures and bullet was sent to forensics, (Must have been from Floyd shooting Mckay’s gun … hmmm doesn’t sound like up in the air)


Page 955 – meaningless but looks like Mckay’s real name is Norman Bruce Mckay


Page 956 – May 12th Joel Mackenzie find more bullet fragments by his garage.


Page 958 – On 6-18 they finally get around to speaking with Douglas Hillman who called 9-1-1. He states hearing two different types of guns being fired but they don’t ask him how far apart the two fired from the second gun were. Hillman was with a group of friends and I cannot help but wonder why he refused to give the names of his friends to the police (how was he being treated) and why he was not arrested for refusing to do so since this is a murder investigation.


Page 959– notes that the video from Mckay’s vehicle was given to David Melby of “Video Works – Digital Production Company” in Concord, NH.

Page 964 – David Melby writes in a letter he was able to enhance the audio and could hear Mckay narrating his actions during the incident. He also notes that the video picks up voices from those arriving on the scene to help

Although his letter says he is giving notes that he took while listening, NO NOTES ARE PROVIDED AND HIS LETTER IS OBVIOUSLY NOT COMPLETE AND MISSING THE ADDITIONAL PAGES


Page 975– Witness verification that after “they” got Floyd to drop the guns they “all immediately “ lifted the car of Mckay. This even though Floyd only one with guns on the scene and someone had called his description into 9-1-1 as the killer of the cop.


Page 976 – Floyd Jr. yelling that “you’re lucky my dad didn’t shoot you”

Page 982 – Very odd … Witness says he unbuckled Mckay’s holster. Also, appears now that Floyd may have put down one gun to help lift the car off Mckay but this witness says that it was not until after they got the car off Mckay that an officer ordered (3x) for Floyd to drop the gun

Page 984 – Another blacked out sections indicates Mckays scrotum was torn open. (very tragic and sad but cannot help but remember the obsession with the groin in the stop years ago)


Page 993 – Witness states specifically that Floyd was never handcuffed and he knows this because he was “hanging out” with the officer (Wentworth) who had him drop the guns minutes later across the street by the telephone pole with his kid.


Page: 994 – Does state he saw Caleb hand cuffed while they were washing Caleb’s eyes out.

Anonymous said...

mad analyst,

According to Caleb, Liko tried calling his Uncles at least twice, maybe three times with the initial stop. He knew his Uncle was at Tamarack so he wanted to go there and even asked if they could.

Yes, Liko wanted a witness and asked for another police officer to come and bear witness. Although McKay had already asked for back-up prior to stopping Liko he denied him this knowledge and told him he didn't have the choice to ask for back-up.He asked Floyd to stay as a witness because he didn't trust and was afraid of McKay.

One of Liko's Uncle's had been spending time with him and helping him get his life on track. I do not believe his family was aware that Liko was carrying a gun in his car. His friends said he started to recently out of his fear of McKay.

People did worry that tragedy could fall upon Liko due to the fact that McKay was relentless with him. Liko was very reactive with poor impulse control so it was a bad situation.

It is wrong to kill even one person but to say that Liko had developed a "nasty habit" of killing people is way out of line.

We know Liko had his problems and issues. He could be extremely difficult at times. He was far from perfect. Part of the point in this whole thing is that very fact because McKay took advantage of Liko's weaknesses. Most abuser's do that very thing. No one is pretending Liko was an angel at all but the state attempted to use the very fact that he wasn't to dump it all on him. That is wrong.

I don't think there is anything wrong with people remembering what was good in Liko. What is important to us was the conviction that Liko had about our civil rights. He tended to fight against injustice and was angry, feeling very wronged. What we can do is learn from this to stand up for justice in truth. That is how we can make it right.

Anonymous said...

Unless I am not thinking right or misunderstanding you (this) ... I am not only using the first stop (2 Min & 33 Sec) but also giving Floyd the 51 seconds of the other stop too.

But instead of just the 3 minutes 24 seconds ... lets round up to 4-Minutes to give them even more slow down time.

This is more than fair because remember. Liko was supposedly speeding from the market and I am not deducting for Floyd slowing down when he saw Mckay in the middle of the road.

So, to me it still seems odd that Floyd was only 4-minutes (or less)behind Caleb given that the Floyd's left the store after (not immediatley) and then went on to stop at the gas station before continuing on.

Keep in mind too that Jr. was driving in a learner's permit and was likely not speeding in Dad's truck as Dad needed to be there for him to be legally driving.

Anonymous said...

You know how the state and disabily insurance companies like to film people who claim they are injured?

Is a tape really needed given all the heroics and lifting of a vehicle needed to maybe prove Floyd is not disabled?

Shoot (no pun intended), he says he didn't even have a pain pill for his back until 9 that morning.

Anonymous said...

I know that McKay asked for back-up from Sugar Hill. He did not specify which Officer. Dispatch was calling for the closest one in the area.

Anonymous said...


Your funny. Do you think we should call disability? We could end up feeling like we have that person's blood on our hands. No telling what could befall the person investigating.

Anonymous said...

I feel terrible for Liko but let it be clear, he is responsible for his actions. Mckay sadly paid the ultimate price for his mistakes too.

However, something is very very wrong with this entire situation and the way it was handled and there a numerous things that just make no sense and I think the AG had acted in very bad faith and I cannot understand why unless it is to cover something up.

I feel horrible for these families but the truth must come out and I think it is not even close to coming out yet.

I will not regret my passion to get to the bottom of this even if all turns out like the AG said. At least in Franconia & NH, for at least a little while, police and leaders will know they work for the people and that from time to time the people will demand them to back-up what they tell us.

More and more people are finally speaking out and not just asking questions but searching for answers. I can only hope that one day we will watch re-runs of the show COPS and know those officers are being held accountable instead of seeing it as entertaining when they abuse citizens and use unneeded force.

The more people band together in times like these, the more guts others will have to do the same and realize it may be them or a family member next who needs support.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I am following you with the time.

Caleb said they were going 45-47 mph. Speed limit was 40.

McKay never said Liko was speeding. He did bypass a speeder that was 15 over the limit 1/2 in front of Liko - Highly unusual.

It still could fit into your reasoning with the time though. I wonder if the cashier at Mac's remembers if Floyd purchased anything.

It is possible that Floyd let McKay know when they left the store, hence his complete ignoring of the speeder in front of Liko. Odd that he would miss that but notice a registration sticker.

Anonymous said...

Deb - I was only hald kidding. Don't forget, he has his son on disability too.

This is a guy who lies about everything and anything and according to reports has some civil issues he has been involved in lately.

I am not ever up for kicking a man when he is down but this guy is not right. He not only talks about violence and killing but now appears to have developed a real ability and taste for it. He may have had the right to shoot Liko but clearly, he didn't have to.

I am convinced this is not the last we have heard from either Floyd as the son also seemed to get off on this killing.

The police giving him a pass on this will clearly motivate them to be looking for other times they can kill.

Sons look up to Dads and JR must believe there is no way he can make his dad happier than to off somebody ... come on, he has yet to kill anyone and Dad has how many kills, 35?

What a dissappointment he must feel to his dad who obviously has raise that boys on his lied of Vietnam and special forces.

Anonymous said...

Deb - That would be so crazy and beyond belief if there was a consiracy but the time thing makes little sense to me as does the fact that there is no mention of the times either were at the store or the Floyd's were at the gas station. This is police work 101 ...establish a time line and both places would be perfect because not only may they have cameras but they certainly have date stamps on the receipts or if they used a debit or CC card there would be another time stamp.

One thing I also found of note was that two seperate officers stated Mckay requested over the radio for Wentworth of the Sugar Hill PD to be his back-up for the Liko stop.

Not only is this not mentioned or shown in the audio or transcripts but neither could I see Mckay initiating the pursuit call (maybe I missed this) ... But what is interesting is that Wentworth was first on the scene and was the one who ordered the Floyd to drop the guns and then never handcuffed him and moments later is scene and photographed speaking casually with both Floyd's together.

Again, Police 101 ... seperate witness and suspects if you want to get the facts.

I cannot believe in so many of the interviews that people are stating things they did not see or hear happen but pieced together with what the heard.

So, many people speak of Mckay being shot but in truth none of them saw this and if they had not talked to others would assume he was just run over.

I am still trying to figure out who actually saw Mckay run over twice? Floyd say he shot to prevent this but yet the car was on Mckay when he shot or did his killing the driver of the car cause Mckay to be run over the second time?

Anonymous said...

This is serious stuff so throwing in a bit of humor once in awhile is good for the soul. I wondered about that disability too - and the kid on it?

I know he is the scariest man and it is horrible that he is walking so easily. You lies every other sentence. You can barely follow what he is saying.

I liked the comment on him being worried about the boy because "he ain't been around any violence, you know...". Remember the article over the meter reader? He sent his young son in the house to get his gun. The little guy came back out and told his Dad that he couldn't get it because Mom was awake......creepy. i think he is really dangerous and even more so know than I did in the beginning.

Anonymous said...

Last comment ... I am still trying to understand how Mckay noticed Liko' car was unregistered when he originally passed it from the front.

I am not sure about NH but isn't the expiration tags of the year and month on the back plate?

Before he stopped the vehicle, he called in for back-up and said it was Liko. This was while he was still trying to catch up to Liko as he said what steet he was passing and then says where he is stopped later and also doesn't mention the registration in his initial call and only that it was Liko and a Partner.

He never mentions speed though the AG tried to make us believe it was speed based on the last locked speed of Mckay's Radar gun ... I would think a radar gun also has a time stamp but they don;t mention that either. But surely Mckay would have mentioned speed since that is a more serious offense and is a moving violation and is a risk to the public.

I have got to get to bed - have a good night.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if they use code numbers or letters for one another but he only asked for Sugar Hill back-up. I do remember one of the responder that was closer say he knew the name (Liko Kenney). He said, "I'm familiar with it".

Not sure where I thought I read it but I am under the impression that the first Officer on the scene is a newbie in LE. Could be wrong.

There is a pursuit call and that is supposedly the last response they got from McKay in response to dispatch.

The car - Liko's car sits very low. I personally believe that McKay was trapped under it and Liko could not get him out from under the car. I do not think Liko was running over him again and again. I think he was in a panic attempting to get detached from him.

I think the gas station owner liked McKay. For whatever that is worth.

Christopher King said...

Dear 8:50:

I understand your concerns and I believe that Debby has addressed many of them in her post.

For my part at this point I will point out that I did, in my adjunct post to the seminal post, point out that Liko made 3 phone calls from his trac phone and the official report notes that, but does NOT note to whom the calls were made.

I believe they were made to Tamarack but of course all of that information is readily available to the family attorneys.

Notice how the media never mentioned this.

And I don't know enough about any of Liko's alleged mental or emotional health issues to comment intelligently here, but I can say that everyone who knew Liko knew that Bruce McKay's unlawful hounding of Liko greatly exacerbated the situation.

As for having the .45 you know that honestly is troubling, but think about this: As we toured Franconia, many otherwise intelligent people were amazed when we explained to them what rights they have in this so-called Free Society.

The felt they had no rights except the right to protect themselves in the worst situation. I think that no one really hoped or thought that such a situation would ever occur and in retrospect it is easy for armchair analysts (not cracking on you just an easy phrase) to say "that was inevitable."

In fact, a very intelligent man who has followed my blawg for the past half year came into the restaurant last night and said "Boy, you could see that coming" in one breath even as he said in the other "that McKay was a nut job."

Then I ran into a family who knows people in Franconia and he is a health administrator for a large and very well-respected hospital in the NE.

"Yeah, everyone knew that cop was a wacko," is what he said as the familly listened intently to my explanation of what I now know about the situation, including..... drumroll please....

Tim Stephenson.

I am requesting his specific arrest record and if any of you are aware of any of his backgroud, email me OFF LINE.

Liko wasn't the only one.


Anonymous said...

JP, anyone with an April birthday (like Liko) should have had an orange inspection sticker with a "4" on it on the windshield (middle of the top, sort of behind the rearview mirror) If Liko hadn't gotten his car inspected, his presumably would have been last year's color, which was orange. It's not hard to spot an expired one from a distance, and that would be a heads-up to an officer to check for the registration sticker on the front or rear plate (which is smaller and thus harder to see from a distance).

Anonymous said...

What does this mean (from p.26 of the AG's report)?

"A search of Cpl. McKay’s cruiser yielded the
cruiser video and a radar readout which was locked with a target speed of 54 miles
per hour
and a patrol speed on 39 miles per hour."

Does that mean he had set his radar to alert him if someone was going over 54? Or that it had locked in on someone (the female speeder he ignored) who had been going 54?

Just curious.

Anonymous said...


What a good investigator! That is such a good point and one worth tracking down.

Anonymous said...

MadAnalyst ~
You suggest a highly intelligent and reasoned approach. I nod to that.
Debby and John P - do you have jobs? families? This is a very consuming endeavor!

Christopher King said...

John P at 9:45

Excellent work.

I'm bookmarking this page and several others so when the time comes we can go to the Feds as a block of concerned citizens with DOCUMENTED issues, and believe me, we are continuing to document more and more each day.


Anonymous said...

john p at 10:02 ~

"Is a tape really needed given all the heroics and lifting of a vehicle needed to maybe prove Floyd is not disabled?"



Anonymous said...

McKay clearly says:

10-43 Subject disobeyed

10-43 is NH 10 code for Pursuit. He was pulling out of first stop and/or catching up before second stop when he radio's this. It is definately a response to Liko taking off. Unfortunately we don't know how close in relation to Liko's leaving stop1 and the the 10-43 call is. If we knew this we could timeline it better.

Another thing we "may" be able to use to timeline the audio to the video is the calling in of Liko's plate. I believe this happens as mckay's first radio response after both vehicles are stopped at stop 1. how else would he know the plate # unless he had it memorized? (a whole other discussion). I know he mentions coppermine rd in a manner that leads you to believe he's passing it himself, but I believe he's just letting the SH police know approximately where stop 1 is.

So if you take the license tag call in as proof of the instance they both stop at stop 1 you can timeline the audio and visual.

Why is this important? BECAUSE THERE IS NEARLY A MINUTE OF MISSING AUDIO between approx 6:08:30 and 6:09:15 when the dispatch repeats 44K over and over. This gap coincides with the 10 point turn and tahoe slam timeframe on the video if you use the plate call in as timing of stop 1. I REPEAT THERE IS ABOUT 45 SECONDS OF MISSING AUDIO THAT COINCIDES WITH THE BEGINNING OF STOP 2.

As a caveat, this is all based on the audio and video as posted at the concord monitor, they may have omitted the missing 45 seconds and it is part of the state's fun pack...but I doubt it. CK may be able to shed light on if there is grafton dispatch audio for the timeframe I mention. IF NOT WHAT EXACTLY WAS SAID? WE KNOW FROM POLICE TESTIMONY THAT GRAFTON SAID "WHO KNOWS" WHEN QUESTIONED ABOUT MCKAY. Is that part of the missing audio or is there something more damning being hidden?

John Poole and Debby, I defer this to you.

Anonymous said...

The last radar on reading he had, was locked-on meaning it stayed displayed, some officer let the speeder see his posted speed, mostly in the southern states. Who he had at 54 will never be known, it could be liko or it could be the women who claimed she was doing 15 over.

Anonymous said...

Great post mad analyist,

Liko fans will show great disdain for whoever shows sympathy for McKay, and vice versa. But each side are willing to negatively say anything about the other. Both players and equally flawed. Liko's family should have stepped in and tried to correct liko's problems and the town of franconia should have reigned in McKay.

Anonymous said...

4:29 AM - Thanks, I have been trying to understand how the registration works in NH. I think most states have a color for the year but not the month as you have to be close to see that. I guess NH has a color for each month. Hard to remember all 12 I would imagine.

As I mention, other states would have a blue that expires in 2006, and say a red that expired in 2007 and green for 2008.

Obviously the green is good and the blue would be expired but anything in Red would need a closer look ... this was the assumption I was going on. Thanks for clarifying.

Anonymous said...

RE: debby at 9:53

"Liko was very reactive with poor impulse control so it was a bad situation."

I've asked before, relative to my reading that Liko may have attended a private (?) high school for learning differences...
but are you suggesting ADHD, debby? You seem to have a personal, community connection to such information.
If so, it is relevant and sad that McKay targeted and harassed this young man.


Anonymous said...


I do work and I have crunched my schedule with this but feel it is too important to let go.

Not just with Liko but even prior to and separate from 5/11, I have been watching our Civil Rights and the Constitution be destroyed.

It is even beyond the bully cop. LE is being trained differently than in the past, speaking our mind is being called unwilling to comply or that we are unpatriotic toward our country. This country was created based on the dissent of our forefathers.

We are existing under probably the most corrupt government in the history of this country. The corruption is running down the chain of authority like a river, even in our smallest of towns.

People have seen it happening and you know, many of us have said our daily lives are too busy to do what it takes to make a difference.

I truly believe that we have come to the place that we cannot afford to be too busy anymore. We cannot afford to look the other way and we must stand up for what lead us up to what happened on 5/11. Four years of a young man and a rogue cop and no one knew what to do.

Officials looked the other way and so did many townspeople. When we stand up for what is right in this case for Liko, we stand up for one another and ourselves.

OK, Now I am off to work.

Christopher King said...

Also John P,

As you may know, I have not been able to hear the entire video and I'm on the phone with my film maker now.


You couldn't hear it in a new BMW, you couldn't hear it in my old SAAB, you could barely hear it on my film maker's Mac and he brought up the sound with Final Cut Pro, rendered it out and emailed me the JPEG but he also verified that there is only 13:01 of interview but there is a budget of 2:00:08 minutes on the CD.

Oh, boy. I would imagine Caleb's Interview last more like 2 hours than 13 minutes, huh?

Not to mention this:

Page 959– notes that the video from Mckay’s vehicle was given to David Melby of “Video Works – Digital Production Company” in Concord, NH.

Page 964 – David Melby writes in a letter he was able to enhance the audio and could hear Mckay narrating his actions during the incident. He also notes that the video picks up voices from those arriving on the scene to help

Although his letter says he is giving notes that he took while listening, NO NOTES ARE PROVIDED AND HIS LETTER IS OBVIOUSLY NOT COMPLETE AND MISSING THE ADDITIONAL PAGES

Anonymous said...

John p., I guess I didn't clarify very clearly!

It IS one color per year. White was for stickers issued in 2006 (expiring in 2007); Orange is for stickers issued in 2007 (expiring 2008). Each sticker has a large number corresponding to the month on it. Thus presumably (haven't checked the pictures, just guessing) Liko would have had a white sticker with a 4 on it. It should have been an orange sticker with a 4. Anyone coming toward him would be able to see the color of the sticker fairly promptly, and the number would have been visible at closer range.

Anonymous said...


"If so, it is relevant and sad that McKay targeted and harassed this young man."

Just go by the quote you took from my post. That description is enough.

OK, I mean it, now I really am getting to work....haha

Anonymous said...


It is vitally important for citizens such as you to take time out from your busy life to let the elected officials, state and local, know that people are following this case, and that not everyone is so stupid as to fall for the silly story that the state calls an "investigation." So thank you.

At this point, State officials are doing all they can to maintain their own credibility rather than coming clean, and admitting the investigation was flawed and hasty. They should call for a fresh, outside investigation. To not do so makes me think that this case is a Whitewash, at best, or intentional coverup, at worst.

For the State, its no longer about Liko, McKay, and Floyd. Just their own futures and credibility. THESE PEOPLE SERVE US, the citizens and taxpayers. And only citizen pressure can bring the true story of 5/11 to Light, and hopefully create enough impetus to force the state to establish a Citizen Review Board, like those that exist in other states.

People who just bury their heads in the sand are enabling the State to continue to behave in such a deplorable way.


Anonymous said...

get all the materials away from ayotte...thru the feds or however...they need to go to an objective fbi lab or it's equivalent to officially document the erasures of audio...and to find the significant portions they have witheld...to document their crimes...
they have already showed, and with a cavalier sense of smug arrogance... obstruction of justice, doctoring and tampering with evidence, giving false statements etc...
ayotte an rnc funded state college grad APPOINTED, groomed, placed and positioned to destroy our foundational documents and our country from the inside...ala other coup masters that have sent this country into six years of hell...same rnc funding for proud idealogue and lying criminal Ayotte, not yet forty from a state college and look at the damage along the way to her most ambitious placement in upper echelons of government...(that's over now kelley....as dead as monica goodling's career...you just haven't accepted it yet...but when you wake up in the middle of night, you KNOW it...same monica goodling approach...get some middling minded dummy with a vicious agenda in a position of APPOINTED power and make her a legitmate political presence...her career is ruined...she's got going anywhere politically...except perhaps to jail...

lynch, wake up any day now...at very least, without it endangering your selfish fears about how you will be perceived...you can put all that evidence in a lockbox until actual professionals can determine the extent of what's retrievable, and testify as to what was tampered with, and how...

there is, however, enough mistakes and evil, and flat out arrogance, and/or stupidity frankly, that even with the mess of contradictory materials they've finally had to release under pressure, it is clear that they are lawbreakers...

libby is going to jail for felony conviction of obstucting justice...as clear as that was, this is like an encyclopedia of facts in evidence in comparison...
buh bye kelly...this is felony stuff you've committed...
a simple resignation will no longer suffice for the evil you have unleashed for generations now into this area...you were wanted, you were transparent and obvious,,, and you could care less...you were on agenda...now we are...you are history already...nothing left except for you to writhe around and gurgle b.s. to the press, but the story is already out...and will continue to extrapolate and intensify...you are out of here...

tourists would be wise to go to the lake regions or vermont...
save your selves and your family...
if you want to see the mountains, make it a one day trip, leave your kids at home, and bring defensive weapons...but there are mountains all thru many other towns without the franconia/littleton area needing to come into your purview...

the franconia selectboard, along with the franconia pd, absolutely KNEW that mckay was a bad psycho cop with a history of complaints and inappropriate, deceitful and illegal activity...and did NOTHING...(as did other departments in other towns) select board needs to change...needs to be flushed...each member...franconia police chief needs to be replaced...

very troubling that Rep. Mcleod's HUSBAND IS ON THE SELECT BOARD...so he's at least indirectly, responsible and we can expect nothing more from the select board, and sadly, neither from our Representative Mcleod, whom i supported...All she's said so far, and it's been a long time within to say something else...are statements along the lines of 'tsk tsk isn't this a tragedy...it's so sad...tsk tsk...sniff sniff...but we must all move on now...yes we must...sniff sniff tsk tsk...time to heal and move on...nothin' happening here folks, keep moving...move it along..."
well we wouldn't need a healing if people in her position, and her husband's took responsibility for the offices they so desperatedly coveted...

the 'healers' up here stay stuff that basically means, "complete the coverup, live with the boot up your ass...and in martha's case...'my husband is a complicit selectman who did NOTHING and i don't want my ass, or his in a jam, where we're busted for being asleep at the wheel while the town turned into a torture toy for a maniac cop"
where's one statement from any of them regarding killer floyd's, (lying felonious PCP sales-man cop assaulter, and flat out murder junkie)...
he walks, or rather waddles, free...as does his 'disabled' son...
the state motto is not 'waddle free and kill'
and the officals, the 'leaders' are NOT going to do one damn thing...
they helped to create this paradigm...they nearly broke their own necks looking the other way...and continue to...

wow, great representation for the community there...

liko's a hero by default, but a hero...he would balk at it...he couldn't live with another's death on his conscience, he wasn't in the least bit cruel...he did everything to prevent this...going time and time to law enforcement for help...they even worked out something with the chief allowing liko to have the protection of another officer the next time officer pepper went crazy and gassed a female motorist, or a kid in school, sending another kid to a hospital...or a bevy of simple traffic stops that he intentionally escalated into violence...
he was a sick man...
and he was a police TRAINING OFFICER...
select board of franconia, you are NOT OFF THE HOOK HERE....
you will be replaced, the chief will be replaced...we will write sop and police our own officers, and hire our own officers...we are not paying taxes for you to abuse us and ruin the area...
tourists stay away...keep your money, save your lives...there's much evil up here...you don't want to bring your children and family into this...there is a pyscho lying murderer running loose, with a history of felonious assault and selling PCP, and this is the standard local law encorcement calls a "HERO"...
yeah it's pretty up here...
scenery is secondary when somebody's crotch is in your face and boot is on your neck...if you do come up, at least come armed...everybody else is.

stop expecting anything at all from the AG office...she's shown her colors from the first day...
she is irreperably and forever linked to serious crimes committed from her office that endanger public, law enforcement and the relative peace (now gone) of the area...

the place needs an enema before it's safe again...and that could take a decade...don't buy your homes here...don't recreate here...
that will piss off many of my friends who are dependent on the tourist industry, we all are to some extent up here...
but the truth is the truth...it isn't safe...it isn't right...and it's going to get worse...

the citizen leaders who will emerge as 'leaders' for healing, will be hugely vested in real estate and taking your money and couldn't care less if you are stopped, screwed with (perhaps literally) or gassed, maced shot...
it's a tinderbox soaked with gasoline created by ayotte and francoina pd and select board...and others...
it won't even take a spark to make an explosion at this point...

Anonymous said...

via 1:04

"liko's a hero by default, but a hero...he would balk at it...he couldn't live with another's death on his conscience, he wasn't in the least bit cruel...he did everything to prevent this...going time and time to law enforcement for help...they even worked out something with the chief allowing liko to have the protection of another officer the next time officer pepper went crazy and gassed a female motorist, or a kid in school, sending another kid to a hospital...or a bevy of simple traffic stops that he intentionally escalated into violence..."

i say, again.......
Liko, this cause is for you!


Christopher King said...

1:04 and TL, everyone:

Precisely. This issue will be visited to Congress, it's just a matter of time.

Just wait until some more developments come out that I am fully aware of that I'm not going to talk about just yet.

Some of it has to do with this Right-to-Know post:


And I am interested of course in this Right-to-Know post about Fox Hill Park:


These haters are going to get nailed either way, because once they produce the requested materials they will demonstrate the lies and coverup of Bruce McKay's and Franconia Selectmen and Chief Montminy's culpability which at least equals that of Liko Kenney, especially when you consider that these are all adults who had the power to actually change the environment in which many Franconians suffered needlessly.

The opening line for the letter to the appropriate Congressional subcommittee will be:

"To all concerned: The blood of Liko Kenney and Cpl. Bruce McKay is washing over the souls of the Franconia Police Chief and Selectmen after they ignored years of citizen complaints about Bruce McKay being a dangerous, threatening rogue police officer. NH AG Attorney Ayotte and Homicide Chief Jeffery Strelzin then compounded the matter by lying and withholding key evidence in the investigation into their deaths, in which a conclusion was reached within one business day, as noted by this email from Attorney Ayotte to Attorney X, another former AAG/DA as am I.......

We came together as American Citizens through the Internet (which must remain neutral, free and open) as Independence Day, 2007 approached to analyse the evidence, issue editorial comment to newspapers, file complaints against our Government and make the enclosed short film, "Franconia 5/11," which explains why the Franconia shooting tragedy is a microcosm for much of what is wrong in America today with overzealous police putting citizens in needless peril using the justification of the Patriot Act, the War on Drugs or 9/11."

In fact and by way of reference, a New Hampshire man named Bruce Lavoie was gunned down in his own bedroom in front of his young son after being awakened in a botched no-knock drug raid and the NH AG covered that up and exonerated all of the officers.......

[And of course we can all join in combing the comments sections for the best posts to print and best comments to share].

That's how we do it, as concerned citizens, born with certain skillsets and more importantly, Certain Inalienable Rights....."


I might as well say this is most of the letter to Liko I am planning for Independence Day; the other piece I'm writing for tomorrow involves my new 'girlfriend,' a 90-year old spry lil' sister who is from near Lookout Mountain, Tennessee and who knew Roscoe Tanner and who founded the Ecumenical Tennis and Eating Club with her former husband, a USAF veteran.

I brought her a gosh dang Lobster Quesadilla (yeah, vote for Pedro!) on the al fresco deck at work yesterday and the manager and waiter just took my tables and watched us talk about tennis, life, love and respect for elders (as long as elders respect you back).

That means you, Bruce McKay.

I said a long time ago in this blawg that the tennis and motorcycle thing, and the (in)justice thing with the AG's office are all converging with a force and passion that cannot, and will not be, stopped.

Peace, namaste, aloha.