17 July 2007

Life begins at 150: Concord Monitor covers Franconia Recovery and Reconciliation meeting.

Today's story is the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Also, I am not so certain that the Kenney's refused to participate, my understanding is that there wasn't enough room left. In any event, just the tip of the iceberg. I can't wait to see what they do with my request for the 150 responses, to which I am undoubtedly entitled. Dear Kelly and Jeffery, just redact the names and send them along per my request, thank you.


Anonymous said...

Hey Chris,

Remember, your name didn't matter but your AGE did on the questionnaire?

I wonder if what the person's age would have to do with it and how the answers may be viewed differently with this questionnaire.

I would like to remind people that questionnaires are still being accepted by the committee.

Anonymous said...

I'm Guessing -- It's a minority opinion of a minority opinion about a majority. 150 responses/ 1500 residents. (10%) Of that, I bet it reflects the views of Mcleod.

Anonymous said...

Yeah man. McCloud is the man!

McCloud is a variant of Don Siegel's 1968 film masterpiece Coogan's Bluff, and features elaborate writing, bold action, and the quintessence of high comedy.

Anonymous said...

but this isn't funny -- its Orwellian! New Hampshire is a disaster... Soon all the young people will leave and this aged state will wither like Whitefield. You can't have your justice and eat it too. What a lop-sided judical system... No checks no balance no worries.

Anonymous said...

Good point 9:59
Franconia dosen't want the kids maybe.

They want to draw old money in here to buy real estate. They are hoping some of these people have little kids so they can keep their stupid multi millionare sweetheart scam deals going for new schools they don't really need. It's a money game political football, and they are entrenched, old and bitter and greeeedy. They only want as many young people as will work for shit money in service jobs.
You have touched on a good point.
I do notice real esatate freaks always on the school boards and usually the select boards and planning boards.
They want to cut down trees, draw money into the area to enrich themselves,
and could care less if some pig rolls around abusing kids and turning our wilderness wonderland into stalag 19. In fact, they love it. Or more of the business people and established adults would be making the demands and not abandoning you to the Mckay's, Mcleods, and Monti's of this world.

Anonymous said...

Hey Chris:

What brand of cigarette do you smoke? I am thinking about picking it up again and want to get your take.

Thanks, or namaste.

Anonymous said...


Real estate agents could be posing as government agents. Did you ever think of that?

Even if their not, they are definitely part of a Republican conspiracy to drive up land prices by ordering cops to mace all the kids in Franconia. I'll bet the Bushes have huge, secret, land holdings in the Whites, and they are behind this macing business.

It was the same with New Orleans, when Bush dynamited the levies using the hurricane as a convenient excuse. Like were all a bunch of fucking morons, or something...

Same thing on 9/11: Look at what happened to real estate prices after the Twin Towers were dynamited.

Bush is behind this. Everything was peaceful until Bush rigged the election.

Chris will get to the bottom of this, and he will see the connection between all these events. They are all connected, and related to Bush, Halliburton, and big Republican real estate interests.

Anonymous said...

Nugent was on the school board. Littleton has been run (into the ground) by a cop for 2 years who failed to get his pigs a new 1.3 million dollar sty. How much did brown take to get the fuck out? how much did it cost to get rid of Dunn? why do cops take so much? Who else gets such rich benefits to leave a job and not do any service?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

sorry about your losing liko. after i'm thru being angry with you, i'm angry with myself because you didn't know about the damn meeting either.
no f'n trolling here, just righteous anger, but misdirected.
i don't give a damn if ayotte is reading these postings or not, and i don't think my negativity absolves her or weakens your cause.
the 'attacks' must be about my stuff and wanting to help but very annoyed to have missed that chance yesterday.
i'm also not very good at expressing constructive criticism until i blow up - and so the issue came out about your sometimes digging too deep into theories.
i am apologizing to you. seems like i must have been tasting the casella water myself.
i am too ashamed to sign this...but i'm learning about my own weaknesses. it's emotional here and i let my anger out at the wrong person.

10:27 AM

muss, you are alot clearer than you have been for weeks. you didn't come across as closer to mckay's age, but way too emotional before. it tapped into my emotions - annoyance, frustration and then negativity.
even though i am totally in the same place with you about policing and kids, i have reacted strongly to your personality. i can try to be a presence without having to interact so strongly.

Anonymous said...

It was I that recieved an email from Rep McCleod Sunday evening regarding a Monday 4PM meeting. This meeting's time and agenda was set by the Recovery Team and the Selectboard, not by anyone here. The only reason I got notice is because I have been vocal via email to the Recovery Team regarding my thoughts and your collective thoughts. It had nothing to do with having an inside track on anything nor did it have anything to do with a secret priveleged society on this blog. Once I got the email, I sent it along to CK and others who I have emails for. I only had these contacts thru the same mechanism that amuss and debby have gone too; blind trust and intuition.

CK took that info and made a post out of it as soon as he was able. The information disemination mechanism just plain sucks, but it's all we have right now because people are afraid to come forth and make contacts.

I understand your anger. I had to beg to leave work to attend and I had at most 8 hours notice before CK's blog post indicating this event was occurring. If I could have I would have emailed each and everyone of you!

Direct your anger towards the Town Selectboard and it's practices. Direct your anger at the recovery team for their lack of a public announcement. It was all handled poorly and this is the result.

I beg forgiveness from each and every one of you who are angered or feel left out, as this was not the intent of this blog, CK, or anyone here. This is more of the same BS from the same powers that be and we're squabbling amonst ourselves instead of trying to fix it.

To anyone, and I mean anyone, who directly feels hurt because of something I did or didn't do address me directly. If I can make amends I will.

In-fighting does not further the cause, nor does it make us look cohesive. In anybody has a suggestion as to how better to get the "word" out make it. My only thought is an email distribution list if we continue to use this blog as our medium. An alternative would to be to set up a discussion board forum like mauramurraymissing.com where we could register and use it's mechanisms as a clearing house of ideas and notifications.

In retrospect I can see how some well-meaning people could have felt slighted.

The WE is all of US.

Anonymous said...

10:54 give yourself an identity, I feel your genuine desire to help. It is helpful for all your fellow "bloggers" who also are trying to seek the truth.

Christopher King said...


I would expect that the age not be redacted on the questionnaires.


Don't smoke. It's bad for you.

Real Estate dirt.

As I have said, I gave up on that one after a title company I started under contract started pushing me out the door without my profit share, told plenty of lies to do so and forged my name to a mortgage and faxed it off for funding -- which is of course Wire Fraud.

Ayotte's office did NOTHING about it; I had to sue them personally and we resolved it that way.

Complaint page one.

Complaint page two.

I mean, seriously just LOOK at those two signatures. Not even close, but then that's corporate Kelly for you.


Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm reading the blog wrong, but are you asking the AG's office to release the survey responses? If so, the AG's office has nothing to do with the survey. It's the work of locals - and they have no obligation to release anything to the public.

This survey does not fall under the right to know law.
Also, there was plenty of room inside the selectman's meeting. There were several folding chairs left for anyone who wanted one.

Christopher King said...

Also, to all:

Take it easy.

Nothing is going to happen overnight and I am still gathering the materials that will be a part of the KingCast suit against the AG's office and potentially the Selectmen for McKay personnel file.

I can't wait to read the complaint against McKay by Attorney Watts.

When everything is set up you can contact me at kingjurisdoctor@yahoo.com and take it off line as far as gathering signatures of support to go to the Court with a Writ of Mandamus to compel full disclosure on the materially-conflicting witness statements that the AG and media are hiding.

All of that is entirely antithetical to the Right-to-Know laws that Kelly has espoused to me in a letter bearing her own signature -- unlike her official report on the Franconia shooting tragedy which is utterly DEVOID of signature.

Speaking of DEVOID, this whole case is just a tad DEVO, totally.


Mandamus and prohibition are extraordinary writs. See, e.g., Rockhouse Mt. Property Owners Assoc. v. Town of Conway, 127 N.H. 593, 602 (1986); Petition of Mone, 143 N.H. 128, 132 (1998). A writ of mandamus is used to compel a public official to perform a ministerial act that the official has refused to perform, or to vacate the result of a public official‘s act that was performed arbitrarily or in bad faith. See Guy J. v. Commissioner, 131 N.H. 742, 747 (1989). This court will, in its discretion, issue a writ of mandamus only where the petitioner has an apparent right to the requested relief and no other remedy will fully and adequately afford relief. See Guarracino v. Beaudry, 118 N.H. 435, 437 (1978).

Anonymous said...


Christopher King said...


No I am not asking for the survey from the AG's office but from the selectmen; I sent the request to them and to their counsel of record, Daniel Mullen, a former NH AAG.

And I'm sorry but those survey responses, once sent to a government official, become public record.

Want to bet me on that?

Also, the final resting spot of that bullet that went through the windshield -- I have asked the AG's office for THAT, and a few choice other items.

I don't know about the folding chairs, all I know is the same person who was correct about the content of the report told me about the seating issue.

Best regards,


Christopher King said...


I see the parallel now:

1. NH AG issues summary of facts that is wholly incomplete in the shooting investigation and denies public access to the materially conflicting witness statements.

2. Franconia Selectmen issue soft touch summary of actual responses and denies public access to the materially relevant actual submissions.

If the Selectmen follow the AG's route they too will be included in the Mandamus Action.

Are we clear?

Anonymous said...

Define plenty of room 11:58? (3-4 feet?)... were the folding chairs open or closed? Several Chairs??? closed chairs out of sight don't count.. which means there were no extra seats. ya dig? You have no idea how many people were outside. You couldn't care less. People left when became this closed door environ became obvious. I dont give two shits what this organization came up with. They are irrelevent while negligent.

Anonymous said...

Why in God's name would they want to withhold name redacted surveys?

A main theme of the preliminary report was accountability and communication.

Unbelievable if they even contemplate that. But then again the idea of citizen involvement was lost on Chairman Beltz when he baltently omitted including the public when he "looked forward to working with the board and the police department". Duh!

Yes Chris, there were plenty of folding chairs. The subtlety in that statement is that there was no place to put them without either being unable to view/hear the proceedings or interrupt the entire meeting to find a spot to unfold said chair.

Must I go to the Town Hall and take pics just as was done a Fox Hill Park?

Anonymous said...

Someone asked what plenty of room meant at the selectmen's meeting:

There were folding chairs against the wall for anyone who wanted one. Everyone who did have a seat got it by walking in the room, grabbing a folding chair and opening it. There was also standing room, and someone did choose to stand.
No one was turned away and no one came in looking for a seat.

I would say there were about 13-15 people outside the town hall while the meeting went on. Maybe a few more. Afterward, some spoke to the press. Some declined to speak to the press.

One of the men outside accused the selectman of closing the meeting to the Kenney supporters. His evidence? He arrived just as the meeting was letting out. He assumed that meant it had been closed, but it really meant only that he showed up too late to attend.

The conspiracy theories are tiresome. I think some people are more interested in complaining than learning the truth and fixing the problem.

Anonymous said...

Take Pics! you can't fit more than 10 around that table in that room.

Christopher King said...


Fixing the problem involves an open flow of information, which everyone here supports.

Do you?

Then sign on, identify yourself and indicate that you support a Mandamus action to release the full files from both the AG Report and the name-redacted survey responses.

Sound fair?

And do I have a commitment from you that you will attend oral argument, look me in the eye and tell me what you think of me at such time?

Because otherwise you probably shouldn't be wasting your time to post here.


Anonymous said...

12:29 said:

The conspiracy theories are tiresome. I think some people are more interested in complaining than learning the truth and fixing the problem.

I'm glad you alluded to learning the truth and fixing the problem. Addressing the accountability and communication issues with more than lip service would be a start. It would also help with those "conspiracy theories". We are where we're at because of the years of deceit, half-truths and withheld documents.

I would also suggest that an event as important to the community as yesterday be publicised well in advance and be held in a forum that would accomodate all without having to interrupt a meeting to find a chair, then find a place for the chair. It could have and should have been a positive event for all given the least bit of consideration.

Christopher King said...

Yes, Lifer

Take pics, what the heck.

I gave 12:29 a specific set of directives so let's see if that person is man or woman enough to actually follow them in order to help improve the flow of information.


Anonymous said...

The exact dimensions of the room must be made public, as well as the number of chairs, fixed as well as folding. It would be helpful, though not absolutely necessary, to know how many of the chairs were padded, and the condition of the chairs. Perhaps people were scared away by the prospect of sitting down in a chair, only to have it collapse. If that happened, the police would probably mace the sitter and charge him or her with a disturbance. Yeah, this chair thing stinks too. Another government coverup funded by greedy corporations with big land interests in the area.

Its all connected. Just ask Duffy. He is on to Them.

Christopher King said...

One of the chairs is apparently parked up your arse and next to your head.

When you extract them, clean your glasses and see if you can follow this:


Fixing the problem involves an open flow of information, which everyone here supports.

Do you?

Then sign on, identify yourself and indicate that you support a Mandamus action to release the full files from both the AG Report and the name-redacted survey responses.

Sound fair?

And do I have a commitment from you that you will attend oral argument, look me in the eye and tell me what you think of me at such time?

Because otherwise you probably shouldn't be wasting your time to post here.

Anonymous said...

Look, everyone here is just looking for truth and justice. The insiders on the blog can communicate telepathically. Here is my story:

As a small child, I often spoke to "light beings" while in the privacy of my bedroom. Because of this, and because I knew things about people and future situations, people often came just to see me and speak with me (this was heightened because of my father being a member of the local Pentacostal church).

As a child, I always believed that love was the greatest power there was. It was a traumatic experience for me, growing up. There was so much hate in this world, I could not understand it. I also suffered from nightmares from my previous incarnation here. Searching for truth and trying to belong, I found myself progressing through religions. I also spent a lot of time researching my family ancestry, in order to find out who I was. I found very often that I did not understand what was expected of me in various social situations, and I spent a lot of time researching culture, ettiquette and psychology. Like so many other Wanderers, it took me a long time to realize that you cannot trust everyone.

I "awakened" about three years ago. I was sitting on the couch in my living room. Suddenly, the sky seemed to open-up to me. There was a bright light, and I could see Chris King. It was an incredible experience. I could not remember everything afterward, but I had a greater understanding of who I am and where I am from.

Since that time, I have been able to remember much about who I am, where I am from, and what I am doing here. I have traveled (astrally) back to my home planet in my real body. It is a body of light. We are able to communicate with each other telepathically or by "joining together".

I have also been aboard one of the ships above this planet, several times. I have completed one of my missions here, but it seems there is more to do.

It took me about two years to realize that there was information here for and about us (in books, on the internet, etc.). Before that, I felt very much alone. I have met several (human) people who knew who I am. This is something I have always found strange. However, these people wish to help us, and that is a big step toward completing our work.

I have only told one other person about who I really am. (Though other Wanderers already know who I am, as well as some humans.) That person is my husband. I don't know if he believes me, and because of that I have not told anyone else.

This is my third incarnation here. And I must say that this is difficult and lonely work for all of us. But when we are done, it will seem like it just flew by.

Anonymous said...

So, there you have it, all of you beings who had questions about the "insiders" on this site.

We have been receiving channeled information from a group consciousness called the Light Beings for the past 14 years.

Their group energy has a shared interest in helping human kind adapt to the rising vibration we are experiencing now on the earth plane. The LBs enthusiastically remind us we are incarnate energy beings with our auric fields, personalities, and physical bodies being influenced and affected by the subtle vibrations of thought, color and sound. They teach us about managing our energy fields and balancing ego and spirit. They offer us guidance in ways to expand our consciousness, better understand and experience unconditional love, and work with the challenges and opportunities that arise with the earth plane changes and expanding consciousness of this new age.

The information and commentary they provide are multi-fold, covering a wide subject matter. We are grateful the channel is offering this material to the public, and hope you will take this opportunity to read this site and for sharing and personal use of some or all of the first Light Beings’ Group Readings. If you are interested in further group readings with the opportunity to ask questions of the Light Beings you can become a member.

Anonymous said...


That is some real heavy sh*t. I want to party with you.

Anonymous said...

2:28 -- hey its a first amemdment web site ...you can say shit....shit happens, shit exists.

1:28 is proof of this

Charles Duffy said...

The first person who reports the fire to the police.

This is who they question.

Anonymous said...

Duffy: Have you been in contact with any of the other LBs recently? Your presence and aura have been scarce recently.

Anonymous said...

you should report all fires to the fire department. nome sane?

Charles Duffy said...

The U.S government is trying to keep us all down. It's in your NWO best interests.

Please wake up people. Ck is trying to tell us behind the lines.

His blog is more than just your five o'clock News. It's his right and anyone who chooses to disagree.

My rant is: Everyone is so sudden to forget why George Washington was the biggest terrorist and That Thomas Jefferson is rolling in his grave just thinking about it.

Anonymous said...

you guys are absolutely brilliant

Anonymous said...

I'm talking about foro's club - great gang

Anonymous said...

Is "foro" a LB also?

Anonymous said...

Duffy: Please provide some detail on the George Washington "terrorist" comment. I assume it is related to the cold-blooded slaughter of the peaceful and tranquil Native American Indians that he (Columbus) and his blood-thirsty crew of paid mercenaries, funded by European entities that today would be known as "corporations," carried out after they extracted all they could of these peaceful habitants of North America.

It has never been the same here since that murderous scum Columbus came.

Anonymous said...

Hey 2:27,

You are absolutely right. Ergo and thusly, eat the peanuts in my shit. Long live the 1st Amendment!



Anonymous said...

444 always a whore, kind of funny in it's way.
Distraction success!!

Not even coming from people in the state or area most likely.

Predictable trollery as you guys
have the all the truth and inconsistincies and le corruption recorded and the blog must be targetted and ridiculed by trolls writing in crazy stuff and then making mockery of the same crazy stuff that THEY/HE just wrote etc. A very old trick. A classic.

They will attempt to do the same when the civil litigation kicks in as well. The truth terrifies them.

I figure the towns up there pretty poisonous lost at this point anyway,

BUT the general public will now ALWAYS KNOW and Franconia Notch will Forever ALWAYS be remembered subliminally, and overtly, as Liko's profile on that Old Man of The Mountains.

tLiko Kenney is apparently in the tradition of Hawthorne's Old Man of The Mountain in perpetuity now. Bless him.

And into Franconia, now forever the symbol of an entrance into a deeply corrupt place where murderer's run free.

At least a bad cop was taken down by a patriot.
You have that much to be proud of up there, and so it will always be remembered.

And the trolls know that, and it kills them, so the best they can do is turn this into an AOL chat room level IQ kind of place.

The jokes and ridicule and trollery can explode this blog and exploit the blog, but the people know the truth.

And truthseekers will find the facts here and no where else, just yet.

And the kids up there have been abandoned. They are very smart and very tough kids though. And always on top of the spin and under the radar, no matter if they send the entire U.S. Army up there.

Let's remember that the US has lost two foreign wars in a row to guerilla fighters on their own home turf.

Maybe they can occupy Franconia for awhile and finally register something in the Win column. But I wouldn't bet on it.

And it dosen't take much to be smarter than a cop. it just takes cruelty. And organization.

And the officials are generating tons of that in future heros like Liko, who wasn't cruel,
but the next few WILL be as cruel & crazy sly as that fat fake marine killer PCP guy that they let loose up there.

I'm glad his address and picture were printed.

This troll attack was predicted from the start and should not be surprising.

The foro person is a one man dirty trick squad. I don't know about Columbus being murderous scum, perhaps so, and very good distraction technique bringing some other generation's genocide into this with typical Neocon 'humor.'

I do know about Mckay being murderous scum, and I do know about Ayotte being murderous scum, and I do know about the Select Board and state representative being murderous scum.

The Reconcilation Committee seems to have it's heart in the right place, but they are infested with another bad cop, and they won't do anything meaningful sadly.

And so good citizens trying to effect change on that committee end up unfairly being irresponsible and complicit and endangering the community further.

Everyone will know in time. Most know already. To the rest of the world NH is the Dukes of Hazard's Boss Hogg, in their crudity and arrogance and disregard for ethics.

Meanwhile the trolls take over and some good posters have apparently signed out of here.

They made their contributions however, and if anybody's left that cares about staying on track, perhaps they'll find a way to waddle thru the trolls to get at the heart of the matter in the histories here.

The intelligent and seeking will see through the games, and the others don't matter anyway.

Liko Kenney. I know every time I have to drive through that area I will look to that site, where the natural stone State Symbol fell, right about the time Mckay had his smackdown with Liko Kenney in 2003 interestingly and coincentally.

Gosh, maybe irony isn't completely dead in the U.S.A.

They have made Liko immortal now, and not for an action he ever wanted to take, but he, even against his own wishes and will, now becomes the eternal symbol of Hawthorne's Old Man. The place where Men are Made.

And good men don't get tortured, smacked and sprayed in the face without protecting themselves and their loved ones by firing back; hard, fast and true.

That is as American as it gets. God bless Liko Kenney.

Anonymous said...

9:59 AM,

Interesting comment about Whitefield. It is a very different town than when I was a young girl. The once bustling commons with the young is empty and kids are suspect if they hang out anywhere down town.

The stores and businesses have withered. This has been a slow process but it is dwindling away.

Christopher King said...

I've been busy:



Christopher King said...

Let's see how Kelly came out the last time we faced off:

She lost.


Anonymous said...

Dear 10:09, you are one of the most delectable trolls here. (if there is more than one)
Anyway, please say you'll stay! I know you're fascinated. this gave me a great laugh:

from 10:09:
"... I'll bet the Bushes have huge, secret, land holdings in the Whites, and they are behind this macing business."

Gosh, how does somebody manage to fail 'sarcasm?' It's quite a good stupid pet trick!

Actually if you get somebody to read you the news, the Bushes have just purchased huge amounts of acreage ("land holdings") in Paraguay, the convenient home of many a cowardly Nazi on the run.

He's not investing the family money in American holdings. There'd be that pesky Consitution to deal with.

These Nazi children killers had no other place to go as Paraguay dictators do not extradite criminals.

Mr.Bush covering his bets and avoiding the World Court, (or an American Court,) for trial and penalties according to his crimes.

Her paid trolls are about as effective as her official 'investigators'

Anonymous said...

Outed. Damned, and by an amateur detective. How did you find out about the secret land holdings in South America and Bushes alliance with the Nazis down there? We specifically ordered all MSM to not publish that information.

When the NWO starts in the next two years, you had better be more discreet: Did you see the planes on Monday?

Anonymous said...

I didn't see any planes but I did see them take you away in a straight jacket yesterday. How did you get to a computer?

Christopher King said...

While some trolls are busy trying to interrupt our flow, I'll be busy reading John Sedgwick's and the Men's Journal stories about the case.


Anonymous said...


Only earthly beings are bound by mere matter. Items such as straight jackets and computers are completely irrelevant, like particles of sand at the bottom of a deep, cold ocean.

Wanderers communicate amongst ourselves telepathically, as I explained previously. We communicate with beings (earth and well as other terrestial beings) through whatever means best suits them.

Our thoughts form our Essence, which we can transmit either through aural sensation, or through what you know as the "internet." No mechanical machines are necessary for communications.

Of course, we do utilize machines, for ease of transport across the vastness which you know as the universe, but no machines are necessary for communication.

Anonymous said...

Ok chilren, dont' panic. We'll find our way out of here and be just fine.I dont' think this stuff is contagious but we need to stick together.

Stan: But Chef, these words don't mean anything to me and I dont' understand a thing that's going on. Am I going crazy.?

Carm: You were crazy numbnutts

Kyle: Shut up dumbass and follow me toward that groin.

Anonymous said...


Only earthly beings are bound by mere matter. Items such as straight jackets and computers are completely irrelevant, like particles of sand at the bottom of a deep, cold ocean."

So, are you hanging out with the LE or the AG's? You might need to cut back your hours...it's getting to your brain. Some neuro-bio feedback could help or maybe some laying on of hands but you seriously need to calm down and put your feet on the ground.