06 July 2007

KingCast welcomes former Jaffrey Town Manager John Sistare home with a hero's welcome.

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He's baaaaack. And I was correct about the vicious rumour that his nemesis, Marty Dunn, copped a $100K settlement for unreasonable work conditions and whatnot. They called Marty a "nitwit" which is true, I called him a maggot for laughing about the possibility of me being gang-raped in prison (it's apparently permissible for cops to laugh about lawlessness if they don't like you) and MassCops.com also called him a "slime-bag." So they only paid him because he's got dirt on somebody, somehow. More New Hampshire police follies, totally wasting taxpayer monies. I would laugh except it's so ridiculous, Lucy. Okay, okay I chuckled a bit. Okay. Well okay more like ROTFLMAO, =^.)

OH MY GAWD -- Want Jaffrey background, read News of the Weird.

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Christopher King said...

When American Tower fired me they called me a "Dangerous Black Man," but the Jaffrey folks called Dunn a "nitwit."

Go figure. At least I had enough sack to be something more than a "nitwit," HAHAHAHAHA.

Meanwhile, either Dunn or American Tower lied and said that police escorts were required to lead me out of the building in 2002 when I PROPERLY, according to Boston area DOL requested Overtime for my trainees, co-workers and myself.

To get there, watch this really cool Satan morph of Chief Dunn first:


And then watch American Lawyer Two and Three at KingCast.net