04 July 2007

KingCast shares Littleton Courier piece on Shooter Floyd and asks if Floyd's second shot was for Caleb Macaulay, in the Franconia shooting tragedy.

Fact: Any idiot can tell you that you need to make a copy of a copy when you redact information; I taught new employees how to redact at American Tower Corporation.
Fact: The State failed to do that, so now we see that they redacted the fact that at pp. 926-927 Chet Thompson and a female voice told the dispatch that "he's still standing he has a pistol in his hand, pointing it at someone."

Note: That has to be Floyd terrorizing Caleb because they are the only two men there at the time. Query, why is Floyd pointing a gun at Caleb at this point? He's clearly unarmed and has refused Floyd's demand that he pick up Liko's gun, as we will address shortly.
Fact: NH AG Kelly Ayotte refuses to provide me a working copy of Caleb Macaulay's interview, which lasted for HOURS.
Fact, page 26: "The windshield (of Liko's Toyota) was cracked and had a bullet hole in the lower cowling."
Fact, page 5:
His father was next to the officer trying to pull him in front of their truck..... When the car rushed forward, his father jumped out of the way, grabbed the officer’s gun off the ground and fired once at the driver. The car stopped with the bottom of its front end on the officer’s chest."

Okay, so RIGHT THERE we know that the first bullet probably went through the windscreen (see yesterday's Autopsy post) and incapacitated Liko, who was struck in the head and through the neck with the second shot through Caleb's closed window as noted on p. 25, so all of this nonsense about Liko running over McKay twice comes only from Floyd, whose credibility is as we should say, rather shaky, having claimed to be a Viet Nam veteran at 49 years of age.

It all came to me yesterday as I watched Caleb doing yoga in our yard: "Man that kid (I'm twice his age) is Good," I thought.... "really quick and really fluid." And he needed to be quick and fluid because contrary to some reports in the bought-and-sold media, the only corroborated sequence of events has Caleb at p.11 of the official report and Shooter Floyd noting at p.20/1,000 Adobe/DVD that acknowledging that Floyd never said a word before firing through Caleb's closed window. Once Caleb has his head down Floyd can't very well shoot him in the back of the head so he tells him to pick up Liko's gun, p.11, which is incredible because the gun is NOT between the two men; it is behind Caleb, who wisely refuses to follow Floyd's command because that nut job would have shot and killed him as well.

Read the Floyd/Ayotte cover up post, written before I thought more about the windshield bullet and p. 5 of the official report as noted above.

Anyway, common sense will tell you that if Floyd didn't want to kill Caleb or was not being criminally reckless in his regard, he would have said "Get down!!" or "Look out!!" because his target would have been Liko. As such, there is no way in hell that Kelly Ayotte should have given Shooter Floyd a pass on criminal liability toward Liko AND Caleb in 24 hours, but she sure did, and that is why we are going to seek Congressional review.

Also, at p. 27 (fn 5) what on Earth is one of Floyd's bullets doing up in the McKenzie's house if he only shot twice and in the direction of Liko's car, which was right in front of him?

We need a Congressional investigation into why we don't have the rest of David Melby's transcription notes that end at p. 964 of the Adobe CD report; I've got a call going in to him now to see if he will provide us the rest of his report.

Lastly, take a look at the Littleton Courier story by Editor Justin Lavely in the overleaf.


Christopher King said...

Littleton Courier
July 4, 2007

Violent pasts predated shootout on Route 116

Floyd often found himself on the other side of the law

By Justin Lavely

Easton residents Gregory W. Floyd and Liko Kenney never met before their involvement in a deadly Franconia shootout, but both men lived with the same contempt for authority and checkered history with law enforcement officials.

The two men's paths collided May 11 on Route 116 near Kinsman Lodge. After Franconia Cpl. Bruce McKay stopped Kenney's vehicle, Kenney shot the officer five times and ran him over twice. Witnessing the events from his truck nearby, Floyd wasted no time taking action. He picked up
McKay's service weapon and shot Kenney twice, killing him.

Hours after interviewing witnesses following the incident, Attorney General Kelly Ayotte cleared Floyd, saying his use of deadly force against
Kenney was justified because he thought he was helping a severely injured police officer, who was pinned underneath Kenney's 1984 Toyota
Celica Supra.

The 24-year-old Kenney had been previously arrested for simple assault, possession of a controlled substance, obstructing government
administration and resisting arrest. His aunt had a restraining order placed on him and friends and family described his disdain for authority and
occasional paranoia. Kenney also carried a loaded .45 caliber handgun in his car and owned a blowgun with metal darts.

The 49-year-old Floyd has two 1981 felony convictions in Georgia for violating the state's Controlled Substance Act. In 1997, after moving to
Easton, Floyd was arrested for criminal threatening after he threatened to shoot a man reading his electrical meter. Around the same time, state police were investigating Floyd after his neighbors on Hummingbird Lane accused him of shooting automatic weapons and aiming at their
houses. A search of his property, which is protected by numerous "No Trespassing" signs and a locked cable across the driveway, yielded seven weapons.

During his time in Easton, Floyd had numerous run-ins with former constable Robert Every. In 1997, Every described Floyd as unstable and
dangerous. Every was the first to investigate the claims from Floyd's neighbors and a separate incident at Lafayette Elementary School when Floyd
was accused of being "irrationally abusive" toward staff members.

"All of us have made mistakes in our lives; in Mr. Floyd's case the behavior extends beyond a mistake; there is a pattern, a pattern of past
violence, paranoid behavior and excessive anger," Every wrote in a report. "I feel Mr. Floyd is capable of showing up at the Lafayette Elementary School or at a neighbor's house with an automatic weapon…"

Although Ayotte cleared Floyd because he was acting on behalf of the injured officer, Floyd's previous dealings with New Hampshire police
officers indicates the opposite. While being arrested in June of 1997 for criminal threatening, the former marine tried to knee New Hampshire
State Police Officer Scot E. Bryan in the groin, according to the officer's incident report. During the incident, Floyd made a number of comments
directed toward the officers, according to the report.

• "My dog is trained to attack the throat. If I had wanted to he would have attacked you."

• "[Expletive] live free or die, this state has no constitutional rights."

• "I want to take that [expletive] out into the woods and settle this in the mud and blood."

Floyd also told the officers, had he wanted to, he could have given them "a third eye." He bragged about his expert marksmanship and how he
would have to shot them between the eyes because he knows they wear bulletproof vests.

According to Bryan's report, the officers never raised their voices though Floyd accused them of traumatizing his son with their presence.
Floyd also claimed to have been trained by the Navy Seals and was involved in Marine Recon.

The arrest of Floyd prompted an investigation into his criminal background. When officers learned of his felony convictions in Georgia, they arrested him a month later for being a felon in possession of firearms. The charges were later dropped because the 1981 crime would not have been a felony in New Hampshire at the time it was committed. During a search of Floyd's house, a shotgun was found on top of a kitchen cupboard,
a loaded .32 caliber revolver was found in the cabinet, and a black powder rifle was found on the bed in the master bedroom, where the rest
of the weapons were located. Officers found a loaded 9mm handgun on top of the bureau, a 44 mag. Ruger Super Black Hawk next to the bed, a
Ruger Mini 14 on the box spring and a 6.5 caliber rifle in the closet.

During the arrest, State Police Detective Robert Bruno asked Floyd if the Marine Corps., which he claims to have served in from 1976 to 1985,
had a problem with his drug convictions. Floyd said no, according to Bruno's report, indicating that he was part of the "No Such Agency,"
which was more powerful than the C.I.A. and stationed in South America. He told Bruno his actions in South America are top secret.

Another arresting officer, State Trooper T.A. Cohen, said Floyd made comments to his son during the search of his residence. Floyd asked his
son if the other officers were beating up his wife or stealing things from his house, according to Cohen's report. Floyd told his son to get the "claymore clappers" and "blow the place" while laughing.

While transporting Floyd to the Littleton Police Department, Cohen said Floyd referred to police officers as "cowards" and "bullies." He also
said he didn't like judges and doctors because they are allowed to discipline their own fellow professionals.

Anonymous said...

You're a retard. Explain how Floyd, a passerby, who stumbled onto this scene, could have possibly made a distinction between the killer and the passenger, and considered each individually. All he knew, was that there are TWO men in a car who just murdered a cop, and given the fact that he just witnessed this, he now has a very good reason to believe that they can and will kill him. He's the only witness as far as they know.

Grow up you little douche.

Anonymous said...

Yo...brave marine! How did Ayotte think she was going to keep this guy's history covered!

Anonymous said...


Your so adorable when you are angry.

Christopher King said...


So are you saying he did shoot at Caleb?

And why would they want Floyd dead? They were motioning for him to come help. Official report p. 10.

And why was McKay a cop anyway. I can't wait until his personnel file and the Tim Stephenson files are produced through me or the family attorneys.

Little Hitler Dude will have to produce it one way or the other, and that's a fact, Jack.


Happy Independence Day =^.)

Christopher King said...


And why would our brave Viet Nam hero tell Caleb to retrieve a weapon that was not between them but rather behind Caleb?

Let's hear your explanation for that.


-L.D. (Little Douche).

Oh, but wait: Boston financier John Feloni, who wrote a book about corporate malfeasance, "Fall of the House of Hutton," noted that I've already gone where?

"From douchebag to darling,"


So you're a little late; should have caught me last year when I was still under indictment and facing unauthorized practice of law charges from Attorney Ayotte, before all of the charges were dismissed at substantial taxpayer expense, the police chief was fired and his prosecutor resigned under an ethics scandal.

Just the facts.

Anonymous said...

What is the affirmative defense and its predicates?


Christopher King said...

Dear 9:18

To being a douchebag?

Or are you referring to criminal menacing of Caleb?

Meanwhile, I think today is the Right Day to demand an accounting of all the bogus cases brought against me by Attorney Ayotte and her buddy Chief Dunn, another cop without a clue when I was NAACP Legal Director in Southern NH:



Anonymous said...

"All he knew, was that there are TWO men in a car who just murdered a cop, and given the fact that he just witnessed this, he now has a very good reason to believe that they can and will kill him. He's the only witness as far as they know."

Come on, Floyd took that scene over so fast and he was not acting from fear, that is for sure. He was running the show. You seem close enough to things to know how mild-mannered and docile Caleb is. Floyd was ranting and raving at this kid, telling him he was going to blow his face if he didn't stop moving his body and crying. That doesn't sound like a man fearing for his life to me.

Christopher King said...

Exactly, Debby.

And why was that redacted about Floyd holding the gun on Caleb?

The Congressional inquiry panel might find that interesting as will the family attorneys.

I do.

Anonymous said...

Floyed killed Liko. I am assuming he was not prosecuted because the state felt he had the "defense of others" defense. So I was curious as to how he satisfied that defense, based on application of the facts to the law.


Christopher King said...


Hold on, I get your question and may add more in a minute, but remember part of the defense is that you must know the person to be alive.

In Ayotte's email to Attorney X she flat out says there was no way that Floyd could have known if McKay was dead or alive.

You cannot use deadly force to protect a corpse, and by the time Floyd shoots Liko from the passenger window (when he could have been trying to shoot Caleb who ducked with the quickness) Floyd is certainly in no danger of being run over because..... he... is.... BESIDE the car.


Then when you add the sketchy statements by Floyd about being a Viet Nam veteran and and his actions toward Caleb you have some serious concerns about whether this man was protecting a life or wanting to go off on Liko and Caleb. We must remember to ask ourselves how that menacing charge disappeared, as I linked that Concord Monitor story about it right here:


My point is that while Floyd says he didn't know McKay, McKay I believe did have enough authority to get that menacing charge eliminated so perhaps Floyd's rage is not so much that a cop got shot (because as you see he HATES cops, but because his buddy got shot).

So now we know that Caleb wasn't lying when he said Floyd said nothing prior to shooting.

We believe a report attributed to Caleb that Floyd shot rounds on the ground around Caleb any which-a-way, which might explain why at page 27 of the official report, fn5, there is a bullet shot by Floyd in the McKenzie house and elsewhere at p. 26 there is a bullet in the barn in a toolkit also shot from Floyd.

Also look at p. 40 where the official report says that Floyd claims Kenney was manipulating the gun in an attempt to clear the jam....

....but at p.28 "the state police forensic lab examined the two pistols recovered from the scene. Both were test fired and found to function normally.

Interesting given Floyd's total lack of crebility, having said he was in Viet Nam for Pete's sake.

Christopher King said...

Also as applied to Floyd, I am 99% certain without the statute in front of me, that there is an affirmative duty to retreat, which of course he could have done as he is standing there by the side of the car.

All of these issues are so intensely complex that there is no way the State could have adequately addressed them in 24 hours to be calling Liko a murderer because before you do that you have to also consider whether Liko became suddenly enraged, which he did, based on his actual knowledge of McKay and McKay's general reputation as a bully.

And exonerating Floyd of all of his actions as to BOTH Liko and Caleb in that span of time is INSANE, especially given Floyd's criminal past and actions on the scene (again, why the redaction?) but that is precisely what the State did, and now I can't even get a functioning coy of Caleb's statements.


Enough. I'm heading down to the Hub for a little R & R.

Peace, aloha, namaste.

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me here? Liko Kenney was a piece of garbage, he shot a man, period, there is no excuse, we all watched that video as he stuck his damn arm out the window and kept firing. If you think now you can convince any sane person that he was some kind of victim your wrong. You'll notice in the paper that no one is screaming for new gun laws up here, thats cause 80% of us carry. Come up here, shot at anyone and yes, just like G. Floyd one of us is going to blow your freakin head off! Stop trying to make Liko out like innocent, he's a murderer and the rest of us are not that easily fooled. As far as Caleb being told to pick up a gun, please, all he had to do was shoot him and place it in his hand so try something else. All of your stupid insinuations don't hold water, now he was a pervert, please, try again and do better this time

Anonymous said...

So you are 99% sure of something but do not have the statute in front of you, but you have it on good authority .. . ., Man that statue is the basis for Floyd's actions being excused, it is the statute that Ms. Ayotte has to apply facts to and uphold, it is what you have to apply as the framework into which all these alleged facts are inserted. Its misapplication would be the basis for frying Ayotte for malpractice/dereliction of her duty. Not maybe, or might be, or did you hear the rumor stuff, but the law as applied to exonerate this wacko. Was it done correctly?
You are a better lawyer than that Chris. You wanna hang Ayotte, get her with the law.

Anonymous said...

12:09, I live here too, and the statement that "80% of us carry" is laughable. Just shows that you're either NOT actually from here, or you're just full of it. Either way, your credibility is sorely lacking.

Anonymous said...

Geez, 1:32. Get excited much? Might want to get that high blood pressure med adjusted.

Chris is correct. Here's a link to RSA 627:4, which reads, in part


III. A person is not justified in using deadly force on another to defend himself or a third person from deadly force by the other if he knows that he and the third person can, with complete safety:

(a) Retreat from the encounter, except that he is not required to retreat if he is within his dwelling or its curtilage and was not the initial aggressor...

Incidentally, that took me about two minutes to look up, which is probably less time than it took you to type out your diatribe. Mellow out, people. It's much healthier.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. Note the conjunctive, and, which would imply that the shot cop who had just been run over twice must be able to retreat. Which is a no. Which makes the point moot. Chris is correct about what?

I am glad someone looked it up, even if it was interpreted wrong. 99%.

Eat the peanuts in my shit, hayseed. Hahahahahahahaha.

Anonymous said...

Except that the AG said that Floyd had no way of knowing that McKay wasn't dead.


Anonymous said...

Why don't you take a look at how many cases Ayotte has lost. She is completely incompetent.

You sound unstable.

Anonymous said...

Wrong. McKay was presumptively alive, had been for decades, so the idea that he needs to go and check to see if he was alive while Liko reloads is completely ass backwards thinking, inconsistent with the rationale which the statute is based upon.

Its ok, not thinking through things is not uncommon for a dumb ass like you.

After last nites cook out, there should be some corn in my stool you can snack on now. Bon apetit!

Christopher King said...


Thank you.

I was at a Kinko's and in a hurry while they were printing Liko stickers for free because they know McKay was a miserable SOB.


Perhaps Floyd could have shot Caleb and put the gun in his hand but he just wasn't quite feeling up for all of that. Even a wacko like him has some decency -- or perhaps he was worried that he might get caught if he did that. Then shortly thereafter there were witnesses.

And why are there redacted documents regarding Floyd continuing to criminally menace Caleb?




I doubt there's much room for corn up your behind with your head already stuck there, but if I'm such a dumb ass, perhaps it really reflects poorly on NH AG Kelly Ayotte, who along with that idiot cop Marty Dunn and his idiot prosecutor Albrecht lost all 3 cases against me.

And I don't mean lost at trial, I mean I spanked that arse so good the cases NEVER EVEN GOT TO TRIAL.


State v. King, Cheshire Cty. 05 S-387
State v. King, Cheshire Cty. 05 S-388
State v. King, Hillsborough South 05 E 430

Stop eating so much red meat at cookouts. Eat sushi instead.