31 July 2007

KingCast shares a few quotes from the blogosphere about Liko Kenney, Bruce McKay and KingCast.net

First there is this Vermont WCAX-3 AP post, on which Beverley Wang would follow up if she had any journalistic integrity.

Then there is a Blawg.com entry.

Parliament of One:
I began to gather information on Liko Kenney because I really thought it would be a fascinating case to delve into, or preferably to get Aspeth (I'm still milking this idea, come on A!) to delve into, but I came across Chris King's blog and realized my attempts at investigative journalism would pale in comparison.

Anyway, if I get myself a bit more invested in the research I might put some of my findings here, but for now I'll just recommend King's.

P.S. It's Kiss Your Country Day in America! Happy 4th!

Having ski raced as a youth on the same courses as the infamous Kenney’s and raised to question authority and convention I feel more than a little affinity for the clan. From my perspective and bias based on interactions with other seemingly misguided local NH town police the conclusion I draw is that the actions of the pursuing officer were gravely inappropriate and the citizen vigilante actions were at least partly motivated by a predisposition to act out gunplay fantasies. It seems that the mass media has failed clearly report potentially wrongdoing and is predisposed to propagate idealistic imagery of law enforcement. I love this state and country. This family is iconic to both and deserves justice as do we all.

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lucidiocy said...

Oh, hey! I didn't notice this until today.

It's nice to be quoted, though perhaps not as nice as being recommended!