29 July 2007

KingCast schools Beverley Wang, WMUR, Chief Montminy and Franconia town attorney Daniel Mullen on more missing McKay/Liko Kenney files.

First of all, the WMUR story (video link here) that references the "last complaint being made [against McKay] in 2000" is a total lie. I would consider Attorney Troy Watt's complaint and the Tim Stephenson complaint at p.570 of the pdf files to which only media folk like KingCast have access (for now) to contraindicate that statement.

Now then, let's take a read of Attorney James T. Brook's 1 May 2003 Motion for Continuance, which is in a file that NH AG Kelly Ayotte HAD to have read because she discusses the 2003 arrest in her official report:
Counsel requires a copy of McKay's police report in order to prooperly litigate this issue. Defense counsel, however, has yet to receive Officer McKay's police report from the Graton County Attorney. Counsel did request McKay's report in a February 20, 2003 discovery letter addressed to the Franconia Police Department. At the time of the discovery request, the Franconia Police Department was prosecuting the allegations in the above-captioned matters. The department did not respond to the request and, instead dropped all of the complaints."

Whoops. The State knew all along about this type of nonsense. And they know that McKay tried to frame Timmy for some kinds of youth sex charges that went away. There is probably a deeper sex/money/drugs angle working here; I have heard that McKay (a camera buff) may have had Montminy in a compromising position and that's how he ran the show there in Franconia. We may never know that, but we do not something's fishy in Denmark, as my Nashua Firefighter neighbor and his wife commented a month ago.

Whe I was in Franconia last time Carlito's Way was on TV and I will now take this time to encourage local media to get on the clue bus before the National media I'm working with come in here and embarass the living snot out of you, and to remind Kelly:
"You ain't a lawyer no more Kelly. You a gangster. You on the Other Side now. It's a whole new ball game. And you can't learn it at school and you can't have a late start....."

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Christopher King said...

I think Attorney Brooks bowed out of the Assault/obstruction cases because he was young and didn't think he could handle it.

That's a shame because he probably could have.

Sometimes the little guy can win; I did it for Jerry Doyle in American Lawyer One.


Anonymous said...

whoops! there ya go Kelly.
Evidence of Criminal Conspiracy confirmed; and dear Ms. Ayotte, this is only the very very beginning, i promise you...
your 'authority' is hereby rescinded, you will be given further instructions when your presence is demanded in a Court of LAW...and Order...

well, Belz, the best you can do now is claim ignorance, evidence of criminal conspiracy in public domain...yeh, you can CLAIM ignorance, which nobody's gonna buy...and this is only the very very beginning, i promise you...

see you at the next 'surprise' meeting you pull, to drool your tricky nonsense in...and continue to disinform the public in a criminal conspiracy that caused two deaths and left a murderer loose...and did God knows how much damage to God knows how many lives of residents and tourists...

well, monti...imagine that...Criminal Conspiracy evidence in public domain and this is only the very very beginning, i promise you...

...no fortress town building money for you...you let a murderer loose, and continually complicitly covered up for a violent rogue you were supposed to be supervising...your 'authority' is hereby removed, and this is only the very very beginning...as simple disgrace will not be your shield from breaking THE LAW...and your oath, causing two deaths and damaging, and endangering God knows how many residents and tourists...

hey there rep. mcleod, and husband mcleod on selectboard, criminal conspiracy in evidence, as is your official coverup, the best you can do now is claim irresponsible ignorance and nobody's gonna buy that...and this is just the very very beginning, i promise you...

'reconcilation committee'???
yeah, right.

nice try with that surprise 'meeting' tho...

we shouldn't have to horsewhip the people we hire to do the job and not to engage in criminal conspiracies and lies and intentional disinformation...

your 'authority' is hereby rescinded. you will be given further instructions when your presence is demanded in a court of law.
have a nice day.

oh, and did i mention, this is just the very very beginning, i promise you.

Anonymous said...

All the locals know about Tim and now we know of Watts so how is it that they are really that hair-brained as to w/hold the very information that is already available to us?

How deep do they want to dig there own hole before they start jumping down in it? Maybe they need to make sure they have enough room for ALL of them to hide in it when it hits the major media.

Remember Pat Tillman? The NFL star that gave up his career to fight with Special Forces against terrorists (labeled as Bin Laden at the time)? He was killed at first by "enemy fire" then it was discovered it was accidental "friendly fire" and now it has come out that he was shot from a distance of no more than 10 ft. away. Three shots to the head. It is said that he had a brief angry exchange right before his death with a fellow soldier. The government told the coroner to shut up when he asked for an investigation. His family has fought since his death to uncover the truth. I hope the Tillman family sues the government's ***.

Crazy conspiracy stories all over the place, right? Give me a break. Our system stinks with corruption.

Christopher King said...

The worst part is the dropped-ball by the Fourth Estate. As you may imagine, the emails I post in here all go to them as well.

And you know I believe McKay got physical with Tim Stephenson as well.

I may ask the Court to take Judicial Notice of the fact that there was no such thing as a routine traffic stop with Bruce McKay.

And when I file the suit what are they going to ignore the substantive allegations then? They can't because they'll have to link it online like they do with all of their cases these days.

Especially something involving a double-homicide and the State Attorney General.

Also, I notice the haters haven't showed up to the last couple of substantive posts including the last one about the Liko Kenney/Bruce McKay emails because they are so clearly damaging to the State's position.

Christopher King said...

Date: Sun, 29 Jul 2007 14:38:30 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Christopher King" kingjurisdoctor@yahoo.com Subject: Proof that Kelly knew about missing arrest files in Liko Kenney's 2003 case.
To: wchapman@orr-reno.com, Kelly.Ayotte@doj.nh.gov, Jeffery.Strelzin@doj.nh.gov, bud.fitch@dohj.nh.gov, jlavely@salmonpress.com, dmullen@ranspell.com, police@franconianh.org, selectmen@franconianh.com, Andrew@RightToknowNH.org, jamie.richardson@nh.gov, avrees@hearst.com..........

Yep. It's all right there in the same damn file I've been writing about since I came back from Franconia. Is somebody else going to cover this, or what?


Does it even matter in New Hampshire? Constitutional violations at French Hill Park. Missing use-of-force report and police report from French Hill Park. Two dead men. A community still scared of the police. Quietly-held town meetings. Refusal to provide the redacted-for-name and address 150 Recovery and Reconciliation responses.

It's farcical.

Kelly had a choice to make in this case, and she made the wrong choice.

I hope that with every step she makes, with every breath she takes, ever time she opens her eyes that all she can think about is these two dead men and the fact that her office ignored Tim Stephenson's 2004 complaint and how she tried to cover up this long-running mess in Franconia.

This is the ugliest homicide case I have seen in 20+ years of reporting, clerking and lawyering.

KingCast schools Beverley Wang, WMUR, Chief Montminy and Franconia town attorney Daniel Mullen on more missing McKay/Liko Kenney files.

Anonymous said...

Look at the other cases prior to and after Liko's in 03 where the charges were also dropped for possession of an illegal substance because there was not sufficient cause for the search. What was Liko arrested for? Liko Kenney was arrested for asking too many questions and not going back to his car because McKay refused to explain procedure to him? Not complying to a command? What exactly was the REASON for arresting him?

I know he was charged w/resisting arrest and assaulting an officer but was he falsely arrested in the first place?

I do not want to find myself in a situation with LE where I feel uncomfortable about any kind of supposed suspicion toward my behavior that I do not have the absolute right to ask questions of the officer AND have those questions reasonably answered.

Liko was a 19 yr old kid and yes he did give attitude. That does NOT constitute arresting him, dragging the kid behind a car and beating him up. When he was violated physically by McKay putting his crotch in his face, he was screaming for McKay to get off from him and resorted to grabbing the crotch that was in his face to get him off him. You better believe I would do the same thing and any woman that claimed this had happened to her would most likely be heard.

What was Liko arrested for?