03 July 2007

KingCast says "we need a full autopsy report" on the causes of death and the windshield bullet in the Franconia shooting tragedy.

The wall of BS set forth from the State gets even former AG's like me so awestruck I get mired on important but somewhat ancillary battles like Bruce McKay's personnel file. While the evidence is still (somewhat) fresh let's get back to this one, raised by my brother John. P, a brilliant and dedicated Patriot, who notes that it is likely Shooter Floyd killed Liko Kenney before he even hit Bruce McKay with his car because there is a hole in the lower half of the windscreen, which could have been the destabilizing and fatal bullet to Liko.
When the car rushed forward, his father jumped out of the way, grabbed the officer’s gun off the ground and fired once at the driver. The car stopped with the bottom of its front end on the officer’s chest.

There you have it. Liko was murdered before he even struck McKay with his car, which is exactly why we're moving now for a copy of all of the responding officer's dash-cams. And while there had better be some sound we don't necessarily even need sound to analyse what we want to see about positioning. And there is no lawful reason why their cameras would not have been on, responding to "officer down."

Nobody stupid in the KingCast camp. In fact, we're smart enough to realize that part of the reason NH AG Kelly Ayotte suspended the process -- even though her own email to Attorney X within one business day noted that the investigation was complete -- was to let the evidentiary trail cool down and prepare the 2003 video for public consumption in an attempt to soil Liko before the 2007 video, which shows McKay's wholly maniacal activity.

But KingCast cameras will take you all the way back to Fox Hill Park 2003/2007 (still not a suspicious place) with our walk in the park and leave no stone unturned in letting the public see what scumbags Kelly Ayotte and Jeffery Strelzin really are. They can't screw with a former AAG because we all know the tricks of the trade. You live by them and you die by them. And they are going to get smoked like Bruce McKay, in public and right here on this website.


Anonymous said...


Does this possibly fit with what Caleb says or could this first shot happen w/out Caleb realizing it based on the situation? If Floyd shot through the windshield w/ McKay's gun how loud would the sound have been?

I would also like to know if the State could have the autopsy report falsified?

The bullet holes in the barn? Were there bullets found in or around the barn?

Anonymous said...

jp discovering that although it is missing, McKay narrated everything he was doing fits in with me saying that I can hear a voice on the tape from when McKay does the turn, face off and ram - it is continuous. I thought it was dispatch trying to reach him but it must be McKay talking. Lifer had also thought there was a reason McKay had no response to dispatch and questioned if he had turned it off for some reason.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure why video from the responding police would help, though. By the time the police got there (after the first civilian witnesses on the scene), the shooting was over. What am I missing?

Christopher King said...

Dig this:

Also Floyd says he was not able to clear the round in Liko's gun but yet investigators said both weapons were found in working order... So, it was not jammed and Liko had no reason to unjam and no reason to reload as it had bullets already in it and Liko had no spare rounds in the car.

Yup. Floyd just shot him point blank.


So is it entirely possible that Shooter Floyd mortally wounded Liko with the first shot through the windscreen and then nailed him a second time right over Caleb's ducking head. And let me tell you, Caleb is one limber fella as I watched him do yoga tonight on the lawn I was inspired again to deepen my practice. The kid (I'm about twice his age) is Good.

It's time for a nonprofit organization to start preparing a request for a Congressional hearing because this is massive.

And that's why they withheld production of whatever files they gave us for 6 weeks, to cover an abusive wack job of a cop and an equally wacked-out "Viet Nam veteran."

Liko had his issues, but he wasn't the one wacked out about injustice. He knew it, Tim Stephenson knows it and other Franconia townspeople know that as well, including Connie McKenzie who refused to allow a memorial for McKay on her lawn despite the fact that she tried to help revive him.

That is a FACT.

Again, ABC News reported that McKenzie said:

"Liko Kenney may have had some psychological issues, but he wasn't violent. People didn't trust Bruce McKay and they didn't like him. Heck I was afraid of him....These women, and others around town, described McKay as an overzealous cop who treated even minor infractions as major crimes. They said people complained about McKay to the local Selectmen and to the police department, but no one took any action."

There will be some action coming for them soon.


Christopher King said...

8:11 sorry I missed your question before I posted, but without saying too much, you never know what the video might show.

That's all I -- or anyone else -- should say right now.

Got it?


Christopher King said...


Yes it is entirely possible that Caleb missed the first shot under the circumstances.

Floyd was RIGHT THERE, RIGHT NOW with that bullet through the windscreen within seconds of the shots on McKay as Liko was trying to drive away, which indicates something more than a passer-by.

Floyd was in his car, chillin' and watching, then within what, 10 seconds he is in front of Liko's car and shoots through the windscreen BEFORE Liko's car hits McKay?

That IS what the official report says happened, right?

Come now, what are the chances of a random dude with a gun fixation and a dismissed criminal menacing charge would show up at that instant?

Still something fishy in Denmark even if Floyd did not know McKay because the "investigation" never once really mentions the windscreen bullet, rather it's mentioned in the footnotes.



Christopher King said...

So if Shooter Floyd halted Liko with the first shot through the windshield (and a forensics team could easily ascertain from where the shot was fired) then came to the window and prepared to make certain that he killed Liko, it is entirely possible he wanted to kill Caleb as well. He just couldn't rationalize killing Caleb because being limber as he is as I noted watching him do yoga on the lawn tonight, he would have left Floyd nothing except the back of his head to shoot.

Can't get away with that.

But he COULD get away with killing Liko, or so he thought.

As McKay would say, "Oh, yeaaahh."

Anonymous said...

If Liko was shot through the front windshield why would Floyd have walked to the passenger side to shoot him again? Why would he not have gone to the open driver side window where Liko was?

Caleb said that Floyd didn't say anything. Caleb turned and saw him so he ducked. The only thing that saved Caleb was that HE SAW FLOYD AND DUCKED. To me there is no way around the fact that he was also shooting at Caleb. I always thought that - he was going to shoot Caleb, then Liko. But, I thought that was his only position to shoot from. If he had already shot Liko from the front the only reason I can see that he would go to Caleb's side instead of Liko's was to kill Caleb along with Liko.

He had probably already shot Liko in the head and while intending to shoot Caleb, shot Liko a second time in the neck when Caleb ducked. Ooops....so he immediately screams at Caleb to pick up Liko's gun. Caleb saw it in Floyd's eyes and knew he was looking to kill him. Caleb refused to pick the gun up. Smart kid.

Anonymous said...

I've heard "alien abductees" make more sense than the bullshit you morons shovel here. Everything is a conspiracy (King said so, so it MUST be true!) McKay was 100% in the wrong (King said so, so it MUST be true!) Floyd "murdered" Kenney (King said so, so it MUST be true! Even though he can't practice law anymore he's apparently appointed himself judge and jury for this case!)

Keep on demanding things you've got no right to demand. Keep on patting yourselves on the back. Keep up your mutual admiration society. Then stop for a minute and remember something. Liko Kenney murdered a police officer. Amazing how you all seem to have forgotten that.

Anonymous said...

What a night ... 5 hour delay at the airport but had to check in here before hitting the hay...

Deb (& Chris) - I am convinced the side shot was for Caleb. With the window up and low sun and possibly a tinted window with added film of pepper spray and Floyd being doped up and a dope ... he didn't see Caleb duck and when the window broke couldn't shoot him in the back of the head So, he told him to pick up the gun

There is just no reason for Floyd to want Caleb to pick up a gun that is behind Caleb and not in between him and Floyd ... remember that Floyd hours later is still refering to Liko as a "bandit" and bad guy"

I don't think we are speculating here but instead just going with logical facts.

Christopher King said...


1. You are a fool.

2. Why are you so concerned with what I say, anyway? If it's just drivel then go away because no one will ever pay attention to it, right?


I have every right to demand what I am requested whether I can practice law right now or not. You know the law on Right-to-Know and you know Chief Montminy can't charge me overtime fees for producing any police activity records for Fox Hill Park. It should be readily accessible to him anyway as everyone KNOWS it's "suspicious place."

Also, I am not practicing law here. I am being an investigative reporter but my attempts are being thrwarted by a government that cannot -- or will not -- provide me a functioning copy of Caleb Macaulay's interrogation beyond the part when they do a GPR on his hands.

I am entitled to that, mon frere.

And that's a fact, Jack.

As to legal issues here in NH I did work with Nashua Alderman Fred Teeboom using my legal knowledge of government, Right-to-Know and the First Amendment to change First Amendment policy:


Also, I already mopped the floor with Kelly Ayotte and her merry band of pranksters and lawless thugs in Jaffrey even though I can't practice law and that Police Chief Dunn got his behind fired:

And that's a fact, Jack:


And Prosecutor Albrecht went out under an ethics charge.

And that's a fact, Jack.


Why don't you go give Kelly and those two fine law officers a pat on the back for wasting your tax dollars fool :)


And I'm not playing judge jury and executioner in this case -- as did Shooter Floyd -- but merely using the state's own reports and claims to ask some questions.

We will present our questions for a Congressional inquiry and let them take a look. We are entitled to do THAT as well, fool.


You go and give Bruce McKay a pat on the back for being the biggest jerk-cop I've ever heard of, so bad Connie McKenzie refuses to allow a

While you're at it, you and Kelly can give Shooter Floyd a pat on the back for being such an upstanding citizen, after he returned from Viet Nam of course:


Littleton Courier
July 4, 2007

Violent pasts predated shootout on Route 116

Floyd often found himself on the other side of the law

By Justin Lavely

Easton residents Gregory W. Floyd and Liko Kenney never met before their involvement in a deadly Franconia shootout, but both men lived with the same contempt for authority and checkered history with law enforcement officials.

The two men's paths collided May 11 on Route 116 near Kinsman Lodge. After Franconia Cpl. Bruce McKay stopped Kenney's vehicle, Kenney shot the officer five times and ran him over twice. Witnessing the events from his truck nearby, Floyd wasted no time taking action. He picked up
McKay's service weapon and shot Kenney twice, killing him.

Hours after interviewing witnesses following the incident, Attorney General Kelly Ayotte cleared Floyd, saying his use of deadly force against
Kenney was justified because he thought he was helping a severely injured police officer, who was pinned underneath Kenney's 1984 Toyota
Celica Supra.

The 24-year-old Kenney had been previously arrested for simple assault, possession of a controlled substance, obstructing government
administration and resisting arrest. His aunt had a restraining order placed on him and friends and family described his disdain for authority and
occasional paranoia. Kenney also carried a loaded .45 caliber handgun in his car and owned a blowgun with metal darts.

The 49-year-old Floyd has two 1981 felony convictions in Georgia for violating the state's Controlled Substance Act. In 1997, after moving to
Easton, Floyd was arrested for criminal threatening after he threatened to shoot a man reading his electrical meter. Around the same time, state police were investigating Floyd after his neighbors on Hummingbird Lane accused him of shooting automatic weapons and aiming at their
houses. A search of his property, which is protected by numerous "No Trespassing" signs and a locked cable across the driveway, yielded seven weapons.

During his time in Easton, Floyd had numerous run-ins with former constable Robert Every. In 1997, Every described Floyd as unstable and
dangerous. Every was the first to investigate the claims from Floyd's neighbors and a separate incident at Lafayette Elementary School when Floyd
was accused of being "irrationally abusive" toward staff members.

"All of us have made mistakes in our lives; in Mr. Floyd's case the behavior extends beyond a mistake; there is a pattern, a pattern of past
violence, paranoid behavior and excessive anger," Every wrote in a report. "I feel Mr. Floyd is capable of showing up at the Lafayette Elementary School or at a neighbor's house with an automatic weapon…"

Although Ayotte cleared Floyd because he was acting on behalf of the injured officer, Floyd's previous dealings with New Hampshire police
officers indicates the opposite. While being arrested in June of 1997 for criminal threatening, the former marine tried to knee New Hampshire
State Police Officer Scot E. Bryan in the groin, according to the officer's incident report. During the incident, Floyd made a number of comments
directed toward the officers, according to the report.

• "My dog is trained to attack the throat. If I had wanted to he would have attacked you."

• "[Expletive] live free or die, this state has no constitutional rights."

• "I want to take that [expletive] out into the woods and settle this in the mud and blood."

Floyd also told the officers, had he wanted to, he could have given them "a third eye." He bragged about his expert marksmanship and how he
would have to shot them between the eyes because he knows they wear bulletproof vests.

According to Bryan's report, the officers never raised their voices though Floyd accused them of traumatizing his son with their presence.
Floyd also claimed to have been trained by the Navy Seals and was involved in Marine Recon.

The arrest of Floyd prompted an investigation into his criminal background. When officers learned of his felony convictions in Georgia, they arrested him a month later for being a felon in possession of firearms. The charges were later dropped because the 1981 crime would not have been a felony in New Hampshire at the time it was committed. During a search of Floyd's house, a shotgun was found on top of a kitchen cupboard,
a loaded .32 caliber revolver was found in the cabinet, and a black powder rifle was found on the bed in the master bedroom, where the rest
of the weapons were located. Officers found a loaded 9mm handgun on top of the bureau, a 44 mag. Ruger Super Black Hawk next to the bed, a
Ruger Mini 14 on the box spring and a 6.5 caliber rifle in the closet.

During the arrest, State Police Detective Robert Bruno asked Floyd if the Marine Corps., which he claims to have served in from 1976 to 1985,
had a problem with his drug convictions. Floyd said no, according to Bruno's report, indicating that he was part of the "No Such Agency,"
which was more powerful than the C.I.A. and stationed in South America. He told Bruno his actions in South America are top secret.

Another arresting officer, State Trooper T.A. Cohen, said Floyd made comments to his son during the search of his residence. Floyd asked his
son if the other officers were beating up his wife or stealing things from his house, according to Cohen's report. Floyd told his son to get the "claymore clappers" and "blow the place" while laughing.

While transporting Floyd to the Littleton Police Department, Cohen said Floyd referred to police officers as "cowards" and "bullies." He also
said he didn't like judges and doctors because they are allowed to discipline their own fellow professionals.

Christopher King said...


I forgot to mention that you are also a fool because given the background between Liko and McKay (including those jack-booted thugs in Fox Hill Park, a "suspicious place" NOT!! -- it may well have been manslaughter, and Liko gets a jury for that, not a 49 year-old Viet Nam veteran NOT!!! and executioner named Gregory Floyd.

John P:

Yes, brother, the second bullet could well have been for Caleb as we have been discussing. See, but once Liko was incapacitated BEFORE he ran over McKay by the first bullet (and that IS what the report indicates by virtue of the first shot at p. 5-6) any more shots near Caleb could possible constitute a criminal offense, reckless endangerment, etc.

Much too much to analyse in 24 hours, Kelly.


Anonymous said...


It's pretty well established by all of us on this blog that Liko should NOT have shot McKay. I don't think we have ever really disputed that fact. No one should have been killed that day.

If you think any of Floyd's statement, which is full of inconsistencies along with not matching his son's statement, makes any sense at all then I guess you feel content. Good for you. It is beyond unbelievable to buy their crap, in my opinion.

What we happen to have a problem with is the fact that according to Kelly Ayotte........

McKay was 100% in the RIGHT (AYOTTE said so, so it MUST be true!) Floyd IS JUSTIFIED IN SHOOTING Kenney (AYOTTE said so, so it MUST be true! Even though SHE HAS SHOWN THAT SHE IS UNFIT TO BE ALLOWED TO practice law anymore,SHE'S apparently appointed HERSELF judge and jury for this case!)

Christopher King said...

Oh, yeah 12:13

"Keep on demanding things you've got no right to demand"

......You tell me right here, right now, exactly what it is you believe, in your (in)finite legal wisdom, what anyone has demanded that is not without our legal right to demand.

I'll be waiting.

Christopher King said...


More than one youth with whom I have spoken told me that McKay did more touching of their private areas and buttocks than they thought was reasonable, then I read this in yesterday's post on my request for the Bruce McKay personnel file, which obviously should have been copied and maintained by NH AG Kelly Ayotte but apparently was not, or so they claim. I no longer trust them one bit and will be supplementing my ethics complaint tomorrow.


Anonymous said...
Liko's first encounter with McKay was 4 years ago. McKay had already been in Franconia for 8 years. He had his own reputation sealed at that point. Wonder why Liko wanted to know his name?

The younger people know more than we know but I have heard the stories. Grabbing the crotch of boys and their butts. Girls being scared out of their wits and then given "options" to keep out of legal trouble.

The guy was a total pervert.

3:46 PM


I keep hearing many reports of withdrawn spousal abuse charges by McKay's ex-wife and that certainly WOULD fit a pattern, wouldn't it? Beat the Missus and tool the kids. And if he had ever inappropriately touched Liko Kenney, then Liko shooting him would have been manslaugher, Kelly, not murder as you concluded in your email to Attorney X within one business day. But I'm sure you investigated all of that within 24 hours, right?

Anonymous said...

Let the First Amendment be etched upon our collective psyche this Independence Day.

Actions speak louder than words, but nothing stirs the hornets nest like words. Let's get it on!

Were Liko and McKay lovers? Perhaps there is a jilted lover angle to these tragic events. It seems the idea that McKay liked boys is getting around town, maybe that is part of the story that needs to be fleshed out some more.

Christopher King said...

No, I do not believe McKay and Liko were lovers, but I do have reason to believe that McKay molested youth as noted, because I have spoken with a youth who explained to me in detail how this was done.

What I do believe is that the second bullet was meant for Caleb Macaulay, and that Liko did not intentionally "run McKay over twice" because his son acknowledges as much at p. 5 of the official report:


His father was next to the officer trying to pull him in front of their truck..... When the car rushed forward, his father jumped out of the way, grabbed the officer’s gun off the ground and fired once at the driver. The car stopped with the bottom of its front end on the officer’s chest."

So those are my thoughts on this situation this Independence Day.

Anonymous said...

Nice Chris. Don't take the bait.

I am very interested in the 1964 CIA tapes that Mr. Duffy mentions? Can you give any more detail, did you make them, etc? I understand the sensitive nature of this.

Anonymous said...


Why don't you go visit Floyd, the big government secret agent. He's even more powerful than the CIA according to himself.

Anonymous said...

I would not want to trip a claymore.

But a respondant here did speak of tapes from 1964 related to CIA activity in South America. I am fascinated by this era, and the "diplomacy" the US practiced. I was just curious about what they might indicate.

Floyd is a screwy bird, that is for sure. Aren't we all.

Anonymous said...

...Floyd played judge, jury and executioner, which happens to bring us together here.


Christopher King said...




Anonymous said...

sleuthing has not previously been in my repertoire of skills, so bear with me while i suggest one possibility...

each time there is mention of floyd demanding that caleb pick up the gun, i can't help but think that floyd might have wanted caleb's fingerprints on the gun....further, to implicate caleb in some way to the shooting(s) that just took place. n'est-ce pas?

caleb was dealing with the unthinkable...and i wholly agree with debby and john p who have surmised how and from where the bullets were delivered to liko, and therefore, how the car came to rest on mckay.


Anonymous said...

One thing I've always thought was very odd about Liko running the officer over (before I even knew that there's been speculation he might have been shot prior to that, and thus not in control of the vehicle) is that he and Caleb had just been pepper-sprayed.

Caleb says in his interview that he wasn't able to see (which is pretty standard for pepper-spraying, as even those of us who've never used it know) and in the video you can see Caleb rubbing his eyes in pain.

Wouldn't it be pretty damned likely that Liko ALSO was at least partially blinded and in pain? Sounds to me like he was damned "lucky" (read: unlucky) that any of the shots he fired actually hit McKay....and couldn't it be just as possible that he didn't actually run the guy over on purpose? It's probably really hard to drive a car when you've just been pepper-sprayed (and possibly shot, but at the very least likely shot AT) and you can't damn see. Couldn't he have just been trying to make a five-point turn to get the hell out of dodge?