13 July 2007

KingCast says sad to say, some cops are just jerks, relative to Franconia shooting tragedy.

MassCops called me a criminal and the NAACP the National Association of Asshole-Colored People then removed it once I outed them. If you're going to say something, stand behind it. That's called integrity, of which again Bruce McKay had none because he only bullied the people he selected. Remember the letters to the Union Leader for a long-time townie?

In this community Mckay was well known to be a vindictive individual with an apparent penchant for questionable actions against adolescent girls , teenage boys and adult women.....

Some LE can hate on me all they want but it doesn't fix the problem. I'm still working on the awareness component.


Christopher King said...

I can see one of the mouth breather LE's -- the kind who make life more difficult for the Good Ones -- responding now:

"Well the false comments about you and the NAACP stuff had no direct part of the Franconia thing, so it's okay."



Foro Van Neinbaaster said...

Chris, please remove the offensive cartoon you chose as an illustration for this blog entry. It's disgusting! You probably pulled it off some fetish site or something like that... Wait, is that YOUR handywork? Liko would not approve it.

Anonymous said...

The Foro,

Who the F do you think you are?????

Christopher King said...

Liko certainly didn't approve of it when McKay did it to him.

Charles Duffy said...

Foro go back to your Bunker in Germany before shit rains on your head.

Foro Van Neinbaaster said...

Dear Charles Duffy,

you might be able to write something worth reading if you refrain from utterly stupid remarks like the one that you made, and despite what you may think, gassing Jews by the Nazis was a horrible crime (even though you think it's OK).

Foro Van Neinbaaster said...

But Chris, really, that cartoonish man with a pony tail maybe be mistaken for a representation of Liko. The cartoon seems to imply that Liko was sodomized by McKay. Not only this is not supported by court documents, it's also offensive to both Liko's and McKays memories. Even if this was consensual (including the handcuffs in that cartoon) that kind of material imho is inappropriate.

Christopher King said...


A cop who Kelly Ayotte supported laughed on the record about the possibilty of me being gang raped in prison, a fact you could NOT have missed if you have been reading carefully.

Read the actual JPEG of Chief Dunn's sworn Depo. testimony right here.

That alone is good enough, in addition to comments to me by someone who was touched inappropriately by McKay as this individual's father has noted on this blawg.

That's Good Enough in my book.

You have a different book, and your own blog.

Anonymous said...

chris, when you through dancing with foro von hitler, the troll from ayotte's team...
take a look at the latest developments at:



Charles Duffy said...

I never said this Vin Bassher. You did not take the time to read what I said.

Maybe I wrote it wrong.

Maybe I should say it this way so you can understand it.

My Mothers 1st cousin went back to Poland on the outbreak of WWII.

She was an a American Citizen who was not jewish but was taken away in the Nazi trains never to be seen again.

Von Bassher, When it comes to Poland, my ancestors where one of the largest milk producing farms in the region at that time.(land Holders)

This is Equivalent to your HP Hood in Amerika For your information Mr Nigger Basser.

Nigger basher How's your understanding of Speaking polish?

It's just little harder than learning Russian.

Charles Duffy said...

When I go to your blog Mr Nigger VON Basher. All that I see is this Dark black page. It appearers to be satanical.

Get out of your mothers Basement and see the light.

Christopher King said...


I'm headed over now.

BTW you know Kelly didn't even sign her own damn report?

Christopher King said...

And Foro,

What say you of Charlie's ex-associate, Barbara Mack-Keeney who was another "honored" cop who, unlike me, actually was SANCTIONED for being a thief?

In case you missed it for the 80th time, Kelly tried to nail me on three (3) different fronts and I smoked them all prior to trial, even.

Remember, I'm still waiting to find out how much the State spent on that, in addition to the bogus charges against former Jaffrey Officer Aaron Deboisbriand, whom I support, and (again in case you missed it) Aaron's father reached out to me and we communicated on the DL for months about Bad Cops like Dunn, and now Ayotte, for supporting Bad Cops like Dunn and Bruce McKay.

Just the facts.

Charles Duffy said...

Foro, here is a trivia question for you.

What continent has had more wars in the last 400 years with the greatest death toll?

The answer would surprise even you.

Anonymous said...

My Mothers 1st cousin went back to Poland on the outbreak of WWII.

She was an a American Citizen who was not jewish but was taken away in the Nazi trains never to be seen again.

Charles, When you shared this story the first time, I had a full and clear understanding of what you had said. You explained it fine.

You are being messed with and twisting your words is the tool being used. The intent is to knock you off your center, so to speak. This has been done to all of us here and it is being done intentionally.