31 July 2007

KingCast says Pat McEnroe looks like Mike Wilbon.

Well, not really but it was kind of funny yesterday when I went to watch Cousin Mike on PTI over a cocktail at work and the younger Mac (I think he's the youngest and Kevin is in between Pat and John) was sitting in Wilbon's seat. Interestingly, Wilbon himself was a fine tennis player back in the day, and he and his brother used to win tournaments in Chicago; that's part of the reason I got into the sport.

They owned the tennis court but when it moved inside my father and I owned the table tennis and I can tell you there was some CRAZY games in that basement elbow-to-elbow just rippin' shots all over the place. Too much fun. And Uncle Ray (RIP) one of the Best Men in the World, ever, he would just sit and watch (well he talked a lot of trash, too) and make everyone feel like they were the most important people in the World.

All of that was before I ever dreamed, or had a nightmare about rogue cops like Bruce McKay, who terrorized Franconia, New Hampshire and we can't even find major police or use-of-force reports and there's all kinds of Constitutional violations involved as adjudicated by Littleton Judge Peter Cyr.

Anyway, I don't think Mike's moving too fast on the Court these days so I could prolly take him out, but the more fun thing would be that doubles match with brothers McEnroe. I'd have to jettison Mike to take John on my side 'cos everyone knows that for about 15 years running, the best doubles team in the World was:

John McEnroe and someone else.

I've done the McEnroe press galley a number of times and always found him to be an entertaining interview but the funniest exchange was this spring when I was sh*t-talking him from the sidelines at the Boston Champions Tour; later on I gave him a copy of the blawg :)

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