31 July 2007

KingCast says, "Oh, now I'm homophobic for asking if Bruce McKay had an anger issue over his sexuality." Try again, folks.

I just finished breaking it down to someone a minute ago. Read this post for background on how I feel about Dubya dissin' gays and hate crimes legislation and the comments section for the response to this individual.

Peace, Love, Aloha, Namaste.


Christopher King said...

Christopher King said...

Again, the point has NOTHING to do with being a homosexual. My ex fiancee and I volunteered for GLBiT causes back in Ohio, so don't even go there, padre.

As others have noted, the point about McKay being a CLOSETED homosexual is that he is obviously an angry person and his own insecurities and issues with his sexuality may have been an issue here, duh.

Especially because he put his pecker in Liko's face and faked being hit in the balls.

And you ignored his bogus prosecution of Tim Stephens on a sexual case.

Catch a clue; the last thing I am is a gay-hater.

Run a word search for "Hate Crimes" on this blawg, fool, and see Matthew Shepard up in here.


6:42 PM

Christopher King said...

Try again, after you read this post.

This despite the fact that gays have ignored some serious racial issues at American Tower corporation when the VP said I was a "dangerous black man who might be lurking about the premises" immediately after I properly requested overtime pay for employees I trained, SOME OF WHOM WERE GAY.


6:50 PM

Christopher King said...

Also might explain the allegations of abuse toward women.

Gays DO NOT inherently hate or disrespect women.

But a guy who has issues with his sexuality might do that and that's why I cracked on his fingernail painting several weeks ago.

And I've had some female friends with good Gaydar watch McKay when he maced Liko and they thought his motions were kind of.... well.... gay-looking.

So there you go.

It's kind of a side issue, but it could be a Big One.

First we just want the damn police report and use-of-force report.

Is that too much to ask?