27 July 2007

KingCast says: Let's examine Liko Kenney's egress and how Shooter Floyd "parked his truck to shield McKay," in Franconia shooting tragedy.

Remember how I told you a while back that it was impossible for Floyd to have parked his truck in a manner to protect McKay? First of all despite what Kelly said Floyd wasn't even driving. Instead, he told Junior what to do so he could get ready to shoot Liko. Look at the pole behind Floyd's truck. Liko, maced-up, had to navigate out past that pole and then behind Floyd's truck to get home, but of course Floyd is standing there as Caleb Macaulay said that Floyd had a gun trained on them "before we even got on the road" at p. 687 (accord Junior's statement at p.745 that he said his father shot at the car and it hit Liko and the car then hit McKay). Then we also have the bullet hole in Liko's windshield that was not there before 5/11 and the bullet was "recovered" from inside the car so that HAD to come from Floyd at the very beginning.

Moreover, his truck was not parked in a manner to shield McKay from anything but it sure is parked in a manner consistent with keeping Liko Kenney from proceeding toward Tamarack Tennis camp.

And we also can see in the video that Liko had withdrawn his weapon prior to attempting to leave the area. Interesting.

As to Macaulay's comments: The AG's office refuses to make available to the general public but which KingCast is going to sue over to make them available online to the general public, pursuant to case law including Hawkins v. NH DHHS, as noted in my last post.


As noted in this post with Annmarie Timmins' Concord Monitor story:

McKay violated policies on use of pepper spray (Caleb in car and Liko known to be highly emotional by McKay's own experience from the Unconstitutional search and seizure in 2002) and he violated use of deadly force with that damn Tahoe as well because Liko had already pulled off the road. Even at that, if he had just walked up to the car and spoke with Liko and said, "hey, I'm sorry I felt I needed to do that, and I'm going to issue you a ticket," Liko would not have snapped and shot that jerk. Both men would have gone home alive, perhaps.

I say perhaps because we don't know what sort of fun games McKay had in store for Liko that evening, and how Shooter Floyd -- NH AG Kelly Ayotte's hero as noted in this post -- might have come to the assistance of that fine officer of the peace.

But it really all begins with the coverup of the 2002/2003 Constitutional violations as noted in yesterday's Franconia Collective Press Release, which any good reporter should have covered as noted in this post, "KingCast explains Journalism 101 to Reporter Beverley Wang and Publisher Joe McQuaid."


Charles Duffy said...

Takes a farmer to Know a farmer.

Too bad the the police don't know who the farmers are.

Got on a bus from Lincoln down the road.

The Boarder feds where in Lincoln.

100 miles away.

Let's talk about going to Canada and back. Without a terrorist thought. The farm holders of this region can tell you more. Only if they have not been bought out by Cosco.

If you think if lying than have the feds call me. I'll give them the update

Anonymous said...

Yes Duffy.

It is impossible for a non farmer to determine who an actual farmer is.

Simply because you see a man driving a John Deere tractor around a large field of corn, or cabbage, does not make him a farmer.

He could easily be an Agent. Like the guys who sit in van with a plumbing or some such label on the side. When you see one of them, you know it is packed with Agents, who are conducting electronic surveillance of all phone transmissions (wireless, cell, etc.) as well as monitoring internet connections.

The Agents work for the Government, and they are gathering the data they need to depress land values in Franconia so that Corporations, like cosco, can move in and take over like they have elsewhere.

what have land values been in Franconia lately? I bet they are dropping. Need more proof?

Let me know, and I will provide it, but I have to keep on the move, so it may take a while. The Agents are everywhere, and you can never be too careful.

debby said...


Floyd was absolutely blocking Liko's path to leave on the road towards Tamarack. The female witness said that Floyd was out of the truck as soon as the shots were fired. Floyd in his stupor, I think also stated he got out of the truck before it had been moved at one point. Then he said he was in the truck and told his son to pull up to block McKay from Liko.

I have thought about it since we discussed it the last time. We had a discussion about how Floyd's truck was parked. I listened to the taped version of Floyd's testimony. I had only read it. There is more to the taped version than the written statement (not the overview of it). This surprised me as I thought the written would be identical but it is not. Floyd doesn't remember anything..."McKay was a State Trooper". When asked if he was sure about that he said he was positive, they ask again and he says, "No,no, I guess he wasn't because I remember the cruiser". "He was in the cruiser?". "Yes, because of the lights and....it was a local cruiser..." He thought the Tahoe was butted up to Liko's tail end. He was positive but he was also positive the shooter was the driver. When told if the car was facing in that direction, it would mean the driver shot past the passenger. He said something like, "Wait a minute, maybe the passenger did shoot the officer. Wait, no,no, it was the driver. I don't know how he did it". Honestly, this man is so unstable that I cannot see how he could have made any clear, moral decision in his state, with the multitude of drugs he was on.

I have been wondered where the bullet was retrieved that hit the windshield. So, it went in the car but they say they have it? Hhhhmm. Well, they have to tell the truth about the bullet going into the car as the windshield "has a voice", so to speak.

Anonymous said...

Has Caleb ever said McKay unholstered his gun? Are we sure McKay never fired a shot? Given Floyd's insanity, how could he have done all he claims?

debby said...

I don't think Caleb saw that. Little Jr. said that McKay unclipped his gun but didn't get it out or maybe he did but dropped it. His statement says that was why the gun flew in the air and his Dad could get it.........I think the first Caleb saw of him after the shooting was when they attempted to get on the road and he said he already had the gun pointed at them. That is before McKay was run over.

debby said...

Floyd may have been right when he told Caleb he could get off on insanity. I read his statement and I have listened to his statement and he is just plain out of his mind. He doesn't even know what he is saying. I bet if he were given an psych exam he would be put away somewhere because he is a danger to society.

No wonder they are holding onto Caleb's statement like it is gold because it is!!!! Our gold. The pieces I have read of Caleb's statement are so clear and defined. Very coherent. They questioned him for almost 6 hours then they dismiss his statement publicly because he was influenced by pepper-spray? Guess they could not break the boy. Thank God for Caleb.

Christopher King said...


I did not compare the tape vs. written on this.

Also, I might ask the AG if they ever independently verified Floyds 42 other kills and whether they were in the Active Service.

All I want is a document from Uncle Sam that says that.

And hell yeah he blocked Liko from Tamarack, that much is obvious from the pictures and it totally contradicts what Kelly told the entire Free World about the incident.

Major media is going to hit this case soon, and rightfully so.

It stinks to high hell.

debby said...

Even without analyzing the why, if or buts about Floyd's truck, there is no denying it blocked Liko from getting on the road to home. He was trying to go where he originally headed to get help. He had nowhere else to go but on the lawn and his vision was impaired. Let's say we give Floyd the benefit of the doubt as to his intentions on why he parked there, he still prevented Liko from leaving.

Christopher King said...

Did NH ever comment in documents or elsewhere they it would not prosecute Floyd because of his meds and did not therefore have the requisite intent to kill Liko?
Apparently Floyd made such a statement to Caleb at the murder scene, but as I recall, NH never said this was a factor in its decision to not prosecute Floyd.

Has Caleb spoken with the NH US attorney or FBI yet about prosecuting Floyd? I read of a federal statute recently criminalizing the discharge of a firearm into a motor vehicle. If the 5-11 video shows Floyd so discharging, that should be enough to start an investigation at least.

I remain interested in facts supporting your theory that McKay and Floyd conspired to attack Liko 5-11, and facts supporitng reasons for an attack. Floyd's carzily confused statements to police sfter Liko;s death suggest he was heavily medicated (or drunk) then.
Any evdience suggesting he went to the murder scene medicated intentionally to deflect criminal intent for an anticipated fight with Liko?


7:16 AM

debby said...
Certainly the State has had made any excuse for Floyd in regards to the meds he was on. It was completely ignored by them. The called it justified because he came to the aid of McKay, as well as claiming he was in fear for himself.

After seeing the position of Floyd's truck, whether he did it intentionally or not he totally blocked Liko's ability to leave the scene. Not sure if this could be considered by law as more of reckless endangerment to all involved but it seems like he made matters far worse for all of them.

I did not realize until seeing the photo that the road was completely blocked by Floyd's truck and as far as I am concerned it brings doubt to the statement that Liko intentionally hit McKay. I can't help but wonder whether he would have drove up the road to his home if the road was clear.

Correct me if I am mistaken but as to the statement that Liko purposefully ran over McKay, I believe that Floyd and Jr. are the only two other than Caleb that were there at that time. Floyd says he did. His son said conflicting things. Caleb was also unable to access if it was intentional.

8:47 AM

Anonymous said...
debby, your statement "I did not realize until seeing the photo that the road was completely blocked by Floyd's truck" troubled me so I have gone back to look at the video that WMUR ran: http://mfile.akamai.com/12878/wmv/vod.
ibsys.com/2007/0626/13568846.200k.asx and to also look at pages 947, 948, 949, & 950 from the report which are the New Hampshire State Police Major Crime Unit's drawings of the scene. What I see is that Floyd's truck was only blocking one lane of the road, the side heading to Franconia.

Something else did jump out at me though. If all those numbers placed on the ground represent shell casings fired by Floyd, WHERE he was standing and WHAT he was shooting at. The majority of them are in front of Liko's car. I shoot, I know how shell cases are ejected, and this just doesn't seem to add up to his statements at all.

Just my observations - PF

11:38 AM

Christopher King said...
Lots of room for thought here where I didn't expect to find it.

That's okay though.

No, the meds were never a factor as far as I know.

The truck blocked only half the road but when you consider Liko's exit you know he would have to come out past the phone pole and then make a HARD RIGHT to get past Floyd, who was standing there with the gun out.

I was going to get into the shell casing thing soon. Damn guys you put it all out there dontcha!

Please resume this over in the original post; I am going to copy this dialogue and put it there.


2:46 PM

Big Brother and the withholding company said...

Pure speculation here:

Floyd and jr see McKay get shot.

McKay staggers toward and across road, tries to unholster and drops weapon.

Floyd sees this, tells Jr to drive forward and block road.

Floyd grabs gun and shoots Liko thru front windshield disabling or killing him.

Liko's car's momentum carries him up and onto mckay.

Floyd runs to vehicle and shoots thru passenger window. In the mean time jr pulls off to ditch and runs to cruiser and gets on radio.

There is enough time for this to play out between Liko firing gun and when he pulls out and away from cruiser. I know Jr says he did not hit him the first time but that could be part of a lie, he and dad had time to concoct something because they were not separated.