28 July 2007

KingCast says if you bought any American Tower stock it's time to sell it before you get caught holding a dung bag.

You know how the KingCast short films American Lawyer Two and Three deal primarily with the hatred I witnessed at American Tower, i.e. the "he's a dangerous black man who might be lurking about outside" and shit stuff?

Well they're gonna' get theirs, but good. Just wait a few weeks. Backdated stock options. Backdated leases (this I have direct knowledge of, BTW). I'm not as sure they will take a fall on this as I am on the Franconia cover-up (hell that's a lead pipe cinch) but I am pretty sure. It's another trusted source who has never been wrong about anything. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...


Did NH ever comment in documents or elsewhere they it would not prosecute Floyd because of his meds and did not therefore have the requisite intent to kill Liko?
Apparently Floyd made such a statement to Caleb at the murder scene, but as I recall, NH never said this was a factor in its decision to not prosecute Floyd.

Has Caleb spoken with the NH US attorney or FBI yet about prosecuting Floyd? I read of a federal statute recently criminalizing the discharge of a firearm into a motor vehicle. If the 5-11 video shows Floyd so discharging, that should be enough to start an investigation at least.

I remain interested in facts supporting your theory that McKay and Floyd conspired to attack Liko 5-11, and facts supporitng reasons for an attack. Floyd's carzily confused statements to police sfter Liko;s death suggest he was heavily medicated (or drunk) then.
Any evdience suggesting he went to the murder scene medicated intentionally to deflect criminal intent for an anticipated fight with Liko?


Anonymous said...

Certainly the State has had made any excuse for Floyd in regards to the meds he was on. It was completely ignored by them. The called it justified because he came to the aid of McKay, as well as claiming he was in fear for himself.

After seeing the position of Floyd's truck, whether he did it intentionally or not he totally blocked Liko's ability to leave the scene. Not sure if this could be considered by law as more of reckless endangerment to all involved but it seems like he made matters far worse for all of them.

I did not realize until seeing the photo that the road was completely blocked by Floyd's truck and as far as I am concerned it brings doubt to the statement that Liko intentionally hit McKay. I can't help but wonder whether he would have drove up the road to his home if the road was clear.

Correct me if I am mistaken but as to the statement that Liko purposefully ran over McKay, I believe that Floyd and Jr. are the only two other than Caleb that were there at that time. Floyd says he did. His son said conflicting things. Caleb was also unable to access if it was intentional.

Anonymous said...

debby, your statement "I did not realize until seeing the photo that the road was completely blocked by Floyd's truck" troubled me so I have gone back to look at the video that WMUR ran: http://mfile.akamai.com/12878/wmv/vod.
ibsys.com/2007/0626/13568846.200k.asx and to also look at pages 947, 948, 949, & 950 from the report which are the New Hampshire State Police Major Crime Unit's drawings of the scene. What I see is that Floyd's truck was only blocking one lane of the road, the side heading to Franconia.

Something else did jump out at me though. If all those numbers placed on the ground represent shell casings fired by Floyd, WHERE he was standing and WHAT he was shooting at. The majority of them are in front of Liko's car. I shoot, I know how shell cases are ejected, and this just doesn't seem to add up to his statements at all.

Just my observations - PF

Christopher King said...

Lots of room for thought here where I didn't expect to find it.

That's okay though.

No, the meds were never a factor as far as I know.

The truck blocked only half the road but when you consider Liko's exit you know he would have to come out past the phone pole and then make a HARD RIGHT to get past Floyd, who was standing there with the gun out.

I was going to get into the shell casing thing soon. Damn guys you put it all out there dontcha!

Please resume this over in the original post; I am going to copy this dialogue and put it there.


Christopher King said...


The SEC is investigation about 160 companies on backdating fraud.

More Corporate greed. The fines are like telephone numbers. These people will be on the street shit ass poor.

BLANK called me yesterday and told me a few years ago he was in contact with those at American tower who did this.

He told them not to do it. BLANK is an Account. I just said it doesn't look good for them.

He when on to say the people involved in this accounting valuation fraud will loose everything they own. He went on to say the SEC prosecutor is a real prick and will hang them out to dry.

Take care.

Anonymous said...


I have not looked at the diagram or drawings but a truck is long and to me would cover at least 3/4 (could be wrong) of the road, then the pole and narrow space creates a blockage. Put yourself in the driver's seat. Remember Liko was operating the vehicle with a face full of pepper-spray. His ability to operate the vehicle with accurate skill was impaired. We know it can take a few seconds for the severity of symptoms to set in from pepper-spray. That is the frame of time Liko (unfortunately) shot McKay.

I should have explained that for me the impairment from the pepper-spray is significant and would be a great hindrance in trying to leave the scene if there was something blocking the road that he already was most assuredly having trouble seeing to his full capacity. He would have also been experiencing a myriad of other physical symptoms, skin burning, breathing, etc.

The above is my speculation, certainly. I will look at the site you have posted. Is there a different shot of the truck other than what we have seen here on the blog? That is the only one I have seen and all I have to go on right now. My thoughts on things definitely change as I see new evidence.

Thanks for posting the site info.

Anonymous said...

Yes debby, the WMUR video does show the truck from different angles. It is in the 2nd half of the video. I was not trying to lessen the torture that Liko went through when I brought this up. I figured I would bring it up nicely, rather than let some of those idiots who post on here condemn you for saying that. I am convinced, as you are that Liko hit McKay because of the pepper spray. PF

Anonymous said...

I watched the video and it was interesting because all of the photos seemed to show the truck at about 3/4 out in the road but the very last shot was not taken at an angle and I could see it was closer to half the road.

Liko would have had to use a very sharp turn to get out that way, regardless. We can keep guessing as to whether he intended to hit McKay but we don't really know, we are theorizing. I am not sure Caleb knows. I have thoughts about it but I am not "convinced" the pepper-spray caused Liko to run over McKay. What makes you feel convinced about it?

We do know he was affected by the pepper-spray and that his path was impeded to get to Tamarack when taking all of those factors into account it cast doubt on it being a FACT that he did intend to run over McKay. We cannot know for certain that he did.

I tend to not think Floyd and McKay were in on anything together because, well........sorry this is rude but I am surprised Floyd remembers the route to his home. I think he is as high as a kite on those meds and mentally unstable. I don't think he chose his actions wisely and added further harm to all parties.

We spoke of Floyd blocking the traffic coming from Easton but he could have done that just as sufficiently and far more helpful to McKay if they would have just crossed over at the same angle and blocked McKay from Liko's car at the same time. At one point in his statement he said he got right out of the truck and later he said he was still in the truck after it was moved. It is a guess on our part to say when he pulled into that position. Was he in the truck or not?

You can't follow the Floyd's at all. I notice they pick the story they want to tell and play those parts so they sound far more sound than they are, especially the father. "The gun was in the officer's hand but it flew out", "The gun flew out of the car", "I told him put the gun down you don't want to die", "I didn't say anything to him before I shot". Who can even keep up with him? I can't put much stock in him.

Explain to me more about the casings - what you think about where the casings and bullets are? What dies it mean to you?

Anonymous said...

if liko was shot thru that bullet hole in the FRONT windshield, he never ran over anybody...the car was in drive and liko had been fatally shot. it was that shot that disabled Liko who was driving...
is this not a possible or probable scenario? i recall it being discussed at great length somewhere along the way after the 'official' report was finally released.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is also possible that Liko never ran over McKay. Floyd and JR. have said conflicting things about the possible first time - he may have never touched McKay the first time. Second time, if he was shot through the windshield then the car would have been in motion and not caused by Liko.

There are certain things that I try to stay open to about the night of the shootings. There are other things that I also don't feel flexible about about.

Anonymous said...


What stocks do you recommend?

I will follow your sage market advice, and place a stop loss order on my substantial American Tower holdings. Where should I set it?

I thank you in advance for your expertise, and taking the time from your busy schedule to inform the world to SELL American Tower Stock!

Anonymous said...

consider, however, that if the car was a standard, then the moment liko's foot was off the clutch, the car would stall.
i believe it was established that his car was not an automatic, which would easily continue in 'drive' if the driver became disabled.

Anonymous said...

American Tower Co (NYSE AMT), was at $34 a share a year ago, rose to about $46 a week ago, and dropped to about $42 in the recent market decline.

Cataclysmic, eh King???

You are as good at stock analysis as law -- disbarred from both!


Anonymous said...

what about if the standard were in neutral? wouldn't it move then?

Anonymous said...


correct - it would

Christopher King said...

Car moving forward questions:

Yes a manual transmission car is going to continue forward just an an automatic if you have a disabled driver, and I'm just using Shooter Floyd's own son's statement under Oath:

[Floyd Junior also as noted on 91-A pdf page 745]

"They had stopped in front of his arm the first time. They didn't actually hit the officer. Then they backed up to here and at that time my dad got out and tried to pull him to prevent him from running him over again" [KingCast says wait a minute: Run him over again??? There was absolutely nothing to keep Liko from running McKay over the first time -- but he didn't. Liko was just trying to get the hell out of there.] They backed up to here and the car went rushing forward and my dad shot at the driver and it hit him and made him stop. The front end of the car ended up over the officer's chest."



You are indeed a non-reading jackass.

I am not, nor have I ever been disbarred and I shooled WMUR over this with a Cease and Desist letter.

Now on American Tower, perhaps you missed the fact that the SEC investigation is NOT over.

And I won't tell you how many hits I get based on people worried about American Tower Stock.

Just go ahead and keep yours.

But DO come to oral argument, identify yourself, look me in the eye and talk your stuff to me then.

I'll be waiting for you.