10 July 2007

KingCast says "Hey Mr. NH Insider Guy take THIS!"

Hey Bob, you come in here to my blawg, all big and bad and tell us how Kelly Ayotte is such a great AG, then you get a post on your own site at 8:36 tonight like this one:

Today at 08:36 PM
Stop trying to make Bruce McKay look like a hero.
He was nothing more than a bully who should never have been a police officer. McKay's actions directly led to his own death, and that of another person. There was no reason for him to go looking for a fight.

This whole thing was his fault. Yes, McKay once made a traffic stop that led to the arrest of many people. That was his job.
Nothing more. Stop with the hero talk. Jeremy Charron and Michael Briggs are examples of great heroes. Bruce McKay is not in their league.

George Vreeland Hill

Muuuuaaaaahhhhhh..... dude a new day is dawning in New Hampshire.


Anonymous said...

but cwis, i need my wittle pixturee eggsklusively for my lie filled twisto bloggo...floyd is a hero, like reagan...another guy who didn't see war, only reagan ducked world war 2 when he was eligiivlblblleee...he was a good cigarette and underwear model and we love him...we loved his pardons of iran contra, selling cocaine out of the white house and committing a clandestine bwack box terror war against nicaraguan farm woman...he's a hero twooo...we know hewoes on my site by dang gummmitttt and u took it off the woold wide webber, jist cuz i was uzing it for proper gander!!!dang you...
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don't p;issss usss offfff...we aree hereoessss...

Christopher King said...


Pwoifeckt.... bootifuwlll.....


Anonymous said...


you're such a cutie!! NUT JOB! SICKO!!!

Anonymous said...

5:30 am,

you're NOT such a cutie!! NUT JOB! SICKO!!!

"mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the ugliest of them all?"

Anonymous said...

In regard to the pictures, Chris, you sure do seem to break a lot of copyright laws. Perhaps getting your own material is not a bad thing? Just an observation from a few hundred miles south of ya'.