07 July 2007

KingCast says "Hey Kelly, here's your hero," Shooter Floyd's background in Franconia shooting tragedy.

We know all about Liko's history because the State and media tell us so much about it. Never mind that Bill Kenney and I have spoken and he harbored no animosity toward Liko and really distrusted Bruce McKay but let's not even go there right now. Instead take a look at this comment from Easton Police Chief Robert Every (p. 219 of Volume IV of the PDF file) about that LE darling and Kelly Ayotte's hero:
"All of us have made mistakes in our lives; in Mr. Floyd's case the behavior extends beyond a mistake; there is a pattern, a pattern of past violence, paranoid behavior and excessive anger. While no one can predict the future, I feel Mr. Floyd is capable of showing up at Lafayette Elementary School or at a neighbor's house with an automatic weapon and that the danger to the public safety far outweighs the minimal intrusion a check of his premises for automatic weapons would represent."

About the meter reader he threatened with deadly force:

"If that pussy comes back or if I see him again I'll kill him..... I know you wear vests so I would have put it right between your eyes. I was sitting right on my ruger..... (then to his son) look at the fucking pigs, aren't they big men?"

At the 5/11 scene Floyd evidenced more of his inimitable bedside charm by saying "He's fucked" regarding McKay, which caused Sgt. Wentworth to become upset because McKay might have heard it. p.300. Wentworth then is asked at p. 353 and acknowledges that he has "developed a close relationship" with McKay and volunteers "I'm familiar with [Liko] by reputation as a dirt bag."

......That really sets the stage for a nice, unbiased review of the facts, doesn't it. Well that plus the fact that they told Connie McKenzie she couldn't even check on Liko for a pulse.

Page 436-437 Allan Clark hears McKay on his scanner and notes that there is a "different tone in [McKay's voice]." Why? remember, McKay obviously hasn't been shot yet. What's up? Why hasn't the State offered his audio testimony when they finally offered that of Stanley Sherburn, Sam Stephenson and Charles Herbert after I filed the KingCast ethics complaint? I don't know but I'm about to ask for it seeing as he is Sugar Hill FD initial responder you figure they had better have record him, yo.' There is a long written statement at pp. 440-443 but I like to hear the actual contemporaneous stuff, thank you.

Page 444 Franconia Officer Chris Fowler notes that "Liko had reported he would have respect for any other police officer" than McKay. Obviously, others concur as Connie McKenzie didn't even allow a memorial on her lawn for McKay. LE can hate on me all they want, but I'm sorry, that speaks volumes. Then Fowler gets into Robin (who I'm holding up in the Franconia picture) and Liko's friendship. On information and belief, the redacted portion of the sentence reads "after she... HAD BEEN DATING FOWLER..... she had been living with Liko.....

Page 455 Brand new Patrolman Phillip Blanchard proves the autopsy is biased: Autopsy reads "faint, oily residue on right side of face," but Blanchard says "he had a brown complexion all over (emphasis added) his face and part of his neck." Anyone seeing that plume of OC Spray would clearly know the autopsy statement was bunk.

Page 456 Floyd brags about Killing Liko: "I'm fine, that was the 43rd person I've killed, I'm fine."

Page 587: Bullet hole -- through the windshield on bottom edge close to center. Bullet was recovered. Okay, but from where? From Liko's body or what? Remember, he had a bullet to the head on his right side. That is not inconsistent with that shot "close to center" and Junior's statement that Senior "shot once and that stopped the car."

Page 487-488 Liko was upbeat and told his employer he was going to raise money to leave New Hampshire because he was being harrassed.

Page 589: The booze was unopened. They were going to make jello shots, as youth (and some of us older folks) do from time to time.

Page 499-500 Interview with Liko's friend Matt Chernicki is interesting because of the characterizations made by the interviewer. I know Matt a bit. I want his recorded statement.

Page 570: NH AG Michael Bahan -- the same tool who ignored my complaint of a forged signature and notary seal and wire fraud -- in one sentance dismissed Tim Stephenson's complaint against Bruce McKay after McKay reportedly told him he was going to do whatever I can to get rid of you," with his hand on his service weapon. Read it right here. That's but one reason I went after Tim Stephenson's complete arrest record along with Bruce McKay's personnel file as noted herein. Suspended I am; stupid I am not.

Now at p. 611 I have finally found Caleb Macaulay's interview. More on this later. Could take awhile. Quite a while. And I still need an audio recorded version that actually plays longer than 13 minutes with an acceptable sound level.

Page 612 Handcuffed the whole time and only treated face for pepper spray nothing else.
Page 615 "[Floyd] told me to pick up the gun out of my friends dead hands.... I was scared for my life with this guy because he had the gun nonstop pointed at me."
Page 619 "[Liko's] the kind of guy that would give his shirt off his back to you and that's why I'm really distraught right now about what went on."
Page 621 Verifies that Liko asked for another officer as witness, tried to call several times and "took off, not like trying to escape from the cop but drove at normal speed limit and he was trying to go to his uncle and aunt's house over in Tamarack." McKay "came up to the driver's side window and emptied a whole can of mace on us.... Liko was pulling out, like he was going to Tamarack.... Liko ended up I don't know if it was by not being able to see 'cause he got most of the pepper spray... he drove up pretty much with his bumper on top of McKay" (which fits exactly with what Junior said: Liko did NOT run McKay over].

Page 679: McKay was on the ground already.

BINGO Kelly and Floyd, you guys are getting a Congressional investigation if it's the last thing I do.

Page 622 "I was like, hey sir could you just stay here for a minute as a witness and he was like, yah." Then Caleb just remembers shots and ducking and glass shattering (proving that Floyd lied about reaching in an putting his arm on Caleb's adam's apple and warning Liko). "He was laughing and stuff." The guy was very, very it was almost like crazed.... page 697 "and he kept, like, 'Oh I shot him good and stuff like that....'"

Kind of fits well with the observation of Easton Police Chief Every, supra.

And at page 684 Caleb is picking glass out of his scalp so you know Floyd lied about how he shot through an allegedly open window, placing his arm on Caleb's adam's apple. "No, my window was shattered, sir.... they're sort of stuck in my scalp a little bit so it's hard to get them out."

Page 626: Was going to culinary school but got misled on the scholarship after winning competition but instead was going to school for massage thereapy -- which explains my obervations about him being an amazing yoga practitioner on my lawn.

Page 634-635: Caleb bought goldfish for his mother that eventually died that night as well. The two men were going to have a few friends over, make jello shots and relax for the evening.

Page 637: They were not speeding and McKay gave them no reason as to why he pulled them over. At page 648 Liko tells Caleb "[H]e is going to Tamarack so he can have witnesses."

Page 644: At the first stop: "I have never seen Liko scared like that before. He- he seemed real scared."

Page 645-646: Caleb describes the 2003 Fox Hill Park beat-down "He was sleeping in his car.... Sgt. Cox from Littleton and a couple of other officers they uh, beat him....." Jose (an elder officer) from Sugar Hill heard it on the radio.

Page 647: Caleb describes the fender-bender with Tim Stephenson that McKay turned darn-near turned into a Federal Case. I'm not going to say anything more about this yet, but I will refer you to Attorney Watt's email to me in which he said McKay committed unethical and fraudulent activity before the Court, which resulted in Watts filing a complaint on him. See "Truth comes out about McKay" posted here. And again I refer you to request item #2 on the personnel file.

Page 652: "[McKay] started a turning around procedure and Liko was like pointing, he's like Tamarack, Tamarack." Of course McKay hates the Millers and the Kenneys so he would have none of that.

Page 654: "Most of the cars drove by, but I asked that guy (Floyd), I'm like sir, could you just stick around to see what happens just as a witness." Again at 673: "I said hey, Sir can you just stay here a minute because I was scared.... We had eye to eye communication (because Floyd Jr. was driving) I said sir can you stay here and they stayed there for a second." And at 674 "I 'm pretty sure he heard my voice 'cause like I..." (Marshall cuts him off).

Page 656: "Liko backed up to uh, park, realizing he couldn't get to Tamarack."

Page 662: Sgt. Marshall tries to downplay the Tahoe Slam:
Marshall: "It wasn't like boom smash, he drove up."
Caleb: "Well the first one was like a boom smash."

Page 665: "I was amazed 'cause I never got pushed like that for one...."

Page 666, appropriately enough: "The window was more open because like I say, we were, we told that guy [Floyd] in the truck to stay there.... I don't even, like I don't know why at first he even pulled off to the side of the road but I was just scared by the whole...."

Page 672: "No, no, it was just - it was just pepper spray right away."

Page 700: "When I saw that gun I went down like this and that's all I saw and if I did not do that I wouldn't be, I wouldn't be here today."

Page 701: "He did, did he say anything?" "He said nothing. He started shooting."

Page 745: Floyd Junior notes that Liko "didn't actually hit the officer" the first time.


Page 687: "That guy I thought pretty much had the gun pointed at us before we even got on the road."

Hence the bullet hole in the windscreen; Caleb just didn't hear it.


Curiously -- and in direct contravention to the autopsy notes at p. 25 for Liko Kenney -- Floyd at p. 409 says he struck Liko in the "upper right chest" whereas the autopsy reads two wounds by firearm, one to right side of head and one through-the-neck from right to left. There is no further description on the head wound. The report at p. 412 indicates Floyd bought relish, milk, soda and a newspaper. The official report at p. 27 reads that the "pickup truck was searched and nothing of evidentiary value was located."

The report at page 413 contains a material contradiction with the statement of Junior Floyd as it reads that Liko was backing up to hit McKay "again," but that sure isn't what Junior said: He said the car stopped short of the officer the first time. Page 517 notes that Chuck Herbert (whose comments absence predicated my ethics complaint that unearthed his digitally-recorded statement) notes that Floyd, Jr. was indeed telling Caleb how Floyd Sr. "could have or should have shot him," as Caleb has noted on pp. 11-12 of the official report.

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Anonymous said...

well she knows all that of course Chris...point is, it's irrelevant to her...
she's a schooled ambitious apointee in the school of rove/cheney, and funded, and appointed, by the same people....

it's ugly, but it's effective...she KNEW you throw out "brave passerby citizen Marine hero kills copkiller" was gonna get big media play...

if it bleeds it leads, and it's sexy as hell...it's a rallying cry...she knows it, she knew it...it was a way for her to project herself to even higher and more mighty appointments in the future...

only she thought she had enough power and money behind her to slam ,disinform and run...

look, it was pretty successful, kneejerks and knuckleheads, and even every good hearted red blooded American is gonna see that little bit of PR and go, whoaa, semper fi...thank goodness...cop good, killer bad...marine good...killer dead...happy days are here again.
the dumbed down and properly devalued 'news' sources went with it as given to them...

...it's turning around quickly and savagely on her now...to her surprise, eveyone's so sick of political corruption and racketeering and lies and non military like her, and others in national politics funding her...like extreme right wingnuts on the abortion issue she made her name on, even tho lynch told her to drop it...
(he can't control his own AG, appointed by a previous governor...read..wimp)...
no wonder ayotte has public contempt for him...

but not as deep as the public contempt for her...
little did she ever suspect deep down, that good people across the political spectrum were not going to allow this arrogant pack of lies to pass for an official investigation when two out of staters kill and torture a native son...

it's not like she didn't know...it was a political calculation borne of ambition, and the hell with the truth, the law, and the safety of the law abiding community...
and to hell with the reputations of all good law enforcement and to hell with the reputation of the United States Marines Corp...in the process...
she shit smeared lies everywhere and NOBODY'S gonna let it stand...

she'll end up rich and over entitled anyway...but her poltical career is dead...
she thinks long range because she's a young appointee like goodling, another traitor to her country...but she's caught in the light now...and she's made her play...it's a matter of record...and she's hung herself...

Anonymous said...

Chris ~
The folks want "FACTS" and you're providing them. Pure FACTS. The bottom line is about the immorality of McKay's abusing his power to target a citizen, and LIES, LIES, LIES from the highest authorities of NH.

As a mother, my bottom line is knowing that Liko and Caleb were threatened, bullied, and attacked by LE. It is about Liko's immediate family; his mother, father and sister who have lost his future, entirely, and his extended family, who have lost a link to their past and and future.

It's sickening.....Liko was NOT a criminal. Absolutely no need for this outrageous beginning and tragic ending. Civil matters reported by LE were bolstered and spun to reflect badly on this young man.

I am so sorry McKay got the better of Liko, but in the process, McKay destroyed himself, also. Both made choices, but Liko's choices were made in defense of his being denied the right to live freely and lawfully.

With eyes open, Franconians will prevail.

Keep on keepin' on.


Christopher King said...



Namaste, aloha, peace.

debby said...

Page 455 Brand new Patrolman Phillip Blanchard proves the autopsy is biased: Autopsy reads "faint, oily residue on right side of face," but Wentworth says "he had a brown complexion all over (emphasis added) his face and part of his neck." Anyone seeing that plume of OC Spray would clearly know the autopsy statement was bunk.


Take a look at Matt Culver's statement. I am pretty sure that he says he realizes that Liko is deceased and that his face is ornge, consistent with OC spray.

debby said...

I also do not believe that Liko directly said anything to Fowler about taking matters into his own hands and how he didn't like Franconia PD. Is that really what Fowler says? How did it go to him overhearing it and McKay also stating in his big, Troop F warning that it had been "heard". That implies not being told first hand.

Is that heresay, by the way? Does Chris have anyone to back him up because he has been pretty unstable of late in regards to his own comments and actions toward citizens.

Liko wasn't after McKay. McKay was after Liko. Liko was trying to leave town to get away from him. No one should have to leave town because of LE behaving like outlaws. I have also heard of another person that wants to currently leave because they are not being heard over current LE harassment.

If LE and Selectmen had one shred of respect and decency for the citizens of Franconia they would make a TRUE effort to hear them and not make it difficult to file complaints. Let us go back to Montminy's original statement of what a fine Officer McKay was and how NO ONE in his PD ever harassed anyone. Don't know about others but he is not the guy I want to take my complaint to. Not only will it be ignored but most likely not even put in the file but right into the garbage can. Then you get harassed even more.

Anonymous said...

McKay lived and died a bully rogue cop. His disrespect for his badge is a disgrace.

Christopher King said...

Just need the money for the short film and tons of copies of this post to get ready for the politicos as they continue to roll in to NH.

And let's get ready for a March on Washington.

Off to work,


Christopher King said...

Where's the LE now?

What's the matter fellas, not enough FACTS for you?

"McKay lived and died a bully rogue cop. His disrespect for his badge is a disgrace.

By Anonymous, at 5:35 AM

Precisely. And Kelly Ayotte is equally rogue for protecting him and Shooter Floyd.

After meeting so many people who knew Liko I dedicated this phase of my life so we could get his back, because unfortunately it is too late to cover him from the front.

Here's to you, Liko..... and to each and every other person who has ever, and who will be, a victim of police abuse and government complicity.

Namaste, aloha, peace.