04 July 2007

KingCast says Happy Independence Day to Liko Kenney and Elma Harris.

There are two people whom I have "met" recently who embody the spirit of Independence for whom I am composing a letter that I will share later this evening. Ms. Harris is my 90 years young 'girlfriend' I met over a Lobster Quesadilla at work. She was the first woman to go up in a U.S. Airforce DC-3 with her husband, a pilot. And I quickly found out she lived in Lookout Mountain, Tennessee and knew 70's tennis ace Roscoe Tanner and his father. She and her husband founded the Ecumenical Tennis and Eating Club near Lexington, Mass.... the Birthplace of the Revolution.

And Liko was denied the chance to get to Tamarack Tennis Club, 8 or 900 feet down the road from where he repeatedly asked and motioned a bully cop named Bruce McKay to call for backup and meet him so that there could be witnesses to whatever Bruce wanted to do to him this time; last time in 2003 McKay and two jackbooted thugs named Dick and Cox mauled him for no reason after McKay rolled up on him at Fox Hill Park, which the neighbors most assuredly tell me is NOT a "suspicious place."

And Kinko's agrees with me because when I went to make an 8-plank mini and 1 large-sized Liko sticker, they heard about the case and gave me the PDF/JPEG and several samples for free. Cops have their brotherhood and we've got ours; that's how we pay for KingCast production and editing.


Anonymous said...

I find your glorification of Liko to be sad. I find it hard to believe that you would defend someone like Liko who was a multi-drug abusing, gun toting paranoid (not hearsay, personal experience). Mckay was wrong in some of his actions, but Liko was wrong in ALL of his actions!

Anonymous said...

2:08, do you want to see the truth come out about what happened, or do you think it's best to let it be swept under the rug?

Anonymous said...


Floyd lied in his statements to the police more times that anyone has had a chance to count.

NOBODY, not even the police can deny this. When somebody lies when be questioned and after having rights read, there is something VERY wrong when the police decided to believe certain lies and not others and to hold this person out as a hero.

Clearly something is being covered up. I could (unlikely) be so simple as the cops all agreeing right away to put this to bed as a tragic incident and not ruin anyone else's life.

On the other end of the spectrum is an act to cover up a double murder and other unknown crimes.

Anonymous said...

Is there an audio and transcript of the Floyd JR. interview? We know one took place at the same time as Floyd Sr. The cop even tells Floyd at the end of his recorded interview that he could leave as long as his son was done upstairs with his interview.

Junior is a huge liar and not as experienced as Dad and I cannot wait to see what he had to say.

Anonymous said...


If you talk to investigators, they will tell you that their is RARELY ever something that can be viewed as a coincidence during an investiogation. (The ex-husband happen to come by to visit at the same time the ex-wife was murdered...)

So, I guess a couple coincidences I see in this case is that given who Floyd is, that he not only came upon this scene but also was at the same place as Caleb & Liko earlier and that he (SR.) says they did't stop at the gas station after (says they just took the turn up to 116 after the market) while Jr. says they stopped at the gas station after they left market and only managed to be 4 minutes behind Liko even though they left the market after Caleb & Liko.

So, I cannot help but wonder if Jr. & Sr. were following Liko & Caleb.

Anonymous said...

How many people in a 100 mile radius of that incident would have jumped out of a car unarmed and not even considering they would be able to arm themselves and go up against an armed cop killer who was in his vehicle and also using the vehicle as a weapon and holding his gum out the window firing as he drove like a gangster (Floyd Jr. Statements)???

How about within 500 miles? Only a suicidal person would do this or a freak like Floyd ... this is just a bizzare coincidence.

Quick thinking Dad seems to have had lots of time to speak to son during these moments and told him how he wanted him to move the truck so he could drag the body (that Liko is still supposedly running over) behind their truck because the truck was heavier.

So, if we want to be a hero, wouldn't ramming Liko's vehicle with the truck been the thing to do if you felt a need to get directly involved with an armed cop killer?

Anonymous said...

And what are the facts and or rumors with regards to Floyd carring a scanner?

I am still so in shocked that no inventory was given of his car except to say nothing of evidence was found and he nor JR were searched. So much missing evidence...

What about any product in the car to show they were at the market to buy something (and not following somebody)?

What about reciepts for time lines from market or gas station? Did they actually pull in to get gas or to avoid having Liko see them following him?

What about a cell phone on either one of them?

Was the gas tank full?

Was there a scanner or anything like binoculars?

Everything is noted and or collected and or filmed or photographed at a scene because you are not sure what is going to be important and not important later.

Anonymous said...

Why did they end the interview of Floyd with so many things that didn't make sense and so many contradictions, holes and falsehoods in his statements?

Anonymous said...

I hope everyone is having a great 4th ... just wanted to stop in and share my thoughts. Any time I consider this incident there is always another thing that makes little sense.

At best, the report should serve as a lesson on how not to handle an investigation but I cannot believe the police are this inexperienced, lack any common sense and training and that there are no real procedures in place to cover much of were they failed.

I tell you this.. a lawyer can make a killing in that town and state getting people off if this is the level of way the cops handle a murder of one of their own, I can only imagine how they handle insignificant smaller imvestigations.

You want to look at going another way instead of civil rights Chris ;-)

But I am sure the cops like others around the country are selective in who they target and only go after those who will be forced to use one of the cops fellow employees as a lawyer (Public Defender). The same lawyer who probably shares the same office as the DA and who share the same boss.

A Public Defender known for getting suspected criminals off and forcing the PD & DA to be honest is certainly not going to get a promotion from the state who emoloyees him since the state is run by politics and being hard on crime is a key to reelection.

What a corrupt system.

Anonymous said...

Where, oh where, can I find a link to the official report on 5/11? I've only found the page from the Littleton PD/Culver.
Am I missing 900+ pages of information?

Anonymous said...

The only stuff that I know of on-line is the official AG's report here:


and the stuff that the Monitor uploaded here:


JohnP seems to have a link to some stuff on the Union Leader site, but I can't find the list of it myself. Maybe he'll help out?

Anonymous said...

"Liko was denied the chance to get to Tamarack Tennis Club, 8 or 900 feet down the road"

Oh yeah, let's just ignore the law. Poor Liko wasn't required to obey the law like everyone else, he was special! WAKE UP! When a cop is behind you with the emergency lights on, you stop. It's just that simple. It's not up to you to decide you would rather stop somewhere else. That's the law and yes, it even applied to Kenney.

"he repeatedly asked and motioned a bully cop named Bruce McKay to call for backup and meet him so that there could be witnesses to whatever Bruce wanted to do to him this time; last time in 2003 McKay and two jackbooted thugs named Dick and Cox mauled him for no reason"

What a crock! Kenney was the cause of the whole confrontation in 2003. Had he obeyed the lawful orders of McKay then there wouldn't have been a problem.

I don't give a damn what Chris King thinks. He's entitled to his opinion but that's all it is, an opinion. A blatantly biased one at that, based on rumor and speculation. Let's not let the facts or the law get in the way!

Anonymous said...

Besides the above links. The only other one I have are ...






NOTE: These are both large pages full of images (especially the second). Some of the final pages will not load but if you save any of the images you will see the URL format or image name and you can then keep downloading the pages (images) individually.

You may also want to save that second link to your desk top as a complete web page and it should create a folder of the images of each page.

Anonymous said...

Dear Police Officer,

Is there a way for you to make us all comply????comply????comply????comply??

Anonymous said...

Everyone should read this. It applies to ALOT of what we're fighting against and fighting for.


Anonymous said...

5:56 PM

lol, and your opinion is so much more important, non biased or correct because...???

The only difference between your two "opinions" is that Chris is asking questions and wants answers that the law entitles him and other citezens the right to.

Yes his opinions are biased BUT they are based on his experience with working on both sides of the justice system and the violations of ethics, rules, common sense and it appears laws in regards to how this investigation and information release has been handled.

You on the other hand appear to be basing your (incorrect)opinions on the fact that you are a sheep and just believe citizens have no rights and must obey even a corrupt officer or one who may be acting beyond thier bounds.vEither that or you are a cop and that would just be plain scarry.

Why are your opinions wrong? Because things are not as simple as you state and citizens do have a right not to pull over until they feel they are in a safe area.

Also, you don't have to obey unlawful orders from a cop.

As for Liko being the cause? So far it appears he absolutely has no right what so ever to kill Mckay but the cause of all this, I think the facts speek volumes different.

Parents are charged all the time for the children in their care doing something wrong even if they were no where near the child who picked up the gun or licked the light socket.

We expect that adults are more respondible than children. Just as we expect a cop to be more in control than a emotionally problemed kid. We expect police should try to defuse and not lite a fuse in a situation. We expect a cop to control a situation and obey his training and Mckay did nothing by the book in that last stop.

Also understand that a cop should and is much more informed of citizen's right than most citizens and they know they cannot detain, search or otherwise harass people who are acting lawfully.

So, I doubt you will find Chris ever saying Liko was in the right but he certainly may put himself in Liko's shoes and understand the fear he felt of Mckay and how utterly helpless he felt to defend himself from him physically.

Mckay knew all of this and instead of letting Liko know back-up was on its way ad going back to his car to also wait for it (he gets paid either way), he chose to lie to Liko and tell him no back-up was coming. I can name many things like this that Mckay did that would have changed the course of events that day .. so, can you still say that Liko is fully responsible when if Mckay just acted correctly, he almost certainly would not have been killed?

BUT, we cannot take away the fact Liko did pull the trigger and should not have BUT I am pretty sure he would not have received Life or the Death Penatly and would have ple bargained down to serving about 2 to 5 years with a long as probabtion and suspended sentence as the state would know that it would be near impossible to find 12 people to find him guilty because too many jurors would believe Liko had a true fear for his life.

I have little doubt Liko feared for his life but am not sure if the law would have us consider his or that of the average person in his shoes. If the first then he is fully aquited but if the second it is a hung jury unless we see more of Mckay's history that can only serve to help Liko and justify his fears. We also would hear from many town folks and friends of Liko who too would have told of thier experience with Mckay and am sure Liko would have had not just his experiences with Mckay to fear but all the others too ... lets not even get into Mckay's actions that showed he had a "hard on" for Liko that not just included pulling him over this day but taking pictures of his house in the weeks leading up to this and also posting memos about Liko to other officers that he clearly didn't believe to be true or he would not have acted the way he did on this last stop and would have waited for additional officers.

So, you want to talk about facts and things as black and white... there is a good chance Liko would not been convicted of killing Mckay and this in America says at the very least that he was not guilty.

Anonymous said...

When you read what Floyd Jr. states about what happened he is telling us what his Father's thoughts were and why he took certain actions. He continues to tell us what his Father is thinking while he himself is at the cruiser calling for help. He does this in great detail and his Father could not possibly have verbally expressed this to him in the present moment. They did not separate them and you can see in the photo that both of the Floyd's are standing talking to a police Officer together. somehow he was given the opportunity to listen to his Father prior to being questioned.

If I am not mistaken the kid said that McKay unclipped his gun holster but didn't take the gun out. Does anyone remember Floyd saying at one point (it is hard to keep track of his statement) that McKay did manage to get his gun out of the holster?

I am totally throwing this out there but what if McKay got a shot out at Liko through the windshield?

Another thought - what if a bullet went through the windshield when Floyd shot into the car?

Just keeping our thoughts open to look in all directions.

Anonymous said...

5:27 + john p - thanx, both!

Anonymous said...

"I don't give a damn what Chris King thinks. He's entitled to his opinion but that's all it is, an opinion."


Apparently you care quite alot or you would not be here on this blog.

Anonymous said...

I have said from the start that even if Liko turned out 100% in the wrong and Mckay 100% in the right and doing everything by the booke AND Floyd also being a hero and saving his and his son's life that...

It is still a GREAT thing and serves a great purpose to have somebody like Chris demand for the information so that we the people are able to keep those we pay to protect and serve us in check.

Folks, this is truly the American way and what all the rah rah USA is the best folks want us all to believe but then get freaked out when we question our leaders or express the rights with in the constitution.

These are the people who blindly followed our leaders into attacking a country under a false premise and who for years still backed the decision and who some still see nothing wrong in the way we were lied to over one of the most critical things we give our leaders power to do.

Too many Americans are like the citizens of Germany under Hitler and blindly following their leaders. it is sick.

People like Chris and those helping and supporting the actions of this board are true Americans even if they are wrong in their believes of what happened on 5/11 because they are asking questions and demanding answers.

Then you have a freaking cop whose salary we pay along with that of his officers telling Chris he has to pay their overtime if he wants the facts about this case.

A country where the people fear its leaders will always fail as has always been the case in history. Only a society where the people are in control and their leaders fear the power of the people can a society every truly flourish. Sadly, I believe that our leaders had the former in mind when they created the constitution but we as a people have given away our control in all the wrong areas and then we let the government turn their backs on things we should hold them accountable for such as not just keeping us safe when it gives them power (cops and armed forces) but also health care.

Even when it comes to fire I scratch my head and wonder when they county or state levies these huge fines on people or make them pay the cost of putting out a forrest fire that somebody accidently set ... I scratch my head and wonder when I am going to see my cut of that fine or reimbursement since it is my money that funds the fire dept. I mean if they are getting other people to cover their costs then why am I still paying more in taxes each year?

Same with these states now that are making inmates pay for the costs of the time they serve in prison. Where is my refund check?

For a country who has more of its population behind jail than any other industrialized nation ... I would be very careful to walk around saying how we are the most free country unless you want to advertise you are one of the brainwashed sheep we have so many of in the USA that makes all of this BS possible.

And of course the standard answer is that I should move then ... yea that is what all the great leaders in this country who fought for change did. From those in the 60s who stopped a bad war to those such as Martin Luther King or even people like the Panthers and groups who took a very aggessive stand because voices were not being heard and our leaders were using violence and illegal means to keep those voices quiet.

Change is important and people are ignorant who have the love it or leave it attitude because this country is all about change and without those who stand up and fight we would still not be allowing women or blacks to vote, there would be no minimum wage or so many of the rights we see as normal and just today but were not the case just 50 years ago.

Anonymous said...

6:46 PM - lol .. I guess that is really all that needed to be said.

Anonymous said...


This is a great article and would be valuable for all to read - Police Officers as well. I have copied and pasted a small piece of it.

This sort of thing happens tens of thousands of times a day all across the United States, where uniformed police officers use their powers to make people fear them even more than they already do. Often times they exercise that authority for the pure pleasure of experiencing the personal satisfaction it provides. It is a psychological high that becomes addictive. Most cops who fall into the trap are in total denial of their own police authority abuse. Even through the eyes of their co-workers such abuse is overlooked. In a very short time a police officer enters into a tightly guarded sub-culture that protects and watches out for its own, even when there are minor infractions of people's constitutional rights.

Anonymous said...

Debby - I cannot wait to see or hear JR's statements from his interview. The few comments I have heard him make appears he is out there and willing to say anything to protect his father and justify both the killing Liko and wishful killing of Caleb.

One interesting comment is not him saying that they both flipped off Mckay (he saw Liko gesturing to go to the courts up the street) but that he says this appeared to greatly upset the officer.

Wonder what Mckays actions were to make him say this. The audio would have helped but he could just mean the ramming of the vehicle but if I recall that is not what he meant because he said that happened after. The picture I got was that Mckay reacted very angry when Liko suggested going up the street .. just don't know what he said or did.

Anonymous said...

Everyone is all about Independence Day and I love it.

Thank you for this john p. I could not agree with you more. THIS IS being patriotic.

For a country who has more of its population behind jail than any other industrialized nation ... I would be very careful to walk around saying how we are the most free country unless you want to advertise you are one of the brainwashed sheep we have so many of in the USA that makes all of this BS possible.

And of course the standard answer is that I should move then ... yea that is what all the great leaders in this country who fought for change did. From those in the 60s who stopped a bad war to those such as Martin Luther King or even people like the Panthers and groups who took a very aggressive stand because voices were not being heard and our leaders were using violence and illegal means to keep those voices quiet.

Change is important and people are ignorant who have the love it or leave it attitude because this country is all about change and without those who stand up and fight we would still not be allowing women or blacks to vote, there would be no minimum wage or so many of the rights we see as normal and just today but were not the case just 50 years ago.

Anonymous said...

I would like to add that the article Lifer suggests is written BY A POLICE OFFICER.

Anonymous said...

John P, great summary of what our founding father intended.

I don't understand people who think asking questions and demanding answers is wrong. My first instinct is to ask "What do they have to fear?"

Debby, that quote you pulled from the article, sounds like Franconia, no?

Anonymous said...


In reading the article you suggest, I found myself thinking about the 03 incident. It sounds like Liko actually did have the right to ask questions about how long he was being detained and why. "a suspicious place at a suspicious time" does not seem reasonable as Liko's behavior did not exhibit this.

It also sounds as if he did have the legal right to leave.

McKay did seize him, which means arrested (not really sure for what as he posed no threat. He was not read his rights as is required.

How do you perceive it? It sounds to me that LE is grossly ignoring our constitutional rights in favor of, We must do exactly as they say with no explanation.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it most certainly does sound like Franconia!!!!!

Don't even try to lift the rug on us because it is not going to work!!!

How do you like the part where the cop refers to his own actions towards a young man he calls a brat? He tells us he was wrong in his actions even if the kid made him mad.

Anonymous said...


Oh yeahhh

We're on the same page at the same time as always. Funny how that is. ;)

Read my comment I just posted here:


Anonymous said...

Mckay said he was "seizing" Liko. This would mean an arrest and at this point there was not assualt (why he was arrested). Police can detain people with cause and this is called a Terry Stop .. See below. It is a copy and paste from a law site...

Upon seeing suspicious activity, the police may perform what is called a "Terry Stop," and may temporarily detain people to request that they identify themselves and to question them about the suspicious activity. The scope of a "Terry Stop" is limited to investigation of the specific suspicious activity, and if the police detain people to question them about additional matters, the stop can turn into an "arrest." For their own safety, the police can perform a "weapons frisk" on the outside of a person's clothes (sometimes called "patting down the suspect") during a "Terry Stop." During this frisk, if they feel something that may be a weapon, they may remove it from the suspect for further examination. However, they are not entitled to remove items from person's pockets that do not appear to be weapons, even if they believe that the items are contraband.

An arrest occurs when a person no longer reasonably expects that he is free to leave. A "Terry Stop" is not an arrest, even though the person can't leave during the investigatory questioning, as the detention is of short duration and is limited in its scope. (A "Terry Stop" may involve little more than a short series of questions, such as, "What is your name? Where do you live? Why are you here?") However, if a person is not allowed to leave the scene for an extended period of time, the person may be considered to be "under arrest," even though those words are never used. If a person is handcuffed, is locked in the back of a police car, or is otherwise restrained from leaving, the person will ordinarily be considered to be "under arrest."

Anonymous said...

Sitting in a car in a public place and having already stated the reason (waiting for friends from a super bowl party) and if I recall it was a reasonable hour is not suspicious actiity.

Mckay only had the right to make sure Liko was okay and he appears to have done this and understood why Liko was there and it was not until Liko asked for his name that Mckay got into the Terry Stop and then skipped right to an arrest.

CLEARLY asking a cop for his name that has initiated the contact is not a reason to detain a citizen. Mckay appears to be well beyond the scope of acting within the law and in fact crossed over into depriving Liko of his civil rights.

They need some aggressive and good lawyers in Franconia but sadly you have people like Mckay who know the ones to target who cannot afford a good attorney.

Anonymous said...

WOW - check this link out...


Bottom line, if a cop uses unreasonable force to arrest you then you are entitled to use reasonable force against the officer.

Anonymous said...

That's pretty funny, Lifer. I almost copied and pasted it with my earlier post.

Anonymous said...


When I see a video like this...


where it even says the cop was cleared of any wrong doing, I have to ask..


even if this poor girl gets off in court and the judge or jury believes the officer violated the laws and her rights, they can do nothing as their job is to only judge the accused.

For you to be an accused, you must be arrested and this is not going to happen from a fellow officer and the DA is certainly not going to file charges against an officer because they need a great working relationship with the police if they want a conviction.


The answer is we do and one of the only options we have available is civil courts where we must have a lawyer and even then the cop will NEVER EVER EVER be held personally responible and his department or city, county or state will pick up the tab. And no, even a multi million dollat settlement will not get them to ream the officer who was responsible because they have already cleared the officer of wrong doing in order to show the jury that the officer did nothing wrong.

Lets not forget that in most (or all) places the government needs to approve your suit against the them before you can move forward and going after cops and the government is not a favortie for lawyers because the are up against a rival with limitless resources and unless the cop killed a white baby of a wealthy family the incident was filmed, don't expect an attorney to agree to take the case without payment up front.

Anonymous said...


I want Caleb's.

Did you see my above post about the possibility that McKay got a shot fired at Liko or the windshield was struck by Floyd from the inside?

Gotta go. I'm off to bed.

Anonymous said...

Independence? LOL. This cop-killing piece of garbage was roasting in hell as you typed your cop-hating rant. And guess what? He's still roasting in hell as I type my response to your irresponsible tripe.

I hope the cop killing SOB died in the most painful way possible.

Christopher King said...

I'm baaaaaack.

And wait until I make the connection between p.11 of Caleb's statement (read the last 4 lines noting Liko was dead already) and the hastily and sloppily-redacted page I posted right here:


Noting that Floyd was terrorizing Caleb in the road AFTER that.

Kelly Ayotte is guilty of dereliction of duty for giving Floyd a pass on Caleb.

Liko has paid for his actions.

Now it is time for the Selectmen and the Attorney General to pay for theirs for their initial coverup and their continued coverup.

Keep refreshing your browsers in the next half hour.


Anonymous said...


You would be wise to tend your own stairway to heaven.


Christopher King said...


You're flat wrong. I am using only what the State provides to show how corrupt the state is, what with redacted documents and whatnot, please.

And the evidence will show that Liko was not without legal or factual basis for requesting a different officer or witnesses.

And Liko was not the one to blame in 2003 because the area was NOT suspicious; that's not my opinion that comes from the neighbors in the area on video, fool.

You want to show up here and talk poopie go get your own video camera and go 'round town extolling the virtues of Bruce McKay and note the response; submit it to KingCast and we'll use it in our movie, how about THAT, 'bro?


Ha-ha! I never wish anyone to die a painful death even if I truly dislike them, but now that you went down that road, you might find it interesting that Liko died quickly. McKay got his scrotum torn open and had a car dropped back down on him by the rescuers.

I know this from a witness to the whole thing and not Caleb.

Call it "car"ma.

Christopher King said...

John P:

Theoretically being seized does not INHERENTLY imply a Miranda warning, but in reality it does if the cops do something funky during the stop. It's a sliding scale thing, unwritten.

Bottom line is don't believe a cop who says that Miranda only applies to sit-down interrogation and don't believe anyone who says it always applies, either.


Anonymous said...


McKay's utter lack of professionalism, as proven by his idiotic smash, spray and turn tactics (of someone he himself said -- not that I am beliving a word of it -- is dangerous and armed), as well as his history of harassment of youth in Franconia, is the reason McKay is dead.

McKay contributed to his own death. Remember that when you glorify him.


Anonymous said...

lifer ~

great, informative article...in fact, this entire Independence Day page is on point, and solidifies my perspective of liko's bid for fair and just treatment during the '03 stop. he was self-guided by his own sense of what was reasonable and just...and turns out, he was correct.

bottom line is most of us don't have $ to litigate. it is discouraging to sit in a courtroom and listen to the spin applied to "facts" by a police/prosecutor in small towns, who are backed up by their ranks, and ultimately supported by a judge who, at most, will split the difference in settling charges.

remember: you are guilty until proven innocent. if a cop says you assaulted, you assaulted. try to prove otherwise.

discovery? trying to obtain dashcam video (and audio!), as well as recordings from police station phone lines takes immense persistence, and citizen efforts are frustrated and thwarted.

they hold all the cards...the information, resources, and tools to draw and enforce their own conclusions.

liko knew all about the injustices.
"car-ma", indeed.


Anonymous said...

Our Pledge of Allegiance, which I proudly spoke during an Independence Day celebration yesterday ends with the words, "with liberty, and justice for all."

Too bad some cops don't believe a word of it, but I do. And to hell with the fascist-type cops like the scumbag who hoped Liko died painfully. He is sick; twisted with anger that anyone dares question police tactics or asks questions. A damned goon.

Imagine that clown running around with his badge and a gun. Scary.

Fortunately, the cop thugs do not frighten me one bit. I know my rights, and have beaten these suckers before at their own game. The McKay's of the world only pick on easy targets.

Everyone needs to be aware of their rights and responsibilities when dealing with the cops. It a 21st century survival skill, unfortunately.


Anonymous said...

LE wonders why citizens don't like them? They get angry and call us "cop haters". Apparently, they are completely blind to fact that it is there total disregard and inhumane attitudes to us that make us dislike them.

A little heard of arrest occurred recently in NH. This is the basic line of reporting in the paper.

The cops said that they observed a man named Tallison Piland on the side of the road. He was next to a large pile of trash in the easement. According to police at least one car swerved to avoid this trash. They stopped and questioned him about littering and they found him to exhibit an adversarial attitude. When they attempted to arrest him, he resisted so they pepper-sprayed him. They said he kicked one of the cops. Tallison is now in jail for 6 months. His crime - Littering, resisting arrest and assaulting an officer.

At myspace .com you can find Tallison's story.

Tallison was walking to work, which is 1/2 mile from his home. Being an environmentalist, he was picking up trash that was down in the gully by the road. Obvious litter from motorist. He was putting it in a pile, planning to come back with a garbage bag to pick up the trash. The cops came by and told him he was littering and he explained what he was doing. The cops actually told Tallison to put the garbage back down in the gully. He took offense (as would I) and refused to do so. They didn't like this too much and words were exchanged. It resulted in them attempting to arrest him. Tallison objected to this (rightfully so) and resisted. When they sprayed him with pepper-spray he put his leg up in defense of them assaulting him. So, they haul his butt off to jail and there he sits for 6 months.

He was the sole provider of his wife and small child. His wife has been forced to take a job, leaving her child and making very little money.

How is that for police brutality? Which story sounds more believable to you? A judge thought the story of the cops was a more realistic scenario?

Now, Tallison has himself a great record when he is released to trail behind him. Do you suppose he will become bitter, angry and feel that he was done an injustice by the system? I would imagine so and each time thereafter when he is screwed with, the anger from injustice will continue to grow.

Hello, and this is what is happening in our country.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Debby.

Another story of what passes for law enforcement in NH.

Do u think these cops become haters after a while on the job, or do they come to the job with that attitude?

If it were only one or two stories, now and again, I'd write it off as "bad apples."

But, when you read about this nonsense virtually every single day, in a small state like NH, it cannot be easily dismissed.

Did you read the story I posted about the infamous Brookine (NH) bell ringing bust from 10 years ago.

Nothing changes, just the names. Law abiding citizens, or people commiting minor offenses like expired registrations, harassed and pushed by the cops who seem to have investments in companies that make OC spray...


Anonymous said...

so, ls at 7:15 -

liko seemed to have a basic understanding of his rights (less, perhaps, of his immediate responsibilities) - and he still got beaten, sprayed and rammed.

guess i better get down and start studying the law....specific to surviving a traffic stop. the multiple degrees in our household in other areas of study seem insufficient.

you seem very certain that you have the knowledge to stand up to falsehoods that may be perpetrated against you by the say-so of the police...and take home a win. have you tried it lately?

have you written the survival handbook yet? there's a definite need!


Anonymous said...

Ya know, alot of it is just knowing the basics, and following the law. And maturing. Whenever I encounter a cop with attitude, I just kind of smile at him, and give it back. Cops only think they are smarter than everyone else -- what they ARE good at is quickly sizing people up.

The bad ones thrive on pushing people's buttons, and I won't have mine pushed by some low IQ cop with a control fetish.

I have posted this site before, but will do so again. Both of my kids have copies in their cars. We don't knowingly break any laws (except when speed limits are dangerously slow...), but I will not allow my constitutional rights to be trampled on by a POS like McKay. Plenty of people have been set up by corrupt cops looking to make as many arrests as possible. (That is how McKay got his promotion, I'll bet..). Here is the site:



Anonymous said...

Oh, yeah, I have tried it recently. And won.

A CT state trooper said he clocked me doing 81 in 65. Trouble is, I had the cruise control set at 70, and an SUV just passed me, moved into my (right lane), then jammed on the brakes.

I moved left to avoid the idiot, then saw why he braked. CT cop with a Camaro and radar. I drive a pretty nice car, so I got ticketed.

Noticed immediately that the ticket did not have the CT statute that I was being charged with clealy legible. I also told the cop AFTER he ticketed me that he must have seen the SUV cut me off.

Then he got pissed and gave attitude. Started looking around the car. I took off my sunglasses and asked if he was now going to look for additional infractions, and smiled. He hated that.

I went back to CT, spoke to an ADA, informed him that I was unable to defend myself because I wasn't sure what statute I was being charged under. He then asked me what actually happened. I told him, and got to plead no contest, $100 fine. I could have taken it to full court, and won, but who wants to drive all that way twice...


Anonymous said...

Yes ls, I did read your story of the bell ringing (good grief) which is what prompted me to share the one about Tallison.

Anonymous said...

Hi Debbie:

Just read the papers. Constant, and I mean weekly and sometimes daily, stories of police abuse and unprofessionalism.

You can bet that the few times it makes the papers represents the tip of the iceberg.

God bless ya. Its good to know that not everyone in the country is asleep about what is going on with law enforcement.


Anonymous said...

John P at 7:52 - another excellent link/format....


Anonymous said...

and ls...
an equally good site..."flex your rights"; thank you.