04 July 2007

KingCast says disbarment should result for NH AG Kelly Ayotte's dereliction of duty for Floyd's criminal threats to Caleb Macaulay after Liko was dead

As you read this, keep in mind in this post about the redacted statement showing that Floyd was pointing a gun at Caleb AFTER he was out of Liko's car.

Fact: Stan, a firefighter whose statement should have been given, recorded and provided to the American Public, said that Floyd was out there waving a gun and yelling at Caleb. See p. 981/1,000.

Fact: Page 11 - "The man also told him to hand him Kenney's gun, but Macaulay said "No" because he believed the man would shoot him. He told this to the man. While he was still in the car, he looked over at Kenney and saw that he was dead. He unbuckled his seat belt (yes, responsible people actually wear those in New Hampshire), got out of the car and sat on the ground. The man with the gun ranted, told him he had killed before, told him to stop talking and to be quiet. [Note: Shooter Floyd acknowledged telling Caleb he would "blow his face off]." -- Sounds like criminal menacing to me.

Fact: In the redacted statement -- which is redacted for no reason as only HALF of the page is redacted and the same names are involved throughout -- it clearly notes that that Chet Thompson said "he's still standing, he has a, has the pistol in his hand, pointing it at someone." Floyd was the only non-LE personnel who ever stood up with a pistol that night, so that's Floyd pointing a gun at Caleb. No wonder they wanted that redacted because now down falls Kelly's House of Cards.

Come now, Kelly: Floyd has been popped for criminal menacing before for Christ's sake, but you gave him a walk in one day for not only killing Liko but after you knew that he criminally-threatened Caleb Macaulay after:

1. Your own report indicates Liko was dead; no longer a threat.
2. Caleb had refused to pick up Liko's gun thereby denying Floyd, who brags about killing people, the right to kill him.

It all came together last night doing yoga on the lawn with Caleb when I saw how quick and agile -- and peaceful and reserved -- he is. He literally dodged a bullet on 5/11, then his neck and back of head was exposed and Floyd couldn't justify killing him that way then other witnesses arrived. The kid could almost be Asian for his reserved demeanor, and that's the only reason he is alive today.

Not that Attorney Ayotte is happy with that result; she would rather Caleb and I were both dead, I'm sure of that. Makes things easier for the State that way if you get a "clean shoot." We just want a clean shot at a Federal Investigation:


Anonymous said...


happy 4th...
little narrative here worth rockin' too i tell ya...don't tune out before the last verse...

Anonymous said...

Chris, do you have the transcript of the interview with Floyd Junior?

I am curious to hear how much contradiction is in it compared to seniors and also understand more of what is in the official report including such things as Junior's statements such as ...

The two men in the car “flipped the bird” to the officer, which appeared to upset the officer. The officer then motioned, with his hand out the window, telling the driver to move his car over onto the dirt road by the barn.

Surely the investigators must have asked him what he meant by Mckay getting upset.


That he and his father left their home on the afternoon of the shooting to go to the store.
They pulled into Mack’s Market in Franconia and parked their truck. At the market, there had been a 2-door greenish/gray colored Toyota or Honda car parked next to them
with two men in it. Both men wore Agway shirts..... The two men bought some items in the market and then left before he and his father had left. After that, he and his father went to Bob’s Mobil before they started toward home.

I am getting the feeling they drove from home to park in the parking lot at the market and never went in to buy anything. And based on them being less than 4 minutes behind Caleb & Liko, it doesn't appear they got anything at the gas station either.

There is just out and out lies in the official report when it comes to what they claim Floyd SR. says and am very curious as to the truth of what Junior says since it is very clear the AG report summarizing the interviews is not only not accuarate but contains untruths.

Anonymous said...


I knew I would find this and thank GOD this guy didn't get talking to all the other cops and witnesses too much before they got his statement otherwise he would have called Floyd by his name instead of describing him.




He is still waiving both guns around. Remember that he had to hold Caleb at gun point the entire time after killing Liko. He said he did and witneses saw him doing so.

He took off his shirt to wrap it around Mckay's arm. This in itself is bizzare since he was spewing blood from his side but that is probably because Floyd acted quickly and didn't take in all his medical condition because this was the FIRST thing he did and it was not done after they rolled the car off Mckay because nobody is here yet but him and he already has his shirt off.

So, I am guessing the car is also not in Mckay when he takes his shirt off and neither has he been hit by a vehicle yet.

What makes sense is Kenny is hit with mace that has just taken effect and as he drives out of the dirt he cannot see and takes his foot off the gas. Floyd has been out of his car from the get go (this is his style to be involved and remember Liko and Caleb motioned for him to come) ... So, as Mckay falls over, Kenny is maunuvering his car out from around the bull dozer and Floyd is attending to Mckay.

Kenny drives out, can't see, lets his foot off the gas (and possibly applies the breaks) and BAMB , Floyd picks up the gun and fires putting a bullet through the windshield and Kenny's head. Kenny, is dead and no longer in control of the car that is now rolling towards Mckay in gear (reports have a witness needing to take it our of gear so they could roll the car off Mckay). The car has no real momentum and doesn't run Mckay all the way over but just pins him under the plastic spoiler. As the car is rolling towards Mckay with a dead driver, Floyd stands up and is so angry (he even says he is) that he goes to the side of the vehicle to now take out Caleb but Caleb saw him coming and ducks and the second bullet enters Liko's neck. Floyd sees Caleb hunched over and knows he cannot shoot him in the back of the head and instead tries to have him pick up the gun to make this justified.

I think this makes more sense than Liko trying to run over Mckay multiple times with mace shot directly in his face. Liko NEVER did run over Mckay anyway, the car struck him. If he were to run him over with his foot on the gas the car would have actually ran over Mckay and certainly there is no way that Floyd shot Liko at the exact moment his front bumper spoiler was on Mckay.

I have yet to see any witness or evidence to show Liko hit Mckay twice with his car except for the Floyds statements who both have lied numerous times.

Show me the picture of the tire marks in the grass and of fws, back and fwd again tire tracks and then I will buy that story.

Caleb only got a small anount of the pepper spray and was having trouble seeing - - Liko was blind before he died and probably had no clue where Mckay or the road was.

Anonymous said...

Something just struck me. I know who the first real arriver to the scene was and he left when he realized that Liko was shot to get family.

He never said Floyd had his shirt off. He said this man whose clothing was covered in blood, holding two guns came over to his car and asked if he had a cell phone. I think it would have stood out if his shirt were off at that point.

Why would Floyd lie about his shirt?

Christopher King said...

Good morning folks, let's see if any newspapers run my editorial. If no one runs it, then you guys print it out and send it in and see if anyone runs it. One way or the other this issue will be heard.

Date: Thu, 5 Jul 2007 05:30:40 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Christopher King" kingjurisdoctor@yahoo.com
Subject: Redacted documents and Report p.11 should have Kelly Ayotte disbarred.
To: Kelly.Ayotte@doj.nh.gov, Jeffery.Strelzin@doj.nh.gov, dmullen@ranspell.com, Andrew@RightToknowNH.org, jamie.richardson@nh.gov, avrees@hearst.com....

To all media please consider this as letter to the
editor in tandem with this blawg entry from yesterday:


After careful reflection I say this with authority
because what I say is accurate and uses the State's
own report, including a redacted document that has no
real reason to be redacted.

Page 11 of the official report notes that Caleb
Macaulay, who if you meet him you will recognize how calm and non-confrontational he is -- notes that Floyd asked him to pick up the gun which was in the opposite direction. If he had done so we all know Floyd would have BLOWN HIS BRAINS OUT.

Remember, by this time p.11 also confirms that Liko is DEAD already, so there's no threat coming from him.

Therefore there's no need for Floyd to be berating
Caleb in the car, and later in the street with a gun
pointed at him, as witnessed but as the State
attempted to redact in this document, page 8 of 21 or 928 of the PDF investigative file:


....Which is a conversation between Dispatch Henson and Chet Thompson. Note that the redaction appears to make no legal sense because other portions of their conversation are NOT redacted. The add that to the fact that the State has TWICE failed to give me a functioning copy of Caleb's entire interview:


........and I say it's time for Governor Lynch to
remove Attorney Ayotte. This will be an addendum to my Supreme Court ethics complaint because as we all know from the Watergate-style infamous email to Attorney X:


She cleared Floyd of everything, including criminal
menacing against Caleb -- a charge which is in his
background already -- because Floyd killed a cop

That heinous and it makes her no better than Shooter Floyd, and about on par with the ethical void that was Bruce McKay's career, so bad that even Connie McKenzie refuses to allow erection of a memorial on her driveway where he died and where she attempted to help him only because he was still a human being.

Not THAT's deep.

After filming all day last week for "Fraconia 5/11"
and watching the matriarch of the town who is the
clerk at the Village store tell KingCast cameras that

"McKay was a bully who maced a 98-lb girl until she passed out on the stoop of the store over there"

I offer this: Bruce McKay did NOT deserve a hero's
funeral, and the money spent for it should be promptly returned to a public trust or a library or something. Sorry.


But before she goes, should should advise how much money she wasted with that other bad cop, Jaffrey Police Chief Dunn, who got fired (and sustained by former AG John P. Arnold) and his Prosecutor Bill Albrecht resigned under an ethics investigation. Here are the case numbers for State v. King:

State v. King, Cheshire Cty. 05 S-387
State v. King, Cheshire Cty. 05 S-388
State v. King, Hillsborough South 05 E 430

And I am not certain of the case number for Aaron
Deboisbriand, but Dunn went after a former officer
with a vendetta and lost the reckless ops case and the witness tampering case with Attorney Ayotte -- in about an hour: It's linked right here:


Namaste, peace, aloha.

Christopher King, J.D.
15 Beasom Street
Nashua, New Hampshire 03064

Christopher King said...

PS: I am going to try to see if Floyd Jr.'s Statement plays in a few minutes and when I go to the library today I will see if Jr.'s statement is in the 1,000p volume -- no PDF on the Mac.

Oh, snap: My roomie left the PC here this morning; I think it has Adobe on it. Either way I'll be back in touch on this one.


Anonymous said...

Chris - can't you download Acrobat Reader for free for the Mac?


Anonymous said...

So yesterday, I was reading the Nashua Telegraph. It had an article about the famous 1997 "bell ringing" incident in Brookline, NH. Its a pretty good read and deals with ---- what else --- small town cop abusing and overreacting to a minor incident.

The story: Seems there was a local tradition of ringing a church bell at the stroke of midnight to commerorate Independence Day. Trouble is, someone called the Po-Leece, thinking there was a disturbance.

So, the Po-leece show up in force, from a bunch of neighboring towns too, and decide to make some arrests -- I believe it was 5. At least one person was maced. And, ultimately, all charges were dropped. During the trial, videotape and audiotape from several patrol cars was released.

The tapes showed some of the cops joking and making remarks about "whacking" certain of the partygoers. Some selectmen were upset at the attitude. And the new Brookline chief of police is happy that everyone has now "moved on." Like what Ayotte and Lynch want in the McKay/Kenney case. Business as usual.

But, they got CK, who is like a pit bull on their ankle. He won't let go. Good on ya, CK!


Anonymous said...

Ck said: Therefore there's no need for Floyd to be berating
Caleb in the car, and later in the street with a gun
pointed at him...

Indeed. Only Po-Leece can behave in this manner. It is considered 'heroic'.


Anonymous said...

Here's an excerpt from the Brookline Bell Ringing Story in yesterday's Nashua Telegraph, which shows New Hampshire's finest in action:

James Austin was on the second-floor landing, ringing the bell, and Clark eventually arrested him for disturbing the peace. By then, officers from Hollis had shown up because Clark didn’t answer her regular time check.

As depicted in later trials, including videos taken by cameras on two Hollis cruisers, the incident escalated over the next hour.

Some of the crowd protested Austin’s arrest; arguments broke out about whether people had to leave a small traffic island in front of Town Hall, which they argued was a private yard rather than public property; police cruisers arrived from Amherst, Milford and Pepperell and Townsend, Mass.; and more residents of the center of town showed up, having heard the commotion.

By the time things had quieted down at 2 a.m., seven people had been arrested on charges related to disturbing the peace – including town road agent Clarence Farwell, Marcia’s husband, who was pepper-sprayed and handcuffed on the ground.

Disturbed peace

Emotions remained high for a long time.

A July 7 public hearing at Town Hall drew overflow crowds and national media and led selectmen to ask the state attorney general to investigate (he eventually declined). Clark was put on desk duty, a move Golden says he made for her protection; she eventually left the Brookline department and moved to Massachusetts.

Halloween arrests of two teens for alleged vandalism, which included one teen being pepper-sprayed, drew more protests, the resignation of one selectman who supported police, Marge Soper, and the temporary suspension of the two officers during an investigation.

More public meetings occurred over the next three months, often brokered by the late Thomas Arnold, a longtime moderator and state representative, with little success. At a police-budget hearing, some bell-ringers proposed the department be eliminated, while the other side filed a petition calling for the resignation of Selectman Bennett Chandler, a strong police department critic.

Not until the following March, when pro-police selectmen candidates swept into office, did that issue begin to quiet down.

Meanwhile, District Court Judge Leo Lind was brought down from Concord to oversee the joint trials of the defendants. The trial started in January 1998 and ran until mid-March, with lengthy pauses due to the complexity of trying so many people at once.

Clarence Farwell reached a plea agreement and eventually had his case dropped; charges were thrown out against Charles Bunker; and James Wood, a Milford resident, pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct and paid $300 in fines.

The other four – Austin, Marcia Farwell, David Kinney and Joanne Dunn – went through trial and were eventually found not guilty by Lind. That ruling led to a huge celebratory party downtown.

Probably the biggest part of the trial was the presentation of the video from the Hollis cruisers. These showed the confusion of the night – with frequent firecrackers in the background sounding eerily like shots – but also the attitude of some officers, several of whom were heard insulting the participants and making casual jokes about “popping” or “whacking” people.

That video led Lind to criticize police in a six-page statement with his verdicts.

“Any officer’s ability to assess accurately the risk of harm in a situation will be critically impaired by such a negative view of the general public,” Lind wrote.

Most of those who were arrested filed federal lawsuits against various police departments, most of which were eventually settled for a few thousand dollars each.


Anonymous said...

bears repeating:

“Any officer’s ability to assess accurately the risk of harm in a situation will be critically impaired by such a negative view of the general public,” Lind wrote.

The Judge is correct, but nothing, absolutely nothing, has changed. In fact, if you goto any of the cop blogs, you can see first hand the attitude. "Oh, yeah."


Anonymous said...

And, this stuff is not confined to New Hampshire, but goes on all across America, in small towns and large cities. Google "Bob Herbert" and "police abuse" and you'll find lots of juicy stories. Something to keep in mind, as we elect our public leaders, who usually pander to the police union vote.

Here is an excerpt from a recent Herbert column:

Unfair Arrests

No one is paying much attention, but parts of New York City are like a police state for young men, women and children who happen to be black or Hispanic. They are routinely stopped, searched, harassed, intimidated, humiliated and, in many cases, arrested for no good reason.

Most black elected officials have joined their white colleagues and the media in turning a blind eye to this continuing outrage. And many black cops have joined their white colleagues in the systematic mistreatment.

Last Monday in the Bushwick section of Brooklyn, about three dozen grieving young people on their way to a wake for a teenage friend who had been murdered were surrounded by the police, cursed at, handcuffed and ordered into paddy wagons. They were taken to the 83rd precinct stationhouse, where several were thrown into jail.

Leana Matia, an 18-year-old student at John Jay College, was one of those taken into custody. “We were walking toward the train station to take the L train when all these cops just swooped in on us,” she said. “They cursed us out and pushed the guys. And then they handcuffed us. We kept asking, ‘What are you doing?’ ”

Children as young as 13 were among those swept up by the cops. Two of them, including 16-year-old Lamel Carter, were the children of police officers. Some of the youngsters were carrying notes from school saying that they were allowed to be absent to attend the wake. There is no evidence that I’ve been able to find — other than uncorroborated statements by the police — that the teenagers were misbehaving in any way.

Everyone was searched, but nothing unlawful was found — no weapons, no marijuana or other drugs. Some of the kids were told at the scene that they were being seized because they had assembled unlawfully. “I didn’t know what unlawful assembly was,” said Kumar Singh, 18, who was among those arrested.

. . .

New York City cops stopped and, in many cases, searched individuals more than a half million times last year. Those stops are not happening on Park Avenue or Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. Thousands upon thousands of them amount to simple harassment of young black and Hispanic males and females who have done absolutely nothing wrong, but feel helpless to object

Christopher King said...

Good food for thought folks.

I'll be busy reading the file now having just downloaded the adobe stuff.

Check in later,


Anonymous said...

CK: Maybe get some Liko stickers printed up. You could sell them, and use proceeds to help with your documentary efforts.

I'd buy some, and would proudly place a pair on my boards, and will do a few Runs for Justice at Cannon this winter.


Anonymous said...

Well, as CK knows, I am a huge fan of The Clash, and they have many song lyrics dealing with fascist Poh-leece. "Guns of Brixton" is one of my faves, but I had forgotten about this one until I was spinning some vinyl (they still sound better than CDs) yesterday:

Know Your Rights
This is a public service announcement
With guitar
Know your rights all three of them
Number 1
You have the right not to be killed
Murder is a CRIME!
Unless it was done by a
Policeman or aristocrat
Know your rights
And Number 2
You have the right to food money
Providing of course you
Don't mind a little
Investigation, humiliation
And if you cross your fingers
Know your rights
These are your rights
Know these rights
Number 3
You have the right to free
Speech as long as you're not
Dumb enough to actually try it.
Know your rights
These are your rights
All three of 'em
It has been suggested
In some quarters that this is not enough!
Get off the streets
Get off the streets
You don't have a home to go to
Finally then I will read you your rights
You have the right to remain silent
You are warned that anything you say
Can and will be taken down
And used as evidence against you
Listen to this


Anonymous said...

Well Chris, I really support your work keeping government and law enforcement actions transparent for public examination. We all know, and have experienced, instances of the abuse of power, and the public inertia that allows that to happen. I thank you for all the time you put into it.

But I can't help but feel that you've "jumped the shark" regarding the demonization of others in this matter. As bad as McKay might come out to be, from the FACTS that have come to light, you've just gone overboard on slandering him. Now maybe I'm wrong, and perhaps you've gotten enough background info (unshared here) that makes you sure of these things; I really hope so. If not, if you're guessing on all this wife beating/teen fondling speculation, then you've really damaged the cause you seek to support here.

All the things you're fighting for here; the abuse from the AG's office in hiding materials from an investigation that should be public property, the quick clearing of Floyd in Liko's shooting, the release of McKay's personnel file, ALL of the advocacy for these things could have been accomplished without the frequently childish remarks about McKay, Ayotte, and other AG personnel. It's just a bit over the top, and just because it's amateur hour at the AG's office it doesn't mean that YOU have to join them.

The result? You're going to lose some supporters that believe in the issues you support but get put off by the unneccesary attacks and gossipy speculation. Just one person's opinion I guess, but what do you gain by the repeated speculation of child sexual abuse and wife beating without the documentation to back it up? You could have mentioned it as speculation or rumor in passing and left it at that. At this point, you're not going to look very good if you don't find documentation of both of those

It's too bad, without that crap you're a hell of an advocate. I hope truly hope you prove me wrong, but...

Christopher King said...

Dear 9:01:

I'm not aware that I've made any childish remarks about Attorney Ayotte but if I have please point them out if you get a chance I would definitely look into that.

As for what else I know about McKay that is so foul, yes it comes from a very good source.

On the unreasonable touching issue I have it straight from someone who was victimized and spoke with us on video.

On the wifebeating allegations I have heard that from so many people, some of whom know people who had children at the same day care as the McKay's -- and would see Mrs. McKay early in the morning that I find it hard to discount.

That would be the ONLY thing I've been wrong about in this whole case but I just don't think that I am wrong, and it is important because it would D.Q. McKay from being LE.

There is a method to the madness, but I appreciate your concerns.

Again, feel free to email me if you have specific passages that you think are childish and I may revise them.


Christopher King said...

Dear 9:01

Just another example of the groping claims, and keep in mind that kids aren't going to open up and talk about that because they are scared and it is embarrassing and they know it could only make their lives more difficult down the road.

And with McKay around, there's always going to be a "down the road......"

Lifer said...

As for the KY incident, a patdown done properly would most likely have found that weapon, do you agree? I don't have an issue with a "pat" down. I do have an issue with grabbing and groping and THAT is what McKay did. How do I know? I have a family member he did that EXACT thing to, during an incident that involved disobeying an officer at a traffic stop. I don't condone what the family member did as it was stupid and he had no fear of the arresting officer (not McKay). He freely admits his rational for disobeying was stupid. However McKay was involved in the transport and booking and he groped him. Literally grabbed both buttocks and squeezed. What do you say to that? Is that necessary?

Anonymous said...

9:01 made excellent points. Right on the money. The money.....

Anonymous said...

“Any officer’s ability to assess accurately the risk of harm in a situation will be critically impaired by such a negative view of the general public,” Lind wrote.

That sounds like another judges opinion, but that was a bullshit rulling.

Christopher King said...


You believe 9:01 made excellent points.

Those points were addressed with concrete examples and a question for production of facts.

There has been no response.

Right on the money, the money, the money.