08 July 2007

KingCast reveals that NH AG Kelly Ayotte ignored previous complaint of Tim Stephenson against Bruce McKay in Franconia shooting tragedy.

On or about 7 July, 2004, exactly three (3) years ago, NH AG Mike Bahan -- the same blowhard who dismised a valid complaint I had for wire fraud -- dismissed at RSA 91-A pdf page 570 in one sentence Tim Stephenson's complaint againt Corporal Bruce McKay. Mr. Stephenson, who ran for Selectman and who voiced dissent over the Patriot Act as noted herein, would allege that McKay told him with his hand on his gun:

"I'm going to do whatever I can to get rid of you."

Document scan and JPEG coming soon.

That's why as noted in this post we're going to get Bruce McKay's personnel file and all of Tim Stephenson's arrest record, including the trumped-up charges involving another superbowl incident, this one over a fender bender that McKay tried to turn into a felony. Yes, Bruce McKay was a bully in many ways.

Read the comprehensive reduction of Caleb Macaulay's statement and reflection on Easton Police Chief Robert Every's concerns about Shooter Floyd that you won't get anywhere else in mass media. Said Every:
While no one can predict the future, I feel Mr. Floyd is capable of showing up at Lafayette Elementary School or at a neighbor's house with an automatic weapon..."

Said Floyd at p. 456:
"I'm fine, that was the 43rd person I've killed, I'm fine."

Said Caleb:
"[Liko's] the kind of guy that would give his shirt off his back to you and that's why I'm really distraught right now about what went on..... [Floyd] was laughing and stuff.... the guy was very, very it was almost like crazed."

Said KingCast:
Now I know that not only is the blood of Liko Kenney and Bruce McKay going to roil over the souls of the Franconia Seletmen for ignoring complaints, it will roil over the soul of NH AG Kelly Ayotte as well.

Said Ayotte:
"Oh, hell. I've been shot with a Macintosh. Officer down..."

Related KingCast short film: "Live Revolution."


Anonymous said...

Page 456 Floyd brags about Killing Liko: "I'm fine, that was the 43rd person I've killed, I'm fine."

Fine, indeed. Tastes good, in fact. Frightening - VERY.

"All of us have made mistakes in our lives; in Mr. Floyd's case the behavior extends beyond a mistake; there is a pattern, a pattern of past violence, paranoid behavior and excessive anger. While no one can predict the future, I feel Mr. Floyd is capable of showing up at Lafayette Elementary School or at a neighbor's house with an automatic weapon and that the danger to the public safety far outweighs the minimal intrusion a check of his premises for automatic weapons would represent."

Chief Every is wise and reasoned to note the applicable facts that MAY predict future behavior. Bravo!


Anonymous said...

Easton Police Chief Robert Every was a prophet.


Anonymous said...


This should have been released after 24 hours when the investigation was over. I want to see the windshield and know for a fact the bullet that endered the windshield was from the outside.

Assume it was otherwise it would have been mentioned it wasn't.


The autopsy report supposedly says Liko was shot on the right side of the head (right front or right side by the ear or temple?) and also that the kneck would entered from the right but it also states that it was the right side of his face that was discolored from OC spray.

Liko would have had to turn his head 180 degrees and be looking into the back seat for the right side of "his" face to be covered in OC spray and not "his" left.

Could the discoloration on his face be from gun powder burns because one of these shots was only inches from his head???

Anonymous said...


It just occured to me that if Floyd readed into the car and was holding Caleb in place with this arm against his neck(as Floyd said)then the gun would have been inches to the right of Liko's head, neck and face.

This brings in many many possibilities of Caleb not being an imminent threat and other options Floyd had.

Bottom line is Liko never brought the gun up from his Lap and although during the police interview they hinted the Floyd that the should say Liko was unjamming the gun in his direction, this would make no sense unless Liko was left handed.

Also not that not only was the gun not jammed when it was tested but it was also test fired and found to be in good working order and this contradicts the comment the police try to imply the gun often jammed.

Anonymous said...


The AG made her final report available online for free. This report is simply nothing more than her department's view of events with paraphrased accounts of interviews and statements and contains numerous ommissions and what appears to also be untruths.

It doesn't seem to fit with the Right to Know laws that she can selectively make some information available for free and not others as she cleary has done with the editing of the tape from this incident and the one in 2003 by cutting off the ends of both.

Anonymous said...

Culver said the color on his face of consistent with OC spray.

Anonymous said...


The state has in place an assistance for victims of Violent Crimes.

Since Caleb was not an accessory, wouldn't he be a victim? If not of only Liko but of the reckless endangerment of Floyd and Mckay?

Another example how the AG has put her people's image above the well being of the citizens.

Anonymous said...

Debby .. my point was that if the OC was on the right side then they must be refering to "our" right and not "his" (Liko's) right.

This then means we should expect he is also refering to the bullett wounds being on "our" right and not Liko's.

How can Liko be sprayed with OC spray on "his" right side when we can clearly see in the video he was sprayed on his left (our right).

So, I think the logical conclusion is that when they say he had a bullet hole on the right side of his head and had OC spray on the right side of his face that they mean "our right" and that there is no way that shot came from the passanger side.

If this is not the case then the OC spray must have been powder burns as Liko must have had powder burns if Floyd is to be believed that any shot was fired with his arm in the car far enough to hold Caleb back.

Anonymous said...



Asst. AG Jeffery A. Strelzin states:
Among the items not released include a search warrant sealed by a court order and exempted from the disclosure law, Strelzin said.

Interesting he didn't note the audio's they didn't release either.

Anonymous said...


great, critical thinking. i accepted "right" to mean liko's right, but that clearly doesn't fit in with the stated evidence of OC; it's not likely liko was able to turn 180 degrees away from the source with that instantaneous delivery.

the video shows the plume of spray directed to liko by mckay through the driver's side/window. clearly, it is liko's left side that would be most affected.



Anonymous said...

JP at 9:35


TL (although a little slow to post!)

Anonymous said...


The burden of proof is on the law enforcement agency to show that the record is exempt. It is not the responsibility of the person requesting the record to show that no exemption applies.14 If a law enforcement entity denies a request for investigative files, the response to the request should include an explanation of the basis for non-disclosure. In Hopwood v. Pickett, 145 N.H. 207 (2000), the court held that investigatory records may only be withheld if the State objects to their release. 15

Anonymous said...



In all cases, the public body bears the burden of proving that a record is not subject to public release.

In cases where disputed evidence cannot be reviewed effectively, a court may order that the party resisting disclosure prepare a detailed document index pursuant to Vaughn v. Rosen, 157 U.S. App. D.C. 340, 484 F.2d 820 (D.C. Cir. 1973), cert. denied, 415 U.S. 977 (1974), in order to determine whether the documents in question are exempt from the Right-to-Know Law. Union Leader Corp. v. New Hampshire Hous. Fin. Auth., 142 N.H. 540 (1997). In cases of this type, the best practice is to prepare a document index such as described in Vaughn.

Anonymous said...


Section 4...

If information is redacted, it must effectively block out the exempt portion of the record so that it is unreadable. The governmental entity should retain a copy of both the redacted and unredacted record. The governmental entity producing the record should also include an explanation of why certain information has been redacted or removed from the record.

Anonymous said...

The government may charge a fee equal to the actual costs

A citizen does not have to offer a reason or demonstrate a need to inspect the documents. If a record is public, it must be disclosed regardless of the motive for the request.

Whenever access to public records is requested, the agency must make a diligent effort to produce the record.

If the requested records are not immediately available, the agency is required to, within five (5) business days, make the record available, deny the request in writing with reasons, or furnish a written acknowledgment of the request and a statement of the time reasonably necessary to determine whether the request shall be granted or denied

A body, agency or person violating the Right-to-Know Law will be required to pay for attorneys' fees and costs incurred in a lawsuit

Anonymous said...


What is the normal color of powder burns? Is it a similar tone? That is weird about them saying Liko's right side but is it possible that Liko turned his head, that was most likely facing McKay, toward the back to avoid the plume of spray that was coming in the car. Is that reasonable to wonder about?

I think I don't want to believe that they could all be that incompetent as to refer to the left side of Liko's body, the right side based on us being in a face on position regarding left or right. That would mean the coroner too.

The other thing this whole thing about where the bullet went in has made me wonder......what about the possibility that Liko was looking over his left shoulder to back up and drive away when Floyd shot him through the windshield?

I can tell you from a very direct source that Floyd never touched Caleb through an open window to get to Liko. He fired w/out a word and Caleb avoided being shot by ducking (only because he saw him). I do know that with certainty. Pretty elaborate story for Floyd to come up with out of thin air. It didn't happen. I know that Caleb looked up after the window shattered and Floyd was screaming for him to pick up the gun. I do not know if Liko ever saw Floyd at the passenger side. Liko was dead at that point.

I don't know if anyone has any info on the different types of spray they use in LE. They stated more than once that it was OC. Does OC create any effects on the brain? Does it create personality changes or reaction dangers in terms of an adverse reaction from disrupting mental or nervous system changes in a paerson?

Anonymous said...


for these free records? They are already on computer or disk and that means the cost to send them to a requester is "nothing" ... How the state came up with $250 for a disk is beyond me. They can only charge the "cost" to produce documents such as copies and stuff.

These documents were compiled for an investigation and have been stored electronically. Although it is clear you have the right to go to the office and inspect them for free, there should only be a charge of the dept's actual cost if you want hard copies. Or if put on a DVD or CD then the cost of the DVD or CD.

The cannot charge you the time of their employees for reasonable requests to make such copies as this is what they are alread paid to do.. serve the public.

I urge each one of you to email the AG and perform your civic duty of obtaining these reports along with a list and reason for any documents being held back. And then contact an attorney whose fees will be paid if they hold back any information illegally or without proper cause.

Anonymous said...

It is also very obvious that Liko and Caleb took a serious amount of sray in the car. I never expected to be able to see such a clear outline of the spray going in the car and from the distance he was holding the can as well. That really surprised me. It was really heavy.

John, I will need to go back and look but can you see the angle of Liko's face when McKay sprays? Some of you did see things that I had to go back to see. I did not originally see Liko's arms up.

Another thought to throw out there is that the heaviest residue on the left side of his face was wiped off. If this was done before Liko reached the coroner, that is tampering. It would be suspicious if there is only a residue on the right (it is referred to as a slight residue), if they make no mention of the amount on the left side. Would the coroner be required to show test results as to what the substance was?

It is also possible that it being on his left side is in the report but we have not been allowed to see the actual report. Ayotte has been very selective on which parts she lets out.

Anonymous said...


Can these items be ordered only if you are a resident of NH? Can you live anywhere in the Country to request or need a NH address?

Anonymous said...


one of the best things you can do to understand the events is put yourself in the shoes of the person in the report.

Imagine being Liko right when Mckay sprayed him without warning. Go through a few scenarios of seeing him walking with the OC spray out to getting hit before realizing.

Bottom line .. no scenario had his head turned 180 degrees to the back of the car. It is just unnatural and very difficult with a seat belt on.

As for Floyd's statements. We know they are BS but since the AG wants to believe them, I like to play along and show how they actually hurt her case and opinion.

My experience with powder burns are from fire crackers as a kid. They leave an orange to black burn mark on your fingers depending on how close the firecracker exploded by you. I would imagine the same is true with a gun.

I think all LE Agencies have gone to OC spray. It takes a few seconds to hit full force on the person being sprayed but acts much quicker than mace and is more effective against all people including those on drugs. About 1 or 2% (I think the LAPD (just one city) alone has had close to 75 deaths from the use of non-lethal OC Spray.) of the population will have a severe reaction and will die if not treated. Part of training is to look for these symptoms.

OC spray and pepper spray are really the same thing, just differnt terms.

It will actually cause burning of the skin and cause the eyes to swell shut and the blindness will last anywhere from 10 minutes to 30 minutes.

It is potent stuff and is why Mckay walked away. It only takes a little,to incapacitate you. I think Caleb may not have got it so bad because the huge blast Mckay shot seems to almost all been absorved by Liko's face.

Check out YouTube were cops spray suspects but accidently get a little cloud there way and they become incapacitated.

Liko was likely not blind when he shot at Mckay but either fully or almost fully blind when he was driving out of the parking lot.

Adrenalin, drugs and things like that are not a factor in OC spray as was the case with Mace sometimes. Regardless of Liko's state, he could not have countered the effects of being sprayed in the face.

Another reason why Caleb may have been bending forward is this is a reaction many have to being sprayed as it produces violent coughing.

By the way, one thing Mckay did wrong was appear to empty the can on Liko. Short and mulitple sprays are more effective. Something he should have learned in training and clearly showed he was just angry.

Also, OC speay makes people cry, choke, cough, and squeeze their eyes closed and would explain some of Caleb's reactions along with the obvious trauma.

Anonymous said...

10:39 AM - That is a great question and one maybe Chris can answer.

The Right-To-Know info I read is long and I was looking for certain things but what I did not see is ANYWHERE that you must identify yourself and it clearly states you don't need to give a reason to want the information.

It seems to be a law passed to hold the NH public officials accountable and I saw nothing that says anything about it being a right of NH residence.

Anonymous said...

Debby - we need to go back and look at the tape for sure but remember that we don't have an autopsy report and only the AG Report that has already shown us their willingness to tell half truths.

I didn't see anything in the Right-to-know law about autopsy reports being exempt but they claim that to the Caladonian Newspaper.

I find this odd because autopsy reports are often released (take a look at Anna Nicoles or JFK..) and are ALWAYS put out their in a trial that is completely open to the public.

Without an autopsy report, some of the most important questions go unanswered.

I can see no reason not to release this report under privacy as privacy has nothing to do with bad taste or worry about upsetting the families. If one of them have herpes then you redact this information or any other that is not relevant and of a personal nature but we all know they died and their bodies are all like ours and that they both suffured trauma. So, not providing these reports seem to be either a cover up or out of respect for the familes and neither of these reasons appear to be valid when it comes to right-to-know.

Let us not forget that that holding back personal information must out weigh the need for the right-to-know and that is obviously not the case here as the FACTS CLEARLY SHOW that the AG's report omits many VERY IMPORTANT facts and statements. So, our right (and need) to know is very great as compared to privacy in this issue because of the actions of the AG.

Chris - let me know your thoughts .. as I am not a lawyer and am using common sense but I know the law and common sense are often at odds.

Anonymous said...

PS - Just to let you know, I have requested three times by email Right To Know info via email with the AG and have been ignored since 6/29.

My last email cc'd other state officials and Chris. One thing in their favor is that the first email was delayed and I received responses for the first couple days saying there was a problem with delivery but there was no need to resend but I did when I stopped getting the delayed messages and received no response. My third attemp was a few says ago.

Charles Duffy said...


Seems to be a good website for FOIA requests and other legal information.

Anonymous said...

jp, let us agree to go back some time today and take another look at that moment in the car, okay? We'll join back up with it.

Back to that spray.....they HAD to put that in the autopsy, correct? Even if the color you speak of is from a gunshot wound, wouldn't they still have to provide the proper info on the spray? It was an important occurrence in the chain of events.

If my memory serves me, Caleb said he still could not see well as the car headed across the road, so it is reasonable to assume Liko's vision was even worse at this time.

I think the part of Caleb's statement here says he ducked upon seeing Floyd. I also know that from a close source.

Meet ya back here later.

Anonymous said...

Deb - to explain better about the spray hitting his right side...

He would not turn to the left and look to the back of the car because this would have been turning into the the spray.

He would not have turned to the right and kept turning his head 180 degrees to the back of the car as it is not only very unnatural but makes no sense. If he turned his head to the right, it would be to have the back of his head face Mckay and not turn so far as to re-expose his face again.


Now think about Liko reloading or unjamming the gun. You always hold the gun by the handle with your firing hand, especially in a situation where you are hurring to reload or unjam so you can use the gun.

Assuming he is right handed, and holding the handle with his right hand in his lap. The gun would never have been pointed towards Caleb and the passanger side as Floyd says it was.

For him to do this, he would have to have his wrist bent in a bizzare way and reached over his right hand with his left to work the slide and this makes no sense.

If he wasn't holding the gun by the grip then Floyd had no reason to shoot him as he was neither pointing the gun nor ready to fire it and by Floyd's account it couldn't even be fired at this time.

(An officer keeps damanding a suspect drops his weapon that is not pointed at him and doesn't shoot until the suspect makes any motion to raise the weapon.)

So, we just took away an immediate threat to Floyd of the gun. All we have left is the car.

Lets not even speculate or go over other statements of how Liko never ran over Mckay and instead just focus on this...

Floyd Sr. wants us to believe that Liko had a gun in his lap that he was trying to unjam or reload and at the same time that he had a face full of pepper spray was also some how steering his car and driving his car and operating the gear shift from forward to reverse all while he worked to unjam or reload this weapon.

As I put myself in the drivers seat, I don't see how this is possible even if I am not sprayed with OC Spray.

Lets not even get into how Floyd saw Liko's lap when he first fired at the vehicle from the front.


Based on the performance of this investigation according the AG, I am trying to figure out how anyone in NH ever is convicted of a crime unless they voluntere (pursuaded) into a guilty plea.

Anonymous said...

Debby - lots of stuff is in the autopsy report but remember, we have never seen it and the AG has so far refused to provide it without reason.

The have only provided selective tidbits from it as they did in the official report with people's statements like Floyds.

They don't mention any of the bizzare statement & contradictions or that he said more times than not that he gave no warning or that he shot through the windshield or the side window.

The only place of have seen autopsy comments are from the official report that is clearly very flawed and very biased.

Anonymous said...

RSA 91-A:4, I applies only to "citizens," but the Right-to-Know Law does not define the term, and uses it nowhere else. Instead, the statute emphasizes accountability to "the people," accessibility to the "public," and the goals of a "democratic society." An agency should not, therefore, require persons requesting access to public documents to demonstrate that they are citizens of either New Hampshire or the United States.

Anonymous said...

The NH AG is kind of cute though ... http://img517.imageshack.us/img517/2780/kellybn9.jpg

Also very young looking to be an AG.

How does one with such a pretty an innocent face become so cold and calculating?

Anonymous said...

she is rat faced...

she is young because the rovian/falwellian long term monica goodling strategy is taking these state college idealogues, funding them, getting them appointed with huge wingnut agendas...

a series of NH governors before lynch, virtually tools of the rnc like the sunnunuunnnooozeeuusszz...
her appointement, like goodlings, a middling intelligence with hard wingnut agenda, being whisked into great power...
...goodling, also in her thirties, had a young 'look' too, as she assaulted actual district attorneys and people with actual careers doing actual hard work, from the national attorney generals office...

when i look at ayottes face i see barbara bush, not anything cute....something savage...easily bought...ambitious...
entitled...someone who could say of fallen heros in foreign wars "why should i let it disturb my beautiful mind"
nothing cute there...
ayotte's a pin up girl for deep evil...and law breaking...

every technique she uses is transparent brown shirt bully 101 idealogue stuff...the same game they all play until they're busted for this corruption or that...she looks like tom delays daughter to me...

autopsy report might have pictures as well...this was high profile shooting of le very obviously and immediately the first night...
...ayotte came up here personally, cut off the scene for miles in each direction, except to a press van...and gave a press interview...(her hair was perfect!)
so materials still not released...the ag office was sued, or summoned, or officially bound to release these materials, and even charged from them...

i don't believe the various parties and media that filed and paid for these were hiring a fiction writer....tho that's what came from ayotte's office...no one was asking for edited quotes and omissions and more spin...
'the official report'
is a trainwreck and no one can defend it...it's easily legally impeachable in dozens of regards...

the actual materials, all of them, need to be confiscated out of ayottes domain...
that audio was intentionally wiped, but might be recoverable...certainly evidence of it's corruption will be obvious to experts...those evidentiary materials are in the hands of parties known to outright lie, 'fabricate' distort, misreport, disinform and destroy evidence...they need to be confiscated as is...and put somewhere out of reach of an attorney general soon to be indicted...there is more video than released...and audio...
...state doctor doing autopsy is who?? whether for general public consumption or not (tragic pix); some doctor and other neutral professionals representing the public and/or the family should examine this for independent anaylses...
...we haven't even seen the report as it exists...but another ayotte 'analysis' instead...
and so far those have lost all credibility...the entire fairy tale is pretty amateur hour actually...

this should be followed all the way through...lines of entry and exit, specifically...on both parties...

i assume the family's lawyer is on to this...to the extent it can be successfully investigated and any results can be achieved...

the coverup isn't over...they are strategizing and shredding...and will be getting more desperate as the spotlight on their illegal activies shine more brightly...
...this isn't academic, there's a murderer loose...

we need military record on floyd...we need employment and injury records...we need all complaints re: floyd AND mckay from fpd...all historical info...

all phone records going back in time...; floyd and mckay could be a team...they do have a lot in common...
someone mature in le with balz come forward and stand up for your people and communities, and your own soul...fowler and mckay types make u look bad and get people killed over nothing...
the public can't get it's own materials?
she wouldn't even release the phone numbers that Liko desperately called to 3 TIMES! trying desperately to avoid being attacked...
we know they were to his family, but omissions are as dirty and transparent as the spun materials presented...

Anonymous said...

11:50 AM

lol, I knew my cute comment would get a reaction but really, I think she is and cannot believe looking at that picture what kind of person she really is.

But cannot agree more, there is lots more to this that needs to come out.

And what little I have read about the committee formed up there ... it is time to disband them. I could not believe the comment I read that one of them made saying the video now puts everything to bed and we can move on as it showed what we all thought it would.

Anonymous said...

I have for a while felt there is something sexual going on here based on the many comments made by both Liko and officer Mckay in the first video.

Now I am more concerned as I just found this post on another board that was made long before that tape came out and only a week after the shooting...


May 18, 2007
My family knew Liko's family. They know all about the past shared between these two men. McKay sexually mollested Liko for years...and the Franconia Police forced these people not to speak. I doubt this information will ever be brought to light, though i hope that's not the case.

Anonymous said...

Although unrelated to the Franconia incident ... I thought this was an interesting story about NH.

See the following link:

Live Free or Die!

I say "tape it up" until the state shares the truth about 5/11

Anonymous said...

so, chris ~
some of the speculation is frustrating....especially given that it is based on the holes in the fabric of the AG's report.

what are the chances that mckay's personnel files have already been selectively shredded, audio and video of tapes permanently altered/destroyed, and autopsy details unrecorded or with detail intentionally omitted? would this be a rare or usual occurrence?

more importantly, do you suppose the information the public is requesting has already been made available to the lawyers representing the families of the deceased? it matters less that john p and debby have access ahead of the parties involved in direct litigation.

further, where, exactly, does accountability lie for safeguarding and maintaining INTACT information?

generally speaking, are laws applied and ENFORCEABLE for those who have tampered with or destroyed evidence? or do authorities wait it out and hope the sheep will just return to pasture (as in "moving on").

chipping away at the available evidence is, i suppose, the only way to go.


Anonymous said...

Okat the "a" html attribute makes life a lot easier here when adding a link (no more chopping up a URL to fit)...

Click the link to see how to add an html link to this blog

Anonymous said...

Re the OC spray being on the right side of Liko's face: If you look at the still from the video at this link here:


it appears that McKay is spraying from a position slightly in front of the front, not directly to the side. Under those circumstances, if Liko was looking toward McKay, slightly in front of his window, it's surely conceivable that he DID turn his face further to the left (thus exposing the right side of his face) in order to get his eyes away from the spray. I don't see it having to be 180 degrees, and I don't see it being an unnatural movement under the circumstances.

Re RSA 91:A, you need not be a NH resident (otherwise, how would press outlets from out-of-state ever be able to get info?).

Anonymous said...


Didn't your Mother teach you?....Pretty is as pretty does.
hee hee.

Behave, you...........

This photo here is super duper air brushed up with all flaws covered-up. Don't be fooled - you know, nothing but a fairy tale..hee hee

Anonymous said...

1:30 PM

you are seeing what you want to see. Mckay is spraing into the window from no measurable angle accept straight on and if is INSANE to think Liko is going to be sprayed on the opposite side of his face and have no measurable amount on the left side wich is the side facing Mckay AND yes, he would have to be turned 180 degrees as they did not say the front of his face and the right side but said "THE RIGHT SIDE"

So, even if there was some tiny angle Mckay is on, he would still need to have turned his head ver close to 180 degrees not to have an equal distribution if for some BIZARRE reason he turned his face into the spray instead of away as every single person would do without even thinking but on instinct only.

Please spend a second to type some kind of identifying name when posting as it makes it very difficult to know wich Anonymous you are.

Anonymous said...

Debby - I hae noticed that she wears pearls a lot. She really does try to paint the image as being older at least in my opinion. Actually not sure how old she is but she looks awfully young and unless it is something very formal, pearls in my mind are usually reserved for older women.

Same with her cloths, she just seems like she trys hard to look like (as somebody else mentioned) Barbara Bush.

How sad because I don't think her plans of going to far in politics are going to materialize and she should not be so willing to lose her younger years.

Who knows, maybe after she replies to my right-to-know request, I will make a move .. and see if O can't get her to reconnect with her wild side .. lol

Anonymous said...

last comment on the OC spray covering Liko's right side of his face so much that it is commented on in the official report ...

I suggest everyone go sit in their car's driver seat and then try to expose your right cheek (face) to the driver's window and then ask yourself how and why in the world would you turn this way if you were being hit in the face with a chemical agent.

But remember, there was no comment about OC spray on the front or left side of his face. Logic would then dictate the right side of his face was hit with at least the vast majority.

If this is the case then I go back to my earlier observation that they are probably not talking about "his" right side but rather the right side of the person looking at him.

Because we don't have an autopsy report and only selected recaps and omissions, it is very possible somebody looking at a diagram from the autopsy report spoke of his right instead of Liko's.

Normally not a likely thing to happen but it is also not normal to have autopsys done this quickly and reports closed out this quickly either.

Note that the report date is 5/11 on each page of the 1,000 page document. It doesn't say incident date 5/11 but report date 5/11 and the autopsy was completed within 24 hours. The report date must be a mistake but if they are going to make mistakes like this and the other ommissions and mistakes already noted, expect to find more.

Anonymous said...

TL - The attorneys who will almost certainly settle out of court will have access to many things we will not under the right-to-know or at least as the AG is currently handling the right to know.

Mckay's records, autopsy reports, phone records, the snitch giving Mckay info, other citizen's and officers views and experiences with Mckay, any violence with his wife/Kids and so on and so on (all the stuff they have already released about Liko) and this is why this will be settled out of court in an agreement that is kept secret.

This is also why we as citizens must demand the fact .. as I pointed out before you don't to show reason or residency to request this information.

Anonymous said...

jp, I respectfully disagree, and still say that it's possible. I agree that it's hard to see from the picture (and I can't watch the video at the moment due to technical issues), but I surely would not rule out the possibility that he is not spraying directly from the side, at least from that still.

I'm right handed -- VERY right handed -- and if I need to move my head to protect my eyes, my natural reflexive movement is to do so down and to the left while raising my left shoulder, so that I wind up with my eyes semi-buried against my upper left arm, just below my shoulder, which would expose the right side of my face. Reflexively, I simply never move my face to the right; it's unnatural to me.

I'll try to remember to label my posts BR, but I am not always very good at remembering stuff.

Anonymous said...


Who knows, maybe after she replies to my right-to-know request, I will make a move .. and see if O can't get her to reconnect with her wild side .. lol

She deserves a walk on the wild side but in my opinion it would be with hand cuffs, a beat down and a strip search with 3 cops that have placed a strobe light behind her.

I don't really mean this, just getting into the joking.....

She does look like she could use some genuine fun, though.

Christopher King said...

Hmmmmm..... I see the discussion has been vigorous and I, your humble narrator, shall address the crowd shortly =^.)


Anonymous said...

jp at 2:15 -
still frustrating - damn, huh?!
how, then, with selectively released right-to-know information can a group of citizens draw accurate conclusions, being severely limited by access?
or is it not,truly, our "right-to-know"?

and where IS liko's car, as you asked earlier? destroyed?

what we see and what we (can) hear on video directly attests to the truth, i.e., factually correct information. however, some statements and information extracted from the offical report are known to be misrepresentations and/or incomplete. therefore, filming 5/11 will document an opposing viewpoint.

does the state bear any responsibility to weigh mitgating factors that predisposed liko to take the action he chose? or has kelly a. completely wiped out said burden in closing the investigation in less than 24 hours?

is there any merit to sifting thru the information that we believe to be factual, in the time line you guys have developed ~ as you have previously suggested? or is it too soon?

just trying to understand the overview...i know all of you have done a great deal of work.


Anonymous said...

br at 2:29

as another example, i am left-handed/dominant, and if maced (god forbid) from the driver's window while seated at the wheel, i would instinctively turn my head and neck to protect my eyes toward my right shoulder, burying my face, and exposing (MY) left side of my face and neck.
if seat-belted, it would be nearly impossible to turn 180 degrees toward the back of the car, unless there was some anticipation or notice of the intent to mace.
has it been clearly determined that liko was right/left-handed?


Anonymous said...

BR - sometimes it is hard to step back and see you are mistaken when disagreeing with somebody (for all of us).

But if you look at THIS PICTUR you can see Mckay's hand is outside the window and this make any slight angle he may beyond meaningless.

I don't want to keep repeating myself but even your theory still has mace hitting the front of his face and if you have a natural reaction to not turn your face away from a chemical attack and instead turn it towards an attack then something is wrong with the way you are wired.

Even if lifting you hands or shoulder as you have it, the natural reaction is to turn away when struck in the face with water let alone something that burns.

Liko could have tried to wipe away one side of his face but my understanding is this would not have worked and possibly made it worse and the only real way to get this crap off is to keep runnng it under water or use some none oil based soap ... anything else just pushes it further into you skin causing blistering. Again, not mention of any discoleration or blistoring or anything else related to the OC spray besides his right side.

Certainly Liko could have some how offered up his right side to the left side of his car when being sprayed against any natural reaction but at this point I am holding to the more logical assumption that the report or description is wrong or at best incomplete or that the right side of his face is a combination of poweder burns from the second (or third) shot if Floyd did reach into the car and shoot him point blank as he said he did, and OC spray.

Although Mckay was using a canister with a directional spray (for distance) instead of more of mist nozzle, that would have been more effective, and instead of shooting in short burst that too would have been more effective and proper training, I am still guessing a mist filled the car and was on everything, including coating the passanger window, and I have no idea of how the fire that is blown out the barrel of a gun fire at close range would react to OC spray.

What all of this really proves is that what the state has released to date is not im compliance with the Right-To-Know because it has told us very little and the point of the law is to let the people be informed and know what government is up to and keep them in check. What she released does not allow us judge her actions.

Anonymous said...


Here is the link to the THE PICTURE I was trying to include in the above post.

Anonymous said...

I knew there was a sexual angle to this thing.

Christopher King said...

Hi guys,

9:26 JP

Document requests:

Yes, everyone start asking for them. I don't think you need to be in NH to ask but I've never dealt with that.

The quick study fpor RSA 91-A is in the comments section at the Fox Hill Park entry:



Yes as I just discussed this matter with one of Kelly's friends who is my new neighbor, she said "they're probably not used to getting questioned like this."

And this individual has a family member who knows all of Liko's friends as well (a friend of his has a home right downtowm) and they know that the way the media has portrayed all of the players in this tragic event is critically unbalanced, to say the least.

But now they know they can come right here and read the real deal the government doesn't want the public to know.

They ALL knew the window glass on Caleb's side had been shot out, and not portrayed as Kelly said in her bogus report, yes they did. Couldn't even finish my sentence before they said "....was broken out, wasn't it?"


The disc is only $1.00; it is the hard copies that cost $250.00


Liko got blasted on the right side of his face because McKay shot it in between Liko's head and the steering wheel (so it could travel further over toward Caleb). With Liko's head turned his left already, he probably turned it further to his left rather than to turn right and come back across the plume again.

On the facial burns I cannot speak. Don't know much about that.


9:29 yeah why no help for Caleb or the police as noted in the Franconia Collective letter published in the Concord Monitor:


Unbelievable. The Live Free or Die state gives us no social services while rogue cops unduly restrict our Civil Liberties and Rights.



T he search warrant could have been the one for Floyd's place many years ago (I'm not sure, it col be for something current as well) but we already know what the Easton Police Chief said about Floyd and boy was it ugly as I noted in the summary post for Caleb's interview:



JP: Kelly doesn't look quite so cute in this picture:


Enjoy the audio blogs :)


Anonymous said...

I watched the video ending 4 more times making the screen as large as I can. This may sound crazy but it almost appears that Liko is in such shock that he does not move his head away. Can you look at it on a big screen? I do know that Liko was so terrified by the time the car was rammed that he was in a almost a state of shock. Caleb is aware of how freaked he is and directs Liko to Floyd being a witness. Liko is equally shocked by the pepper-spray. If you notice he has his window fully open and is leaned back in his seat. i could be so off but I cannot see much movement on Liko's part.

The men here may know more about what another man would do in this situation. I can speak for myself having been the victim of a violent crime. I was physically attacked and punched in the face. I was so stunned that it was even happening to me that it wasn't really registering in my brain. I always thought that if something like that happened to me that I would come out swinging from sheer reaction. That didn't happen to me at all. In fact, I was in such a state of shock that I never even raised raised my arms to block my face from the next blow that sent me flying into a nearby car.

Later, when friends asked me to describe it and wondered why I had not done more to protect myself from the crime, all I could say was that I was in complete shock. My brain shut down and I had no thoughts at all.

I kicked into gear, flying into instinct mode after I was slammed into the car and starting screaming and yelling and got away but not initially. It has always made me see how things can happen differently when the shock of something can make a person behave immobile.

Many have asked - Liko was RIGHT HANDED - not speculation. If you look at the video you will also notice that his right hand is the first hand holding the gun with his left hand on top of it.

Christopher King said...

JP thanks for the linky info and the sex issue yeah I am aware of it. I don't have a much concrete to go on so I address the other heinous issues first.

I'll leave it at that.

Debby as far as your reaction to pepper spray I have thought about getting a dose for the movie with 2 or 3 cameras on me for effect, and in this case Liko already was terrified of McKay and even Caleb said he was scared.

And I don't think Liko had any glasses on at the time.

So for Kelly to make her findings and conclusions as she did is an insult to our intelligence.


Anonymous said...

I read somewhere today that glasses didn't make any difference in regards to giving you protection against pepper-spray. That was an interesting find.

That is an interesting concept Chris but you better have someone on had to help you if needed as some become quite ill from it.

Anonymous said...

By the way, I doubt those creepy Floyd's would have drove away even if they had not been asked to bear witness.

Anonymous said...

Caleb is definitely eligible for aid due to being a witness of a crime through the State's program.

He may not even feel safe taking money from the State. They have little concern for his welfare.

Franconia PD nor State Troopers EVER notified the Kenney family of the death of their son. NEVER.

Anonymous said...

"JP said...

Debby - I hae noticed that she wears pearls a lot. She really does try to paint the image as being older at least in my opinion. Actually not sure how old she is but she looks awfully young and unless it is something very formal, pearls in my mind are usually reserved for older women.

Same with her cloths, she just seems like she trys hard to look like (as somebody else mentioned) Barbara Bush."

You are cracking me up!! The pearls, the clothes, they all symbolize the upper echelon of old money and an aristocratic background....old school thinking, anyway. She wants to appear as if she has come from that type of background. I have no idea if she has or not.

It is amusing me that you have noticed all of these things that are meant to have an effect and yet not be seen as an effort.

Christopher King said...

Debby, John P.

Yes, there is a reason we started using that new pic of Kelly after we went to the statehouse and I was hoping somebody would pick up on that :)

You guys will get a kick out of the new Kelly Ayotte website, then:



Debby, why would the police notify the Kenneys when they are busy calling Liko a "dirt bag?"


Anonymous said...


Isn't that part of their legal duties as police officers?

Then they had the guts to call them three weeks later to give a statement to troop F. "Yeah, love to but do it through our Attorney, Bud! Aloha."

Christopher King said...

Dig the cross-post on our head law enforcement officer, Kelly Ayotte.

Funny I never figured the same html prompt from the postings would work in the comments.

Duh. =^.)