07 July 2007

KingCast returns to Civil Rights, Yick Wo v. Hopkins and the Citizen's review board in Franconia shooting tragedy.

As noted some time ago, folks in my parent's community dealt with a rogue cop by basically telling him if he brought his *ss back down there he was coming back out in a body bag, so he hit the road. I really don't favor that approach in an allegedly modern era, but that's going to start happening to rogue cops unless we get some meaningful citizen review and get them fired first, as I noted herein.

Meanwhile, the published letter from someone in the KingCast network in the Concord Monitor shows that the State of New Hampshire is offering the community, including traumatized LE personnel, absolutely NOTHING in terms of true recovery. We want clean up and recovery. Is that too much to ask?


Christopher King said...

Remember the infamous quote from my first summertime visit to Franconia:

"I always figured they would find [McKay] dead on the side of the road, and if it wasn't Liko it would have been someone else."

You simply did not have that with Michael Briggs, a Good Cop:


No matter how much the haters roll up in this blawg and try to hate on Liko, hate on me, or hate on this populist putsch, they cannot escape the simple fact that Bruce McKay earned his reputation in the community, you bet.

Christopher King said...

Oh, yeaaaah......

Anonymous said...

Chris - I just sent my email to the AG the third time.

I have not read the "Right To Know" laws in NH but would suggest your readers also petition the AG to make all this information available for Free as it would seem that would be a reasonable cost since she has selectively chose to make the document she wanted available for free (he report with paraphrased and what appear to be untrue or illogical findings bases on the interviews.

I also cc-d the Governor & Senators of NH this time mentioning this was my third request.

Unknown said...

Liko clearly should not have fired on Officer Mckay or anyone else for that matter but I do believe he was truly scared and believe the facts show this. I would also guess he became very angry after being sprayed and felt like he had enough and was not going to take it anymore.

I believe all these feelings were just but either magnified more than the average person for Liko or Liko was just unable to control himself (or chose not to).

Bruce Mckay didn't deserve to die but I don't believe Liko did either. However, I believe what is angering most of us about this is that the state has chose to not be honest about this incident and has laid all the blame on Liko instead of showing these were two (three) people who acted incorrectly. When you do this, you are giving other officers a pass to abuse and break the laws or rules. You are putting them above the citizens that they and the state work for.

As I have said many times, a society that fears its government will never work. It must be a government that fears its people.

One thing I think we should not all lose track of is that is that our goal (I believe) is to get all the true and honest facts of this case out so that the people can not only see the truth but judge the way their employees handled this incident also make sure our employees (the state) take the correct steps to prevent another incident like this.

There is not one comment of anything Mckay did wrong in the AG report but even if we were to forgot about the abuse and harassment, he turned his back on someone he thought to be armed and he chose to not wait for back-up and he chose to not follow procedure many times, including how he handled the slow speed pursuit to how he ended it and used his vehicle ... not to mention the questions regarding the initial stop as I still believe he didn't know Liko's tags were a couple weeks out of date until he turned around and pulled him over. Even then he approached the car as if he didn't write a note weeks earlier about how dangerous this guy was.

So, rest in peace Bruce Mckay but we are still alive and we need to prevent another incident like this and that means being honest about all your mistakes too. That means finding ways for a person like Liko Kenny to deal with his anger and have a concerned person or entity to go to when he is feeling that threatened and harrassed by a police officer.

So far, it appear the AG has done everything to prevent this from being a learning incident and is acting against the people and instead her goal seems to be to protect the name of the police and Mckay even at the expense of other officers and the public.

Her job may not be to prevent these types of incidents but as a public official she should be acting in the public's best interest and her handling in my opinion to date has been just the opposite and is actually resulting in others not being able to address needed changes that would ultimately save lives of both citizens and officers.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you John,

The AG has callously put both the citizen and LE at risk for her inability in determining this case based on evidence. It was an emotional decision based on saving the name of people in positions of power. What she has done is rob all of us from the truth and the benefits we could have learned from both sides of the table. She has done a great disservice to the state of NH.

Christopher King said...

Hi guys,

Check out the documented Floyd lies I have finally had time to post:


As well as Attorney Ayotte ignoring Right-to-Know timelines:


This crew is not ready for Prime Time and the cause of Justice is going to suffer in exponential fashion the longer this goes on without some kind of admission.

It's ugly.


Pp. 867-868 of the PDF file.

A: "[T]his guy's trying to load and this guy's all mixed up or whatever so I kinda lean my elbow into his adam's apple and just shoot the other guy."

Q: "So you actually put the gun inside the window I mean is the window open?
A: "Oh yah the window was open."
Q: "Now I just want to clarify were you actually touching the passenger?"
A: "Yah... I was trying to stretch my hand in there and make sure [Caleb] stayed back."

That's a bald-faced lie. Watch the video. Caleb's window is CLEARLY up, and the official report clearly notes at p. 26

"The passenger side widow was in the fully up position but the glass was in fragments."

In fact you can clearly see Caleb's window up at 19:15:37 as the Tahoe ramming starts, you then see both of Liko's hands in the air in a classic "Stop it, WTF????" gesture and Caleb's window is still clearly up as they roll out of view at 19:16:32.

Floyd shot the window out without saying a word and Caleb ducked to avoid the shot. Someone wrote in to me in a recent post, without any substance whatsoever and said this blog was full of "fairy tales."

No Sir, but the State's explanations are indeed poppycock:

Page 7 of the official report hard copy: [Floyd told the driver to stop. He said to the driver, 'Stop;' 'Put it down or, you're gonna die," and "Leave it alone, you know you want to live." He told the driver whatever came into his mind because he thought he could convince the driver to let the gun go so he would not have to shoot him."