13 July 2007

KingCast question of the day: Why didn't NH AG Kelly Ayotte sign her own official report in the Franconia shooting tragedy?

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Just got done with a cold one with some local lawyers and the biggest no-brainer tonight is that very question.

Here's the report. I have the hard copy and no, it isn't signed either. No accountability whatsoever. But she's the boss, and she's responsible.

Here's the quick version, with all the stuff they don't want you to know about.

I sign everything I do because I'm proud of it.

And here's the deep part:

I win awards for my oral advocacy so I'm not worried about any of THAT when the gavel falls and our cameras are rolling.

And even if the Court declines to award KingCast and our supporters all of what we seek, the worst they can say about us is that we wanted the file on a cop known to have at least one complaint filed against him with the AG's office who was involved an an alleged instance of police brutality just before he was shot and killed. I'm okay with that but I think we're going to win substantial portions of our case. The worst folks could say about Kelly Ayotte is appreciably worse than that, I'll tell you.

By the way, the name of my book will be "Letters to Kelly," in part because I got to hang out with the band "Letters to Cleo,"about 10 years ago in Columbus and I kind of dig the name and the continuation of that vibe. They are a great time.

The book will be a great time, too. And we'll buy Tamarack Tennis lots of new rackets with the proceeds.



Christopher King said...

I told y'all it was Friday the 13th for these haters, and boy oh boy is it ever.

A Course of Action they could never have anticipated has swept up to smote them like the proverbial lawn rake.

Christopher King said...

From an earlier post on Liko and Miranda issues that night in 2003 when he was "seized" according to McKay because he was being "investigated."


It's sad that Mckay is dead and it's sad that Liko is dead. People need to realize their actions have consequences. In the case of criminals, they'll be exposed to cops and just like any other field, there are crook cops that abuse their power. McKay on the other hand shouldn't have acted like a jerk. Look at his facial expression as he walks up to the car to spray the inside of the car! When he walked up to Liko's car, he started spraying into his car and directly in his face before even reaching the car and with a can manufactured for crowd control! He acted like a hardass and no matter how hard someone is, someone else can always out-do it. Liko had problems but Mckay was the professional who failed to recognize that and instead acted in a way to boost his ego and the result: he's decomposing under ground and his poor child will always wonder what her life would be like with her father around. Liko and McKay were both victims but McKay pushed and abused his power to prove a point and it cost him his life. To all the officers that read this, you are professionals. Civilians are expected to act out and it's your responsibility to control the civilian without harming him. You act like McKay, you never know when someone might just out-do you. A loss on both sides! For people that say fuck criminals...You're right but criminal or not, McKay would be alive if he didn't act like a jerk. He simply denied all Liko's requests from the beginning. Liko wasn't running away at first, he was just asking for another officer based on prior experience with McKay.

As far as the other guy that shot Liko, he should be prosecuted. Liko shot McKay, fine but since when is it ok for another civilian to take the law in their own hand and deliver the ultimate death penalty to a criminal? But of course the A/G thinks his actions are justified. Got to love small towns and small time thinking. Be safe and stop trying to out-do others by acting like an ass because you'll out-do until you run into your match and then you'll be out-done and that's the shitiest way to conclude the final chapter of one's life. McKay should have thought about his little girl and gave her priority over fullfilling his fetish of overpowering a troubled 24 year old. Either way god bless his soul as well as Liko's and hopefully others will learn a lesson from this tragedy. Just my opinion, maybe I'm way off...who knows

By Anonymous, at 9:05 PM

Mckay started the assault!

By Anonymous, at 10:28 PM

Anonymous said...