11 July 2007

KingCast presents: Unpublished letters to Union Leader in Franconia shooting tragedy.

Heck as I am blessed enough to have the news here before the major media anyway (One and Two), so I might as well share the letter to Tom Fahey (with whom I spoke just yesterday, mind you) from someone VERY close to this case. As you go into the second page/overleaf, notice that the writer (not me) has identified the "dirtbag vs. hero" dichotomy I just identified in the last post that the State has erected in a failing attempt to obfuscate the Truth.


I thought it was appropriate to contact you re coverage of the recent double shooting here in Franconia even though I know you are more in the political arena. I hope you know me enough to realize I am not acting as an advocate of someone who killed as police officer but as someone who sees a serious lapse in the truth. Per you can pas my comments along to the senior editor but it may be a story for you as well. . The coverage of the events of the shooting of Officer McKay continues to be incomplete and often false....

In this community Mckay was well known to be a vindictive individual with an apparent penchant for questionable actions against adolescent girls , teenage boys and adult women.....[snip continue in overleaf]


Christopher King said...

Also I spoke to a senior political representative yesterday, who has informed me that the Attorney General had received complaints about Officer Mckay in the past but like the Town of Franconia never, apparently never initiated any actual review.

Gregory Floyd, apparently praised as a “hero” by your paper, is known around here to be a dangerous, delusional, sociopath, who never was in Vietnam as he claimed, never was in the Special OPS, never trained with the Seals , and has repeatedly threatened people with guns from here to Lincoln over the ten years he has lived here , He also admits in his audio interview that he had been previously arrested “for PCP but up here they call it THC”. Well we know PCP, is also known as “angel dust”, “horse tranquilizer”, a drug that is on a par with crack and has nothing to do with THC. This interview that was made available to the public is blatant in the discrepancies and the stories change during the course of the conversation. I have also talked to a reliable source that on the day of the shooting she also saw the younger Floyd kid “hanging around” Kelley’s market just prior to the shooting, without knowing who he was until the next day. Floyds’ actions disgraces the word “ hero “ .

Just so you know, it was just by the grace of God that I did not drive into the middle of the action but I did arrive right after and witnessed the arrival of the police that can only be described as a fiasco. It is highly unlikely that the Attorney General will be hanging a medal around this guy but just as unlikely that Floyds’ arrival of the scene was a coincidence.

[We] recently moved back to Easton. It is my strong feeling, that the State of New Hampshire , in its haste to absolve Gregory Floyd has left a very dangerous person on the street that could possibly threaten the safety of my family in the future. I certainly do not condone the killing of Mckay by an unstable, individual but everyone should know that his actions were not “a routine traffic stop”’ as reported.

For some reason I do not have your direct e-mail address and hope this message gets to you. Can you acknowledge receipt and if you want more details feel free to call anytime.

[Blank until Union Leader publication]


Thanks for your interest. We sent out approx. 1500 surveys to people in Franconia , Easton and Sugar Hill requesting comments on the incident as well to get their opinion on how to make this not happen again. We have received about 100 replies and we are meeting again on Tues.

As not part of the group, I have the ear of at least one state senator and at least part of an ear of another at this time. Ray Burton has told me he has passed my concerns along to the AG.. This investigation appears to be a
mess and was botched from the beginning. The responders make a crucial mistake in believing Gregory Floyd and treating him like a hero at the scene
when all witnesses reported he was acting like a crazy man.

This guy was not acting. Check out that Kingcast.net for some past comments by the former Police Chief of Easton. I spoke to him a few weeks ago, and Bob is right of
the right side in his political views. All he had to say at this time, was Mckay was always professional in his dealings with him and he says about Floyd,

"he not the type of guy you would invite to dinner". How about a question to the Attorney General asking when she and the top LE guys will be pinning a medal on him?. If it were not so serious and deadly the past reporting by the Union Leader is farcical and plays the stereotypes grandly. The dirtbag kid and the cop just doing his job murdered in cold blood.

I spoke to one eye witness who said the video that showing McKay pushing Kenney off the road does not show the truly violent collision.

There is a nasty story here but one that needs to be told for our sake and sake of the law enforcement community. I am told that the law enforcement community will be using this video to show "what not to do" in a typical traffic stop. I think "typical" is what the word the AG's office used.

[Blank until Union Leader publication].

Foro Van Neinbaaster said...

Chris King JD:

I hope you know me enough to realize I am not acting as an advocate of someone who killed as police officer

Anyone who read this blog for any length of time will have to assume that you are lying. Professing some kind of spiritual bond to your "brother" Liko the Murderous, ridiculing the fallen officer and at some point equating Liko rolling over the dying officer's body with a person trying to remove dog's poop from the soles of their shoes, making light of the fact that Liko was on drugs etc ad nauseum -- that is in fact a hell of advocacy on your part. God will judge you, just like the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

Actually, PCP is well beyond crack. Growing up in Charlestown, lots of kids got messed up on it. Some crazy shit. Jams you up wicked bad, from the first hello.

Floyd reminds me of the guy from "Things to do in Denver When You're Dead", I think his name was Critical.

It is so hard to get a balanced view of what went on here. It has in many instances devolved into a he said, she said kind of thing. I would hope that the discussion could be based on principles, and not personalities. But the mudslinging and name call, chest pounding seem to entertain. To take it out of this specific instance to the extent possible, and to drive people to govern, police, teach and conduct themselves in general based on certain principles. What are they? I do not know. To what and whom are we loyal? I guess we each are on our own, in many respects. Our own truth. Say it, and say it again when asked again, the same way.

Christopher King said...


Foro, you are such an idiot.

The letters are not written by me.

They are written from a member of the Franconia Community who has a very active role in the future of police and community relations.

Just shows how stupid you really are.

L8r H8r.

Anonymous said...

hey foro von nutsack, why don't you do the world a favor: pull your lip over your head and swallow!

Anonymous said...


McKay was not an honorable police officer and does not deserve to be looked at as one. McKay is the cop we are looking at for the most part.

Do you find it strange that they will not release his records from the Franconia PD?

What do you think of Floyd's history w/LE?

Are you aware of how many different drugs Floyd is taking?

Are you aware of the many complaints the town has made about McKay over the years?

Are you aware that only a 1/2 mile in front of Liko a driver was speeding approx. 15 over the limit? McKay's radar has a vehicle clocked at 54 in a 40 mph limit. He chose to ignore that speeder - highly unusual.

Are you aware that Liko was pulled over for his registration and NOT for speeding? You can listen to McKay's voice state why he is pulling him over to dispatch. Have you listened to it?

What facts do you actual know other than watching the videos? Have you read the statements that have been released? How do you feel about the vast discrepancies in both of the Floyd's statements?

What are your thoughts on the AG preventing us from hearing Caleb's statement?

It has been several weeks since John Poole requested statement copies. Why do you think he continues to be denied his rights by the AG?

Anonymous said...

Lighten up on the poor guy. Foro just needs a hobby.

Christopher King said...

Debby and Foro:

To paraphrase the Dead Kennedys, Strelzin has some Bigger Problems Now:

The spectre of Maura Murray's botched investigation looms large:


Fred Murray:

"Here Attorney Strelzin, here's a knife that appears to be bloody and a guy gave it to me who says his brother was a sociopath and might be involved in my daughter's disappearance."

Jeffery Strelzin:

"I don't want it."


Anonymous said...

I personally feel that Maura Murry's case has been handled unprofessionally at best.

It is a sad day when a father cannot get the file on his daughter's disappearance in an attempt to find her.

If what you have posted here is true...it is disgusting. To ignore a possible lead (I am shaking my head right now)....why? I can't grasp it. What purpose would it serve the AG to ignore it?

What that family has been through and to be no closer to finding Maura than the day she disappeared....they should be given every last piece of information concerning her disappearance.

Human decency goes along way.

Foro Van Neinbaaster said...
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Foro Van Neinbaaster said...

Hello Chris,

They are written from a member of the Franconia Community who has a very active role in the future of police and community relations.

I acknowledge my mistake... My bad! It was foolish of me to assume that you were pretending to not be an advocate of a certain cop-killer. I apologize for calling you a liar in that particular case. You are an advocate for cop-killers par excellence, and you have enough integrity to state so. I am (honestly) a little ashamed of myself for thinking otherwise.