18 July 2007

KingCast presents: Spirit of Liko II in the Franconia shooting tragedy.

From someone whom neither Liko nor I have ever met:
"....as I've said too often, i never knew him, i couldn't make it to the funeral, but i know that kid was born to make a difference in this world."

Exactly. As I noted in the Boston Magazine John Sedgwick post, you know it when you feel it, and from the moment I heard about this case I knew it was going to be a BS fiasco from the State, especially when Kelly waited 6 weeks to produce the 2007 video, never told me when the "investigation" was complete, never signed her own "Official Report" and still can't tell me from where the windshield bullet was "recovered."

And to someone I just met via an introduction from some folks at Nashua City Hall:
"And get people ready to write a letter to include for the public policy portion of the Mandamus Action because you better believe it's coming. I just woke up again from a little nap in tears because of the brother I never met. And I used to wake up in tears from that bullshit that Kelly Ayotte and Chief Dunn put me through, so it's ON."

A selectman from NH Taxpayer radio agreed.
"As a former selectman who has interviewed about 25 applicants for police jobs, hired and fired police as well, I think I can say with some small amount of authority that this "investigation" and the reporting on it stinks. That night when I saw Ayotte being interviewed on the "news" and they said the press were being kept two miles away from the incident, I knew it had to be something like this."

Some folks want to come in here and hate on the messenger but instead would do better to read the fact pattern on the pending Mandamus Action. Sure I love the silly stuff (watch the first "Progressions Lounge" video -- case in point) but at bottom it's all about the Law.

Years ago Martha told me "You are destined to do great things with law in an entertaining manner." She should know; she was my buddy for much of the Columbus BS and she's the person who introduced me to Mary Jo Kilroy, seen as Columbus School Board President with a nasty gavel in this Justiceforkids video -- edited so that we also see NH Hillsborough Superior Chief Justice note that KingCast cameras have the right to be in the courtroom because "it's no different than WMUR" he actually says later.


It's about folks like Liko and Mother Ann who have the Original Spirit.

I'm just the not-so-humble narrator, imperfect as anyone else but damn right about this case. And Martha was right.



Anonymous said...

Everyone's best work is done when the ego is out of the way grasshopper. Work the ISSUES and everything else will fall into place.

Go get'um tiger....

Christopher King said...


Issues you want, issues we've got.

And this is just the beginning.

All of Bruce McKay's abusive practices is going to come out.

Think: Negligent Retention.

Anonymous said...


We are doing it! This cannot be stopped and the truth will prevail. Whatever the trials, we will always re-group as we all stand for the core truth to come forth. We do and will continue to stand for justice.

Anonymous said...

I do not recall who posted it earlier but it seems that I recall mention of the Principal, Larcom. I thought there was something stated about him and an issue with alcohol.

I do not care what a person does on their private time but I found myself concerned if this was something that happened while he was working?

Does anyone have information on this?

Anonymous said...

Taken from another blog.....

I'm just old enough to remember the very last 'officer friendly''s, who seemed to fade away along about....1967? 68? somewhere in there.

replaced by the mirror-glasses wearing, grim-faced, allegedly highly professional praetorians we've got among us today. you know: the guys who like to dress up like soldiers and ninjas; the guys buying up military weaponry, including armored vehicles; the guys doing ever more "felony stops".... the guys who refer to their fellow citizens as "civilians".

officer friendly carried a 5-or 6-shot .38. our new praetorians carry 15 to 18 shot .40's, and .45's. go to any cop board, and you'll see the 9mm scorned as "too lightweight". you'll see SWAT behavior idolized; right up to the enthusiastic endorsing of "always shoot the family dog", because god forbid a praetorian find himself inconvenienced or nipped by a cocker spaniel.

how does this behavior fit into the "theory of policing"? how can any rational person view behavior like this as anything BUT a police-state prelude?

you asked 'better ways of policing', and i've been thinking about it some. there's a lot that's wrong with the current police mindset these days: growing militarization; "us vs. them"; etc.

i won't comment on that; nor will i make any more lists of police outrages. we all know the deal. but 'better ways'? hmmm. tough one.

ok: let's try this. you know what the unofficial combat doctrine of the marine corps is? "escalate the conflict till you win". as near as i can tell, that's pretty much how cops operate, too. *but cops aren't marines*. there is no war going on. no national security being safeguarded. so why do cops HAVE TO win each and every confrontation RIGHT NOW? a better way? how about we institute a new mindset among the cops, enforceable by **loss of their pensions** if they refuse to do it?

the bank robber making his getaway at 100 mph? chasing him at 105 mph is just gonna make him try driving on the wrong side of the freeway, a la jason bourne. let the chopper follow him. the overwrought 15-year-old having a teenage crisis who refuses police "commands" (don't get me started) to drop the knife? why not *run away* if he gets within the holy 21 feet, rather than shooting to kill?

i know talk like this is anathema to cops. "meddling civilians!", they'll say. "cops don't run away for anyone ever!", they'll growl. (just like the hell's angels, BTW. just like the vice lords.) but the fact remains that cops *aren't* praetorians; they're *not* a bigger & tougher gang than the crips; nor are they an occupying force prone to deadly force when their "commands" aren't instantly obeyed.

so why should we allow them to act that way?