03 July 2007

KingCast presents "Separated at birth," back to Attorney Dan Mullen and Bruce McKay's personnel file in the Franconia shooting tragedy.

"He can't.... he's not going to answer your call."
"He's not going to talk to me on the phone?"
"No. He said send it in a letter."
"You mean he's not going to speak with me on the phone? This is an important issue."

Dear Attorney Mullen, as I told your assistant and your voicemail just now (which I recommend you preserve) you owe me a letter already from the email I sent you regarding yesterday's post about Bruce McKay's personnel file and the arrest record of Tim Stephenson. It's nasty and you know it -- and it can't really be cleansed. I also noted on your voicemail that Franconia Chief Montminy tried to charge me for police overtime hours for providing a copy of any police records for Fox Hill Park -- where the neighbors told me and KingCast cameras they don't recall any trouble there in ten (10) years. The Chief has no statutory or decisional basis for so doing and if you are aware of any, please advise. All I wanted to do today with you was:

1. Confirm that you are counsel for Franconia Selectmen and/or Chief Montminy.
2. Be certain that you received my email yesterday.
3. Ascertain when you would respond to my inquiry.
4. Wish you a Happy Independence Day.

So then Counselor please advise me, in writing by next Friday the 13th of your response to the email, which is attached hereto.

What a false prophet, keeper of Babylon. I'm going out for a skate now; send Attorney Mullen a copy of this post as his "letter" and supplement my ethics complaint against AG's Ayotte and Strelzin after this morning's conversation with Bar Counsel James DeHart, who DID speak with me; we had a nicely principled and intelligent conversation, in fact.

I almost got upset for a minute but as Michael Isreal said, "you don't see snakes walking or dogs flying, do you? That's because it would be unnatural. So don't expect any government employee to give you any valuable information without a fight because that would be unnatural, too."

Whatever, it's All Good. Just set it in the hopper for our trip to Washington. Now to the post office!


Christopher King said...

Two men dead in street

Bad years of benign neglect

A blind eye is turned


Anonymous said...

A couple thoughts...

Not only is the video cut off early (in both incidents)w/Liko but I have to also wonder..

1) Are we also missing the start of the video in the second incident where he passes Liko car? I have seen numerous video's from police cars that have picked up random things as they drive and am guessing the video may be on all the time and not just at stops.

2) Didn't any of the other officers at the scene in the first incident have cameras in their car? The angle of their cars would provide better views.

Anonymous said...


There is a fire within you that burns bright. There is so much askew here that it may take many months to unravel and right. Thanks for staying the course.

God bless you.

Anonymous said...

I was just watching the first incident video to see if Mckay was wearing his vest and noticed that at 21.02.17 that Liko yells out that Mckay punch him in the face... at that time Mckay immediately gets on the radio to report he has an assault on an officer and then mentions that the suspect will want to file a complaint.

Let me tell you that I have been around and have NEVER scene a cop call in that a suspect will be filing a complaint. People always calm down by the time the get to the cop station and there is just no reason to assume a person will go on with their claims unless they are true and even then they often don't. It seems clear Mckay wasn't sure is his assult was caught on tape or not.

Christopher King said...

Thanks, guys.

John P., yes indeed my gosh what a brilliant point. These officers were coming with sirens on and if I'm not mistaken in response to a call noting "Officer Down."

Their dash cams definitely should have been on.

Put it in the hopper for the Congressional investigation.


Anonymous said...

and yes, I "think" he is wearing a vest at the first incident.

Anonymous said...

Chris - I was speaking of the first incident with having the other car's videos (officer needs assistance) but your comment of "office down" makes me think of the second incident and CERTAINLY those responders cameras MUST have been on and would also provide clues to the incident such as where caleb and floyd were in relation to everything.

Do all the police in the area have video or did they just feel a need to see Mckay's actions?

I keep thinking back to that dispatchers comments when an officer asks what Mckay has going on... "who knows"

Anonymous said...

When they asked him to get on his knees.. "I am not gay"

"I am being molested"

"If it was up to him, he would rape and kill me."

Then a claim by Mckay of first Liko kicked him and then later that he grabbed his balls.... almost if to say, I am not the one who is gay but he is.

I understand that Liko was paranoid but what of these strong concerns of Mckay sexually assaulting him.

At no time does Liko tell the other cops he fears them but kept pointing to Mckay who in this incident did nothing to him until the other cops arrived and it was actually the other cops who after Mckay's initial aggressions, did most of the physical confrentation with Liko.

It was even Mckay who wanted the leg irons and then when he told Liko he was going to restrain his legs another cop says he wants to give him another chance to calm down and go with them.

I just find all the sexual fears very abnormal and also his specific fears of Mckay.

It seems Liko was very aware of Mckay before this incident and truly feared being there alone with him. I wonder what he knew or heard of Mckay before this.

Christopher King said...

John P, yes indeed there should have been several dash cams for both events.

I'll file a public records request on that as well. What we will do is generate a single public records request next week or two for EVERYTHING that is outstanding so we can track things easier, and all of us will file them.

Also, as to the other issues you raise, there is the issue of whether McKay tuned his wife up or not. I've heard that she withdrew her domestic violence claims, but we all know that anyone who hits a woman in that manner has sexual (and other) issues.

Talk soon,


Anonymous said...

the side-by-side pix and title "Separated at Birth" is hysterical...all in true KingCast blawg context!


Charles Duffy said...

The song is that you choose!

This is for our bastrichized Government!

Did I spell it right?

I'm Just a decent of a Polish Jew that had to adopt Christianity to save their life.

Christopher King said...

TL: I know, right? I mean, spot the difference. In undergrad we had an underground paper (imagine that) and we would just put a picture up of Hitler next to whomever we were ripping on at the time, so I had it in the back of my mind when he wouldn't take my call and then I looked at him again with that b*tthair moustache and those beady eyes and said "Bingo!"

But I still love my BMWs.

Charlie: I hear you, brother. Be glad at least you know your precise roots. My family is working on that now.

Peace, guys.

Anonymous said...


You're incredibly busy, so you don't need to answer this anytime soon, but in a future blog entry could you address what rights the gov't has regarding releasing only partial video and sound recordings of investigation/car-cams?

Can they edit it to content that they deem "necessary", or can they hide behind saying that it is irrelevant to the investigation? I thought they would need to release the entire raw video/sound products without a compelling reason not to, otherwise it would be too easy for them to hide things. What are the laws/regulations regarding this? Maybe the basis for a future blog posting? Thanks...

Charles Duffy said...

Chris, If I could only tell you about my friends who now live in Cicago?

Did I spell that right?

That deals that are made and unseen.

I Need to go Mt Elbrus if you know what I mean.

My Passport to Moscow and back just to keep people half honest.

Anonymous said...

"incredibly busy" doing what? blogging?

Anonymous said...

Busy tappin' ass, yo! (did I say that right?)

Anonymous said...

Busy tappin' ass, yo! (did I say that right?)

Anonymous said...

Liko's first encounter with McKay was 4 years ago. McKay had already been in Franconia for 8 years. He had his own reputation sealed at that point. Wonder why Liko wanted to know his name?

The younger people know more than we know but I have heard the stories. Grabbing the crotch of boys and their butts. Girls being scared out of their wits and then given "options" to keep out of legal trouble.

The guy was a total pervert.

Anonymous said...

go to badcopnews.com, put in NH and you will get an eyeful of the sexual perversion in LE. They will only be the ones you know about right now. How many more are out there in the state getting away with it.

Anonymous said...


From the official report at:

PAGE 5 & 6...
When the car rushed forward, his father jumped out of the way, grabbed the officer’s gun
off the ground and fired once at the driver. The car stopped with the bottom of its front
end on the officer’s chest. He had gotten out of the truck after the first shot because his
father had told him to go to the officer’s cruiser and call for help.

As he was going over to the cruiser, he heard his father tell the driver not to reload the gun. When he looked back over his shoulder, he saw his father fire a second shot at the driver and saw the driver’s head go to the side. This was the last shot fired at the driver.

From Page 26:

Liko Kenney’s car: ....The passenger side window was in the fully up position but the glass was in fragments. Broken glass was found inside and outside the car. The windshield was cracked and had a bullet hole in the lower cowling.

Although this audio is missing in the released version of the video...

Page 22:

Audio can be heard as follows:

Caleb Macaulay: “...dragged me out of the car.”

Gregory W. Floyd: “If I wanted to shoot you, you’d be god damn dead.”

Anonymous said...


I think Floyd was out of his car as soon as Mckay was shot and took his shirt off to wrap on Mckays arm and then fired on Liko as he drove across the street killing him and having his car roll onto Mckay. Every witness describes Mckay not wearing a shirt and he could not have held liko at gun point with two guns while taking off his shirt and tending to Mckay.

Anonymous said...

Have a Great 4th Everyone!

Charles Duffy said...

Ain't No law Enforcement High Enough..

Micheal Macdonald of the Doobie Brothers.

Peace to all.

Anonymous said...

Caleb's statement will be the closest to the truth we will ever get. He was walking a fine line for himself that night.

Of course they don't want us to have it. Sooner or later they have to give it up. They held that kid for 6 hours.

There are many answers in his testimony. I am sure it will be a far more consistent account than Floyd's no doubt.

Christopher King said...

Hey folks, gotta' run.

Caleb is here.

Much love,


Oh, I got a new thing going on:



Charles Duffy said...

"incredibly busy" doing what? blogging?

1:41 PM

I can't believe the negativity of self made assholes. (like Myself)

OK, I'll let you know I'm your #1 asshole to tap. Don't Bring lube because I've got it on sale.

Witch you don't need and never will. I can lubricate your mind as if there is no less than 100 hrs of conversations from 1964 and beyond that. Real to real recorder from Boston to south America taped over phones lines( They have been transferd to disc)

I'm so sure that the CIA would love to have their fucking hands on it.

Come on over I'll play it for you.

Assholes born yesterday,

Anonymous said...

Easy now, just having a laugh with Chris. You can not monopolize this spirit, we've been here a lot longer than you have, feeling the love.

We're all on the love train, no negativity, just a laugh, seems Chris is bloggin' 24/7 on this issue. Really more of a compliment.

But that lubricating bit, that is awesome. Ghost crowd the young child's fragile egg shell mind.

We all should grow thick skin like CK. And learn to laugh a little.
And bump uglies. To live on sugar mountain. A salaam alaikum.

Christopher King said...

John P:

We will need to get the cruiser video from the responding officers because as we know there cetainly should be some.

And it is entirely possible that Shooter Floyd's first shot was through the windscreen and then from the side as Liko kept driving, possibly mortally wounded.

Notice how the media failed to mention the windscreen shot because if Floyd did that, then shot LATER from the side he was out of harm's way.

And we know from the official report that Liko had an EMPTY CLIP on the floor, right?

And the official report noted all guns were in good operating order with Liko having live rounds.

So now for the State's theory to hold true, Liko would have to have been about to shoot through the passenger window to shoot Floyd, which is nuts because Caleb ducked down to avoid Floyd's shot.

Nobody ducks down in front of a gun pointed in their direction, and plus we know this from Caleb at pp. 10-11 of the official report and from Shooter Floyd at p 20 I believe of the CD official report and even from a news clip I saw on WMUR:

"No I didn't" say a word [to Liko].

Yet the news media and NH Police Personnel up to the top reported that Floyd DID caution Liko.

That we know to be BS; mark it for the Congressional hearing.


As to the old sex stuff I find it fascinating that whomever it is -- and it could even be a supporter testing my mettle -- takes the time to dig up an excerpt from weeks or months ago about a relationship 17 years ago to post up here in an apparently negative connotation.

Liko was 7 and Caleb was 5 then.

Now Liko is dead in part because of his temper, but much more in part owing to the outright reign of terror manifest by Bruce McKay and the willful malfeasance of the Franconia Selectmen and Chief Montminy.

And that's just the way it is.

But it's not the way it has to be in the future. I am looking at one of my Liko stickers now and you can clearly see by the relief in his face and his fist in the air (remember the Olympics, 1968 and the government hated that as well) that he's a Good Spirit and a Good Man, something the haters try to knock down out of fear and oppression.

He had so much to learn and to share and he would be alive today if it weren't for an abusive and ill-minded cop named Bruce McKay, and all of the others who tacitly supported him.

Wa 'Alaikum Salaam

....and for the newbies, the brother who calls me "Johnny Cochran of Columbus" in American Lawyer One is Minister Donell Muhammad, Columbus OH Mosque #43.

Christopher King said...

So back to 4:02, which shot fatally wounded Liko?

Nothing on that whatsoever.

Because either way that determination is made, there are issues. Think about it. Get it?

That's why there was no mention of that.


Anonymous said...

at 6:51 PM -
to answer your question with a question (!) - at what point will autopsy results be known to the kenney family/lawyers and/or the public?

john p has been at this issue about how the car might have made final contact with mckay, and his conclusion, supported by the statement he cites, makes sense:



Christopher King said...


I follow up on this thread using some redacted material from the official report in which we discover that Floyd is pointing a gun at Caleb:


Curious as to the reason for the redaction.


Anonymous said...

John P.

Re: the windshield

In the released documents, both P.O. Matthew Culver (P. 908) and Stanley Sherburn (P. 985) state that Liko had a chest wound. Of course, these may simply be mistaken impressions caused by a blood-soaked shirt. What's odd is that neither mention the head wound. I realize that the coroner states that there is no exit wound, which is the messier part of a head wound. However, Mr. Sherburn seems very observant, giving a detailed description of McKay's wounds. He also observed Liko's neck wound.

I only have pages 907 to 994 of the released documents. Did anyone else mention a chest wound?

Anonymous said...

Is the file on CD a PDF file, or multiple PDF files? How huge is it? Can it be hosted somewhere?

Christopher King said...

I'll see about hosting it.

There are 4 main files I believe.


Anonymous said...

It looked like Floyds truck was parked to the left of Liko's, with Mckay pulled up right in front of him, bumper to bumper, wouldn't that mean that he would be in front of the vehicle to shoot through the windshield, and then walk all the way around to the other side, passenger side to shoot again? If he had wanted to shoot Liko again/be sure he's dead, wouldn't he just walk closer to him on drivers side, the side that his truck was parked?
This bugs me because it just doesn't seem like a natural movement for someone running to the aid.
Also, with which gun did he shoot Liko with through the windshield?
If the shot stopped the movement of the car, I would hardly expect Floyd to be rushing to the side of the cop, grab his gun, while the car is barreling straight for him! That's something out of an action movie.