17 July 2007

KingCast presents: "Res Ipsa Part One: NH AG Kelly Ayotte lied to high-powered former AAG on Franconia shooting tragedy.

Ahh, res ipsa loquitur -- almost the name of this blawg. These things speak for themselves and create rebuttable presumptions that the State is up to no good, that Attorney Ayotte has committed ethical violations and that the full reports and/or witness statements must be provided from the NH AG to the World Public that will be studying this case for decades, as Liko would have it.

As I continue preparing for the Mandamus Hearing, I can't stop thinking about what my lead event is. The lead language will be "May it please the Court: Mandamus is an extraordinary writ, but this is an extraordinary occasion: Perhaps the most ineffective or deceitful homicide investigation that New Hampshire, or the World, has ever seen."

Then I go into Kelly's affirmative statement to Attorney X in which she makes the affirmative misrepresentation that
The witness statements were all consistent in describing Mr. Floyd's actions (including the passenger of Mr. Kenney's car).

Let's examine the relevant statements then shall we? Taken primarily from the 7 July 2007 "Here's your hero Kelly" post.

I. Floyd as having spoken with Liko or Caleb, as claimed in the curiously unsigned yet official report at p. 7:
"He told the driver to stop. He said to the driver "Stop." Put it down or you're gonna die;" and "Leave it alone you know you want to live." He told the driver whatever came into his mind.....

....and here's another Floyd Statement:

Pp. 867-868 of the PDF file.
A: "[T]his guy's trying to load and this guy's all mixed up or whatever so I kinda lean my elbow into his adam's apple and just shoot the other guy."
Q: "So you actually put the gun inside the window I mean is the window open?
A: "Oh yah the window was open."
Q: "Now I just want to clarify were you actually touching the passenger?"
A: "Yah... I was trying to stretch my hand in there and make sure [Caleb] stayed back."

Now let's get to the statements from Floyd himself and the other two witnesses -- which are definitely NOT consistent with that:

First there is the bullet through Liko's windshield "on bottom edge close to center." per p. 587 that was "recovered," obviously from somewhere inside the car; I have asked Attorney Strelzin from where and am awaiting his reply.

Now here comes Floyd:

Page 20/1,000:
"Did you say anything before you fired?"
"No, I didn't"

Now here comes Caleb:

Page 11 of official report: "
The man said nothing before he fired."

Now here comes Junior Floyd:

[Floyd Junior also as noted on 91-A pdf page 745]
"They had stopped in front of his arm the first time. They didn't actually hit the officer. Then they backed up to here and at that time my dad got out and tried to pull him to prevent him from running him over again" [KingCast says wait a minute: Run him over again??? There was absolutely nothing to keep Liko from running McKay over the first time -- but he didn't. Liko was just trying to get the hell out of there.] They backed up to here and the car went rushing forward and my dad shot at the driver and it hit him and made him stop. The front end of the car ended up over the officer's chest."

Doesn't sound like there's much time for dialogue there, does it? Also at another point in the bowels of his testimony, I remember reading that Floyd claimed Liko actually ran into McKay twice, striking him the first time while he was standing, which Junior AND Caleb both dispute, point blank. Small wonder I have to compel production of this material in Mandamus but that's what the Right-to-Know is all about, isn't it? That's why Kelly dodged John P's Right to Know request but I asked for a copy of their response because that's also a public record.

Held: As such, there was no discourse at all with first shot, so let's get on to Caleb and the second shot:

II. The second shot through Caleb Macaulay's open or closed window.

Petitioner restates all previous allegations as incorporated herein:


Page 672: "No, no, it was just - it was just pepper spray right away."

Page 700: "When I saw that gun I went down like this and that's all I saw and if I did not do that I wouldn't be, I wouldn't be here today."

Page 701: "He did, did he say anything?" "He said nothing. He started shooting." (Of course later in the interview Caleb is picking glass shards out of his scalp.

And of course, watch the video. Caleb's window is CLEARLY up, and the official report clearly notes at p. 26
"The passenger side widow was in the fully up position but the glass was in fragments."

Floyd p. 867-8 A: "Oh yah the window was open."

A total lie. In fact you can clearly see Caleb's window up at 19:15:37 as the Tahoe ramming starts, you then see both of Liko's hands in the air in a classic "Stop it, WTF????" gesture and Caleb's window is still clearly up as they roll out of view at 19:16:32.

If the window is closed Floyd and Liko aren't having much of a conversation then, are they? No, in fact Liko might have already been mortally wounded from the front shot, causing his car to careen into McKay where his scrotal sack was eviscerated.

Held: Floyd shot the window out without saying a word and Caleb ducked to avoid the shot.

PS: I love the fact that in the very first sentence Kelly says you can't believe what you read in blogs. No, Kelly.... what you can't believe is your official unsigned report. Believe this blawg because you will soon address -- in open court -- everything I just wrote, and then some.

Also: Attorney Mark Sisti should subpoena Mac's records to make certain they sold the alleged items to the Floyds that to my recollection included a newspaper and some milk or whatever, just to close that loop. It's a loop that must be closed, totally. If that's closed it hardly absolves Floyd of anything, but if it's not closed.......

UPDATE: Come to find out there was no written contract between Mark Sisti and the Kenney family but he held himself out as their lawyer to the exclusion of others.


Anonymous said...

Chris, you are gonna be great. And since you have secured the right for us all to have cameras in the court room, this will be caught, and recorded, and broadcast to the worlds, on Kingcast. Go for it and good luck!

Christopher King said...

Oh I definitely plan to post this oral argument on line, and law students and First Amendment scholars will study it for decades.

The haters come in here and try to distract us from the mission, but we are always on point.


Anonymous said...

Great work Chris, you came bouncing back without even going away! Tho the trolls have had a field day while you were working.

I just saw this post on the previous thread and it blew me away. Did you guys see this??? Amidst the huge sick jokes and troll takeover, this guy/gal writes:

Distraction success!!

Not even coming from people in the state or area most likely.

Predictable trollery as you guys
have the all the truth and inconsistincies and le corruption recorded and the blog must be targetted and ridiculed by trolls writing in crazy stuff and then making mockery of the same crazy stuff that THEY/HE just wrote etc. A very old trick. A classic.

They will attempt to do the same when the civil litigation kicks in as well. The truth terrifies them.

I figure the towns up there pretty poisonous lost at this point anyway,

BUT the general public will now ALWAYS KNOW and Franconia Notch will Forever ALWAYS be remembered subliminally, and overtly, as Liko's profile on that Old Man of The Mountains.

tLiko Kenney is apparently in the tradition of Hawthorne's Old Man of The Mountain in perpetuity now. Bless him.

And into Franconia, now forever the symbol of an entrance into a deeply corrupt place where murderer's run free.

At least a bad cop was taken down by a patriot.
You have that much to be proud of up there, and so it will always be remembered.

And the trolls know that, and it kills them, so the best they can do is turn this into an AOL chat room level IQ kind of place.

The jokes and ridicule and trollery can explode this blog and exploit the blog, but the people know the truth.

And truthseekers will find the facts here and no where else, just yet.

And the kids up there have been abandoned. They are very smart and very tough kids though. And always on top of the spin and under the radar, no matter if they send the entire U.S. Army up there.

Let's remember that the US has lost two foreign wars in a row to guerilla fighters on their own home turf.

Maybe they can occupy Franconia for awhile and finally register something in the Win column. But I wouldn't bet on it.

And it dosen't take much to be smarter than a cop. it just takes cruelty. And organization.

And the officials are generating tons of that in future heros like Liko, who wasn't cruel,
but the next few WILL be as cruel & crazy sly as that fat fake marine killer PCP guy that they let loose up there.

I'm glad his address and picture were printed.

This troll attack was predicted from the start and should not be surprising.

The foro person is a one man dirty trick squad. I don't know about Columbus being murderous scum, perhaps so, and very good distraction technique bringing some other generation's genocide into this with typical Neocon 'humor.'

I do know about Mckay being murderous scum, and I do know about Ayotte being murderous scum, and I do know about the Select Board and state representative being murderous scum.

The Reconcilation Committee seems to have it's heart in the right place, but they are infested with another bad cop, and they won't do anything meaningful sadly.

And so good citizens trying to effect change on that committee end up unfairly being irresponsible and complicit and endangering the community further.

Everyone will know in time. Most know already. To the rest of the world NH is the Dukes of Hazard's Boss Hogg, in their crudity and arrogance and disregard for ethics.

Meanwhile the trolls take over and some good posters have apparently signed out of here.

They made their contributions however, and if anybody's left that cares about staying on track, perhaps they'll find a way to waddle thru the trolls to get at the heart of the matter in the histories here.

The intelligent and seeking will see through the games, and the others don't matter anyway.

Liko Kenney. I know every time I have to drive through that area I will look to that site, where the natural stone State Symbol fell, right about the time Mckay had his smackdown with Liko Kenney in 2003 interestingly and coincentally.

Gosh, maybe irony isn't completely dead in the U.S.A.

They have made Liko immortal now, and not for an action he ever wanted to take, but he, even against his own wishes and will, now becomes the eternal symbol of Hawthorne's Old Man. The place where Men are Made.

And good men don't get tortured, smacked and sprayed in the face without protecting themselves and their loved ones by firing back; hard, fast and true.

That is as American as it gets. God bless Liko Kenney.

Anonymous said...

I too want to say thanks and encourage you to keep doing this work. We're all a bit weary right now and you Chris are relentless.

I intend to be there, God bless.

Anonymous said...

Chris said:

"but this is an extraordinary occasion: Perhaps the most ineffective or deceitful homicide investigation that New Hampshire, or the World, has ever seen."

Like, worse than 3rd world (PC violation: undeveloped country) trials? Like, worse than Stalin/Hitler mock trials? Worse than Southern Jim Crow type trials? C'mon mang, saying "in the world" is so silly that ridiculous called and said it's not willing to hang out with silly anymore.

Now, statement #2: Chris said:

"Oh I definitely plan to post this oral argument on line, and law students and First Amendment scholars will study it for decades."

Now, I didn't check the calendar, but was humility slated for a vacation in July?

Seriously man, even if you think it you don't have to say it! I mean, there' some opportunity that you might kick a bit of butt here against the state (if you haven't made too many unnecessary enemies). But to predict one's own future actions as historic, well...

Anonymous said...

dear maine cop,
please take care of my kid when he travels in your state because i will always worry about my family arriving safely at their destinations. please respect him and he will respect you.

if my kid makes a mistake and admits it, but you scream, swear, threaten and bully him, and then lie about it in front of a judge, you teach us about betrayal of trust in you and the system. please don't beat him because you will kill my soul. liko should not have been beaten.

when you stop my kid because of the color of his car, or the length of his hair, or it's monday, try to understand he doesn't want trouble; he's just like liko. if his headlight is burned out or the inspection has expired, or his tail-light is the wrong color, can you just warn him? he doesn't want to be a criminal. neither did liko.

you see, if he can't drive thru your town because you're looking for him all the time, he won't be able to make it home.

Anonymous said...


Got anything to say about the inconsistencies in the statements????
Or are they really not important to you, as you seem to be terribly busy focusing on Chris.

Can you please focus on the death of these two men, what created it and how to make Franconia a better place to live.

What is more important to you? Chris King's personality or the case at hand in Franconia?

What do you have to say about the statements? please?

Anonymous said...

"What is power?

Power is the ability to do or act. Power enables us to make choices and make movement. We don't have to sit by and let things happen; we can do something about it. People that recognize their own sense of power have purpose and passion in their life.

Every time you use your power to help, you are preparing a good future for your life. If you use your personal power to hurt or destroy others, sooner or later you too will be destroyed. It is the law of life, so do good."


Thanks for your boundless energy and vigor for life, which seems to propel you forward as you seek the truth about 5/11. You are taking action to help us expose the truth and create positive change.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The inconsistencies in Floyd's statements, other witness statements, and Ayotte's BS story were known weeks ago.

What is new?

Anonymous said...

The haters come in here and try to distract us from the mission, but we are always on point.

Yeah, sure. Extremely on point, at all times: Like constantly bringing up an unrelated Jaffrey case; the Maura Murray matter and wildly speculating that Floyd may have been involved, simply because he lives near the area; some nonsense about a company that makes tv towers; old automobiles; tennis, how you were denied playing at Tamrack because of some unrelated legal matter; yoga; rock and roll bands.

Now that is FOCUS.

Anonymous said...


It is not at all inappropriate for Light Beings to speak of future events, since we can see these through the collective consciousness I described to you yesterday.

Most LBs are more subtle than Chris, and don't wish to draw attention to themselves -- I'll give you that. You see, we LBs are very loosely affilated, and can only try to influence other LBs through psychology transmitted through light particles. What we share is an ability to see future events, and obviously we are all keenly atuned to Global Vibrations and the gradual demagnetization of the earth's protective field (humans can view this magnetic field as the Northern Lights, terrestial atmospheric conditions) permitting).

Anonymous said...


Now the laser-like focus in on Michael Vick and dog fighting.


Christopher King said...


America is purportedly a civilized country, though so the transgressions here are even worse.


And what have you to say about the substantive issues themselves.

Nothing, as usual.

Meanwhile, let's see how Kelly fared the last time we faced off, shall we?

I beat her like she stole somethin'.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

The inconsistencies in Floyd's statements, other witness statements, and Ayotte's BS story were known weeks ago.

What is new?

5:47 AM

So are you just hanging out to trash people? What's up with you, dude? Puh-leeez.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, I haven't seen Foro's name posted. Guess he is anonymous - cowardly, to say the least.

Anonymous said...

Foro is a LB.

Anonymous said...

the lesser topics are here to soften the serious subjects. it's conversation...if you want to converse. if you go back to the subject of this post, there's alot of reading there to comprehend.

chris isn't asking for a fight from anyone except to defend whatever is on topic - but i shouldn't speak for him. just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

forgot to identify myself.

Anonymous said...

Dear Chris: Thank you for your most excellent and continuing hard work on behalf of the entire community. It is making a huge difference and is an example of courage and consistency in the face of so many adversarial slams and targetted nonsense as in the anemic and mocking posts above.

In addition to the ground breaking civil rights work in the best tradition of American jurisprudence,
you are actually quite a teacher and excellent example to communities everywhere in the level headed and creative way you stay on point with these important efforts, and very many are so grateful for your leadership.

I should also thank the detractors and trolls, as it is getting so easy to identify and track them, even when they cling to the anonymity as they try to malign you by using the freedom of expression you provide for every and anyone here.

m.a. for example, came into this blog with an affected 'semi-concern' for the facts, and rapidly showed his or her true colors with consistent mockery rather than substantive responses or comments. Similarly, the various 'anonymous' posters always have a mocking taunting tonality to their contributions, showing a deep fear for your continuing level-headedness in your fight for the truth.

They don't realize how silly their obvious attempts at distraction and disruption are.

In spite of a flurry of mocking silliness they/he can sometimes achieve, they define them as enemies of truth, and their taunting tactics are so easily recognizable that I am compiling them for my political science students in a comparative analysis context.

So I must thank them as teachers also, as their attempts at confusions really serve to bring clarity to their position as ineffectual tacticians.

I was talking with my friends last night about the commonality in their short taunting disingenuous displays of fear and mockery, and we started to chart this out for curriculum inclusion this Fall.

It will helpl my students to see that attacks, not even thinly disguised as serious refutation of the facts and mounds of discovery in evidence here, can easily be distinguished from serious or relevant criticism.

Keep up the good (and groundbreaking work) all of you here, and thank you.

Chris, you are making a tremendous difference and giving considerable comfort to the untold thousands of citizens you continue to empower and inspire.

Your law school instructors must have had quite a delightful time with you in class, and should be duly proud of the way you become the teacher at large for so many under constant political pressures and mockery that would have made most mere mortals fold long ago.

Your analogies are delightful and creative and it is instructive and amusing to watch you bat away the flies every day with iconoclastic irreverence and great cohesion of thought and analysis.

Very many citizens would rather not join in the political squabbling here, but do silently observe the action and filings, and you stand out as an important and fearless. How you do this with such good humor is inspiring. You teach as well as achieve, and deserve many thanks for your continuing, and impressive, body of work.

Anonymous said...

the teacher at large for so many under constant political pressures and mockery that would have made most mere mortals fold long ago.

So, you see now that Chris is one of US, a LB? Good.

Anonymous said...

Hi 7:51! Great incisive wit at work there, as usual!!

An army of one.
Let's see if I can help you here.

Well, he is not afraid to bring Light of truth into dark frightened minds.

Actually 7:51, YOU are the LB, Lying Bastard.

Keep on trollin' now!, my how you elevate the discourse!

That's all the distraction action you get from me. And thank you to the teacher who wrote in!

Anonymous said...

level headed people here on this site, are you reading the same dribble that I am?

Anonymous said...

8:30 - well, looks like it's gone to trash talk for you quite quickly. no names, but same place, same tripe.

as for 7:41, can't fault the essay or contents. this confirms what i began to suspect....a teacher. the endless, non-stop debate, nit-picking and ever present opinions. it doesn't quite match up with the other half, however...the emotional and expletive laden word artist. no personal slams, thanx, cuz i took a good beating yesterday. nor did i fully respond, in kind.
today is crystal clear. a new day. and it's much more civilized.

Anonymous said...

"in the world" if this is the case King you live in a very small world.

The events of 5/11 do not even compare to any of the injuctices that have happened throughout the world. I have seen the effects of injustice, 5/11 doesn't compare. I have smelled the rotten stench of mass graves.

You sit in you comfortable home and make such a broad statement to that effect. The only adversity you have known has been brought on by yourself by your own actions.

You bring much discredit upon yourself to compare the events in Franconia to the rest of the world. You have insulted me. You are a highly intelligent idiot.

Anonymous said...

You guys really need to find a new hero to worship besides this self promoting huckster who is trying to cash in on 5/11.

Anonymous said...


I have shielded myself from your Psychic attacks with Saran wrap and gemstones.

Anonymous said...

Anon @8:50 said:

The events of 5/11 do not even compare to any of the injuctices that have happened throughout the world. I have seen the effects of injustice, 5/11 doesn't compare. I have smelled the rotten stench of mass graves.

I would counter you by saying had these places you descibe had a Bill of Rights and men and women willing to stand up to keep them when a "small" injustices had been done, you'd had never been subject to the attrocities you allude to.

Anonymous said...

8:59 looking for a hero?? -- "Bruce McKay was a true American Hero" -- Kelly Ayotte

Get on your knees and worship whatever is left

Anonymous said...

There are no heroes. Neither Kenney, nor Floyd, nor McKay, and not even King.

Nope. Deal with it.

Anonymous said...

There are however plenty of people dedicated to the truth and confronting the lies that have been fed to us by the AG's office.

Anonymous said...


note that the tide has finally turned. for once, there is notably decent and civil exchange, following an extended period of raucous, free-for-all bashing. the damage has been done, however. cohesiveness is fragile, and the shell is in pieces.

you, at 10:38, have correctly asserted there is limited, new information available about this subject; and in fairness to truth, this blog was not influential in the videos being released any earlier either directly here or to the public.

there is much wordplay, jousting and posturing here. the attempt to return to reason today is commendable; refreshing, but perhaps too little too late.

i believe it was M.A. who emphasized the importance of not needlessly making enemies. i've never seen the word "haters" used so often in one place as it is here.

a visual...the "light and love" button (the easy button concept), placed slightly to the left; and the CONTROL button, easily accessed to the right.
the so-called haters are presumed to be sitting on the control button and spewing, not unlike mace from a can. the purveyors of truth are, of course, attracted to the light.

they are the flower children of love and light, but, in fact, are equally responsible for dividing, not uniting. how so? i believe it was M.A. who emphasized the importance of needlessly making enemies. i've never seen the word "haters" used so often in one place as it is here.

i am not a hater. are you?

Anonymous said...

I hate injustice, which is why I am here. Too bad the forum has turned into a circus.

Whose fault is that? The trolls? I think not.

Christopher King said...



The State gives us three blind mice.