11 July 2007

KingCast presents: Namaste.

I was stuck in traffic just now and when it cleared I decided this would be a fun game to play with the Mac. It's backwards (can't image-flip unless I haven't learned that yet) but still heartfelt and All Good.



Christopher King said...

Tangentially I inform the newbies that Miss Pat, my sister's Haitian nanny, put an old island curse on those who were doing me -- and the cause of Justice -- substantial harm.

Those people in particular included fired Jaffrey Chief Dunn, ethhics-investigation resignee Prosecutor Bill Albrecht and now comes NH AG Kelly Ayotte.

I know Governor Lynch sucked up to her in HB 143 which is a boon to Big Business forcing Plaintiffs to basically oversue, as they must sue anyone remotely in the chain of liability. Now Plaintiffs will again be the Bad Guys for being "overly litigious." I can see it already.

But as the Franconia cover up rises to the surface, don't be surprised to see a Haitian Divorce.

It's a Royal Scam.

Foro Van Neinbaaster said...

Oh Chris, pray tell us again what "substantial harm" was done to your person, as you say in your post, and under what circumstance? Did someone put too much wasabi in your sushi, subverted the transmission in your SAAB, or God forbid, punctured your favourite tennis ball?

Christopher King said...

The substantial harm was trying to imprison me for seven years and charge me $40,000.00 fine for issuing a demand letter to the now-fired and bumbling Jaffrey Chief of Police Martin J. Dunn.

They STILL have not told me how much they spent trying to screw me or former Jaffrey Officer Aaron Deboisbriand:


Aaron's father and I were on the DL the whole time because we both knew Kelly and Dunn were full of crap.

So no, I don't hate cops and I hate it when they get killed, but worse than that I hate hater cops being falsely elevated to lofty positions of martyrdom.


Anyway, I eventually mopped the floor with those maggots.

You should know that if you read ANY of the links or even the straight up word content.

Come on man, do better than that:

I just gave you mad props a minute ago on a new post:


I'm putting my trust in you to read carefully.

Don't let me down.


Anonymous said...

Uh....scuse me while I get all theological on your ass (having read carefully) but how does "namaste" relate to "Haitian Divorce old island curse"?

Namaste is the honouring of a common divinity in all beings, particularly the one to whom it is directed. Every time you've used "namaste" you've used it to mean "I am cooler than you." It's not that I don't appreciate the irony, it's that I don't appreciate the fact that you so frequently honour the divinity in yourself by putting other people down. "Namaste" is a symbolic vow of love and respect. Where's the love, or the respect, in many of these posts? Don't get me wrong, I understand you're fighting for what you think is right, and you're fighting for a lot of injustice.....but why oh why do you want us to remember if we saw it here first? Namaste? I don't think so.

As for Haitian Divorce (um, other than Steely Dan) you can't call the Iwa up and ask them to behave. If you ask them to do bad shit, bad shit will happen.

I'm sure you'll call me a fool, and lambaste me and my offspring, and have fun coming up with ways to insult me, so it is not without irony that I honour the divinity that is no doubt within you somewhere (at some times, it's not even that hard to see): namaste.