31 July 2007

KingCast presents: John Sedgwick's Boston Magazine story on Franconia shooting tragedy, "Collision Course."

John Sedgwick's Boston Magazine story as noted in Boston Now.

As noted in this post, John and I have discussed this matter at length and I'm generally pleased with his story. I am delighted he didn't just take the NH AG party line as most New Hampshire media are doing.

As you read it, be aware that John was at the time unaware of the Constitutional violations at Fox Hill Park or the missing police and use-of-force reports as noted in today's letter to Franconia Town Attorney Daniel Mullen.


"Chief Montminy does not keep arrest records subdivided by officer, but on the job last year, according to the word around town, McKay rang up over 300 stops—summary interrogations, drug searches—pursuing every infraction, no matter how petty, with the same bulldog ferocity. The other two full-time cops in town reportedly collected just 11 between them.

Unlike Massachusetts, New Hampshire does not have district attorneys, and relies on police prosecutors to pursue guilty verdicts in minor crimes. To earn extra money, McKay filled that position for the town. Sometimes, when trying a suspect he’d arrested, he’d put himself on the stand to present the evidence. “I always thought he was a fascist,” says Jean McLean. That impression wasn’t eased by the Hitler mustache—a dab of dark hair right under his nose—McKay wore for a time, or the GOTCHA vanity plate on his Nissan 4x4.

With such a profile, McKay attracted a lot of talk in Franconia, little of it flattering. Once, it was said, he pulled over a 79-year-old woman for an expired registration sticker. After she tried to explain that she was heading home to cook dinner for her husband, he made her wait in the car for two hours. When McKay discovered a group of kids celebrating their high school graduation by frolicking along the river, he had every one of their cars towed. He’d even threatened to ticket a man for driving his riding mower across the road. McKay’s targets rarely filed complaints, though. “People feared retribution,” says Roland Shick, an antiques dealer in nearby Bethlehem. “They were afraid McKay would attack their kids, or themselves.”

After Kenney got out, McKay kept a close eye on him. He would often drive down to Tamarack, then slowly turn around by Kenney’s house, shining his high beams into the property. Just to say hello. “I used to be able to set my clock by it,” said neighbor Connie McKenzie, who saw McKay pass by her house, headed for Easton, every evening.


"Connie McKenzie, who works as a nurse, arrived next and performed CPR on McKay until the EMTs took over. She says she wanted to check on Kenney, too, but was ordered not to. “I thought someone should at least take his pulse,” she says.

Bill Kenney is among those who theorize that Floyd was an informal backup for McKay, operating on a kind of buddy system. The two lived not far apart, and seemed to share a similar outlook on the world. Floyd refuses to speak to the press, but some in Franconia also speculate that he kept a police scanner, which would have let him track McKay’s movements. In any event, in his role in the bloody events on Route 116, he outdid the slain cop-cum-prosecutor. For Liko Kenney, Gregory W. Floyd served as judge, jury, and executioner."

John also did not have the full media kit from the AG's office that I have, which shows according to Floyd Jr. and Caleb Macaulay that Liko did NOT strike McKay twice with the car, so he wrote this:

"Kenney revved his car forward, striking the officer. Then he backed up and drove at McKay again, this time plowing the front end of the Celica up over McKay’s torso."

We now know, as I have written numerous times on my blawg, that such is not the case, according to Floyd Junior and Caleb Macaulay.



Christopher King said...

I remember some haters rollin' up in here in my blawg and trash-talking "oh, where's that John Sedgwick story you promised, just more bullshit, and blah, blah, blah, wah, wah, wah, I hate you Chris King but there's nothing I can do about it."

Look: I don't bullshit.

The State bullshits.

And Boston Magazine -- as I have noted -- is only the beginning if my conversations with other, much larger media are any indication.

Time to get back to the Mandamus/Declaratory Judgment Petition.

See y'all haters -- and lovers -- up in the Courtroom. You haters bring cameras to record what a bad attorney I am. You lovers bring cameras to record what a good attorney I am.

Either way, the cause of Justice and open government will be advanced.

FWIW I think I'll do pretty well; I've won a few awards for oral advocacy through the years and I only get better with age.


Anonymous said...

Nice article by Sedgwick.

Shows clearly that the two guys each had major issues. I liked his comparisons.

Hadn't seen much about Liko's diary and entries about "last days."

Sad. Time to move on now.

Anonymous said...

I liked the article, because it was balanced. It showed that McKay was a whacko with a Gotcha vanity plate (the irony of the license plate, "Gotcha"), and that Kenney was way unstable, talking about taking matters into his own hands, last days, etc.

Fault still falls mainly on McKay, since he saw that that Kenney had many buttons, and McKay pushed them again and again until Liko gave him the final "gotcha."

Not time to move on. Need a civilian review board in NH so that whackos like McKay are removed from office. It is a matter of public safety.


Anonymous said...

Not so sure about the "last days' thing. I was aware of it and it was not in a diary. It was written on a piece of paper with nothing else on it. Bill Kenney went into the house after Liko was killed - he saw this piece of paper and wondered about it. Speculation by Bill.

Anonymous said...

"Last days"

His parents were back home from Hawaii in less than a week...last days of having to fear going to sleep at night and barricade the door?

Christopher King said...


Time to move on?

What the hell are you talking about?

We still haven't begun to scratch the surface of this case and the history of abuse that McKay set on to others. We can't even get the damn police reports and use of force reports and we know the State is lying about the presence of complaints against McKay AFTER 2000.

Move on to what, exactly. Ignoring police abuse? We move on now without investigating and documenting and we set the stage for it to happen again.

And it is STILL going on. I'm not at liberty to say but certain of the Franconia PD are still hassling Liko's friends and supporters; I know this for FACT because I know them.



None of Liko's friends thought he was suicidal in the least. Again, I know this for FACT.

I don't want to get too deep into family politics, so I won't, but I will say that it is about 99% probable that Bill misinterpreted what he read on Liko's paper.


The only "moving on" I'll be doing is moving on that Mandamus/Declaratory Judgment Motion to make the State set out all of the hidden evidentiary materials under the Right-to-Know laws, using well-established case law I have linked on this blawg.

Namaste, Aloha, Peace and Liko light.

Remember: He was 100% correct about what he told McKay in 2003 about his Fourth Amendment Rights.

Christopher King said...

I think the haters have been told to lay low.

So funny now they have nothing to say, because they know the damn Boston Magazine has fact checkers (as I have noted before on this blawg) and so there you go you now have a legitimate large-circulation publication publishing many of the same things we have been publishing here.

So Kelly says she doesn't like blogs and not to trust them, in her email to Attorney X.

Now to that list she can add Boston Magazine.

And then she can add more in the coming months and years.

And it's all her own damn fault.


Christopher King said...

Also, back to the 2003 incident on the four-wheeler, I will say this:

The AG file at p. 88 notes that the family squabbles were unfortunate because Liko's friend Alex noted that Bill Kenney called Liko in for riding on his own property because no one has exclusive rights to it.

My guess is that it's held in fee simple but with joint tenancy. Rusty on my property but you get the general idea.

Christopher King said...

And back to 2003 at Fox Hill Park, Bruce McKay proves himself a liar:

31 July 2007

KingCast presents absolute, unmitigated proof that Bruce McKay is a liar.

Let's review the 2003 video at 21:41:03 shall we?

Liko: "I was just wondering what your name is."

McKay "And yours is...."

And it goes on from there but McKay does NOT answer Liko's question.

Now let's review the police report McKay filed, as noted at p. 99 of the pdf file.

"When I gave him my name I then asked him his."

Nonsense. Liko is continually asking McKay for his name and never refers to him by name in the whole video. He calls him "This officer," and repeatedly notes to responders Ball and Cox, "I do not trust this officer."

Bruce McKay was a pathological liar and nothing he says could or should be trusted.

Although I DO believe that he "lit up the vehicle with both the Patrol Car head lights and bar-mounted taken down lights," which of course is an immediate Constitutional violation, as Judge Cyr aptly noted in the other cases, which is why the State voluntarily withdrew the possession charges against Liko, who had a pot pipe in a bag but was not smoking at the time. The others actually WERE smoking and it was STILL a Constitutional violation.


And then you have officer Ball at p. 104 noting that Liko told him "McKay made a Thirteen year-old girl have sex with him so he wouldn't charge her and he claimed he knew this for a fact because he knew the girl."

Interesting indeed, and given McKay's utter lack of credibility I'm not by any means going to dismiss what Liko claims.

Anonymous said...

Christopher King said...

Also, back to the 2003 incident on the four-wheeler, I will say this:

The AG file at p. 88 notes that the family squabbles were unfortunate because Liko's friend Alex noted that Bill Kenney called Liko in for riding on his own property because no one has exclusive rights to it.

My guess is that it's held in fee simple but with joint tenancy. Rusty on my property but you get the general idea.

9:58 PM

Thank you for bringing this up Chris. Notice that Bill states Liko was on land he "claimed". Bill has claimed alot of things and is NOT a spokesman for the Kenney/Miller clan. Nor, is he an expert on family matters as he has been estranged from most of them for many years.

He does however, pop out of the woodwork whenever there is a possible interview or media attention to grab. He seeks the media out. The information he puts out is skewed and not appreciated by the family. Everything is filtered through the perception of Bill Kenney, which in my humble opinion is distorted. You will notice though that they have the grace and dignity to not openly criticize their brother and Uncle.

Liko's friend Alex is correct about the land and Bill is the one that has caused the unnecessary land issues amongst the family. The rest are not in dispute with one another.

Bill is out of line to speak for the family and cause them further suffering and pain in such a tragic time for them all.

Anonymous said...

debby -

thank you for providing a more detailed explanation regarding bill kenney's relationship to his extended family.

i suspect any family conflict is inherently tied to dynamics that pre-dated liko's birth, and so he can hardly be held accountable or responsible.

certainly, it is not unusual for most families to wrestle and cope with their unique set of personal issues and complicated relationships....the kenney/miller clan is not immune.

i would be very interested to know more about bruce mckay's personal life, and details about his family/social interactions in the community. how did he spend his time when off-duty? who were his close friends? so little has been revealed.

Christopher King said...


Exactly, but even in saying what he said, Bill still has a potentially valid point about the relationship between McKay and Floyd.

This is all too bizarre to be total happenstance, man, NO WAY.

Sometimes the State can just tell you something happened, and can provide the most implausible set of circumstances to back it up, but you believe it because, you know.... it's the Government and you just don't know what else to do.

Read Kafka's "Problem of our laws," on that. It will take you like 10 minutes.

Another link

Anonymous said...

Yes, well the McKay/Floyd connection has been questioned by many in the community within 30 minutes of the shootings. Bizarre.

Anonymous said...

"Sad. Time to move on now."

McKay and Liko is the exaggerated picture of the climate in Franconia and the surrounding towns and from what I hear the entire state.

This horrible "in your face" tragedy should make people wake up to the fact that something is very wrong with the system and should be used a catalyst to create change that is for the greatest good of all. To not do so would create an even greater tragedy of the events on 5/11.

Time to care. Time to open our eyes. Time to know your civil rights. Time to realize that civil liberties are not an entitlement for the goody two shoes but for every citizen. Time to realize that minor traffic stops routinely turning into "resisting arrest and assaulting an officer", cannot keep being dumped on the citizen. Time to take a stand.

The time has come......grab it.

Christopher King said...


Beyond that it is microcosm of what is going on all throughout America.