09 July 2007

KingCast presents another rogue cop in New Hampshire, driving drunk and fleeing scene of an accident.

Here we go again, this time in Hudson. Just put it in the hopper with the rest of the police abuse we're seeing too much of these days.


Anonymous said...

Interesting article. When I first read about a cop being arrested for DUI, even out of state, I wondered what else was to the story. Now I see why he brothers had to charge him.

Funny though how the official says officers are held to a higher standard and then they let him out of jail without bail.

Lets think about that. Would any normal citizen not be required to post bail when they are charged with:

1 - operating a motor vehicle under the influence of liquor

2 - failure to stop for a police officer

3 - speeding

4 - leaving the scene of an accident resulting in personal injury.


Refusing to submit to a alcohol test


Not be a resident of the state


Not a chance in hell. Even if it was a well known celebrity who could never blend into a crowd anywhere on this earth and was no flight risk, they would not get out on O.R. In fact, they would be charged a higher bail because they know they have money and it makes them look good.

But here is the problem .. judges, police and DAs all need to stick together and not piss each other off if the system is to work .. for them.

Anonymous said...

this cop is a drunk and a sociopath but i don't see how this represents police abuse or why every cop who screws up, is relevant here...he was obviously a dangerous criminal in action in this regard, and other cops put their lives and limbs, and special k-9 dogs to get him under arrest...he was a danger, but apprehended (by cops!)and appropriately charged...

we've big issues here; and unless there is evidence of some kind of institutional abuse, i see no reason to single out every cop that turns bad...a lot of them do not, of course.

Anonymous said...

Lets not forget the average Joe may have been shot and certainly maced or tazed but also charged with all sorts of other crap like recless endangerment or at minimum reckless driving for going 75 to 90 MPH in a 25 MPH zone.

Hopefully the failure to stop one is not a lower version of fleeing from an officer or other charges related to a high-speed pursuit.

I am also finding it hard to believe that these are not felonys especially leaving the scene of an accident where you caused injuries.

No doubt they will find the poor women at fault for the accident so at least their brother in blue can not be burded with a civil suite.

But ya never know ... these guys have a way of turning their back on ex-cops too once a little time has passed.

You must have that that badge or the power that goes with it if you want to remain in the gang.

I believe many cities, counties and or states have laws that allow retired officers to continue to have police powers including carrying their gun concealed.

Anonymous said...

but i will add, the irony of a NH judge giving this defendant, obviously out of control and a danger, an O.R. does not sit very well, nor does it seem to serve public safety...

Mckay tortured Liko, year after year...Ayotte destroyed the credibility of the entire law enforcement community by releasing a report so phony and filled with evidence destruction, tampering and total illegal disregard for the community, both le and public, the armed forces, especiall the Marine Corp., and in the process of arrogant careerism, let a proven, and particularly dispicalbe felon murderer a tptal free pass, and then concocted a story that presented him as a hero, affirming and encouraging vigilante justice in the State. She is a horror to the very concept of law and order.
She is dangerous. I support her disbarment and prosecution action appropriate with her crimes. The Franconia authorities were ineffectual. That seems more the point, no?

Anonymous said...

I just went back and read the article ... to check a fact and came back with some other observations...

First, this was an MA. Judge and not a NH one. The cop is from NH and did his dirty deads in MA.

Second, they never mention the judges name. If this was any normal citizen or even a Paris Hilton, it would appear that public would be screaming for justive about the O.R. and this judge would be mud. My first instinct is to ask why nobody is doing that now but then in reality, it is just that the reporters are not sticking a microphone in our face because it is not going to make them friends with the cops, the DA and officials who they need access to if they want to continue reporting.

Lastly and this is in defense of the cop. He refused to submit to an alcohol test (illegal but his right) but yet they say they drew blood from him at the hospital "during as part of his treatment" and got the b.a.c. measurement from that.

Well, I am not a doctor but why would they need to "take" blood from somebody in an accident? Second of all, it doesn't say anything about them getting a warrant for "his" blood in relation to "his medical" treatments.

I am sure somehow somewhere this all became legal during the conservative supreme court rule but what an errosion to our constitutional rights from self incrimination, privacy and illegal search and seizures.

There is just no reason to not have sought a warrant but we no longer error on the side of citizen's rights but instead just walk all over them even if we (the state) doesn't have any reason to but just because they can.

We cannot ignore our rights or the rights of our fellow citizens just because we believe them to be bad or guilty. Why? Because that is what allows the justification of the killing of Liko and so many of the public just believing it was a simple case of a cop killer being put down by a trained marine who saved the tax payers money.

It also gives too much power to police and officials to set up abuse and killings because they know we will just be sheep and believe what they tell us ,,, you cannot blame them either when we act like sheep.

Their is a saying about power corrupting and I believe it is directed towards ALL and not just some. Everyone will abuse power if given too much because we all believe we know best.

Christopher King said...


A very astute point on the bac level as I prepare to help some more with a friend of mine's case in a few minutes in a matter where I believe the evidence clearly shows she was not driving.


I don't do much (read: any) of that ALS/DUI stuff anymore and when I did you know Michael Isreal's case was easy because they never gave him an ALS because he tested at like, .002 of course because he had some mouthwash the day before and he DOES NOT DRINK OR DO DRUGS.

As such, I am not aware of the current case law on that matter, but yes there have been a number of Civil Rights eroding decisions coming down from the Supremes that make me wanna' holler..... throw up both my hands....

That having been said, the O.R. bit is ridiculous.


Unknown said...

Long story short ... I was arrested for DUI while sitting on a bar stool in a bar ... Bottom line (at least in Calif.) a cop cannot make a misdemeanor arrest (DUI) unless it is committed in front of him and sees the person committ the crime.

All his logic of me being behind the wheel 10-minutes ago and how much I had drinken since then meant nothing because he could not identify me as the driver of the car and proved this when he had to walk through the bar asking people for me by name as he only had the registration to go by. So, funny because in court he tried to identify me by a white shirt to say he saw "me" but the judge threw it right out when asked if he could positively ID me as the driver he saw pass him when he was pulled over.

Christopher King said...

John, 6:16

That's pretty much the law everywhere.

This week I'll be preparing the final RSA 91-A request, including one for the policies and procedures to go along with your requests:



It will be one omnibus request to go along with the update requests and also they owe me an accounting for the BS cases they brought against me.


Unknown said...

If I recall something I read a while back ... you don't have a citizen's arrest right or policy in NH.

In Calif. the cops would have you make a citizen's arrest (saying those words)and they would arrest the person on your word as the witness a misdemeanor occured.

So, if somebody slapped or hit you in the face it is not a felony, in most cases, and you would have to place the person under citizens arrest for the cop to hook them up.

It basically is saying you will act as the cop during trial and testify.

Unknown said...

Should have read your post before I hit submit ... I thought the law might be different here since it seems the officer didn't see the friend driving and is still pursuing the case ... but they did with me too but was thrown out at prelim

Anonymous said...

The point Chris is making is that even in all that this Officer did, he was still shown preference as an Officer. The rest of us would have gotten much worse treatment if found in the same situation.

While we are at it we could call him a loser scumbag not fit to exist on the planet for leaving two people to possibly die in the car as he was too drunk to notice or stop for them. Speeding and reckless endangerment. Based on the injuries sustained he should be considered a danger to society.

The point here is that it is about improper use of power within the system. That can be using it to get lesser charges for yourself or family members, tickets disappear, restraining orders disappear as well and the list goes on down to direct abuse of power over citizens. It all falls under the same umbrella and there is no way around that.

Anonymous said...

I happen to know this officer personally. I met him about a month ago. This kid always had a smile on his face and he loved being a police officer. The fact of the matter is he got hired at 21 years of age and first real job out of college. He obviously hadn't gotten the partying out of his system. Too many officers get hired in their 20s and they just haven't had much life experience yet. They easily pass the background checks because they don't have extensive histories yet.

This kid made a very bad decision to get behind the wheel of an automobile after drinking. How many of us have done the same thing? How many of us will do it this weekend?

He hit someone and then he panicked. Being totally drunk doesn't help with the judgement.
I think that he knew at that point his career was over.

It's always best to take responsibility for your actions right then and there, but how many of us do.

He's all done in law enforcement for sure but I can tell you this kid was a good kid and a good cop. He just wasn't ready to handle all the responsibility.