03 July 2007

KingCast prepares for Independence Day with a reminder about Jerry Doyle and Michael Isreal, vis a vis Franconia shooting tragedy.

These two clients (Isreal/Doyle) exemplified the maxim that the race is not won by the swiftest or the fastest, but by s/he who endureth to the end more than any others, excepting perhaps Gregory Boatwright. Isreal of course prevailed after a police choke-down and sings negro spirituals in KingCast short film "American Lawyer One," after Doyle's acquittal for political protest trespassing and speaks at my disciplinary hearing with Doyle there and in "Live Revolution" and "OreO." Boatwright is a Gulf War veteran who was made to get back on the phone at Cellular One/Airtouch/Verizon with a client who said "I didn't call in here to argue with a goddamn nigger, so turn my service back on now!"

We eventually got him a somewhat decent settlement and we both bought some new cars, whatever. Ask Defense Counsel John Stephen, actually a pretty cool guy even as he did the Devil's work. Ten years ago he looked just like Darrin from "Bewitched," and he, Boatwright and I laughed about that and had intense but principled Depositions, unlike some other complete haters with whom I've dealt, including Stephen's partner in crime, Bradd Siegel. He is a total hater; just look at the guy willya? Ick.

Now we have Liko Kenney, a posthumous client of sorts in a different way. I can't be his lawyer; I'm still suspended. But I'm certain I was supposed to be suspended right now even as that case was bogus, chock full of lies and politically-motivated (just like Liko's) because practicing lawyers can't have blawgs like this, so in a way I'm glad I didn't have the money to pay my fines yet. That's the price you pay in America for doing what I do. And as you will see in tomorrow's letters -- one to Liko and one to my new 90-year old 'girlfriend' I met over a lobster quesadilla at work, life is still beautiful.

This is Independence Day/Patriot Act cautionary post #1.

As Mother Ann would say: "Keep on Keepin' on, Son."


Anonymous said...

Dear Chris,

You have a beautiful soul, to which we must credit Mother Ann, in part. Just Keep on Keepin' On. And we will, too.


Anonymous said...

amen to that chris...i've been a critic sometimes, but you are something else, something so bright, deeply good-spirited, steel trap intelligent, real and fearless...thank you.

Anonymous said...

Attempts to control others betray millions, dismantling entire countries and destroying the lives of the innocent. For these reasons, people are stepping forward dedicated to breaking the spell, hopeful of bringing us closer to a more real, more honest way of interacting - a more real and honest world, certainly a less frightening and shocking one..........In fact, I believe that if enough of us see the problem for what it is, it will begin to disappear like a shadow brought to light.

From the book, Controlling People by Patricia Evans

Christopher King said...

Thanks guys, I will indeed keep on keepin' on because I know nothing else =^.)

This bond between Liko and what happened to him and the way he was and is being smeared and the way that I (and countless others) have been smeared is just far too compelling for me to disregard, so it is my life mission to bring these issues to the forefront of American Society as noted in American Lawyer Three.

As cocky and brash as I have been on this blawg at times -- although a lot of that is tongue-in-cheek as many have picked up:


I have only been that way because I knew that there is a much larger force that is guiding this whole thing, and that the story and I would develop around that accordingly.

Thanks, Miss Ellie.

Christopher King said...


Scene: Law School graduation, 1993.

Book: Carl T. Rowan's Thurgood Marshall biography, "Dream Makers Dream Breakers."


Anonymous said...

The medicine show is in town, and the Kool-Aid has been drunk. Way to go CK.

You are a beautiful soul. I especially see it in this post you put up back in May, where you describe to the whole world the intimacies you enjoyed with another:


You were singing a different tune (kind of a husky wail) when we worked together at the Indy Star/News and I was tappin' that ass all over town, weren't you?

Perhaps you should think before you write sometimes :)"

How generous of you. Lookin' forward to more moments like these. Keep on keepin' on!

Christopher King said...

10:55 why don't you print the whole post, which involved corruption and cops who lie and send folks to Death Row and she wrote in with a nasty tone indeed.


Jilted lover, she was. She gave as good as she got, and in life we live and we learn.

That was 17 years ago.


Christopher King said...

Besides, Mick, shouldn't you be getting back to your reunion tour?

You DO have an awful lotsa' babies to support dontcha'?

Head knocker.... Head Knocker... comin' on strong..... a real show-stopper you Dirty White Boy, you =^.)

Anonymous said...

Atta boy, mate!

Anonymous said...

Tap that ass. Fabulous. Respectin' the ladies!

Christopher King said...

Mick, Aretha,

Whatever the moment calls for.

And if you think that's explicit.... well you're mistaken. I don't call her any names, nor do I say where when or how we did what we did, but it sure was interesting and I'll leave that to your imagination.

It should also be noted that, unlike Bruce McKay, no one has ever alleged that I struck a woman or caused her to file a restraining order on me, except for American Tower's Jody Mitchell and the NAACP's Gloria Timmons, as noted in KingCast short film, "Day in Nashua."

But thank goodness neither of them were lovers, just two hateful pawns of power trying to keep me from talking.

And they both lost. The first one had to pay me for it, as well.


Anonymous said...


Why talk about a congressional committee investigation when a state one would be more direct and helpful? Can't someone find a stste rep to dig into this - police funding oversight, human services oversight, general government obersight, etc. or are the polotics all wrong for this there>

Anonymous said...

mic jones,

Franconia has been drinking the kool-aid for 12 loooonnggg years. 12 years too long, mister. I am sure many will agree that the citizens of Franconia have realized just how much they truly hate that kool-aid. We'll pass.

jones?...jones?....ooooohhh, jones!! As in Jim Jones...are you related?.......yeah, take your kool-aid somewhere else, buddy. Better yet maybe you can drink it all yourself...if you drink enough I bet the dye in it would actually kill you.

When you guys decide to say something at least have something clever to say. Your dim-witted and boring.

Christopher King said...


I have a very short list of people I trust in the State, and I am going to contact one of them this week. I hate to sound jaded or skeptical but I'm not putting much faith in the state even if the individual person(s) I know has integrity.

Too many others do not; look at what they have allowed Bruce McKay to get away with over the years.


Anonymous said...

Just a kick back to my original post here on 9:14 - surprised to have ignited a s***storm from mac (jim) jones & co., using my words, no less, in his 10:55 post. Real stand-out people, I'd say!
And so it is, that the haters abound.
Glad to have your reference to T. Marshall's bio, as well as Debby's quote from an interesting title.
Happy 4th!