09 July 2007

KingCast praises NH HB 58 establishing Civilian Review boards to prevent another Franconia shooting tragedy.

I'm blessed to report that I am receiving emails from concerned citizens in Franconia who cc'd me in their emails to New Hampshire Rep. Tim Robertson on HB 58 which echoes my concerns noted in this post imploring government to act before people start threatening to send rogue cops home in body bags, as they had to do in my parents' generation.

We encourage Representative Robertson to use the Franconia 5/11 tragedy as he moves this bill toward passage and I will be a most vigorous proponent of the bill as well. Coincidentally, he is from Keene, the precise site of the KingCast "Arraignment Press Conference" video so he might have been motivated in part by all of the idiocy of Jaffrey Chief Dunn and his shady Prosecutor Bill Albrecht (see para. 2) just down the road to the east.

Then there is the Brattleboro excessive force/wrongful death case. Now their website features a complaint/compliment form.

That is PRECISELY the information I am seeking -- and will obtain at some point -- about Bruce McKay's personnel file, only to have former NH AAG Dan Mullen refuse to speak with me on the phone as linked in the seminal cover-up post detailing Police concerns about Shooter Floyd as well as Caleb Macaulay's statements. And don't forget the cover-up of the fact that current NH AG Kelly Ayotte had actual knowledge of Bruce McKay's threatening propensities as seen on p.570 of the RSA 91-A pdf files.

As a former AAG myself, I'll tell Attorney Mullen just as I'll say to anyone: The days of you Hitler Youth hiding important information from the public is over. We as Americans, born with certain inalienable rights, are going to 1/2 (video). I thought about not including the second version, where at the end RAGE announces that it is about to perform "Bullet in your head," but I left it in: My brother Liko Kenney died with a bullet in his head not because he was brain dead as the song alludes to the mass public of stupid and sheep-led people -- he was anything but that -- but in large part because there WAS no Civilian Review Board to keep rogue cops like Bruce McKay in check.

I'm so pissed about not meeting him and his friends at Tamarack 2 years ago because I was going through Chief Dunn's abusive indictments against me as NAACP legal chair that I dedicated this phase of my life to make a difference because that's what I do. Sorry Liko help came too late for you in this World, but all of your friends, even brothers like me you never met, are going to make this World a better place for everyone.

Related KingCast video: "Live Revolution."


Christopher King said...

Date: Mon, 9 Jul 2007 11:55:33 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Christopher King" kingjurisdoctor@yahoo.com
Subject: KingCast vigorously supports HOUSE BILL 58 - Civilian Review Boards
To: [blankety-blank] timr@webryders.net
CC: "kingjurisdoctor: yahoo.com" kingjurisdoctor@yahoo.com


I'm down by law.

[blankety-blank] you can copy and print this one for the neighborhood.



Christopher King said...

From: [blankety-blank]
To: kingjurisdoctor@yahoo.com
Subject: KingCast - 21st Century Civil Rights
Date: Mon, 9 Jul 2007 08:05:45 -0400

I have been following your blog and applaud your tenacity. You have the story pegged and may not know but there are other pressures being applied on this end. As a longtime resident, friend of the Kenney-Miller family, friend of the McCauley’s.....

[We] demand for the truth including McKays’ past, the botched investigation, and the actual actions of Floyd. It is well known that Floyd is a sociopath and it has been my contention that his presence was more than a coincidence. The AG’s botched investigation has left Floyd running around and I am still outraged.......

Christopher King said...


In a letter dated 3 July 2007 the Franconia Selectmen rejected my request for McKay's personnel file.

Ohio's Sunshine Law gives a different result.

Interesting that the citizens have less rights in the Live Free or Die State than some folks in Cow-town when it comes to knowing about public officers in their professional capacities.

If I don't get the file the matter will be litigated, and Attorney Mullen and I will make law, and history.


Anonymous said...

Start the suing, CK? that's the only language these meat helmets understand.

Anonymous said...

In the course of a recent rant posted on the blog, a phrase used by the writer has stuck with me, and to which I credit him/her; it is that Kelly Ayotte has "MURDERED THE TRUTH". A kernel of brilliance often seems to surface from our dialogues here.

Random thoughts:

The movement to support House Bill 58 can be such a positive part of the solution. Thank you, Lifer.

God Bless Caleb.

As I prepare to address my daughter's wedding invitations next week, I will be thinking of Liko's family, whose son and brother will be physically absent to mark occasions.

That my heart isn't big enough right now to feel compassion for two older men who cornered two younger men on 5/11.

That I am absent the critical thinking skills of a trained lawyer, but interested, anyway.

To Debby: I cannot respond to the violence you described...not just yet...it's too awful.

That individuals lacking respect for each other create communities that are disrespectful....and states....and then bring countries to war. McKay, you would have received respect if you had offered it. I am truly sorry for your young daughter, because no one is all bad, and she obviously loved you.

and God Bless Liko. He almost made it home.....


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately according to Rep Robertson, the bill was killed in committee. However, he said it could be reintroduced in the fall session. Wouldn't it be nice if all the dirt in Franconia came to light before then to provide real impetus to this worthwhile bill?

If enacted it could be called Liko's Law.

Anonymous said...

Great idea Lifer,

The Liko Law. I think you and I have spoken of that before.

Perhaps we need to think of ways to raise money to get the short film from Chris pulled together. Maybe some kind of local fund raiser or something. Even if it was to join in love, music and the spirit of truth it could be really great and powerful. If people wanted to, they could get up to speak and share thoughts with one another. Everyone could bring a dish and each person could donate whatever they are able to. Just tossing ideas out.

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys,

Thanks for all your kind words about my own violent experience. It happened 10 years ago and I have healed and released the whole thing. It is not something that lives on with me but only to share if it may help others in some way.

When I watched the video again looking for Liko's head position, I realized that I could completely understand where his mind was and the state of shock he was in. I just got it on an even deeper level.

I had already in my spirit thought that was how Liko experienced it but not until I saw him unable to move his face away did it transport me back to what I had lived through so long ago. I wanted to share my story because I thought it might help others see what he may have felt and been going through that night in his final moments. I hope it has.

peace and love

Christopher King said...

To all:

We're going to help re-introduce this bill.

And as it is introduced we will submit the short film and put it into public record.

Stay tuned.

Debby, your perspective is really something. It's beautiful because it goes beyond the Huey Newton legal basis and really puts things in a human perspective.

Liko's World was rocked right then, and for NH AG Kelly Ayotte or Union Leader Publisher Joe McQuaid to immediately call it "cold blooded murder" is simply asinine and a calculated move to keep the public at bay because once you start saying "manslaughter" people start looking up the definition of manslaughter and start to critically question the government.

As noted previously, the only murder here was the murder of the Truth, and perhaps that of Liko at the hand of lunatice named Floyd who berated Caleb while laughing in a "crazed" manner and stating how he "shot him real good."

But Kelly loves the guy.

We'll see how she stands by her decision once we start to passing those cards this fall with the links to our short film, "Franconia 5/11" on them.


Anonymous said...

WMUR channel 9 in manchester, NH just did a story on an assault done by a police impersonator. There was a clip of NH state policeman Mike Hambrook stating that if you do not feel safe during a police stop you can "drive to a public area" and that that would "not be a problem".

Perhaps this needs to be written into law somehow? because some people clearly can't use this precaution without getting forcibly stopped and maced.

Anonymous said...


The truth was murdered and if we don't have the truth, we have nothing at all. Who is ever happy living with lies? Not even the liar because it eats the very soul of a person.

What they have attempted to do is de-humanize Liko, as if he is the bad guy in a cartoon strip. Remember what Liko said about his last trip to court? He said he was upset because he was demonized while the robber that came in his house walked away with no punishment.

What Ayotte is doing is more of what he had gotten from McKay and the system for years. People wonder why he snapped. He had come to the point that he knew he had to move away to escape what was happening. That is what it had come down to.

Christopher King said...

8:23 that is awesome.

I'll have to pull that online. Was it tonight?


You know I know exactly what they are doing and I've got the plan for all of that, starting with the lawsuit for Bruce McKay's personnel file and Tim Stephenson's court file:


Went a bit ghetto on that but only beause I know I'm going to win.


Anonymous said...

Re 9:42

yes it was the 11 o'clock news on July 9th
might be on their website somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Re: 2:11

The video was also shown at 6p last night and is now on the WMUR web site.


Anonymous said...

This video needs to be saved and presented when the bill is brought forth to be voted on in the fall. I brought this up more than a few times on different forums and was surprised at how LE seemed to think that men did not deserve the same as a woman did.

It was also a matter of the Officer's discretion - this should not be. I have spoken with countless people that have told me they will never feel the same about a traffic stop again. I am talking about people several towns over and in other areas of this country. Many, many women have said they will only open their window a few inches and will always get the Officer's name.

Anonymous said...

Police Offer Advice When Pulled Over By Unmarked Car

If the unmarked car stops, a driver can take several steps to stay safe. State police Capt. Mike Hambrook said that a driver can open the window a crack and ask for identification. Drivers can also ask for a uniformed officer to come to the scene or call 911 and ask.
"Tell them you've been stopped, you're alone and really uncomfortable with the situation," Hambrook said. "A legitimate officer's not going to have a problem with that."

Hambrook said that drivers can also drive to a more public place if they are in a darkened area or back road.

We know if the car was unmarked and the woman was attacked, we would be hearing the same exact information in regards of what to do.

TRULY....how is this different than what Liko went through? He KNEW there was nothing but trouble for him dealing with McKay. He had full knowledge of this and it was not an un-based or paranoid fear. He was extremely uncomfortable with another Officer not being present. Of course, calling 911 would have done Liko no good as McKay had assured that anyone coming would not give Liko any kind of help. I find it interesting that this article says that any legitimate cop would not have a problem with other LE being called to the scene. The article also states you can drive to a more open place if it is dark or you are on a back road.

There absolutely needs to be something put into law that protects the motorist from possible danger. Ayotte made mention that it would be not be functional time wise for a person to ask for back-up. If the motorist is willing to wait, I don't think the cop is going to be held up from stopping a bank robber by waiting for another Officer.

I would also like to point out the fact that the Sugar Hill cop that was responding from the first request has said that he and McKay had become quite good friends. McKay specifically asked for Sugar Hill. Both the Sugar Hill cop and another referred to that call as requesting a "specific" cop not just Sugar Hill, so it is reasonable to assume that it was a known thing who McKay wanted to back him up in this particular scenario. That specific Officer is the one with the "I'm familiar with the name" comment.

Some have said that it was unreasonable for Liko to want to get to his Uncles to bear witness. What is the difference in that than McKay wanting specific Officers to respond and back him up.

Christopher King said...

There is so much the Government doesn't want people to know about this case it's sickening.

But I'm a single guy and no mouths to feed other than my own and I've got the evidentiary files and the ability to sue for McKay's personnel file and Tim Stephenson's arrest file so it will be told in the short film, "Franconia 5/11."

Next week comes that publication I've been telling you about, and it will be all around Greater Boston and beyond.

Namaste, aloha, peace.